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How Do You Make A Guy Chase You And Keep Him Interested?

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Text Comments (49)
Sousa (1 month ago)
Yes, but to exalting. Having to do all that scene ...
rmk11 rmk11 (4 months ago)
Uhhh i disagree. I think chase is overated and the cards on the table. On the flip side, I think with getting women u have to put all your cards on table ahead of time cuz there not willing to do that for you.but not many guys do. I do for women.and if u dont win them it usually means they dont have intrest or if they do have intrest they are too insecure. Its not so much about what can i learn cuz that comes during the later stages.
nikki manh (5 months ago)
he did chase me and no moves tf 😂 always checking me 😵
ultradeadd (5 months ago)
girls do this anyway they don’t need to learn how to do it😂
Donna Just Being Real (7 months ago)
Great advice 👍😀💙
Pejtu Joker (8 months ago)
alot of girls done this to me and im numb to it now im 24 and most of them are already taken but those dudes are like a hell to heaven to me im tall good looking got my own house car and im still studying psychology i know im much more high value then her boyfriend or even she is if u want me make an action girl im not gonna chase you you will chase ME
Just A Girl (17 days ago)
DANG! And here people always told me men liked to chase, not to be chased. I guess you do like seeing women put effort to see you, but of course, you'd find being too needy a turn off. I guess both need to chase the other 50/50.
glory (9 months ago)
Be mysterious!!!!!
Mark Smartt (10 months ago)
Loool your talking about yourself
Author Janae Marie (7 months ago)
Mark Smartt basically
Tammy Mitchell (11 months ago)
Guys are headaches. Single is the way for me.
DEQA ABDI (2 months ago)
Be single is less stressful
Amanda (6 months ago)
Tammy Mitchell I’m honestly trying to enjoy being single. I’ve dated two different guys briefly and both treated me badly. My feelings are still extremely hurt by the one guy because we both liked each other for so long and then he screwed things up and I tried to give him another chance and he wouldn’t be bothered I just tell myself I’m better off on my own and no one can hurt me. I can protect myself that way.
Priya Raizada (11 months ago)
Everything was fine between us...he is an actor, he loved me a lot But suddenly i saw a new woman on his fb page with whom i got to learn that his affair is on, i asked him about this, he just said - i'm an actor and i need to do this and entertain these rich ones to get suceed..other than this,you are my true love plz stay with me.. But i broke up with him and blocked him I did right ? He still msgs me And cry in front of me to stay wid him, but he is not ready to leave that woman as she has many good contacts Now should i reply him or not...plz reply to this
Priya Raizada (11 months ago)
Mackiie v no he is not more into her...as she lives very far, she is in another country....he says she is just the part of his act and he wants to achive success through her...and i trust him...but the thing which bother me much is that he keep posting on social sites about her and this makes me jelous of her...and i get mad
Mackiie v (11 months ago)
you should communicate more with him and if he says that the girl is a part of the act then you should trust him and say that you trust him and if the girl really bothers you then you should say that he cant make any close contact to her if he wants to be with you :) but it really sounds like he is a way more into you than that woman!
David Rodriguez (1 year ago)
*This was a very interesting and helpful book with real tips based in human psychology. I am going to give these a go.>>>>**https://plus.google.com/u/9/100126813610598876710/posts/NUxCJ5yku4S**  Wish me luck!*
Alexx Balboaa (1 year ago)
Awesome videos :)
Azemina Ay (1 year ago)
Tammy Gunter (1 year ago)
dam you look like Isaac hay es
Anne Johnson (10 months ago)
Tammy Gunter he sure does!
Rose McGinnis (1 year ago)
What are those cards? I don't even know. Sometimes I just want to get laid.
Toyin Adeogun (2 months ago)
Me af
amy silver (2 years ago)
So I have a boyfriend who I call a flirt but in all honesty I just feel women drool over him without proof but one day he looked at me said " I don't chase women and women don't chase me".i was lost and still don't understand what he meant.. Can you help me decode this pls
Mackiie v (11 months ago)
you should ask him! say what did you mean with that? go starght for it!
nana ssi (1 year ago)
1 1 wow! Best answer.
1 1 (1 year ago)
amy silver he ugly
M Sherazi (2 years ago)
I like being chased lol
dev bachu (2 years ago)
this gut chase me over an over what to do champ
butterfflyess (2 years ago)
If a guy is interested he is. You don't need to be a superstar.
kathy mao (3 years ago)
if i say it 1 time ,i said it million times.i love you ! haha.
A Melvin (3 years ago)
I think your advice is really great! Short and to the point.
Riz de los Reyes (3 years ago)
your damn right im fun of yours
Catalina MaGoo (3 years ago)
I like it that you say the answer and it is to the point and direct and you don't ramble on and on and on and on ... It's refreshing and crystal clear.
Gidget Hrobowski (2 years ago)
+sonny dainel 100% agree. Does it get on your nerves too when people don't get to the point?
sonny dainel (2 years ago)
+Sheila Schneider right??he's so direct i love that his videos don't take like 15 min
Gidget Hrobowski (3 years ago)
Sheila, thx you. I was just listening to this lady, and she rambled on and on. I finally went to this guy's vid, he is straight to the point. No offense to this man, he offers good advice. I have to be myself, and if no one likes me for myself, that's their problem.
hussein335 (3 years ago)
Guys, DONT chase girls!
spaciousgalaqxy (4 months ago)
There is a reason that your username is Hussein. Because you are way off base, dude.
asterismxx (3 years ago)
+hussein335 Bad advice. Girls don't want to chase you. Especially not in the beginning.
Exzhane Mull (3 years ago)
Should girls approach guys
Ruby Perez (4 years ago)
I have a question about this guy and its very long and complicated but i really need advice from a guys perspective
Alexandra Freed (11 months ago)
BasedNano no but I do lmao. This guy has thrown around the word girlfriend to my face and has said he wants something more than a hook up we been talking every day two months straight on dates he says I’m so perfect very affectionate. But recently he’s had a wall up seems distant. He said he’s still interested in me just has had a lot on his mind. The most he would open up saying is that he needs a promotion when I asked him about it on the spot in person. Other than that says he doesn’t want to talk about it and he’ll be okay. But the wall still feels up he will text me but I’m doing a lot of chasing I don’t know what to do or how to handle things. He’s a very nice family type guy. Very sensitive and sweet.
jokingmodel (1 year ago)
Ruby Perez still have that question?😂😂
tshika balanganayi (4 years ago)
Leave him alone .he isn't worth your time
madam lyné (2 months ago)
Gidget Hrobowski (3 years ago)
tsika, best answer. life is short, keep it moving, whatever problem he had let it be his problem. Why should you say something you did not do anything wrong. His lost.
deu x (4 years ago)
there is a guy in my class and we were friends for over one week but when I texted him he started to avoid me and doesn't talk to me anymore and it's been a month now. What should I do?
A Melvin (3 years ago)
+Gwen Merlin Nothing. I mean really nothing. Just behave completely natural, and let him approach you if he wants. And if he does, just behave natural, like nothing bad has happened. But you should also make other friends too.

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