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Ebay begins Removing PayPal, replacing with Adyen

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Text Comments (198)
Danielle White (4 days ago)
Paypal been cancelling thousands of account they going down
vincent grizanti (6 days ago)
I still havent seen this but about time thanx
Henry S (1 month ago)
I haven't seen anything about this until today trying to buy from a vendor I've always used PayPal with. Do you have to sign up if you only buy and not sell?
Bruno Cardenas (2 months ago)
I'm all for it, if it saves me 3.5% I can do with the glitches but will it impact the sales if people are so used to PayPal?
Nick Carver (2 months ago)
I was forced into their new payment program and in 2 weeks I only got $300 (and change) and they have had over $1700 for 2 weeks. They told me to call on 10/30/19 that will be 16 days and they will switch me back to PayPal. Not Good!!!
LiS Wright (3 months ago)
Question -- Reading Ecommercebytes today. Is every seller enrolled into managed payments whether they opted in/out into the beta program? I didn't enroll in management payments but haven't had sales in 2 weeks. Lots of complaints online about low to no sales and blame is managed payments. Thoughts?
ArmStrong0421 (3 months ago)
No GSP....
frunches (4 months ago)
EBay Fees per transaction would be $5.00
PH Discount Shop (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info. I am losing faith in eBay as other platforms are using the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid. I can list 7x as many items on other platforms for the time it takes one listing on eBay. I do not trust this transition will go smoothly and that will cost all of us in time and sales. eBay is the Toys R Us of the online selling market.
Duncan VR (6 months ago)
The daily eBay payments to your bank can take 2-4 days to be seen in your bank account. Plus if they collect daily payments they may not batch process until the following day. This could mean 5 days till you see the payment? What if you have one day handling time? Ship before the money comes in? How will disputes be handled? Austomatically deducted from your bank? What are the real fees here? I really don't like the idea one bit of this new system. They control your funds when there is a problem then you get trouble with your bank
Whatugh beast (6 months ago)
Get ready for glitchaggedon round 59 😓 ebay please no more big changes until you get people who can program correctly lol
_ FRANKLY (6 months ago)
I hate the transfer to my bank account payment - its always a slow process. I much much much prefer it going to paypal and onto my PayPal debt card...immediately being paid. I dont like the poshmark wait period either. Not at all looking forward to this ebay change.
Rick K (6 months ago)
Hey Casey, & all .., don’t k ow if you go back to older videos of your and still look at questions in the comments so don’t know if you’ll see this. Anyway, I have a question about this, duh like who doesn’t. Anyway, I don’t have a bank/checking account at this moment. I just use my Paypal balance like a bank account for now. Any of my items sold monies go right into my Paypal balance and stay there till I need to withdraw at a atm with my Paypal (premiere) debit card or use the MasterCard logo part of the debit card when needed. Point is when ebay finally gets to all sellers basically and phases out Paypal as the only acceptable payment choice will I “Have To” provide an actual bank account/checking account to receive my seller funds or can I just give them my Paypal account / debit card number and have my funds still basically sent to me this way. Am I going to get screwed and pushed out if I don’t have a bank account when this all pushes through?? F**k, I’m starting to freak out already!! But besides me having a debit card number (Be it a Paypal debit card one ..) there are many other ways like pre-paid cards that can give you debit card numbers correct? Will receiving checks be an option like it is on Poshmark? If anybody has any answers I would appreciate them. Thanks all. Rick.
Eric_watches_youtube (6 months ago)
What if I enjoy PayPal?
ebaylistinginfo (6 months ago)
What they promise definitely looks interesting. However, I have already learned from experience (as you may have too) that what eBay promise and what actually happens are two different world. So I will want to sit tight on that one and just see how it goes with other seller before to jump in it. Also, buyer are usually happy in their little bubble & habits. So if eBay tell them to use different payment method now than the PayPal one they are used to since ages, they may just be deterred to buy on eBay and go to Amazon instead. But again, we shall see how that goes. If you sign up for early testing, then good luck!
blondebeth (6 months ago)
Shipping labels still going through pp. Tax paperwork being sent out to IRS from both pp and ebay. You will be paid each day at a specific time ----> money sent to checking account. Opt into Adyen in late summer 2018 you will not be able to accept pp until summer 2019 when they add option back in. Eventually will phase out pp and will only accept credit cards through Adyen system. After much research they find that a quarter of new customers are shopping online with cc only and do not want to sign up for pp. Thoughts?
Big Mike (6 months ago)
I received a email few weeks ago wanting to know if I would like to be part of the first wave of the roll out in Sept. I said NO! Bad timing to roll out something like this, heading into the holidays all the glitches. No thank you. Was also ask about my feelings on paypal. I like my PayPal. It works great I use it always. Never had a problem with PayPal. Leave it alone. I notice on your survey link it said, "For new listings, we’ll ask you to use Seller Hub’s listing page" I know I'm old fashion but I still use the old Selling Manager Pro. I used the hub back in the beginning had sooo many problems. I tried 3 different times use hub. Last time ebay switch me automatically to hub. I had so many problems, hub wouldn't list items, wasn't getting messages, wasn't getting ended items was a mess. Spent 2 hours on phone with CS to get it back to SMP. And now I have to go back to the Hub. Ebay is wearing on my nerves. I want to like ebay but. They remind me of microsoft always trying to fix whats not broke. I only sell on ebay, have 2 stores closing 1 first of the year maybe down sizing other (IDK). And I was thinking last year on upgrading the store I'm closing. But I will be looking at other venues to sell on.
Bobby Stelly (6 months ago)
Price List- https://www.adyen.com/pricing/full-list
WillyB (6 months ago)
eBay really out here trying to be the next Blockbuster, Circuit City, Radioshack, Toys R' Us....etc. etc.
carontheroad (6 months ago)
I like my PayPal account and debit card. It's like a 2nd bank account and I don't want to commingle in my checking account my profits. All I want is lower fees. Thx
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
Yeah lower fees would be fantastic
Ricky T. (6 months ago)
Will sticking to eBay payment plans, can I avoid chargebacks. I've been hit by 2 chargebacks in the last month through PayPal. It's getting annoying how customers keep trying to get free stuff.
E Dennis (6 months ago)
A lot of you seem to think that Ayden is like PayPal. It isn't. Not at all. All websites that accept direct credit card payments have to use a processing company to process those payments and that's what Ayden is. Etsy uses Ayden. Customers aren't aware of the processing company when they use their credit card to pay; it's completely invisible to customers. Disputes don't go through Ayden; customers will have to deal with either their cc company directly or ebay customer service.
Alan Schaffer II (6 months ago)
I hate the fact that Paypal won't even be an option! I love Paypal's loan program, and I use it often for my business. I just don't understand, I just don't. SMH
Hawktangofive (6 months ago)
Hi, I personally think this switch is not gping to be good for me at all? I cant speak for everyone else. First off you can't even pernowns their name, im not bagging on you for that, I dont know either? thats my point no one knows this company or bank ? I think its a bank? We trust paypal, over the years we have been using it, I personally do alot more on Paypal than just Ebay? Almost every place on line now takes paypal. I believe it will take years for this new company/bank to match what paypal has to offer us. Ebay really should give us that option to use Paypal or not. Its amazing to me that Ebay loves to try and fix shit that's not broken, and shit that is broken and things that get high levels of complaints from its sellers, they do nothing about? It just goes to show you their leadership does not exists at all. Very poor leadership, if I had their money to invest Ebay wpuld be the best online platform on the plamet. Take care. Hawk out!I
Bob Hale (6 months ago)
So Paypal became a good company. Ebay bought paypal and then ebay split paypal off as a separate company. Now ebay wants to create another payment internal payment processor. Why did they dump paypal in the first place? Was that a ploy to sell paypal & ebay...........wasn't Alibaba or some other Chinese company talked about back when the split took place?
Bob Hale (6 months ago)
I don't like the idea of immediate deposit to my bank account, it also probable means they have immediate withdrawal privileges also. Is that how it is with paypal right now? I don't know, I never paid attention.
Chuck Urgitus (6 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up
The Tae Kwon Doe (6 months ago)
Well this sucks.
Pr3ttyGirl498 7 (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I watch your channel because I know I can go there to get the straight skinny on what is going on with ebay. Have you heard anything about ebay collecting sales tax for us? I don’t know how it is going to be feasible for all of us small sellers to do it since there are so many counties, cities and states with different rates. Nobody can file 50+ sales tax returns every month.
Darth Vader (6 months ago)
why change paypal is great ebay and their glitches is making all this problems for sellers.Now another new thing to learn from ebay.Sales have been so bad it's like you want to quit doing this.
ASMRVahl (6 months ago)
Why did they decide to phase out paypal anyway? Genuinely curious. I trust paypal. Have for years. Not sure people will be so willing to trust a newer company. Yes, there seems to be some perks, like no paypal fee and daily deposits. That sounds nice. I guess only time will reveal just how good of an idea this is. It will either work out great or fail miserably.
E Dennis (6 months ago)
Buyers won't know. They'll be putting their cc info in just like on any other website. I'm on Etsy, too, and they use Ayden. Customers won't know anything about it on their end. At least, that's how it works on Etsy.
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
They sold PayPal 3 years ago, and decided get rid of them as the primary payment processor about 3 months ago during the summer update.. I made a couple videos about it you can check out
Raul Rojas (6 months ago)
Man I really hope something better comes along to help sellers out.
PalmettoFinds Reseller (6 months ago)
Thanks for the info and heads up. Stopped MF on Amazon because of the long payment cycles. Love PayPal and my PayPal debit card and easy access to funds. I agree eBay should certainly have a bank card system....would be crazy not to.
Cherrelle's Closet (6 months ago)
Here's the thing with Paypal....they have been pretty consistent with their fees. Now the thing with Ebay is they are anything BUT consistent. I bet once they move everyone over and cancel out Paypal, their fees will exceed that of Paypal's. I'm extremely confident in this. Right now Ebay wants to make this program look incentive but once the honeymoon is over expect it to go downhill fast (just like any and every other program Ebay has introduced)
The Velvet Lounge (6 months ago)
Whats In My Life 2017 - your thought was my thought also. There are too many glitches right now. .
Justin Lueker (6 months ago)
I have a grandfathered amazon account (2004) sold full time from 2007-14 in there .. I stopped when I was denied the dvd ungating.. anyways in 2015 I discontinued my pro seller status .. and they took my daily disbursement’s away.. on some 21 day funk shit.. they piss me off .. at one time I was selling 10,000 units a year in that platform.. curious about this new monetary system for eBay .. hopefully it doesn’t affect people who still want to use PayPal.. ughhhh
Darla's Daily Finds (6 months ago)
OKAY... first PM does allow buyers to use paypal.... so will tjis new system still allow buyers to use paypal? 2nd... PM allows you to receive cjeck or direct deposit. love tjeir system. I fno debit card tjen it is inferior to paypal... I am quessinq it will cost about same in fees maybe a little less for volume users just a quess. fees for credit card processinq usually ranqe from 1.5 -2..5% plus 10 or 15 cents for transaction.
BrickTsar (6 months ago)
Billpoint - failed - then PayPal - now this. What I want to learn is why they took away the ways we preferred to get paid over the years. I will hope as you do that the processing is cheaper. I’ve been using PayPal since the beginning - how long is that? 15 or 16 Years? Things always change I guess
jj nyc (6 months ago)
Are glitches included?🙄😏
Ramen Noodle Thrifter (6 months ago)
I tried signing up for ayden, and couldn't figure it out. I was stumped on merchant part.
Jersey Pickins (6 months ago)
Oh lord here we go again...I sold 821.00 and they hit me with 167 dollars in fees. LOL.. I cant work like this! I gotta spend god knows how long on the phone tomorrow getting them to break down what they did and get them to fix this. In addition I did a sale today for 129 that simply vanished, and for that sale my fee was 57 and change because its the only sale i did today and that's how much my account went up. I have never spent so much time on the phone. And how does a sale happen and the listing utterly vanishes. So annoying. Tomorrow is gonna be a phone day once again with ebay. Yea and they are even remotely ready to integrate their own payment system. They cant handle what they have now! So mad I am. Ill get over it after tomorrow....Maybeee
Chris Cote (6 months ago)
I noticed of all the benefits they listed, not one of them mentioned saving sellers any money. I wouldn't just assume that the fees will be lower than PayPal's. Nothing eBay has done over the last several years (including raising store subscriptions, lowering TRS discount, etc.) gives me any indication that this will benefit anyone but eBay's shareholders at the expense of its sellers. If this new payment processing thing was going to save sellers money with lower fees, that would be the first bullet point on the list of benefits, yet it's nowhere to be seen.
Jodi Redler (6 months ago)
I don't think there is ever an advantage to being first at any of eBay's new programs.
CATSCRATCHFEVER2 (6 months ago)
Christine C (6 months ago)
EBay being greedy. We shouldn't be charged transaction fees. Poshmark doesn't charge us transaction fees nor does Mercari
TheBkdot (4 months ago)
Isn't poshnark already 20%?
Calvin25X (4 months ago)
Poshmark charges a huge % of your sale. Adyen will not charge transaction fees but ebay will, this could save sellers more money. It's part of business. Get your facts.
Zitraa (5 months ago)
Christine C ebay isn't being greedy, they're trying to compete with amazing.
Paul DeLeo (6 months ago)
Bill Will amazon doesn’t charge payment processing fees
Bill Will (6 months ago)
Christine C those are obviously not as big as ebay
Tim Skipper (6 months ago)
If they do it as well or better than PayPal this will be great. Not having to run between servers for handling things like partial refunds or confirming shipping addresses would be a huge time saver. Hopefully they will do it well.
Hey Huda (6 months ago)
I’m like the only one it seems that’s excited for this change? Lol no more pay pal fees and ppl opening unauthorized transactions after 3 months
Christine C (6 months ago)
Hey Huda there will be fees
Russellb Shoes (6 months ago)
Im optimistic but realistic as well seems like sales tanked this week since there tech people gear up for transfer hopefully they can make this move without us all living out our cars..
Dahmas Deals (6 months ago)
L K (6 months ago)
For us the main benefit of selling on eBay is the ability to have instant access to funds via PayPal debit card once an item sells. Staying tuned to see how this unfolds and fingers crossed for a good outcome!
YHRIM (6 months ago)
Hummm..... I did some digging and, **if** this is the same company (www.adyen.com) which I believe it is, Ayden started in 2006 and is a global payment company, apparently more popular in Europe and other nations. So did ebay buy this multi billion dollar company? Or are they just replacing paypal with another company??
Hashem Beitvashahi (6 months ago)
Thank you brother appreciate you. From Indiana state.
Edgar Echavarria (6 months ago)
Ebay debit card! YES!!!
Devonyea100 (6 months ago)
Sinking Ship...
Aaron Kluge (6 months ago)
I like Paypal and want to stay with them. I have access to working capital loans and quick access to my money.
RICH HART (6 months ago)
My hope with this new system is that it addresses the challenge with delayed payments when accepting best offers.
MakingEndsMeet (6 months ago)
I love ebay but I find myself alert constantly watching and researching which platform will be strong enough to move products to at some point other than the obvious Poshmark (which is more of a social app that renders you a prisoner to forever share share sharing) or Amazon (that is even more complicated than ebay). I guarantee there are a lot of developers scrambling right now to get their apps/platforms built and tested so they can get it out there while ebay is pissing off their sellers!
MakingEndsMeet (6 months ago)
Is it still going to take 3-5 days for deposits to our bank accounts to process and how do we ship in 1 day if our money is not available till it hits our bank accounts? Im worried. I live day to day and I like paypal. Really wish it was not changing 😕
MakingEndsMeet (6 months ago)
Mandalay... Oh hell no 😕 I would never want to go there after that shooting. I bet ebay got a great deal on having it there!!!
Carrie Germain (6 months ago)
How will this integrate with godaddy. I like using it and PayPal to Haley with taxes.
Rudi Storm (6 months ago)
This change will only benefit Ebay Inc and not us individual sellers. Any savings on fees will be small and only for the first year. Paypal has always done a great job and with all the glitches (STILL GOING ON!) this feels like really bad timing to make a switch.
Footage (6 months ago)
I bet ebay will want ssn or documents soon enough. That means it's the end of the road for all those are victimized by ebay or who want to create many accounts to compete with their products.
Nick Savage (6 months ago)
Well I am sure it will be no better than paypal and I will still get scammed.
Footage (6 months ago)
I hope this doesn't fully replace paypal as a sole payment processor required by ebay. Reason being is not everyone can get a USA bank
Samatha Harris (6 months ago)
My question is--Wonder how disputes will be handled? Wonder if the customer will still be allowed up to 6 months or longer to dispute items?
E Dennis (6 months ago)
Samatha Harris That should depend on their credit card. Ayden is just a processor. All websites have a processor for direct cc payments; you don't see that part of it when you make a purchase. Nobody will be able to file a case with Ayden; they don't handle any of that. People will be going directly to their credit card company for disputes.
Barbara Purvis Hunter (6 months ago)
In lieu of using your Social Security number I always use my EIN#--I hope this will be acceptable. Have you heard if it will be?
raynescollectibles (6 months ago)
Thanks for updates!😊 What do you think about return pay outs? I still don’t understand how a foreign payment processor is going to have lower fees for US sellers? Unless maybe if u sell a lot over seas? Anyway not sure of benefits here? Pay pal is a phone call away where new processor is well maybe a email away? Thanks again for sharing👍
RedWagon (6 months ago)
The sky is not falling. Really. I not so fondly remember having to wait a week or more for money orders and checks in the mail. I didn't convert to PP until it was required for many of the same reasons I see in other comments. Of course there were bumps along the way and I'm sure there will be this time. But in the end it was a much better system. I have faith this will be too. I'm also glad my bank doesn't hold funds. Lol
linross246 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up. Guess I better list as much of my inventory now to try to get rid of it before they get rid of PayPal. NOT happy at ALL about this change!
Laura Amante (6 months ago)
I think it will be fine. People are scared of change but it will be better for sellers. No sense in getting upset, nothing will change. Let’s keep positive and move forward !
Thriftycajungirl (6 months ago)
I Rather pay pal . I just love the fact that pay pal has a debit card , its just so convenient. I just dont like the idea at all. Just my opinion.
Mike C. (6 months ago)
I do not want my eBay funds trickling into my checking account on a daily basis. I prefer to wait until there's a few hundred dollars in my PayPal account and then do a single transfer. I also like to have some funds sitting in my PayPal account to cover returns and pay for my own eBay purchases. They have to give us a way to opt out of the daily transfer mess!
Hydroponic food (6 months ago)
I think it's junk ! And ebay is going down....
Thomas Flory (6 months ago)
Dont like it..unless they will also offer loans. PayPal offers a small business loan that you can take out as needed and is paid back at a small percentage of your sales...on each sale. Expl: I take out an 8,000 loan from PayPal..I pay a fee up front (added to the loan) then I choose a pay back % between 15-30%. The higher % the less your initial fee is. PayPal takes that percentage from every sale you make until the loan is paid off. Then you can borrow again if you want. It's great for inventory purchases or business equipment. I love it and will not switch unless Ebay offers the same thing.
Thomas Flory (6 months ago)
RockstarFlipper thanks...since you are in the pilot program, can you give feedback that ebay sellers would like the ability to have working capital loans just like PayPal
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
Yes its called a working capital loan and most people use it, or have used it before. You won't have a choice of switching off PayPal. They are changing over EVERYONE to Adyen. Its the same thing except we won't know if they have working capital loans or not. I would imagine they will come out with something
TheCollector (6 months ago)
I'll definitely be buying less on eBay, I always bought from eBay out of my PayPal account. I don't think I'll be buying anything from my checking account.
Dwane Hubbard (6 months ago)
Based off the name, is adyen a ad based selling platform? Like will it put ads on all listings? If so then ebay will be making tons of money off ad revenue so hopefully the fees drop drastically. Ill go check out the other video to see more about it
dimenhigh (6 months ago)
I thnk ur missing his question - of course he knws tht much lol
Knock Hello (6 months ago)
Dwane Hubbard adyen is just replacing Paypal, simple.
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
They are a payment processing company.....
justin brewer (6 months ago)
thats not they told me if this is true ill quit ebay thanks for the info
linross246 (6 months ago)
Its not the same thing. I get the money from anything I sell with PayPal INSTANTLY with the debit card. Now They'll keep the money and I'll have to wait, who knows how long for it now.
justin brewer (6 months ago)
Ok cool can I pay u $10-20 for u too do one on one coaching?
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
You keep them.. and if you don't use PayPal any longer or have payments coming in you can eventually get rid of it. I collect payments for things directly to PayPal for items I don't sell on Ebay so it COULD still be useful
justin brewer (6 months ago)
Ok then what do we do with r PayPal debit card?
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
Slow down... take a breath and relax..... Buyers can still use PayPal 100% to pay for items. Instead of the money going into a PayPal account for you and then transferring to your bank account, it goes into an Ayden/ebay account and then transfers to your bank..... SAME THING....
Hope Desjarlais (6 months ago)
Ad+yen=Adyen for pronouncing the name?
dimenhigh (6 months ago)
he's trying to figure out how the word is pronouced
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
justin brewer (6 months ago)
eBay told me the sellers can still use PayPal so I’ll just use PayPal
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
For now.. eventually sellers will not be able to use it for accepting payments.. Buyers will be able to buy items with it
Maxx H (6 months ago)
Will you still be able to purchase with PayPal once the transfer is complete, or will this only effect the selling side of eBay? Thanks in advance 😊
Pastime Perfection (6 months ago)
I’m sorry but I have issues with Ebay handling my money with all the glitches they experience. If they can’t keep my views online and up to date what kind of issues will I have with my funds.
Corey Klefbohm (6 months ago)
I will have to get another bank account, I now will have one for personal, Amazon and now eBay/Adyen....
Midwest Mamas Adventures (6 months ago)
People trust PayPal. "I" trust PayPal. If they dont let us have this as an option, it will be disastrous.
Bruno Cardenas (2 months ago)
Calvin25X you got that right!!!!!
Calvin25X (4 months ago)
Only scam artists trust PayPal.
_ FRANKLY (6 months ago)
Sue Warner agreed - I trust paypal way more than i trust ebay
Whats In My Life 2017 (6 months ago)
I wouldn't want to be one of the first to sign up! With all of eBay glitches it'll probably take a year or more before it works smoothly.
ebaylistinginfo (6 months ago)
Or it will never work smoothly at all, like all other glitches eBay has still for years :P
Rudi Storm (6 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing.
ScoobyDigits (6 months ago)
Whats In My Life 2017 emphasis on the or more when it comes to ebay
Iron Sheik (6 months ago)
Since Ebay owns PayPal, what’s their motive here?
Thomas Flory (6 months ago)
Iron Sheik ...Ebay does not own PayPal anymore.
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
They haven't owned PayPal for several years, and about 3 months ago I made a video regarding Ebay getting rid of PayPal as its primary payment processor all together. Buyers will still be able to use PayPal to make payments but sellers will not be using it
Tina Salas (6 months ago)
If it transfers everyday how does it do returns.
E Dennis (6 months ago)
On Etsy, refunds to my customers are charged to the credit card that I use to pay my fees.
Bigger Cufflinks (6 months ago)
Mine already does with paypal. get an acct especially to use just for this and keep enough in it to keep it going. Don't hook to any other bank acct.
RockstarFlipper (6 months ago)
If you have a refund I imagine it'll come out of the balance or your bank account
1972myc (6 months ago)
I think it will be a positive. Consolidating everything for ebay means less misunderstandings & less calling arround.
TD Paul (6 months ago)
Just checked my message here in Central Florida at 07-17-18 @ 6:17 am and no message.
Moronic Pest (6 months ago)
My biggest objection to Adyen payments would be that my Paypal loans would get paid back more slowly since my ebay revenues wouldn't be going through Paypal.
Tina Kuykendall (6 months ago)
Ebay doesn't have the best track record or reputation for rolling out new stuff. I hope they test this one more thoroughly before it starts so there aren't a bunch of glitches that take forever to fix. I am happy with Paypal and somewhat worried about my money getting tied up in Ebay glitches. We will see...
Queen City Thrifters (6 months ago)
Great informational video on the upcoming Ayden / Ebay pay system. Thanks!
ryaes92 ryaes92 (6 months ago)
Idk about this, is PayPal still going to be an option or just completely gone
justin brewer (6 months ago)
eBay told me they will be steal useing PayPal
Learned Hand (6 months ago)
Hopefully paypal comes back with a new and better offer .,..🏃🏽..,...,,..🐅..,...
Aaron Kluge (6 months ago)
Maybe Paypal could create their own selling platform.
Dahmas Deals (6 months ago)
Great!! I'm new with ebay and think it's great.
Alyssa (6 months ago)
The only thing that makes me nervous is that eBay glitches every other day...since this is eBay’s own payment processor...what kind of messy glitches will happen. 😂 can’t fight it so I’ll just play along until it hurts my pockets.
Karen Turner (6 months ago)
Perhaps Adyen will be better to work with when the buyer pulls a rabbit out of their hat and wants a refund after 90+ days. I've heard plenty of the stories where the buyer is just left hanging...money taken out of their account for what is probably a fraudulent request from a buyer. Cross fingers Adyen/eBay will handle this better, Cuz that sure can stink up the pot!
Karen Turner (6 months ago)
linross246 Hope for the best!
linross246 (6 months ago)
Karen Turner with the way eBay already sides with buyers when they try scamming a seller? Doubt this will be any better. Probably worse.
Billy Grady (6 months ago)
They are trying to gauge howany sellers are going to sign up by offering this early "interest" option. They will have two months to sort all of the pre-signup interest and create new campaigns to drive interest.
Craig Hill (6 months ago)
I love eBay but dam it just gets harder each day with this platform. I want to sell and get paid, I don't care about anything else but everyday something seams to come up that's wrong or not working or totally gone. It's just crazy.
Dan B (6 months ago)
Sounds like they will have direct access to your bank account. No PayPal protection. I like a buffer.
Calvin25X (4 months ago)
So what ? PayPal has direct access to your bank. Idk why so many ppl get brainwashed into thinking only PP is safe. Adyen will have protection and a secured fast checkout system.
E Dennis (6 months ago)
Aaron Kluge It doesn't work that way on Etsy (they use Ayden, too). Payments are processed immediately, and there is no holding of payments. They transfer my money into my checking account the next business day. If I have to do a refund, then that money is charged to my credit card, the one I use to pay my fees.
Aaron Kluge (6 months ago)
They will likely take their fees upfront. Also they could choose to hold your money for every case opened.
LiS Wright (6 months ago)
I like the Paypal credit card. I hope PP is still an "option" to pay.

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