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Easter Eggs That Connect All Of American Horror Story Together

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Each season of American Horror Story has been unique from the rest, but there are still some major common threads running throughout the anthology installments that definitely tie this hit thriller series together. Between recurring characters, locations, and clever references scattered throughout, there are plenty of Easter eggs that connect all six chapters of American Horror Story together... Familiar faces | 0:19 Not just a name | 1:15 Theoretical throwbacks | 2:00 Running rules | 2:38 Thematic threads | 3:12 Visual cues | 3:37 Sinful significance | 4:20 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/31229/easter-eggs-connect-american-horror-story-seasons-together/ Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Vine → https://vine.co/looperhq Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (901)
oh and I also want to ask after watching season 4 (freak show) was I the only one who was REALLY excited to see the intro for Roanoke but then all it was was ‘My Roanoke nightmare’ I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!
In season 4 of AHS when I realized pepper didn’t drown the baby I was shouting and running around in my house ‘PEPPER IS INNOCENT’ my family thinks I’m crazy
hawyee (14 days ago)
in season five the countess is seen at the murder house where she went to have an abortion(which were done my charles mountgomery, i think?) but instead has her baby
shhh m (16 days ago)
I hate all of sarah paulson's characters.
melanie mares (16 days ago)
my fucking brain is gonna explode
Paula Torralba (16 days ago)
my ranks for all seasons: 1. Asylum 2. Coven 3. Freak Show 4. Cult 5. Apocalypse 6. Hotel 7. Murder House 8. Roanoke
Susan Susan (24 days ago)
Alec Dixon (24 days ago)
i just...love evan peters...so much
Daniel Gada (25 days ago)
Covens big sin was Vanity. I don’t recall heresy being 1 of the 7 deadly sins.
Cath B (28 days ago)
I don’t love all season but I love Ryan Murphy for creating this show
Joseph Bailey (1 month ago)
I think we are crediting Ryan Murphy with waaaaay too much forethought here lol
Jara Larissa (1 month ago)
Asylum Coven Murder House Apocalypse Cult Hotel Freak Show Roanoke
Joe Eschman (1 month ago)
Here is a question that nobody has ever been able to answer. In season 1 (Murder House), all of the ghosts who were trapped in the house stayed the age that they were when they were killed, except Moira O'Hara, who aged into the old housekeeper. Why did she age but none of the others did?
JKRISPPY 99 (1 month ago)
What if the american horror story's seasons are just the multiverse thats why all the same characters keep returning there the same people just all have diffrent stories idk tho
Chris Cameron (1 month ago)
Sarah Paulson - main BITCH : - #
arb Deal (1 month ago)
Goodman in Murder House was not a investigator he was a Lawyer. He was the Public Defender assigned to Constance Langdon when the LAPD was trying to pin her late boyfriend's , Travis, murder on her when it was actually Haden who killed him, Dr. Charles Montgomery who made him "portable" and Larry Constance's former lover, who her son Tate had burned and disfigured, that disposed of Travis's body in the same place and manor as the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short (also killed in the house and made "portable" by Dr.Montgomery) had been.
Telepathony (1 month ago)
kelly robey (1 month ago)
She wasn't framed for killing her own child!
juliet Rose (1 month ago)
Something i noticed was in freak show, the man who gave Elsa her new legs tried to kill a man named "hans gruber". He was also one of the main characters in Asylum.
Rustley (1 month ago)
did he just say "season 5's hotel" freak show was season 5 hotel was season 4
Raul Ramirez (16 days ago)
Rustley no he was right. Freak Show was season 4, and Hotel was season 5.
Ryan Lara (1 month ago)
That's cool about the multiple head/face part since one of masks in Cult has two or three heads in one
Emma Dodson (1 month ago)
Gerardine Cizmar (1 month ago)
I don't watch AHS by the episode. I wait until the following year and binge watch the episodes on Amazon Prime... More or less I've found every season to be good with some seasons better than others. I just finished Cult and I had to drag myself through it. I don't know if it's because it was politically oriented but it was so boring. Soooo disappointing compared to other seasons.
doug bull (1 month ago)
god Madison looked sexy asf in that blue dress she's such a bitch I bet she would be so good and Animalistic in bed
hithereitsleaa (2 months ago)
This video isn’t good at explaining anything it’s more confusing watch another one guys
Forgot to mention the black suit guy
Tyrik Rice (2 months ago)
Dude how did you not put in that the vampire queen from hotel got an abortion at murder house like dude that’s one of the biggest connections
Justin McCrarey (2 months ago)
Concerning the nurses... definitely not the same ones as the Murder House nurses. I’ve found looper (across many different videos) is not all that concerned with accuracy. Not to mention they never respond to inaccuracies in their videos.
Mikołaj Solik (2 months ago)
Zachary Quinto was amazing, I deplore that he never came back after season 2.
Shawneey Hill (2 months ago)
Now there's a crossover
Hue Lu (2 months ago)
that doesn’t matter anyway, all of these were just to save Jane since all of them, none can design, none belong in that “house” including montgomery... definitely horror stories
Michael Reeves (2 months ago)
I wonder if it's possible that the Roanoke witch was that disgraced Russian witch who's portrait they keep in the basement. Gaga is Russian but the character seemed to be doing more Druid magicks
Anita Cline (2 months ago)
Ugh. This narrator talks wayyyyyy too fast
Lynx Fang (2 months ago)
Murderhouse: Limbo Asylum: Fraud Coven: Treachery Freakshow: Greed Hotel: Gluttony Roanoke: Anger Cult: Heresy Apocalypse: Lust
nicole villegas (3 months ago)
Sarah is THAT bitch
Pew Frederik Hansen pie (3 months ago)
Is nobody talking about that gaga gave Birth at montgomary
DooBeeDoe (3 months ago)
Who tf hated on Hotel??????? That is my fav season and just a work of art!
R R (3 months ago)
Bravo. Great video!
Balthazar Brat (3 months ago)
U guys hit it on the head. Season 8 is going to tie them all together
Cleopatra masherelli (3 months ago)
Every one in the show was better than great,, I loved that show wish it never ended
eamonn clarke (3 months ago)
Don’t forget they mentioned mimi (can’t spell her last name) in murder house and then again as the supreme before Anna lee laten
Danielle Tserlentakis (3 months ago)
I am a true fan of AHS all seasons!! # 1 Fan.. Can't wait to see the newest season apocalypse.. Uuhhh it's gonna be good i know it!!!
Brenna StJohn (3 months ago)
My opinion: 1. Murder House 2.Coven 3.Asylum 4.Freak Show 5.Roanoke 6.Cult 7.Hotel
Asude Alkaya (3 months ago)
american horror story is our countdown for the armageddon...!!!!! When it ends so.... do...... we....
Just Me (3 months ago)
Love love love the show. Wish Lady Gaga would come back!!
Ashlyn Nicole (3 months ago)
Madison Montgomery and the Montgomery's connected for season 8!!?
Lourdes B. (3 months ago)
Come again? This was so confusing and I watched all of them so far. Too much information lol
I've been a huge AHS fan, I think Murder House is a stroke of genius that just can't be matched, with Asylum as an incredibly close second. I've watched all of the seasons multiple times, but I was unable to watch Cult at all, since it feels like I'm actually living that season. I will watch it one day, but I got 10 minutes in and had to stop watching. I love horror. I watch all my shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon because commercials kill the horror. The scene and the terror build, good horror is like the best symphony ever created with the most talented conductor leading the most gifted orchestra of all time. That is interrupted by some hack in a one-man band get-up trying to sell you beer. It kills the horror of the moment, and you don't get it back. I will never watch AHS, The Walking Dead, The Strain, or any brilliant piece of art with commercials, even if I can "FFWD right through them.". Just saying that streaming and binging (Strange Things within 3 days, for example) make horror tv even better, in my humble opinion.
Becca Smith (4 months ago)
Edward Phillip Mott who Evan Peters plays as the reenactment of him in Roanoke I'd definitely related to the Mott family in Freak Show
Hope Brown (4 months ago)
Never heard so much bull in my life..
LeeLee Rowe (4 months ago)
Frrakshow is my fav & murder house. I love them all. Great show.
Angie Gutz (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice the goth chick Tate killed was also in the coven?
Terri Roach (4 months ago)
i think it's gonna be all reoccurring characters sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories. Each season is one characters story
Jazmine Fitzgerald (4 months ago)
Did you even watch ahs? Pepper was accused of killing her SISTERS child, and slicing its ears off, not her own.
Jennifer Capps (4 months ago)
Yeah but I hoping it ain't all this stupid details that will ruin season 5 the only one I've even been able to finish a season or interested enuf lol hope it dont ruin my nyt on it lol this bout did lol dang
myowncomputerstuff (4 months ago)
When it comes to characters making comebacks. It seems as if there are two AHS universes that have yet to be joined. The even-number seasons and the odd-number ones. In 2-4-6 you have Pepper and Lana. In 1-3-5 you have Queenie and the whole Murder House appearing in season 5. I'm sure there's plenty of less-certain links to connect these two sets of chapters together though.
little_girl (4 months ago)
Pig killer was connected to roanoke the Pooke said it was their cousin
SpinSpin2020 (4 months ago)
Sarah Paulson is in every effin season. Do some damn homework.
Michael Reeves (4 months ago)
How is she the og supreme? She didn't do anything...so coven makes less sense cuz the witches and voodoos have no reason to fight cuz they have nothing to do with each other
Sandra (4 months ago)
Pepper was not committed to the Asylum for killing her Daughter. It was her Sister's kid that she was accused of killing but her Brother - in-law is the 1 who killed the kid. Get your facts straight.
Myth Hunter (4 months ago)
*The Name Game* Judy! Judy Judy bo Booty Banana Fana fo Foodie Fee fy mo Moodie *JUDY!!!*
Sasha Storm (4 months ago)
Krishanu Banerjee (3 months ago)
Ha ha... :D
Sasha Storm (3 months ago)
Krishanu Banerjee just saying...😂😂
Krishanu Banerjee (3 months ago)
We know. Please, calm down...
Ana Farias (4 months ago)
AHS 8= The Antichrist.
Ana Farias (4 months ago)
Allie alford (4 months ago)
And let's not forget how queenie from season 3 came to season 5 hotel as herself. But sadly got killed.
Lori Baker (4 months ago)
The best seasons in my opinion 1.Murder house 2.Coven 3.Hotel 4.Freakshow 5.Roanoke 6.Asylum What are your favorites? (•~•) /( )\ / \
James W Boone (4 months ago)
Plus she didn’t kill it at all.
James W Boone (4 months ago)
Pepper didn’t kill her own child she killed her sister’s child.
Broke Girl (4 months ago)
You made a mistake saying Pepper murdered her own child.
Cici-bella Masutti (5 months ago)
I’ve only seen the first 5 seasons so far but damn I love them all so much
Leonilo Santiago III (5 months ago)
AHS peaked from S1-S3 the rest were not that good anymore. The only reason why I still watch is bc from S4 onwards the plot's shit but the acting's superb.
I think I exist (5 months ago)
Hotel was good
Catherine Garrity (5 months ago)
The nurses in Roanoke were not the same as in the first season. They were stuck in the house, and they weren't evil.
Every Season has at least 1 serial killer as well.
Samantha Davis (5 months ago)
1. Asylum (Loved it) 2. Murder House (interesting) 3. Coven (Stevie Nicks!) 4. Hotel (James Patrick March) 5. Freak Show (Music) 6. Cult (Mainly because I didn’t actually watch it as I have caulrophobia) 7. Roanoke (Weak weak weak!!)
Angela Allen (5 months ago)
Love love love evan and Liz taylor
naomi chambers (5 months ago)
I love AHS
69hotdragon (5 months ago)
pepper didnt kill her own kid, she was accused of killing her sisters. if ur gonna make a vid make sure u watch the damn show
TheLegendofRyo (5 months ago)
Season 2 is my favorite
Mikayla K. (5 months ago)
My opinion on the seasons, best to worst 1. Coven 2. Murder House 3. Freakshow 4. Asylum 5. Cult 6. Roanoke 7. Hotel
Angel Sansoucie Vlogs (5 months ago)
I didnt understand Asylem came befir freakshow but pepper was in both but she got her hair like that for freakshow i get that freakshow tells peppers story but i thought it was cool how she worked in the kitchen like the nun in freak show said but i didnt see that nun unless it was the possessed one in Asylem
Jenna S (6 months ago)
He talks too fast
Juan Trevizo (6 months ago)
How could Oliver be dandy motts therapist? The asylum was located upstate and the freak show and dandy lived in FL.
Juan Trevizo (6 months ago)
The lady Gaga witch is not the original supreme. The powers were given by tituba to the Salem witches. Hence the fied between the voodoo and the Salem defendants. But y’all tried it.
K K (6 months ago)
By far the best tv show i have ever seen
Dally *rawr* lol XD (6 months ago)
What about lady gagas kid in hotel? barthalemiw or something like that.... He was in murder house, just more grown up. The kid had to go somewhere after gaga died, right?
mya Waddington (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who gets the shining vibes from hotel?
UnKnOwN (6 months ago)
Im not allowed to watch american horror story. So i came to youtube!
White Cupcake (6 months ago)
You should’ve rechecked your facts.....
camille mcaloon (7 months ago)
Coven was my most favourite cgi awesome Im really not sure if there was any it was very good music sound writing story editing robotics instead maybe cgi special effects that season was and is a piece of art. Roanoke was my least fav but as I have gone back and studied and rewatched them all several times now coven watched most all they are all so damn good Roanoke seemed rushed somewhat a bit messy. They are all pieces of art great art. I want another hoping they take a little more time doing the next season.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗truly dark and sick they are. One of the best shows that should be awarded. Oh and the acting is top notch.
ViciousGiggles (7 months ago)
The nurses are not the same from Roanoak.
ViciousGiggles (7 months ago)
and Muder House isn't Lust, it is Purgatory. Maybe make a new videos with the actual truths about AHS. :) Because some of the "facts" you got isn't correct.
This video was hard to follow - too fast. :/
Alice Demon (7 months ago)
It wasn't Peppers child, it was her sisters child😑
Nightcore B (7 months ago)
Elizabeth House (7 months ago)
Murder house was my least favorite
Rory Sheppard (7 months ago)
I think mine was Freak show. Sure, The dad in Murder house was a dick, and Hotel's first three episodes were SOOO SLOOOOW, but Freak show was the only one where I quit halfway through for a different season.
AMBURGER LOL (7 months ago)
Also: Queenie came back in hotel! When Liz said: oh you're from that coven I thought OMG everything IS connected!
Amy (8 months ago)
1. murder house 2. asylum / cult 3. freak show 4. hotel 5. roanoke 6. coven
Rory Sheppard (7 months ago)
(Excluding cult, as I haven't seen it yet,) 1) Roanoke 2)Asylum 3)Coven 4) Hotel 5) Murder house 6) Freak show
Brooklyn Smith (8 months ago)
What this guy is saying isnt true. If i where him i would of done a lil more research. Peper did kill her own baby, let aloun have one, it was her sisters and it wasnt disfigured. I just wouldnt stop crying. And the nurses in season one didnt kill anyone. They where killed. Plus there not even the same people in season 6.
sexobscura (8 months ago)
jellybeans or bunnyrabbits we've all got snails to smell

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