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First Muslim hijab fashion show in London strong message to Trump

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Designers of Muslim fashion clothing praises London’s first Modest Fashion Week for putting hijabs and long hemlines in the spotlight. The modest Muslim Hijabs on display at London’s first 'Modest Fashion Week. Muslim-friendly ‘modest’ fashion first of its kind show is taking place in London. Fashion week in London every year sees models parading down the runway in a series of eye-wateringly low necklines and short hemlines. This year the Centre stage attraction is taken by Muslim hijab put on display, this weekend with the capital's first ever Modest Fashion Week (MFW) at the Saatchi Gallery. About 40 designers from the Muslim ad western countries showcased scarves, hijabs and loose-fitting maxi dresses at the two-day event organized by Haute Elan, who claim 'modest fashion' is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets. According to the UK Apparels running e-market retailer, the fashion show, described as a 'new and exciting addition to London's fashion calendar', first ever Muslim hijab cat walk which aims to give a platform to brands that cater for religious women and those who prefer to dress modestly. Muslim community members along with fashion fans praised the show for 'sending a positive message'. Event entrance ticket which charged up to £100 for tickets, featured shopping, cat walk fashion and modelling shows, talks and workshops, as well as networking and trade discussions. The fashion shows featured designs from top brands which launched just last year and produces 'modest, modern and fashion-forward Muslim clothing'. Fashion house Amirab's look in Africa Fashion, founder Roda Abdi claim modest fashion as: 'Making sure length of the clothes is appropriate, not sheer, and no exposure of additional skin which would make the clothes unsuitable for modest wear'. The success of UK's first luxury hijab' also praised high street stores like Debenhams and other top UK brands for stocking modest designs, adding: 'I believe in the next four to five years this will be norm.' Dina Tokio, blogger for hijab and modest Muslim clothing who has more than 1 million Instagram followers, praised the event as 'revolutionary'. She claimed in an interview for Blogosphere magazine, 'I feel like brands are coming on board with diversity now and I think that it’s down to social media and how much talent there is out there. 'I want to show that you can coincide faith with fashion and that there are Muslim women who actually represent that.'
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Text Comments (118)
Le lamiah ay (1 month ago)
Anime Lover (2 months ago)
Shez Soltani (2 months ago)
this is not ok, hijab should be use to protect urself not for fashion in front of a lot of men
Hakan Düzgün (2 months ago)
Kos omak
Maryam The Unpopular (2 months ago)
Well done dina for taking off hijab. You weren't wearing it right anyway, i'm upset but i hope you wear it again and i wish you all the best.
Soyel Aksar (2 months ago)
What the hell is this.....?? Islam do not permission any fashion..✔
Soyel Aksar (1 month ago)
+Tiny Tin Have any reference?
Tiny Tin (1 month ago)
Uh duh... Islam actually allows fashion. 👀People who says Islam doesn't allow fashion are some uneducated extremists and liars who like to cause war.
Soyel Aksar (2 months ago)
+Sahar Yusaf Oh really.... Tell me what you know about Islam?
Sahar Yusaf (2 months ago)
ur tripping so just stfu dont know what Islam ur talking abt
Summy gofrsya (2 months ago)
I hate Dina Tokio bcz she used Muslim community she is so fake person god bless everyone from such type of sheyatan.
Susie Shobe (2 months ago)
Anyone can dress as they like . I’m modest and I don’t look Muslim . It’s just fashion , here today and gone tomorrow.
M Azeem mughal (4 months ago)
Now these are beautifull more modrens
A HS (5 months ago)
Sexy women in Hijabs
Reviews For YOu (5 months ago)
That's very good step. And all the designs are looking good
الله المستعان
Blessed Momma (6 months ago)
So Trump is bad because he "oppresses women" but Islamic oppression of women, just fine. Try not to hurt yourself with that mental gymnastics.
SiasLife - the Sweetos (2 months ago)
Would you help me..ähm, what please is Islamic oppression of women?
Plissa Barrett (7 months ago)
OMG! Finally a fashion show I can get behind, clothes wise. I would like to wear alot of the clothes. No shame in modesty.
EUROPEAN CONVERT TO ISLAMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sparkle Caulipurple (7 months ago)
ko park (7 months ago)
Very end she said hope brits are more advanced then Moscow or Americans. Is that code language for suckers and cuckolds? Questions for jihadess: Why does arabs in sahel use the koran to justify black slavery? I mean didnt they do that in the U.S. south with bible to justify their slavery? So why is islam 1,000 and counting year history of black slavery ignored and the confederacy viewed as sheer evil? Please do tell libtards. This is clear warning what will happen to the west and Korea if these these gangsters are crushed.
tantramantra1 (8 months ago)
More accurate to say long dresses than hijab as some models had no head covering. Certainly a welcome improvement. Look forward to proper hijab in due time.
veda pierce (10 months ago)
Hijab is a sign of women's opression ! How can so many people be so blind and stupid !
linnea falk (3 months ago)
+Maya Imvu Isnt Islam promoting modesty for women by wearing headscarf to not show off their beauty and draw attention to themselves?
Sparkle Caulipurple (7 months ago)
+Maya Imvu don't listen to that ignorant anonymous
Maya Imvu (9 months ago)
veda pierce I’m confused how is it oppression they simply cover their hair am I missing something because i know many Muslim people who do whatever they want and some don’t cover their hair
alma jukic (11 months ago)
Very beautiful.
Daffodil Wild (11 months ago)
We need more coverage...some not enough..
nimmivids (11 months ago)
khdooj Qu (11 months ago)
Topaz fire (11 months ago)
Very beautiful
Fabio Love (1 year ago)
DDDDDD Islam, cancer of world
afdal syamsir (1 year ago)
nice moeslim fahion show will be good for new fashion mode
Sheikh Yabooty (1 year ago)
Clearly haram.
Love Sharma (1 year ago)
o Muslim ummah wake up your going to wrong way... this is not... good.... it is haraam
Humaira Aziz (1 year ago)
Wow mashallah
Cyber Surfer (1 year ago)
Välfärdskrigare (1 year ago)
Let's make opression a fashion accessory
aasiya shakoor (4 months ago)
Haha your mom was oppressed
Craftmasterist (9 months ago)
veda pierce (10 months ago)
Exactly ! People are so dumb !
tea for 2 (1 year ago)
Wow do they realise what it stands for the origins of the burka hijab Muhammad forced his wifes/sex slaves to wear burkas hijab so his men wouldn't hassle abuse or rape them they're told to look down so they don't see any of the abuse rapes etc being done to the unbeliever's it's a sign of ownership enslavement why do Muslims always twist the truth about Islam 🚩😨
Refreshment Adda (1 year ago)
tea for 2 oh really u western sell fuck of your own mother sister daughter & give lectures to being respectful to women's, Islam is most & likely by the women in non muslim u people know better.
Ken Skaggs (1 year ago)
Iran is burning hijab's, trying to modernize. Meanwhile London is going back to the stone age putting women back in their (old) place.
Saba Fahim (7 months ago)
If covering body resembles stone age than I guess animals being nude are so modern ......
mma (1 year ago)
Ken Iran is forcing hijab. They are also cutting off their dicks and redoing their noses. What part of the sounds modern to you??? Fuck off
Lucius Avenus (1 year ago)
Wow, these Jews just aren't going to stop till the west is so unrecognisable and completely unable to stop Israel from raising the 3rd temple of pure gold
Colin Reardon (6 months ago)
Always a Jew hater in the mix.
Syria ___ (9 months ago)
Lucius Avenus the real Jews are black.
whoa horsey whoa (1 year ago)
boring .......... same thing over and over ... : hijab
Maya Imvu (9 months ago)
whoa horsey whoa how ironic I barely see these beautiful people
i love it 😍😍😍😇
Izaan Khan (1 year ago)
Stop this is not parda
Asian Guy (1 year ago)
Islam (submission) would have died a long time ago, had it not been for the threat of apostasy and blasphemy laws and honor killing cultures in islamic societies. Islam is primarily an Arab supremacist sociopolitical ideology masquerading as a religion. it is not just a spiritual belief system, it has social, political, judicial, military and economic aspects to the doctrine which controls every aspect of people's lives under it's control. Islam is a totalitarian system. like all totalitarian ideologies Islam doesn't tolerate other religions/ideologies or dissent or criticism. it actively suppresses any critical thinking amongst it's followers.
Craftmasterist (9 months ago)
Asian Guy you’re literally an ass who’s trying to spread your stupid message. Islam doesn’t tolerate other religions? You’re the one who doesn’t tolerate Islam. So it’s okay to hate on Islam but Islam is evil for not tolerating other religions? Wow you’re an absolute HYPOCRITE. go crawl in your hole you bitch. And don’t even bother replying because I don’t get notifications. go to hell.
Craftmasterist (9 months ago)
Asian Guy you’re an absolute idiot and know nothing about Islam because you don’t practice it and don’t even know anyone who’s a Muslim. Other religions started with wearing coverings but weren’t faithful enough to keep it on just because Muslims had the drive to keep being faithful doesn’t mean it should have died. Nuns wear covering to cover their hair and body and nobody hates on them so wtf is your problem?
Mohamed al Yahudi (1 year ago)
But is the underwear halal?
Roopa Lourdmary (1 year ago)
Islam religion is so good
Maya Imvu (9 months ago)
A. O dude just let people live
AvaruusOlio (1 year ago)
Roopa Lourdmary Good joke
Oleander (1 year ago)
I'm an American and I completely love and respect this so much! I love how they're finally putting it in fashion. As for the people saying why slam Trump? Because he's a total ignorant pervert that's gonna get us all Americans killed! Most Americans are so hateful and so quick to point fingers and say everyone else is stupid for whatever it is they do, believe, or wear. Honestly, it's not a surprise because America was built on hate; killing the native Americans, enslaving African Americans, saying Muslims are all terrorists, and all Mexicans are "illegal aliens" it's all because they judge and classify based off the color of your skin, if you're not white then it's not right in their eyes. All because it's white America. It's so disgusting living in a country that's so blind and so stupid. Ever since Trump came into office it's been nothing, but a complete joke. Other countries need to help us we're being run by an over grown child! He's the most disgusting thing ever and all the people that voted for him are the most dumbest people you will ever encounter. It's sad. Trump is the true face of white America and it's something minorities deal with on a regular. Other countries need to help us, we're in grave danger with this boy running office.
Lucius Avenus (1 year ago)
Really? Oh please.
princess Jasmine (1 year ago)
Mary in the christain faith wore a scarf like this and people long ago in general like I'm Irish and the Irish use to wear the veil it's the same thing . In the muslim faith it is teached for a woman to wear a hijab but it's up to her if she wears or not no man will make her I'm telling you forcing in islam is oppression and allah speaks numerous times about oppression being wrong he also speaks about treating women well and if your to treat a woman wrong then you will be punished in the afterlife . As my mum always said if someone tells you something and says it in the most hateful brutal way that person is going to rebel Imagine your mother or father let's say telling you your not to go out to the nightclub tonight and your shouting roaring and name calling that child there's going to be war but if they say hunny don't go out I want you to stay safe then things will be ok so stop name calling and saying hateful things in the comment section your only causing division be nice to the people and tell them your opinions
Colin Reardon (6 months ago)
princess Jasmine ok tell me how much you and you’re country love jews. You talk about hate and look at how much hate Ireland has towards Jews and israel. May you’re countries get overrun by Muslims and fuck you all up
Robbie Sharp (1 year ago)
What a disgrace
Jannah Paradise (6 months ago)
*Ya mammie is a Disgrace!!*
Craftmasterist (9 months ago)
Robbie Sharp you’re an idiot get lost
Maya Imvu (9 months ago)
Robbie Sharp that’s actually so rude it’s just another culture we’re all humans geez
Dyanne Horton (1 year ago)
How can you afford all these fashions? Thought you were so poor. That's why you took everything you could get from the Christians.
Disco Dancr (10 months ago)
Dyanne Horton i thought school was mandatory up until grade 11? I mean, we can’t have dipshits with mindsets like you on the internet that don’t seem to know anything about their heritage and leaders. What happened to the war in Iraq, where white countries caused the displacement of millions because the country was blessed with natural wealth. What about the imperialism and colonization, where literally every country was stripped of its rights. What about slavery and the kux klux klan where you tormented people and even changed your religion because your great grandparents wanted to own people. Stuff a big sock in it because you probably like it that way
rumah cahaya (1 year ago)
Dyanne Horton 😂😂😂 yup it is moslem that exploit all continent with imperialism
Dyanne Horton (1 year ago)
Fashion it any way you want, it still represent a stupid violent people. You can't cover that up
Yasameen Mazloom (1 year ago)
Man like Dina!!!!
sinha Soha (1 year ago)
A ta abar kemni muslim hijab fashion hoilo buk cehra sob kicu to dhekay jacce ..... A no muslim fashion......
China Rodriguez (1 year ago)
02:00 words of a goddess.
Sel J (1 year ago)
Yassss Dina Tokio at the end 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kitty Kat (1 year ago)
Very nice Modest fashion should be expanded
Vanessa Loh (1 year ago)
Conservative and still beautiful and chic. But why slam Trump? Haha
Comical (5 months ago)
It's called clickbait.
Lucius Avenus (1 year ago)
Well, they have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the school of Frankfurt thought. There's plenty of legitimate complaints to be made about Trump, and some very, very serious ones (internationally), but the likes of this lot can't seem to manage to understand the real issues of our day, and remain idiotically distracted.
The Ultimate Hangover (1 year ago)
So did any of them explode?
rumah cahaya (1 year ago)
The Ultimate Hangover well none of them are hangover for sure 😂
GEMINI YE (1 year ago)
Why do I feel 60 at 19? Did you shoot up a school today?
ShaetaN SataN (1 year ago)
mrf channel (1 year ago)
melodyman101 (1 year ago)
Oppression made fashionable. Gotta love it. And how do these women feel about FGM. . ? It sure ruins a wonderful intimacy with one's husband. Oh, wait . . . they have to share their husbands, don't they, with other women; so I guess FGM doesn't matter.
Colin Reardon (6 months ago)
melodyman101 liberals love their Muslims.
Disco Dancr u as a Muslim have the balls to talk about slavery? Really? U know ur retarded religion still endorses slavery
Disco Dancr (10 months ago)
melodyman101 doesn’t anyone hate it when white people try to assume shit. Your lucky you had the heart to enslave blacks, steal oil from the Middle East, and prioritize white culture that endorses the sexualization of girls,adultery, and rape with no shame (see Harvey Weinstein and bill Cosby for more details). So go f yourself
Sarah (1 year ago)
You sure? Cause I have a lot more rights than you may think. But maybe your brain is too small to comprehend such matters, it's okay. Like they say ignorance is bliss.
GEMINI YE (1 year ago)
melodyman101 So much ignorance in one comment. Hah!
youcometome9 (1 year ago)
So ...women being stupid.
AvaruusOlio (1 year ago)
youcometome9 Some women want go back to stone age, i don't... 😬😔
Asian Guy (1 year ago)
Islam (submission) would have died a long time ago, had it not been for the threat of apostasy and blasphemy laws and honor killing cultures in islamic societies. Islam is primarily an Arab supremacist sociopolitical ideology masquerading as a religion. it is not just a spiritual belief system, it has social, political, judicial, military and economic aspects to the doctrine which controls every aspect of people's lives under it's control. Islam is a totalitarian system. like all totalitarian ideologies Islam doesn't tolerate other religions/ideologies or dissent or criticism. it actively suppresses any critical thinking amongst it's followers.
Savage Jacob (1 year ago)
shook how??? Stupid ass
Savage Jacob (1 year ago)
Ikha Bollat (1 year ago)
youcometome9 and why is that?
Vageegee Smithins (1 year ago)
fucc you islam
UšamaH Jørję (1 year ago)
Vageegee Smithins first spell f*ck And i think you don't know it means
Sksks no Yuh (1 year ago)
You can't even spell fuck
Fati Mati (1 year ago)
fuck u just u
Timati (1 year ago)
Vageegee Smithins why tho
Kathy Lewis (2 years ago)
These things look like shrouds.
Disco Dancr (10 months ago)
Kathy Lewis women’s bikinis look like porn.
safy (2 years ago)
+Fista Mamanbush I said get lost nazi !
safy (2 years ago)
Fista Mamanbush get lost nazi
Faroncky Faroncky (2 years ago)
Dina Tokio😍😍😍😘😘😘
Taarna Tarakian (2 years ago)
The narration about President Trump was FUCKED UP.. ignorant Brits.
Lucius Avenus (1 year ago)
smh, that was not what Taarna said. Learn to read and not just see what you want to see. You're not even a a joke, you are an absolute idiot. :)
Nabta Mato (2 years ago)
كاتبين بتشيرت نحن كوينز معناتها بالفرنسي نحنا مثليين
youness (1 year ago)
40 percent of children in America do not have a father
Tatat Ongkulz (1 year ago)
dont ever blame Islam (religion) ... that the follower that make mistake like other human from other religion too..
bahaaar1000 (2 years ago)
Is queers. and its meaning odd or strange.not gays
Nabta Mato (2 years ago)
ما بعرف كيف مرت بلا ما يلحظوها
Zaki Siddique (2 years ago)
Jamal Laeli (2 years ago)
cool design

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