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vines for when you're lonely and forget who you are

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💯💯NEW CHANNEL:💯💯 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa4d2Nr720Ii8rdSZOlGdEg hope you enjoyed the video I do not own the rights to the source clips or music used in this compilation. All those rights belong to their respective owners. This compilation edit is made by JAZZYKILLZ99 for entertainment purposes only.
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Text Comments (25881)
the real XXdemongirlXX MSP (43 minutes ago)
Royal Cobras SSO (1 hour ago)
7:07 , is the ladder ok..? 😱😰
Jay 42K (1 hour ago)
0:56 Fist of The North Sister Omae wa mou shin deru
Eve Davis (2 hours ago)
6:15DIDN’T GET IT BEFOR BUT NOW I DO. Holy fuck 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Cameron Lewis (2 hours ago)
Nah frfr the square up one had mad me laughing
Soldier Of Frogs (2 hours ago)
*and i oop-*
Jaliyah Walker (2 hours ago)
Why is he Jump With his butt naked self in SD
Margaret Woods (2 hours ago)
3:30 When i die in Fortnite
Allysa Baker (2 hours ago)
0:01 and i oop-
KMB gaming (3 hours ago)
6:30 hand lotion to beat his meat
Javier Cartagena (3 hours ago)
Lost my mind laughing at 7:05 😂😂 😂
Period Gurlll (3 hours ago)
“ YOU BROKE IT “ 😂😂😂
Andreina Floresees (3 hours ago)
Maya Gacha (3 hours ago)
I died at 0:23
The mew fan Gamer (4 hours ago)
Kylie Miranda (4 hours ago)
5:22 me in my household when my husband and my kids get in my snacks
Steve Miskell (4 hours ago)
When he slipped it was funny as hell😂😂😂🤣🤣
Jayda Eberendu (5 hours ago)
Having sibling in a nutshel :)
game comentator (5 hours ago)
That first one is like all girls
Im am a turtel (5 hours ago)
There’s also a website regarding title
maribel espinosa (5 hours ago)
2:21 litarly 3 seconds away from dieing
lemonspy _fj (5 hours ago)
1:12 tho I'm in pain and I said crap of f*** I would still get slapped tho I'm already dying
lemonspy _fj (5 hours ago)
The first girl😂 you could just delete and start over unless You're livestreaming then you're screwd
Avery Gameplay (5 hours ago)
0:25 I'm dying OR LORD OH HAAAAAAAA *CHOKES* HAAAAAAA *windex laugh* ooooh haaaaaa *cough* *THATS TOUGH*
elise bailey (5 hours ago)
Did anyone else see his butt🤣🤣 3:54
Jaelyn Norville (6 hours ago)
The 1st one tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bobbie Johonson (6 hours ago)
Now that I'm older I know why he wanted hand location
gacha _Taytay (7 hours ago)
Girl: hits sister Sister:fuck dejejhrhfh Girl:Sorry
Ill-kero-a-bitch :0 (7 hours ago)
"Ni Valio Madre we" BROOOO
ODS_Cobbtune (7 hours ago)
6:04 I wonder what’s going on in that kids bed at night😏😂
S.A.D G.I.R.L (7 hours ago)
4:34 MOOD😐😔 Edit:wait......she wanna be a stripper😂
Pineapple Puppie (7 hours ago)
0:01 Dora who???
Allison Gonzalez (8 hours ago)
2:45 was the best one 😂😂😂
#Foreveralone Like if your alone ⬇️
Birk Stolt (8 hours ago)
0:56 David vs Goliath leaked footage
Sofia Drawing stuff (8 hours ago)
6:11😭 OOF NO NO No😂🤣😂🤣
Astrox Vanu (9 hours ago)
1:10 pussy
Kaja Kronhaug (9 hours ago)
hello guys its me ehhaheha
Lemon Tea (9 hours ago)
1:12 me when I find out I’m not hungry
Game_ Masterz (10 hours ago)
6:01 what did the vase do wrong?
Lauren Ventura (10 hours ago)
Who else sad and depressed🙋‍♀️
Initial 1890 (10 hours ago)
The first one tho
Mike Way (10 hours ago)
You broke it🤣🤣🤣 with your butt
RedHat (10 hours ago)
1:10 Damm Bastard just rec instad of helping
paluten Fan girl (11 hours ago)
1.02 sollte man nicht lachen dem mädchen geht es nicht gut hatte so was auch mal
just amarri (11 hours ago)
The pig one was funny
Pink Diamond (11 hours ago)
1:07 when you think you can fight a toddler and your 12
Sheilyn Sosa (12 hours ago)
The first one tho😂😂😂
Strange (12 hours ago)
I used Chris p bacon for a Kahoot game
•Amy Gacha• (12 hours ago)
4:40 is something i can relate to :3 5:54 omg my brain cells have left xD
Clover Floof (13 hours ago)
2:23 had me cracking 👌
Crystal Ciabattari (14 hours ago)
Hand l--- u know wut ima just stop writing this
Derpy jake (14 hours ago)
Holy crap the thumbnail
typical guy (14 hours ago)
Its great to see the world having fun and not taking life too seriously
spoon bob (15 hours ago)
4:41 Stfu cryin about school aint gonna do shit but make you more depressed ik im late
Earlyta aaa (16 hours ago)
The pig is LEGEND
Tarun Pecze (16 hours ago)
At the beginning I think she shit her self
Ricey Wolf (16 hours ago)
0:02 I think you had beans the other night XD
Josie Chavers (17 hours ago)
6:09 .......😐👀
The Dazzler Harriet ._. (17 hours ago)
I wAnT a DoNuT🍩😂
iixstefx ii (17 hours ago)
The one that sayd "me when I think of school" I was like dud dats meh when I have 🏫school
Yo Shioka (17 hours ago)
5:57 someone tell me his @ please
Daniel Hyland (18 hours ago)
0:45 that has got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen
Daniel Hyland (18 hours ago)
0:30 when my brother steals my favourite spot on the table
Daniel Hyland (18 hours ago)
0:41 9 damage
Daniel Hyland (18 hours ago)
0:02 That feeling when you need to fart but try not to weird out your friends🥴
Emy _Wolfy (20 hours ago)
4:42 she prolly hates it bcuz she gets bullied or somwthing if it makes sence wht she really is ccrying
Daphney A (21 hours ago)
7:50 wtff 😂😂😂😂
Ilhan Ahmed (22 hours ago)
wow she hates school
Jakaiyah Fogg (22 hours ago)
Ayana Ba (22 hours ago)
7:58 When you try to make a song cool with your friends
Chris P. Bacon (22 hours ago)
1:14 try to hit a little harder next time 😂 😂 😂 😂
Michelle Davis (23 hours ago)
7:07 - how quickly gayness and depression hit me
Ariel Vaknin (23 hours ago)
6:38 When I’m using my crayon and it snaps
Deshawn Glover (1 day ago)
alexisss reyesss (1 day ago)
“hahahahaha” 💀
6:25 don’t you just hate when your vacuum cleaner doesn’t start
Winter Rose (1 day ago)
Manager: So..... what’s your talent? Old viner: making random vids, lemme show u! Shows* Manager: that’s the most... BRILLIANT THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! YOUR HIRED! I EXPECT VINES DAILY!
Kentucky Rams (1 day ago)
Bunny’s K-Life (1 day ago)
8:38 she sounds like Miranda Sings
Reggie Webb Jr. (1 day ago)
5:22 lol
Jairo Hernandez (1 day ago)
4:40 same
threalsavage225 Fn (1 day ago)
0:57 he gave her the double whopper chappa
darkhidden logan (1 day ago)
1:03 when girls say pe sucks boy 1:04
Roberto Rodriguez (1 day ago)
5:00 when you have a papper to tern in but you didn't bring it
Eva Giordano (1 day ago)
2:05 I don't mean to be the idiot but I actually feel bad for that pig.
Elzie Shadows (1 day ago)
C'mon barbie lets go party...
Shaye Metalhead (1 day ago)
3:58 why the fuck did this kid fucking assflop on the device??? 😂😂😂😂
Angel Duran (1 day ago)
3:45 bomb
JolieChan :3 (1 day ago)
vines for when you’r lonely and forget who you are
Sophia Herbert (1 day ago)
Listen closely she says 4:43 "I just want to be a stripper"
Tyler Tutty (1 day ago)
4:53 that’s how I felt when fortnite took out the pump
Tyler Tutty (1 day ago)
Bubbly Gacha (1 day ago)
Wheres all the cearel killed my depression.
Brooklyn Padron (1 day ago)
The girl at 4:40 to me I feel the same
Joker 123 (1 day ago)
Just try to eat git smack with cardboard box
Welcome, to Jurassic Park 5:03, tananaaaa na na tananaaaa na na tanananaaaaa taaaaaa naaaaaa naaaaaaaaa naaaaaaa naa naaaaaaaaaaaaa
Deadly Gamer (1 day ago)
8:43 she should be a wrestler
Toby Smith (1 day ago)
Does anyone knoe what the song at 8:21 is called?

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