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How to understand your cat? 🐱 How to make friends with your cat? 😍 Everyone knows that cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets. Just try to work out what’s going through that furry little head! It turns out that cats have their own language, and if you learn it there’s a chance you’ll understand them much better. We’ve put together all of the possible cat behaviors to help you find a common language with your pet (well, if it allows you to). Also, we’ve prepared three essential tips that will help you communicate with cats better. HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CAT • How to make your cat trust you Lowering your cat to the ground, make sure its paws have reached the floor. Your cat will trust you and know that it won’t tumble if you let it go. • How to stroke your cat If you sit on the floor with your legs crossed and look at your cat, it will interpret this as a friendly gesture and come up to you to let you stroke it. Also, stretch your hand out in its direction. Your middle finger should be a little lower than the others. The cat will start rubbing its nose or face against your hand. • How to make your cat appear A cat may go and hide and only appear when it’s alone or hears a calm voice. #understandcat #catbehavior #pet TIMESTAMPS Cat's tail 0:52 Cat's eyes 3:47 Cat's interaction with people 4:38 Cat gestures 6:14 Cat language 6:57 How to communicate with your cat better 8:09 MAIN CAT GESTURES • If a cat raises its nose up and throws its head, it’s saying, “I see you.” Cats often make this gesture to people walking past the window. Have you ever noticed it? • A cat might press its ears against its head if it feels scared, worried, or wants to play. They also do this when they are sniffing something that’s interested them. • When a cat sticks its tongue out slightly and licks itself, it’s worried or anxious. CAT LANGUAGE • Cats generally greet people or announce their presence with a short sound. • Lengthy meowing indicates that your cat is very glad to see you. This occurs if you’re away from home for a long time. • A medium-length meow might be a request for water or food. • A long sound (a mix of purring and meowing) is a more insistent request or demand. • A low meow is a complaint or indication of dissatisfaction. Also, it might mean your cat is ready to fight. • A loud sound often indicates an urgent demand (for instance, you cat needs more food). • A purring or vibrating sound indicates a desire for closer contact or attention. Cats purr for various reasons, but most often they do it when they are happy. Now you know how to find a common language with any cat. By the way, are you a cat person or a dog person? Hit the like button for cats, and leave a short comment if you are in love with dogs! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (44892)
BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
Does your cat have any funny habits? :)
Professor Parano3 (1 day ago)
Isabella Adkins (1 day ago)
When I scratch her belly she kicks her leg like a dog
Bella Locklair (3 days ago)
I don’t love your You too
BRIGHT SIDE he hates ur channel
Pastel Chan (4 days ago)
My cat called "yéyé" everytime if she hears another cat meows, he always bite me. ;-;
MarleyHendrixHD_ (4 minutes ago)
Dog person but I’m slowly trying to get over my fear of cats
Cat Women (22 minutes ago)
Bluebell (1 hour ago)
I just give her lots of cuddles
XXXTENTACION XXX (2 hours ago)
If you feed my cat he's happy.
Muhammad Yusri Hakim (5 hours ago)
Feed them
As I cat, I can say that I do not do half of these
Joanne Cohen (8 hours ago)
I am a cat person
incognito (10 hours ago)
Number 1 Is Useless To Me Because My Cat's Tail..He Doesn't Have A Tail
Under Doge (14 hours ago)
Hpull your hand up
Deshulimbu Deshulimbu (16 hours ago)
art vandelay (16 hours ago)
Throw cat in trash. Get a dog. Done
Kayley Russell (16 hours ago)
Martha Agness (18 hours ago)
Turns out I already knew all of it and my cats love me 😂
The Gameing J (21 hours ago)
One of my cats got half a Tail don't know how it happened or who did it
chan suet ying (1 day ago)
PopularMMO’ s (1 day ago)
My cat has no tail
Colin and friends (1 day ago)
My parents used to have a cat named the Bobo he was nice to me when I was a baby one time he bought a good inside when I was a baby and put it on my lap but when I got older I was in preschool he started being mean when I was in kindergarten and so straight when I get near him he was hissed at me when I wasn't even doing anything eyes off the toys one of them by accident and then I was driving it and he just has that me and then first grade he got put to sleep and I got a dog name's Henry white after Bubba was put to sleep
Zoë Kpop lover. (1 day ago)
dogs are better then cats
Cirava Hermod (1 day ago)
Just roll a whole buncha Rs, aka purr
Umm .. . All this is so nice but i have no cat 🙁🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈
Professor Parano3 (1 day ago)
I'm not a dog person but here's a comment
Kittykat :3 (1 day ago)
GiVe YoUr CaT lOtS oF fOoD aNd It WiLl LoVe YoU
Diane Velasquez (1 day ago)
Can my cat wear a hartz flea collar when being treated with hartz liquid?
Jeremy Niño (1 day ago)
5:12 so my cats saying hello to a cardboard box?
Ruda Abubaker (1 day ago)
Cats r my best friends
Mia Santkuyl (1 day ago)
“here kitty!!” OMG Finally my cats coming to me come here Otis! :Otis licks finger: OMGGGG Oh wait I had chips on my finger....
Yurges Jaffa (1 day ago)
This video made me wanna get a cat!!
Laniyiah Clayton (1 day ago)
I don’t have a cat yet But every once in a. While. When a. Cat looks at me it just feels happy looking. At me
Unicorn Spirit (2 days ago)
When I’m reading a book my cat rubs her mouth on my book so ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO READ MY BOOK
ethan da gamer (2 days ago)
I just be nice to it
Agnis Ryme (2 days ago)
My cat bites my head and I'm always like "AWWW"
doctor ayurveda (2 days ago)
Cat person
Mila Bridoux (2 days ago)
i LOVE both cats and dogs
Shibi Kp (2 days ago)
I love cat
Angee Lopez (2 days ago)
My favorite cats are munchkin cats and calico cats
Jhoana Armijos (2 days ago)
Dogs and cats
Tharanga Sanjeewanee (2 days ago)
Simona Melle (2 days ago)
I love cats
stitchergary (2 days ago)
Thanks... Now I know my cat hates me..
well my cat jimmii is always happy having me....
David Magrum (2 days ago)
Um my Kat licks my fingers then rubs her head on my hand
Deniz Padır (2 days ago)
I need that cat on the video!
\Gracie And Ella/ (2 days ago)
Uncle Charlie (2 days ago)
how can you tell when my cat's finally ready to get a job and move out of the house?
PigeonFeathers (2 days ago)
"Everyone knows cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets" Off to a bad start. Teaching people to see their pets as illogical and unpredictable right before trying to tell them how they logic and make them more predictable is a little counter productive.
hara heta (2 days ago)
*wait cats feel guilty?*
When I’m sitting in the corner my Nan’s cats always put there head against me
Equine Erin (2 days ago)
My cat Dido has always loved being stroked gently umder her chin and loves that.
Julietta osorio (2 days ago)
My cats tail is ALWAYS lowered toward the ground ...........😱😱😱😱does he poop in the closet without me knowing!!!!!!!!!!
Soren Gacillos (2 days ago)
Lori Schneck (2 days ago)
What does it mean when your cat bites you..
jared curtis (3 days ago)
*side of face
jared curtis (3 days ago)
A tip to make my cousin's cat happy it to make sure it didn't meow because when a cat meows it means ur probably hurting it or it dosnt like something, another tip is to pet it lightly from tail to side of tail or under chin if u want, and last one is to make sure the cat knows its save with u and trusts u
ThePokemonCelebi (3 days ago)
soft food alot of soft food wil make your cat go cray cray about you :P
Hikomi A. (3 days ago)
Mkay, so I have two cats. One of them is very friendly and loves me and licks me all that stuff. But I'm worried about my other one, named Avalanche. He always walks around with his tail dragging on the floor, and usually sticks his tongue out slightly like he was anxious. He also barely ever wants to cuddle or be pet. Also, he'll just stand there and meow once or twice in a whiny tone. Is he depressed? Please, I need help. Edit: The white cat at 8:38 is exactly what he looks like, just slightly thicker fur.
Alien エイリアン (3 days ago)
The way to become bffs with your cats easily is to occasionally hit their bum, if at first they don’t like it then don’t keep doing it but most cats enjoy it some reason. I do this and my cats seem to enjoy my company more then when we first got them.
Spik (3 days ago)
Paulina Barrón (3 days ago)
What happens uf my cat doesnt know how yo meow
Samentha Xox (3 days ago)
I am cat/dog person there both cute
Lemony Fall (3 days ago)
When I was watching this my cat was curled up in between my legs, purring. Who can say no to your beautiful kitty.
A Mossobir (3 days ago)
How my cat loves me is i sometimes cleans his litter and he sees that i am looking after him soo he loves me back!!!!!
MikiKiki (3 days ago)
Cats are evil.
Anomy-LA (3 days ago)
I don’t even have a cat why am I here.
aks khan (3 days ago)
I love cats😍
Jake_ Outdoors (3 days ago)
My cat doesn’t have a tail, it’s the kind of breed that he is
RtyFox (3 days ago)
0:07 when you have no friends
Darkness Wolf Online (3 days ago)
Now i know what my cats saying this is what shes saiding "IM HUNGRY" IM HUNGRY"
shakuforever (3 days ago)
Doing a slow blink back at your cat is a sign of affection; you are putting yourself in a compromised or submissive position momentarily, and it's the equivalent of saying "I love you" to your cat. If you don't believe me, try it out for yourself! Slightly nodding is also a friendly acknowledgment towards your cat that is understood almost universally.
bone dragon (3 days ago)
My cat likes it when I steoke just in front of his taile and when I do that he always lifts it up even he is lying down
Pedro Hartmann (3 days ago)
My cat doesn't do anything what is saying on the video.
Brandy Rajagh (3 days ago)
Right now I have 2 adult cats and 2 kittens. I have been able to have cats in my life since I was little, loved them all. 💗😻😺💗
Mavis Mensah (3 days ago)
I'm surely cat person
Vicki Hoover (3 days ago)
My tirck is to sit on the floor and meow like a cat
ANIME-LETICIA (4 days ago)
Its normal that my cat is not meowing and just meows when someone hurt it?
Eliza Britton (4 days ago)
I've had 2 cats that learned to fetch. I wish video were going on back then. I would have loved to share those. My current 2 cats well. RIGHT after I hadn't gotten IZZY and I hang dry my clothes in the house I thought my washer was eating the skinny straps on my clothes. Hated that. Continued washing clothes hanging to dry. Same thing. I finally figured out my cat IZZY was obsessed with eating certain parts of clothing. Mainly the skinny straps of clothing. So then I had to be extra careful about how much contact she could get around my clothing. I had to hide clothing if I had just taken them off. Well then I was using bandaids. And one day I noticed she was eating the bandaids. How I found out. Well I use a bandaid to cover the iPad camera. With a bandaid. Well it went missing. So I replaced it. After a few times I figured out it was her. So now that I know these things let's add to the list scotch tape. It's like these things are her addiction and she is super quick about the tape or bandaids. She is on that in like 2 seconds. Well now the other cat is mimicking the first cat. This is so weird.
Larry M. (4 days ago)
Video is good. Music sucks big time.
Adlynn Eryna (4 days ago)
Awwww aren't cats cute??
rusty typewriter (4 days ago)
Why am I watching this? I don't even have a cat😂
Rio Angel (4 days ago)
Dogs are good but I'm not use to them
Rio Angel (4 days ago)
I love cats and I'm a cat person
Professor Stexy (4 days ago)
I don't even own a cat, why do I watch this
David Silva (4 days ago)
I lost my cat today.😥😥😥
Double A R&B (4 days ago)
My cat has no tail
Orangefish XD (4 days ago)
Thankfully my cats do all the positive things
luis the gamer (4 days ago)
I'm a cat, dog, and bunny person
nciknght87849 (4 days ago)
My Cat's tail is always up.....He's a stray & I've taken him in..he's lovely & great company for me...
Lydia Lee (4 days ago)
I just wanna know why my cat bites the water faucet-
Megan Miller (5 days ago)
5:42 either that, or your cat is grooming you.
Miranda Durfee (5 days ago)
Some of these are just plain made up.
Sophia & Gwen Lives! (5 days ago)
My cat just bites me bc he thinks its playing
IndigoCat (5 days ago)
My cat has one emotion. -happysadangryjealousexitedsickbored- *Meh*
My Crafts (5 days ago)
If the cats claws are out it means it’s scared
Maelvil Fist (5 days ago)
I rarely hear my cat "meow" he just always rub me when he hungry or want anything. Is it normal??
Bob Anderson (5 days ago)
Please get to the point. No comedy, No music. Just straight to the point facts. Thank You.
mr malavey (5 days ago)
The title should say " We basically have no fking clue" seeing as almost everything could mean they could possibly be happy, or angry 😂😂😂 Basically if you own a cat and it hasn't decided to go live with your neighbors then its safe to say it likes you and is happy ✌️
nickel owned (5 days ago)
Cats n dogs all animals
anime?X? (5 days ago)
mopoo is very um happy with its life and storm well she bites alloght she may start off nice then she turns around and BOOM bites you!

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