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How I created myself - Jim Carrey | Alan Watts

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Jim Carrey , Alan Watts explores the profound mystery of creating who we are Credit: Impact Theory - Jay Shetty Tom Bilyeu https://youtu.be/GXoErccq0vw Jim and Andy - The Great Beyond
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hano788 (1 day ago)
Dr Azal Hadi (2 days ago)
One of the best videos ever, thank you !!
Colleen (2 days ago)
This is where you end up when you reject God - Confused and self obsessed.
AoD iiNSaNe (2 days ago)
Who is the first guy talking?? With the bright blue eyes?? I would love to hear more of his lectures! Can someone help?
iwe timer (3 days ago)
That was very close the voice of Imran Hosein.
p gaffney (3 days ago)
The problem is when your having a lot of sex with prostitutes, you catch crabs, chlamydia, and Venereal Disease, then your so selfish to get checked, you then you pass these diseases onto your girlfriend, then she kills herself, Then all this " who am I shit comes out", because the girlfriends mother went to the press and you have to hand over around $5mill. and lost all credibility, Oh yes and your accountant Dad got fired from his job 32 years ago, lets not forget that,
Leona L (3 days ago)
​Gods word says you must lose your life to save it. We were all born in sin so there is no one good. Jesus died so that we ​could live our lives now through His perfect sacrifice (by a child like faith) and have a way to be with our Heavenly Father in fellowship through His Spirit of Holiness...God knew we could never measure up but through Christ now we measure up because of what He did for us..we can never earn that free gift that He gave. Now as we live our lives through Christ He takes away that old nature of who we use to be and replaces it with His Divine nature...Because of what He did alone we rejoice that we can know who we really are . Mans Religion is what distorts what Jesus did by making salvation a big (to do list for God) that is why the Lord said you must receive (by faith) my words for you in Power and get out of all of these churches were there is only the knowledge of Gods word being preached (the dead letter). Gods Love is Great for all of His Creation and we are Precious to Him
Diana Green (4 days ago)
What a rip off of Alan Watts I have ever seen. Jim Carrey needs to publicly examine himself to all the Illuminati and mind control he is associated with before he claims to be so falsely enlightened.
Charles Bruno (5 days ago)
"We would all be standing naked if the truth should be revealed; hiding from the wrath of God, with nothing to conceal."
James Humphrey (9 days ago)
Jim suffers the illusion that he created himself in a different take on Ayn Rand mania society and social systems created Jim socialism the great driving force of all life,,,,
Taste Of Chaos (9 days ago)
that quote by Jay Shetty is just... ''a perception of a perception'', ''my identity is based on whoever thinks i should achieve'' , wake up people
I know who I am .I am Randolph James, I am ,myself, I CANNOT BE THIS PERSON that they CREATED at my BERTH, .
McMasters CLAN, the McMangus CLAN of1642 SCOTTISH RITE
D T (13 days ago)
Don't follow gurus. Jesus says 'Follow Me'. This new age type teaching is not the answer. The true answer is Jesus and His word, the Bible. The reason is we all need to repent of our sin and to be saved for eternal life. The only way is through Jesus. (John 14:6)
John Tischer (14 days ago)
Folks, you'd get better advice from a comic book.....Jim Carry is an egomaniac
Timothy Anderson (15 days ago)
amazing | thanks again
Wayne Boswell (19 days ago)
Jim has awakened. He is not crazy at all. He and Mel Gibson and many others have gone to war with the illuminati and satanist that rule hollywood and the government. Jesus time is now. Join the uprising ! Do your homework. They are all evil liars nothing they tell us is true.
V W (21 days ago)
Between liking and not liking. Because ultimately. Like Jim Carrey like anyone else who relates to him. And many men and women before him. Believe this idea. That's the only chaos. If anyone does what they feel is good. There is only chaos. Because even rapists and serial killers feel that they do good. They do good for themselves.
B.B. Hlela Madlula (21 days ago)
hardcoredemise (21 days ago)
This is really cool
bob smith (22 days ago)
Giving your lover stds and driving her to suicide is not good...jim you are evil.
Turbo Garage (22 days ago)
Jim needs help escaping the grasp of the illuminati.
Horseshit Reynolds (23 days ago)
I am what I think you think I am......living in that misguided perception and acting in accordance with those parameters is the basis of much of the suffering I create for myself. The other point that Carrey makes is that you need to kill this person you think you are, who has become such a real thing, a wholly false person and that you will fall into your grave grasping at this persona that you never were to begin with. I found that to be quite profound.
Julian Camano (24 days ago)
I did not get the point of this video and all it’s gonna do is bring those who are depressed into a deeper depression. If you’re depressed I want you to watch something for me whether you think I’m bs or not just take the 5 mins of your time you were gonna waste anyways and look up the power of 3,6,9
MJoy 4Fun (24 days ago)
I might go really deep with this one.. so here it goes... i always had this suspicious feeling that i am something.. not someone.. but something.. while growing up my mind became less productive with imagination.. my thoughts became more worried.. about life.. about survival.. getting married.. having a job.. and so on.. but when i was just a kid i knew so many things that i cannot explain it even now.. i always was a weird kid.. outside of everyone's vision.. but in presence of other kids i act normal... ''act'' is true bcuz i never managed to be myself in presence of anyone else.. so my first statement is.. that when i was younger my mind could build worlds in my head.. they were so real.. i could feel them.. not just see or wonder.. i think i even managed to talk with ghosts.. sounds childish but i think every kid with wild imagination can do that.. waking up in the middle of the night and talk alone.. and out of sudden you hear something in your head..is not you bcuz you cannot control the voice.. then the more you listen the clearer it gets.. i guess is just me.. thinking about it now.. makes me believe i was just a stupid kid.. or was i something else?
matthew grant (25 days ago)
Why should we believe in an Canadian has-been Illuminati actor?
dreamwake7 (25 days ago)
This new age stuff is so corny. It belongs in the 90,s.
pacololo 111 (25 days ago)
You are all still lost if you need to to look into yourselves to feel this as a belief. Although for the most part it is true and we are amazing creatures, but it seems we have forgotten and/or never known the truth behind our sensational existence. I'll give you a hint, you where Created on the 6th day, in an image of the True Creator of all things. A Creator that is unimaginable and uncomparable to what we feel and know. YAHWEH is the only truth we should strive to have in our minds and YAHUSHUA in our hearts. Without this our accomplishments are solely made in vane. Find Christ or allow yourself to be found. So that when our End IS...you can have the chance to meet and be with your Creator. Bless all who are lost and those who are found, Shalom.
Michael Thwaites (25 days ago)
I like this Jim Carrey, instead of the Actor, the Real is shining through!, inspiring!, Best of Luck JC #KeepMakingYourScript
greenguy4u (25 days ago)
Whatever... I have a lot of respect for JC, but one cannot be person who is "enlightened" and have such hate for another human being as JC has towards Trump. If you identify with a political movement, you are NOT beyond the ego....
Ana Antunes (25 days ago)
Someone once told me, "Who do you rhink you are?" Of course I had pulled a buton on his system to get such questionment. I simply said, "I don't know who I am but I know how much I'm worth and what's fair." This life of ours is a gift that didn't come for free. And we should all know that by now! #smileyheart😘
I am what you think I am: it's called neurosis. I'm not the me but the true self
steve castleberry (26 days ago)
I`m glad I`m well adjusted.
jeffv2074 (26 days ago)
Really, i don't think that way, i don't perceive myself how others might perceive me, yes my parents had influence on my behavior but not on my identity my identity is me, who i am, based off life experiences. I'm not bad nor good, I walk the line but I do always tend to lean towards good, I define who I am, I do not care what others think or perceive of me, especially if its negative.
Antonio Pisano (26 days ago)
What a drama.....
Antonio Pisano (26 days ago)
Pat Dawkins (26 days ago)
He’s a satanic pedovore
Atashak Gem (27 days ago)
Ohhh god RIP Robin Williams, true genius 💔😕, such intellect , big loss 💔. I am happy Jim Carry is honest , wish Robin Williams would have discovered that mystery. ,,,,
Don F (27 days ago)
Jim is gone. All gone. Nothing left of who he was. He should have taken some drugs like lsd, mushrooms or something life changing. He is far too gone now
Accel Well (27 days ago)
Just one more leftist PEDOwood scumbag. Go back to Canada
Márcia Machado Dias (27 days ago)
So we are all I 's The human race are called: I That is the only common word We all have a I That is unique
Bud Howell (27 days ago)
So was the Truman show real? I need to Know bro
Asunicon Carter (27 days ago)
I wish I could meet this man. He is my inspiration....
USPortraits (27 days ago)
A wealthy successful comedic actor is not happy. I hope our fate wasn't all written by the ancient Greek.
Mary Gilpin (27 days ago)
Wake up number nuts,
Mary Gilpin (27 days ago)
There was never a creation !
tenacious645 (27 days ago)
So are people more likely to eat this shit up if you throw dramatic music over it?
Medanouar Boughrara (27 days ago)
i have one advice for you: change your religion to ISLAM;believe me ,you will find your inner relief,because all the answers to your requests are in this religion...believe me😢😢
Amanda Trew (27 days ago)
Jim Carrey found Jim Carrey....still needs to be in the public eye...ME ME ME...Please Jim get a life and do your own thing out of the public eye..then I will believe what you have to say..so far the public is still a cash cow for you...
Philip Philos (29 days ago)
R S (29 days ago)
Tis true. Very true.
John Stevens (1 month ago)
What a load of self Righteous shite
Deah (1 month ago)
Being funny on the outside is just a cover for what's really going on, on the inside.. Most comedians are very sad but carry around a blanket of laughter for protection..
MysteriousGamerLegend (1 month ago)
Yet another 'turn to Jesus only he can save you' fucking ignorant bastards lol
Ven One (1 month ago)
Jim Carrey is a moron.
Joshua Frazier (1 month ago)
Truther 48 (1 month ago)
Notice the Free Mason tiled floor in there when Jim Carrey speaks - uuummm Not sure what agenda he is heralding in - But I defiantly don't don't trust him at all - Id say he is still a 33rd degree Free Mason -
C J (1 month ago)
Fight on Arjuna!
Jarod Farrant (1 month ago)
This man alway made me laugh my butt iff, and now he makes me feel more powerful then ever.
doug bull (1 month ago)
Bob Ross is the key he's god
doug bull (1 month ago)
god I wish he'd stop the philosophy B.S and spit something real out.another ex mind controlled celebrety who thinks they escaped
denise n (1 month ago)
Carrey has turned into a complete idiot from what I hear when he talks. I cannot stand him anymore.
Gina Heaton (1 month ago)
I miss Robin Williams.
Pierre Börtin (1 month ago)
Syncapetah (1 month ago)
I woke up at 3am and thought of watching something interesting. This is the video I watched. I have been feeling like 'killing' myself but not a physical death, instead a metaphysical death of the person I have come to believe I am.
Rick Kikta (1 month ago)
I love the illumination, but there's nothing original about any of this. The script is ancient. Everything "is" and "isn't at the same time. All truths are but half truth. Life is not a battle, it's a game. Try to enjoy it without hurting yourself or others. Now go... and be yourself.
he awakened
Rasha Al Dirawi (1 month ago)
we belong to Allah and to Allah we will return...
oh yes im cool (1 month ago)
Another brain washing ideology. I'm a pathetic rich loser, nothing makes me happy, please join my club. We all have to grow up some time. Jim Carrey says everything is meaningless. Well we should all just give up on life and be sad. Just because your wealthy and have lived your life to the fullest doesn't mean you have to ruin life for others. Leave something for the imagination. There's a first time for everything for all of us. So selfish.
Jason W. Hamilton (1 month ago)
This world is not real its all an illusion of reality this isn't it. Eternity consists somewhere else somewhere better.
Kory Duffy (1 month ago)
What is the painting with the guy in the suit next to the frame with a checkered floor?
Kory Duffy (1 month ago)
At around the 2:50 mark...Anyone can help that would be great!
Jeff Tomlinson (1 month ago)
I AM instinctually driven
Clara Babo (1 month ago)
.........mas.....talvez haja ALGO que já nasça com a nossa alma ou com o nosso espírito ,,,,,ALGO que nós chamamos de DIVINA PROVIDÊNCIA , embora eu acredite que nós somos os principais responsáveis por quem somos . Por vezes lutamos e lutamos por uma coisa que estamos quase a atingir e na hora H ela desmurona-se ! ...... Porque é que isto acontece , se nós lutámos tanto e fizemos " Das tripas , coração " e sempre acreditámos ' '
Eco Dave Media (1 month ago)
TJOP your welcome to use any content on my channel Eco Dave Media to mirror or edit with music.
Bill Callahan (1 month ago)
Jim Carey is a lot of things, accomplished a lot. Most likely a smart guy and maybe even a nice guy but he is not a guru. Not a sage. Not a spiritual leader. Needs to get over himself.
Nellie Rutten (1 month ago)
If you see celebrities pushing these messages and it's all well choreographed then you know you're being programmed to believe some new lie. The people exposing the so called lies that get airtime on the networks where they're allowed to debate government policy are just mind control marionettes whether they themselves know it or not. Check out Allen Watt to get a smart and intelligent perspective on all the fake conspiracy opposition and cointel culture creation that provides you with new revolutionary heroes just to lead you down another path of lies.
tyler lewis (1 month ago)
There's nothing deep or interesting here, this is a man who suffers from depression and anxiety not to mention add fame and drug use leaves one confused and desperate for answers
echos tomorrow (1 month ago)
I'm a 12 ! And I finished here. Let me go Home!!!
paul millward (1 month ago)
what a load of bollocks
Harry Mayer (1 month ago)
Jim is lost, like most of you he picked the world of man over JESUS.
Victor Rakovich (1 month ago)
Beautiful! Well done!
RFC (1 month ago)
He is a has been and needs to go away gracefully. Nothing worse than an idiot that's all washed up.
Achill Bellamy (1 month ago)
No apologies here mr I’m a wealthy millionaire and depressed thought I had everything but love now I’m awakened and I’m going to share with the world what I think I am no apologies from me this is one hell of a ride and if it’s all ego and atoms and molecules frigging awesome I am in love with my avatar my name my family my friends my food my music my career my home my children who gives a flying rats ass about if your right or wrong enjoy this God dam circus and take full advantage of everything be the best dam creature you can be whomever or whatever is going on awesome ! Speak for yourself if you want to constantly use reductionism down to the atom I don’t care I like my 35 trillion cells I like money I like motorcycles I like sex I like the beautiful Sunsets I love my cats dammit thank you for this experience whatever is going now get out of my way and stop telling me I’m an atom or I came from a super nova great that’s cool whatever but I have a short awesome life to live so stop dragging me down with your spiritual awakening go live your dam life and enjoy !
Fatty McFelcher (1 month ago)
You have the grammatical prowess of an uneducated child.
El Emet (1 month ago)
pretty shallow thoughts ,...hopelessly lost
DARLENE RUSSELL (1 month ago)
Neil Turner (1 month ago)
The same regurgitated ideas - and all other people's work. I'll give the editing a 7 though.
Millard Fillmore (1 month ago)
Gibborim talk.Jibberish bs. Verbal pooting gaases.....Makes more gas than could be used practically..one could run a coalplant with this much methane and i wish i could convert y home and aall my vehicles to this high powered gassings stuff and te exxon and bp to fck off....forever......one long existential pooting for "heads" and jim Carey...and maybe someone as fucked up as Katie Perry the ""gee whiz you grainch people are shore sofeistckated "avaunt gard and a'eatin' upity assed new age reylable people to save the planet.. folks the unsofeistickated people who ai;t from Fraince..i hope they don't stick a nasty tweaker ( except one you know and have et before) in on you..ketchup, bernaise and a chateaau rothschild 1976 jst won;t kill some additives nor cooking nor boiling in bleach. Bon Appetitio!! por vous and maynrad whwo used to sell you good meth down off saunset blvd Katie..and some add us some uh them frainch fried taters and the vie-EEner sausages and government cheeeeeee... POOR KATIE..JUST SOO AVANT GARD AND STILL LACKING 5TH GRADE SOCIAL SKILLS... " I FIGGERED Y'ALL FRAINCH WAS SO ADVANTAGEOUS TO HOUGHT KWISEEN THAT Y'ALL WOLD HELP EAT THE POOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD MY ALBUMS AND THOUGHT WASING MONEY ON FOOD, MEDICINE BABY SHOES AND BATTERIES FOR GRANDMA'S PACEMAKERS INSTEAD OF MY DEMONICALLY INSPIRED SONGS ABOUT DEVILS AND ME.....KATIE PERDITION RIDING THE BEAS.....(I'VE MET HIM.....HE'S REALLY NICE AND HIS LAST NAME IS CICCIONE!!.AU REWAR Y'ALL......
Steve O'Boyle (1 month ago)
I do not need life tips from any celebrity! I use facts and wisdom gathered over years to journey happily further. You reading this live in the real world, right? He's an X celeb. YOU do more on a a daily basis than him. He should be listening to YOU! :)
Tyler Berger (1 month ago)
What is that song ?
elpoderosaso (1 month ago)
Allan watts already talkedabout "one's identity" He basically said that your identity is created by the subconscious. The subconsious is then manipulated and shapped by everything else. You dont make the choices, the subconsious mind does.
Yesenia Vega (1 month ago)
I’m a looser that’s who I am
maddog (1 month ago)
listen to satanic freemason illuminati carrey! idiots
Ovace Sidiki (1 month ago)
This is all bullshit. Get a college degree. be creative. marry and you will have a happy life. doing something out of the box is bull shit crap
I.A. Woien (1 month ago)
I know who we are. We are all mind. Please connect. We need to save ourselves!
ada A (1 month ago)
Who is the voice in the backround?
Maureen Abais (1 month ago)
I worry about Jim Carey. I've heard that he suffers from depression as many do but is it the truth ? As much as I love watching him change into what he wants to be , I pray that he has a village of sincere people who have his best interests at heart and are surrounding him with the love and support that he deserves. He is an intelligent man and I believe he has many messages to share with the world. I believe he is a 'giver' and givers are sensitive people who can master a persona to cover their pain. May love and peace encompass him. May strength and clarity continue to guide him.
Maureen Abais (1 month ago)
+Fatty McFelcher Maybe you should oral service yourself. Wanker
Fatty McFelcher (1 month ago)
Oral as in verbal, I'm not sure where your mind is.
Maureen Abais (1 month ago)
Gee, someone's mind is in the gutter. There's disgusting people out there.
Fatty McFelcher (1 month ago)
Maybe you should offer oral service to Mr. Carey.
Art Cid (1 month ago)
I I think the true problem is in I, We are so involved around ourselves I I I instead of you you you, just reach out and help someone out today, even in the smallest way. help someone have a better day. Love someone, reach out to a total stranger and give them a hug, an encouraging word, 50 cents.
michaeldavis2585 (1 month ago)
Came back to video ,hearing Jim Carey talk it makes me feel I'm somebody regardless if I have not succeeded in my music career or anything ,
Fatty McFelcher (1 month ago)
That's really great to hear Michael! I''m gonna guess you're a total musical failure.
Bruce Benefiel (1 month ago)
From Me: We are cosmic consciousness condensed into form, becoming aware of the fact slowly. The natural order of creation is to become aware of who we are fully... the eternality of BEing. This is the basis for the New World Order. https://youtu.be/VU0ZY7p2jhQ From New Thinking Allowed: Bruce "Zen" Benefiel is author of a number of books including Stubbing My TOE On Purpose, The God Participle, and Cosmic Conundrum: Who Am I, Really? He is the curator and host of the website, www.ufologyprss.com.
Fatty McFelcher (1 month ago)
Let me guess Bruce, your free basing bath salts?

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