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Celebrities Doing Impressions (With References)

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A compilation of celebrities impersonating other celebrities as well as the closest references.
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Text Comments (769)
Does Kevin Hart have the whitest teeth on the planet?
The connaiseur (10 hours ago)
Al pacino was epic
Jackson G (1 day ago)
so like, why are all those women censored?
Brian Wattanga (1 day ago)
Impressive indeed
Juwaa Jun (1 day ago)
ウィル・フェレルのハリソン・フォードとアレック・ボールドウィンのデ・ニーロは 特徴をとらえててすごい似ている。
bonnie duncan (1 day ago)
oh look, they did it again at 7:05...blurred out christina applegate and paul rudd while steve carell and will farrell we’re on...i think i saw david koechner at the end of the couch also...
bonnie duncan (1 day ago)
i wonder why, at 6:08, they blurred out gemma arterton and joseph gordon levitt while tom hanks was doing his clint eastwood impression...
Sathiyan G (2 days ago)
3:00 too good lol
Your Everyday Gamer (4 days ago)
That Scarface impression was Comedy Gold. Pass the sweet patats
vova47 (6 days ago)
DeNiro was the worst.
newcoyote (6 days ago)
Robert DeNiro has got to be the most overrated actor out there. In person, he is also a massive douchebag. Yes, I have witnessed him in person.
kolin nitruc (6 days ago)
Why’d u blur out all the women?😅
METAL GEAR (6 days ago)
Pass the sweet potatoes
8chk9 (6 days ago)
--just as well that the names were shown otherwise would have no idea whatsoever
therealmrfishpaste (7 days ago)
no Steve Coogan...???
Zak Farley (7 days ago)
Eddie Murphy spot on Jason Statham not even close
Chorkaloopa (8 days ago)
Jay Pharoah is a master impressionist.
East Coast (8 days ago)
Wow that Eddie Murphy impression is so accurate. Amazing.
Trent Suter (9 days ago)
The guy doing Eddie Murphy was spot on. Perfect
MoeGreenesEye (9 days ago)
Who is the guy sitting down?
Pastelz FTW (10 days ago)
a jimmy fallon impression is just slapping the desk and laughing at every other word someone says
Amy Grindhouse (11 days ago)
de niro and fallon - GODLIKE ...hahahaha
Bruno Brito (11 days ago)
Baldwin is talented as hell.
pooleroes (11 days ago)
Deniro summed Jimmy so well; he just killed it!!
aditya2004 (11 days ago)
Liam is the best. He felt them.
KOREKCIJA KOREKT (13 days ago)
On 5:05 perfect 😂🤣
Mike (14 days ago)
6:08 why blur out Gemma Arterton?
may day (16 days ago)
F celebrities!
Diogo V (16 days ago)
why is a guest of graham completely blurred?
The Jason Station (16 days ago)
These impressions really suck
mallboss1219 (17 days ago)
Very good, except for Baldwin.
The rock did better a better Kevin hart than Kevin hart hahaha
karlos258 (18 days ago)
Why was Katie Fruitfence blurred out?
Blood Legion (19 days ago)
Eddie Murphy was absolutely perfect
Tony O'Donnell (19 days ago)
That Eddie Murphy impression is more Eddie Murphy than Eddie Murphy.
steffe689 (20 days ago)
Deniro was spot on with jimmy
M (20 days ago)
7:08 why there is a censor
Swegatty Swooty (20 days ago)
Why are all the female actresses blurred LOL
iMoose (21 days ago)
Why are you blurring the whamen
Maximus Meridius (22 days ago)
Tom Cruise doing Donald Duck was so Cringe Worthy!!!!!
George Isaak (22 days ago)
Nice video !!!!
Some Guy (23 days ago)
Wut, I see people constantly fail to do a good Walken impression but Cooper actually did it really well!
BijinXOXO (23 days ago)
Some Guy Kevin Spacey does a great Walken as well
Max Sweater (24 days ago)
The Arnie was good
Kevin Byers (24 days ago)
So...why are Gemma Arterton and Christina Applegate blurred out?
Yoga Mokalu (22 hours ago)
He's alergy to girls
eddiewinehosen (1 day ago)
+therealmrfishpaste YT in Saudi? Yeah right!
therealmrfishpaste (7 days ago)
so the video can be shown in Saudi Arabia...
Jon Loane (8 days ago)
Probably because their clothes aren’t modest or something stupid
whismerhilll (25 days ago)
that tom cruise donald duck crap was crap
Bloodhound A&GV (28 days ago)
Bradley coopers Christopher walken impression is beyond good it's "terrific"
Andy (1 month ago)
Tom Hiddleston is do bad at impressions
Daniel Johnston (1 month ago)
Jay Pharoh does a great job with this stuff.
Xclusive Products (1 month ago)
Alec Baldwin was right on the $ With Pacino and Deniro👍👌
Mumble rock land (1 month ago)
Rocky, sorry, I was banned and could not answer, pity.
Nick A (1 month ago)
So are we not gonna speak of Tom cruises Donald Duck? Its been hours and I’m still laughing!
Mashhor Mosaed (1 month ago)
07:48 best impression ever 😂😂😂
Samuel McCauley (1 month ago)
Eddie Murphy was perfect
sjcsiba (1 month ago)
That Eddie Murphy impression had me in tears
Why were the women blurred out??
prathification (1 month ago)
Jay Pharoah and Alec Baldwin are on a whole different level
BijinXOXO (23 days ago)
prathification Kevin Spacey too.
rent a shill (1 month ago)
ffs that eddie murphy impression is insane
Luis Gabriel-Melendez (1 month ago)
Alec Baldwin expertly did Al Pacino
Brianna Marz (1 month ago)
Bradley cooper doing Christopher walker was golden 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
melonaana (1 month ago)
the eddie one was AMAZING
HEKTIC458 (1 month ago)
That Eddie Murphy impression is amazing
Aidan Papps (1 month ago)
AstroG73 (1 month ago)
"Well I'll be damned, I C A N S E E M Y D I C K"
Nathan McCollough (1 month ago)
Will ferrell looks like bush in the face if you look better.
James Green (1 month ago)
kevin hart is an unfunny, homophobic dwarf
Sase Zezov (1 month ago)
Eddie Murphy was a spot on..
Some Guy (1 month ago)
Baldwin does an amazing impersonation of Tracy Morgan.
Zerolimiter402 (1 month ago)
who was that person that was blurred out?
Nicole Sullivan (1 month ago)
Alec Baldwin never fails to impress me
Playamack Real o.g (1 month ago)
He did eddie Murphy great
Lynxsu (1 month ago)
Jason Statham was soooo goood aswell as the Owen Wilson one
fafase (1 month ago)
why blurring Gemma Atterton or Christina Applegate? Basically women? Was this done by some Taliban??!!
Muzammil Zubair (1 month ago)
Why are the women in this video blurred? 😂
Moda Durağı (1 month ago)
Why women are blurry?????? That is some stupity over there
Jordan Green (1 month ago)
Who did you blur out?
Henry Mick (1 month ago)
Any reason you censored the chicks? :D
Elunebewithyou (1 month ago)
Why is Gemma blurred?
Master Chief (1 month ago)
Why does Jason statham sound Australian?
J B (1 month ago)
It’s Cockney, a London accent
aa zz (1 month ago)
why did u blur the guest on graham's show ? who was it wat
A J (1 month ago)
aa zz yeah the women were blurred out......
Indian PewDiePie (1 month ago)
aa zz Gemma Arterton
jerik banzam (1 month ago)
who's the blurred gurl
Largest Classifieds (1 month ago)
​ Alec Baldwin is very good at it
Largest Classifieds (1 month ago)
I love d last part where Robert DeNiro did d impression of Jimmy Fallon. It s so so funny.
_Triston _ (1 month ago)
Jamie foxes jay z is perfect
FanArt (1 month ago)
I just adore Denzel Washington.. He’s not just a brilliant actor, but super funny and good person
princesse touta (1 month ago)
I was smiling not laughing .. 🙄
Mamopy (1 month ago)
2:38 i think it's more like Gollum than Donald
JoeCnNd (1 month ago)
Oh man I remember that guy doing training day at 1:30 it a bit. It was hilarious.
Neil Godfrey (1 month ago)
Liam neeson does a great impression of an Irishman getting revenge for his friend being raped by beating a black man to death with a cosh.
Ambrus Alexandra (1 month ago)
3:15 is the best guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bathina Elhag (1 month ago)
I just can't believe that Jim Carrey's impersonations are not here
mkr10001 (1 month ago)
Why the blurry Christina Applegate on Graham Norton?
Leo (1 month ago)
-In what moment De Niro became the granpa of Up ? -En q' momento De Niro se convirtio en el abuelo de Up ?
Miz Itly (1 month ago)
What’s with the blurred out people?
Boris (1 month ago)
All of them were awesome. I loved how that guy asked deniro if he can impersonate him. Just so funny cos he is sitting in front of the best actor of all time
Lite Roadie (2 months ago)
De Niro should have done a massive fake laugh when Jimmy asked him to impersonate him!
Top Feed Coco (2 months ago)
Once again, Jimmy Kimmel is comedy repellant. "Het het het. boy that's right. Het het. some non sequitur het het het hee." This video get a thumbs up in spite of that talentless pedophile Jew hack.
Moises Sanchez (2 months ago)
Hart and Rock best combination ever lol
kane (2 months ago)
the eddie murphy impression was great.
Dimaz Edy (2 months ago)
Si item jelek banget sok keren lagi
TheJRaff (2 months ago)
Dana Carvey is the best

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