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Thought provoking video by Jim Carrey | Alan Watts

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Jim Carrey , Alan Watts explores the profound mystery of creating who we are Credit: Impact Theory - Jay Shetty Tom Bilyeu https://youtu.be/GXoErccq0vw Jim and Andy - The Great Beyond
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Robert (5 hours ago)
The one thing I’ve learned about this thing we call life is we can convince ourselves of just about anything with little evidence to the contrary !
wulphstein (6 hours ago)
There is enlightenment. After that, physics begins to support life after death, spirit world. Not everything in the universe is mathematically predictable, the part that is not is this spooky observer related phenomena, the building blocks of spirit entities. You'll have to wait about 50 years before science can prove it. Meditation seems to be the key.
Matthew Kachoo (16 hours ago)
"That's why there's always an element of profound mystery in the problem of who we are"... Who am i??? Well...I am you... And you are me... We are ONE
E Z E (17 hours ago)
Mental masturbation.
Larry Courtney (17 hours ago)
My  enlightenment came March 23rd, 1980. On that night I knelt at a alter in a church and received the one who said He was the Light Of The World Jesus Christ. An I got up and said I have finally found fulfilment. The Holy Spirit entered into me and I was Born-Again and suddenly everything in my life now made sense. I had searched for answers in all kinds of drugs, women, money, material things and nothing did it until I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. The third eye is just another lie from satan. Don't fall for his lies. Jesus said in John14: 6 I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE and no man comes to the Father except through ME. THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS A PERSON NAMED JESUS CHRIST.
Charles Lee (17 hours ago)
lol this shit is all mad pointless, if you want to be free to live your own life you have to educate yourself yourself against the true horrors of this govt and hold them accountable, b/c only after this you would know exactly who you are as things like TV, and entertainment/celebrities like these would hold zero power over us.
Alex Graham (20 hours ago)
You can never know who you truly are if you don't know God.
HoTaDeAtH6699 (1 day ago)
Iv been on my journey for some time now. Guy
B C (19 hours ago)
I am because he is and made me to his own image . I love him, he loved me first. He will never let me , he will loves me eternally and I will dwell in his presence, in is light always! Thank you JESUS I LOVE HIM FOR HE SHOWS ME THE LIGHT WHEN THE PATH IS BLOCK HE OPENS NEW DOORS HE CHANGES ME FOR I LOVE HIM AND I GAVE MYSELF TO HIM AS A RECIPIENT OF HIS LOVE.
Lemuriel Kumara (1 day ago)
The more I know...the more I know I know nothing!
stephen Bet (1 day ago)
identity crisis , Be like Jesus Christ , Scripture
Indiana Mercury (1 day ago)
Real freedom, real freedom......is this.......Find God, Find Him, start to become the higher being he purposed you to be. When you are at peace with God, you WILL be at peace with yourself. No one can steal that from you unless you let them. The truth is out there, in creation, His Word. In what you deep down, deep.down in your human dna know. God exists. Refusing that fact is to refuse existence itself.
TBoneZone (1 day ago)
Our New Purpose might be more about Going Beyond, who we have been made to be, by the World. And that is going to be One Wild Ride, so don't miss out, or you really could be left behind. We will be taking No Prisoners.
darren caan (2 days ago)
Who am I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQYyXBJJfTM
danny harrity (2 days ago)
Our false perception of life itself gathered from our poisoned culture we were raised in is the source of the problem. Release your beliefs of life, why you think you’re here. It’s all wrong. Nobody knows what the hell this is. Allow yourself to feel that wonder, the anxiety, of being nothing but the observer; holding no beliefs, no ego, just the wonder as you see life with a raw perception as the true observer. There’s nothing like it. This will take you to another level.
Kho Dam (2 days ago)
ایندفع ریدیت به نوزادتون تو رحم مادرشون
Karen Burke (2 days ago)
If you're here, you are on the right path for you.
Martial Movement Shin (2 days ago)
Nobody has the "Holy Doctrine" of truth. Learn from anyone who has something to teach. Teachers only open the door... The student must go through on their own. Discover your own truth that is uniquely yours... truth is truth, just expressed differently.
Steve Beutelspacher (2 days ago)
Very moving thought provoking video - thank you.
Joakim Holmquist (3 days ago)
What is the music in the begining??
Benami Ark (3 days ago)
Jim Carreyis realising that he never left the set of the Trueman Show. He was just lead to think he was.
HEKE (3 days ago)
Millions of years later and people still don't know the answers has got to make you wonder
Mael-Strom (3 days ago)
"This is not the true self of me, not this am I, how wonderful", said Siddhartha Gautama around 2600 years ago.
Rune Svendsen (3 days ago)
Life is not a competition. Some just make you think so. Be you, if there are something left of you. Deep stuff. Who are you ? A result of what you have created or the influence of other on your personality.Life is not a competition. Some just make you think so. Be you, if there are something left of you. Deep stuff. Who are you ? A result of what you have created or the influence of other on your personality.
VonTorpitz (3 days ago)
1. Life is by its nature unsatisfactory. 2 This feeling of never being satisfied is caused by craving and aversion. 3. There is a path and a way out of this neverending cycle of letdowns 4. That way is the Buddhadharma. After many years contemplating these truths. I am finally starting to get it. Really get it. The man was truly Awakened.
John R. (3 days ago)
I find Jim Carrey a repulsive copy-cat. Shallow of invention. Everyone in the business knows Jim Carrey copied Robin Williams but only with a dim-witted sophomoric slapstick edge. His dabbling in artwork is childish and creepy. And those that worked with him regret it forever. That's why he's a "has-been".
Spiriteye (4 days ago)
If you follow alan watts you will end up in his hellish insanity
Ying Yang (4 days ago)
(*)8(*)8(*i*)8(*)8(*) Spokes We Stall Star 4A 4D Walking Talking Ying xXx Yang Sp/*\rk Zen Station, We Stow R Life Story “So Far” Inn/*\Side R Outside Time Quantum Plantation, RR Perceivable Universe Is 4D1(R)*(T) Halo Trinity xXx Crown Chakra Equation, I.T’s YY’s Central Mount Universal Studio 4D1 RPE Starting Star Gate’s Citation, (*)8(*)8(*t*)8(*)8(*) We’re 4D Potential (R)*(T) Holy Spirit/s 2B Self-Creating RD1 I.D(*)Star Avatar, C-Hat Requires Training 2B “Knowingly Connected” 4D1 (R)*(T) Crown Chakra, Alan Watts Said U Can’t Intellectually Realize Spirituality Ur 2 Religiously Train, & As Gopi Krishna Said A Bong D Way As U Self-Create U Will Also Self-Explain, (*)8(*)8(*!*)8(*)8(*) Get Ur Entire Lifestyle 4D Way Of Zen & C-Hat U Can Do D Sum’s As Bruce Lee, Do A Good Job Of Anything xXx Think U Do & C-Hat U Can Connect With D Chi, Do I.T Over A Good 6/7/8 Mths & Meditate Each Night Inn Bed 4D Master Key, Because As Pastor Ted Nottingham Says JC’s Teachings R Ball A Boat R Destiny, (*)8(*)8(*?*)8(*)8(*) As Alan Watt (Cutting Through D Matrix) Explains Stars World Is Run By C**ts, D Corporate Beast Arranges All Of(*)Off Star Planet’s Red & White Flag Stunts, All Problems Upon R Planet R Intentionally Manmade 4 Profit & Strategic Gain, Yet Realizing Through Training YY We’re “Here Hear” I.T Eases Any xXx All Pain, (*)8(*)8(*t*)8(*)8(*) As Alan Watts Said Life’s 4A4D Boat Analogy Which Dry Docked C-Hat D1 Start, 4D1’s RPE Is Where R1 (R)*(T) Holy Spirit/s Begot D1 Adam xXx Eve Apple Cart, With\*/Inn Universal Studio We Witness 4D1 Nature RR-rally His GOV.’s Story, 4R1-Inn/*\Infinity Chance2B.A As Good As God 4D RPE Deity Relay Race Glory, (*)8(*)8(*i*)8(*)8(*)
Tom Ato (4 days ago)
Okay, we love Jim Carey and we appreciate his work throughout his years in the public eye; however the real work is done in private. Anyone of us with our third eyes and ears open, in truth, can tell that Jim is trying to say that he has changed and has faced the abyss; yet, the only way we've ever faced the abyss is alone, not trying to get back into the public's new eye.
Declan Connolly (3 days ago)
That is so true
Vitomir Milosevic (5 days ago)
Dimensions and perceptions...we are all IT.
Gabriele Gaven (5 days ago)
I think with our intellect alone it never works. !
jan zandbergen (5 days ago)
There is nothing to provoke
Gabriele Gaven (5 days ago)
this is what they call The Own Truth. We have to own our own feelings first. It means then we can know ourselves in our human etc.......
Gabriele Gaven (5 days ago)
I was too young! however my spirit, inner being knew it. You may call it Great Spirit or God, whatever pleases you. For now I am very sure that we all are carrying our Father/Mother within. This should be now a great answer for you. Thank you!
Scott Kaskey (5 days ago)
What's up with Carrey turning full communist lately?
Scott Kaskey (4 days ago)
Only according the things that he has said.+Nick Williams
Nick Williams (5 days ago)
So Jim's a commie, huh? How about that...
No One (5 days ago)
I know who I am.. I am a human who is a species just like the bugs and animals and I live on a planet in the universe to receive the same as the bugs and the animals. I know that humans needing to have some kind of special identity is apart of the problem. I know that I live in a single space between the ground and the sky. People choosing the path of a career take their costume too seriously lol and lose sight of the fact that they live on a planet in the universe also known as outer space. Money, status and the illusion of power means nothing in concerns to the universe. I live most of my days wondering what the point was and feel upset at whomever created the earth. Since they haven't landed here, I can't just claim religion.
run with the wind (6 days ago)
Dark night of the soul
M P (6 days ago)
Again a beautiful exemple of what illusion is ! Big bullshit ! This kind of video escape us of what is reality ! Dreaming in front of Alan watts preach is a lost of realy what happen !
Tim Sadinski (6 days ago)
That is beautiful and what is not beautiful is Trump a piss ass bitch who's running through life like he going leave a great impression.. some sort of self-centered Idol of himself name one self-centered idle and I will tell you they are like infamous that will be his legacy a piece of shit who cares about nothing and no one What a Sad life yet.. he's in love with it
hangtime911 (6 days ago)
pure Wizardry
Alexandra A (6 days ago)
I have heard Jim spewing hate recently. It is not helping the planet. He is not enlightened.
Nick Williams (5 days ago)
How dare you say that
1:08 so good. Totally get that. I feel like I am going through that right now exactly.
Jim Carrey needs to be Alan Watts in the Alan Watts movie that Jim Carrey needs to do. XD
Ronney Rendon (7 days ago)
Thank you.
cARTer’s Creations (7 days ago)
I just curled my tongue and it tastes like the gum I was chewing. I can taste my own tongue. But I get it. I can also paint the shit out of a canvas
radzioradzi79 (7 days ago)
lol another celebrity champagne socialist, you should have disabled comments and likes for this video. I am defo going to listen go guy who tells me to love socialism. get f****ng real
westworld1000 (8 days ago)
DMT is too much for most people.you cant undo it.
gabriel gagne (8 days ago)
Energy, nothing else.beautiful.
Dave Stewart (9 days ago)
CULT FOLLOWER....!!  Get Help Jim....!!
Carl Stanley (9 days ago)
TJOP I think you have found your purpose, helping us awaken..... Thank You!
Dave Stewart (9 days ago)
Poor ....Sick....Lost ....ASSHOLE....JIM CARREY....Pitiful Delusional Loser.  Get Help Jim....ASAP...!!  Mental illness is a Bitch...!!
Iggy 4 (10 days ago)
Psycho babble
ONBOOST (11 days ago)
Allot of actors suffer from this mental problem, They spend there whole life being someone else and they come to realize that they have never had the time to actually be someone !
bruce fischetti (12 days ago)
Super intense Jimmy
stevie68a (12 days ago)
We have enlightenment, and what I call "endarkendment". Look at people's Facebook sharing, and see the absurdity of the posts. It's full of "look at me, isn't my life wonderful!". Looking good has the unfortunate byproduct of living for others. An example of this, are people's vacations. It seems the main point is not the fun of having a vacation, but being able to tell people about it.
stevie68a (12 days ago)
Leonardo DaVinci said something interesting in his old age. "I spent my life learning how to live, but what I was really learning, was how to die".
stevie68a (12 days ago)
I admire Jim Carrey for taking on the con man Trump. Trump's only real ability, is that he knows how to fool people. Trump's supporters don't know they've been tricked by him.
Tânia Nazaré (12 days ago)
2:08 What's the name of this track?
Marcin Tyrpien (13 days ago)
We are stuck in this 3d prison and keep coming back over and over we will brake out of this matrix now we are all waking up to this big lie going back to the source in 5d
Mortaryan (14 days ago)
*cough* Bullshit *cough*
Globox822 (16 days ago)
Alan Watts copy cats
adiv friedman (17 days ago)
no man can understand who he is, must be a god beyond this world that will explain it to him! it can not be jesus, because he did not solve our problems. also, all he did is witchcraft, that is a forbidden wisdom that exist in this world sistem, so, no surprise here, he was just a man. must search a higher god, real god.
PupuKaka69 (18 days ago)
"When you look outside you dream. When you look inside you awaken." & according to the mystics God once said "Meet me in silence." I do not know the ultimate nor have access to it yet. (I heard traditional yoga is really all about that.) There is not much to talk about. You either have an opinion or knowing. If you at least admit to yourself that you do not know, you just might open a door to a possibility of knowing...at least so I heard...Mystics, yogis & gurus majority of the time refuse to talk about the "truth" because the more you think you know the further you keep your self away from knowing. Yoga and yogis were always about showing people the methods for transforming their consciousness. After all they say there is only two things in existence: Energy & Consciousness so I think logically I can wrap my head around the understanding of we are all one. Beings experiencing the physical who's bodies and minds are nothing but accumulations you bring back where you borrowed them from when you're done. Again, I did have some experiences that proved me life beyond the physical but as of right now I do not consciously have access to. I am more than likely a "sleeper" what they like to call the majority and is striving to wake up....no worries though if nothing we have a whole eternity ahead of us...I think only our egos shall die...
Dominic Luck (19 days ago)
OooH JIM...I Feel You like a Heart once One Real Eye S the LieS
bob hite (20 days ago)
creeping dementia
Jim is about to fill a void that Terence Mckenna left behind with less emphasis on psychedelics and more on the experience that follows.
Ryan Biddulph (21 days ago)
Jim Carrey is an interesting guy. Introspective, wise and compassionate. I love his energy.
Jan Banholzer (21 days ago)
One of the many profound truths drugs can open your mind to is that you can indeed bite your own teeth.
mari gold (22 days ago)
My measure of who I am is from Allah....as Allah said in Qur'an this life is only an illusion and enjoyment for short awhile..that's why Allah gave us prayer five set times a day so we don't lose focus of our real goal which is eternal life hereafter..
Martin Weltchek (23 days ago)
Touching in a non L. Ron Hubbard way.
Cezary Strzelecki (24 days ago)
He impersonated so many characters that as a result of that he lost the plot ………lost soul!
Susan Wheatley (24 days ago)
u r blind Jim. He's knocking on your door. God is the only way. hell aint a nightclub eternity never ends over 200 verses in Bible (basic information before leaving earth) that describe hell. Good luck! its ok what u believe but the abyss is real and its hell. i feel so sorry for you.
global amnesia (24 days ago)
humanity deceived by evil spirits, that is what you are
Ken Walker (24 days ago)
You can taste your own younger by folding your tongue in half ... boom
Weslley Elias (24 days ago)
Jesus is the Way, with Him you'll be fine and safety
MrPoe22 (25 days ago)
This is Jim carreys’ Realization that life is not as he once it was, that he is not who he once thought he was. It is his awakening to his true inner nature. He has realized that what he once thought of as the “ real” Jim Carrey, was in actuality a charicature and merely a figment of his imagination. He is attempting to point out to people that you are NOT the perception that other people have if you. That is merely the image you have projected in order to survive. It is the image that gets distorted as you age, by the toxic society we live in. People are so concerned with grit image, even though it is a false representation of who and what you are in a fundamental level. Who and what we truly are, exists in a deep soul level. Who we are in the spiritual realm is a being if energy that is connected through waves and frequencies that we can never begin to imagine. We are the universe, experiencing itself. That is the message Jim is attempting to convey to people.
MrPoe22 (25 days ago)
Absolutely love this!!
J Anderson (25 days ago)
Reflections of flesh void of Christ.
Alex Ukho (26 days ago)
I'm from Odessa.....important...impressive...thaanks a lot
Daniel Patrick (27 days ago)
Here's a 36 page comic book I did back in 2001 about the coming UFO invasion: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z_kA1ku22ME&t=1561s "Disclosure" is about to happen in the sky above ur head: https://youtu.be/skffyfQkr1A
Random Easy (27 days ago)
What are you doing ? Stop thinking backwards.
Tammy Fantin (27 days ago)
Love you Jim keep fighting!!!!!!
Val Kajinov (27 days ago)
We were put on this earth to help people
Val Kajinov (27 days ago)
Where not all actors, i know who i am and that's what saves me (: peace in Jesus Name
Val Kajinov (27 days ago)
That's the trick, be still and remember who you are.
spiritual tom (28 days ago)
spiritual tom (28 days ago)
Satsang with Mamaji (28 days ago)
It's all so wonderful :)
Colin Williams (28 days ago)
Find your own walk !
Fast Internet (29 days ago)
Hes a tool for the pizza gate
Bryce Anderson (29 days ago)
I met Jim Carrey at Bayside Restaurant in Florida. He was shooting Pet Detective at the time. I had just got done playing sax at a gig there. We talked for a while. Then he looked at me and said, "Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to the girls".......nice guy. The thing is, I like Alan Watts but he was a stone cold alcoholic and had been married 3 times. So whatever he was talking about really didn't really work for him. If you want to talk about a bunch of "self knowledge" bullshit, then it should work for you, that's what I think. Alan was really good at telling people what they should think, and getting himself paid for it. That was his business. This whole thing of "what is the purpose of life, and why are we here?".......one thing for sure, God (The Universe) has made it a mystery. After billions of years, in the end the best we can do is come up with just an opinion, our own for that matter. The truth is not really here because we have to die and leave here. We get old, start shitting in our pants again.....rot away, the soul flies away, our bodies turn into worm food. TAH DAH......the end.
brikfiend (29 days ago)
So a peadophile and a psycopathic murderer are simply "channelling " ?
James Oliver (29 days ago)
I am... it's never about myself. This is the difference between the 2 kingdom's. Jim Carey is psycho- babble.
Evelyna Cruz (29 days ago)
He is actually like a Jogy🤔.. isn't he ?
Chicasso Productions (29 days ago)
As a man thinks so he is. period. There is no perception of what we are through what is perceived by others. Anything beyond as a man thinks so he is, is BS.
Jamison Challeen (30 days ago)
I don't know who made this or why they chose these specific seemingly unrelated people, but this is Great work. You have added to cultural narrative for the improvement of us all!
Yeezus (30 days ago)
nice trip
Acid Trip (30 days ago)
You are all a bunch if dreamers wankers and fools
SalvationR0CK (1 month ago)
Michael Mcdaniel (1 month ago)
Carry is an awesome person.
Bittrees7 (1 month ago)
Dudes a peodophile. Wake up

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