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Retail Inventory Tips // Dos & Don'ts when Purchasing Wholesale Products

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Text Comments (87)
Heydy Maldonado (16 days ago)
I have my own online boutique heydyzboutique.com. And I love your advice!
Siday Brown (22 days ago)
How to price your products?
Nancyy M. (7 months ago)
Thank you for the info! It kind of works the same for kids clothes, will try some of your tips ❤ www.cb-boutique.com
summerspecial28 (8 months ago)
I love you. Thank you..
Cukletta (8 months ago)
This was sooo helpful!!!!! Taking notes 💕
Tiffie Renee (9 months ago)
I’m looking for clothing for tall women if anyone can point me in the right direction
PurL J (9 months ago)
You remind me of the youngest daughter on the show "7th Heaven"
Shay Land (11 months ago)
Very helpful! Thanks
Cocomink Mx (1 year ago)
Great videooo!!! Thank you so much
Lkfabkart (1 year ago)
Hello, I am from India. If anyone here is looking to buy bulk Indian textile products, you must visit :- https://www.lkfabkart.com
Jakob Bourne (1 year ago)
If you want to grow your business, you can utilizing influencer marketing for this. It can be a great way to kick start potential businesses out there as long as you're confident with your content/products/services to offer. If you'd like, phlanx and many others are platforms for this
CarmaDee (1 year ago)
Have you done any videos on the business end? Like filing taxes, getting an LLC and so on?
Jesrina Kabir (1 year ago)
Great tips! How much inventory in total would you say a business needs to start out? How much should I spend on inventory to start out? I started an online boutique but have not had any sales and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. My store is neemacasual.com it would be great to get some feedback!
Chica-jinx (4 months ago)
How are you marketing your online store? You have to get your name out there.
Juan c cid Acosta (1 year ago)
que buena k estas
haley_mad (1 year ago)
My style is similar to forever 21, fashion Nova, Shein. Basically trendy. I am trying to find wholesale similar to those trendy young styles. Who would be some quality wholesale sites.
Veeh Von (1 month ago)
haley_mad I wanna kno too
Khanzz K (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info! i just launched my own online boutique 2 months ago and i still have a lot to learn but i am loving every second of it! thanks for the video <2 jkwildboutique.com
David Tarazona (1 year ago)
where do i find a vendor?
JESS2GLAM (1 year ago)
I'm starting my own business and this video has helped me. Thank you so much
Elizabeth Carrasco (1 year ago)
Hello I keep running into the trouble of being able to register to different wholesalers that I'm actually interested in due to the fact that I haven't purchased anything from any vendor before. Any suggestions?
roger menjivar (1 year ago)
How much should i be making on each item. For example if I buy a USD 10 dress, how much should i sell that to have a "good" o "viable" profit?
Stacy Ramirez (9 months ago)
roger menjivar stay at a 60 to 75% margin
THE TORI ANN (1 year ago)
what is 3 of the very best wholesale online stores where i can get inventory for my store?
Keith Frost (1 year ago)
How do u get catalogs from the stores, just ask?
Swan Kelly (1 year ago)
Keith Frost If you sell on poshmark, after you make 10 sales of whatever you can enter the buying wholesale part of the app. There are vendors there.
Keith Frost (1 year ago)
I am waiting on my tax I.D. number, looking for about a total realm of comfort.
Alexis Fletcher (1 year ago)
Love this video. Question when picking out merchandise I did, but how do I go about sizes. How do I market to people of different sizes and knowing the clothes will actually fit them? I bought a load of clothes and tried them and picked what I wanted to sell and what material was the best. I know what fits me but I do not know how to shop for other sizes. Do I buy the same item but in all in different sizes or do I buy a bunch of items that I like in my size so I can have a variety of items I can sell?
Natalie Marie (1 year ago)
Thank you for the tips😊
Debra Washington (1 year ago)
Ive been finding nothing but crap when looking for boutique clothes, Im looking for high-quality 2pc set but inexpensive drop shippers.
Sara Kelley (1 year ago)
Debra Washington I have never done drop shipping have you? If so how do you like it?
Audrey Ramon (1 year ago)
Xena Roze’ (1 year ago)
Hi is there a way you can find out for us how to find manufacturers who actually create your designs as far as jewelry necklaces, belt/belt buckles and shoes. I tried looking but they make typical things, my designs are 80s/90s inspired so chunky "gold " earrings is almost impossible to find a company who will make it and add my brand name on it. For example a channel chunky earring with the two c's on it, (obviously my brand initials will be on instead) where can I go to find someone who can make that style for me?!
Joy Jones (1 year ago)
Elektra Lavont I am a fashion Designer although I do not do manufacturing work. For what you guys are speaking about you’d actually be looking for the services of a manufacturing company that most clothing labels utilize. However the pricing will not/is no the same as simply buying wholesale. Its usually a lot more expensive per piece and will have a minimum order amount to even take the work (say 1000 pieces) all depending on how small scale or large the operation you go to is. This isn’t including other price points that may be added such as patternmaking if you want master patterns, grading for different sizes etc. Now on the flip side it is possible to find and deal with small scale designers or independent artists such as myself and others to create for your label and it saves some money as they will usually do so on a much smaller amount and scale however this is very hard to find as most designers don’t want to take on the hard work and lower pay to create for someone else’s brand things they could create themselves and sell full price and receive all the money for, if that makes sense. Manufacturing companies have the man power and clientele to make orders for others quickly and with fast turn around as well as the minimum order, that’s what makes it lucrative for them but for your average independent designer, it’s just not worth it. Now design students or someone fresh out of school may be your best bet to take on some work like this. I did this with an athletics brand making hoodies for her and I hated it for the reasons above, Low pay per piece and hard work, I was basically sewing and constructing the whole thing then adding her label for her to sell for more then she paid me to make it 😠 but that’s the business and I was new so I did it for a while for experience. Knowing how to create my own things now I never would again lol. I know this is long but hope it helps!
Shea Beau (1 year ago)
Try local jewelry makers!
Miss Dora (1 year ago)
Dirty Diana same. Need that too...
Maryssa Silva (1 year ago)
i just started looking into starting my own boutique i'm also wondering where to find a manufacturer that can create my designs, i'm not really looking into buying wholesale please help!
just a vegan (1 year ago)
Dirty Diana that's what I'm trying to figure out because I want some originality to my store
RaeVae (2 years ago)
Did you ever make video on where to buy inventory? I didn't see it
RaeVae (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
MonikaRoseSF (2 years ago)
Hi! Yes, we have an entire module dedicated to inventory exclusively for members of the Online Boutique Boss Course. You can join the community: http:www.MonikaRoseSF.com
Davon Banks (2 years ago)
Does anyone know any vendors that have male products?
Naya Coleman (1 year ago)
For my men's clothes I checked the tags on the clothes from my son's and boyfriend and googled it. It really worked.
Desirée (1 year ago)
Davon Banks aliexpress
Max Vo (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot. I wish i have watched this video before I spent 3k on the domain, 2k on the website, 4k of unsell inventory. :) www.instyleboutique.com . I will have it restart when Im ready.
Joy Hollywood (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info. This is the mistake that I made when I first started my jewelry boutique. I bought what I liked, without doing the research and only from one vendor. Only a few items sold and the rest I ended up giving away to friend's and family members. Unfortunately I had to learn from trial and error.
Chica-jinx (4 months ago)
Many successful business owners learn through trial and error.... So WE will be successful in our business too learning through trial and error.
mehvish khan (9 months ago)
Joy Hollywood same i did,🙄
Michelle Roshayes (2 years ago)
When you buy from wholesale places do you put your labels and tags on the items?
Jamilah Aguayo (1 month ago)
Michelle Roshayes yes!
Lu* Pen (2 years ago)
Hi Monika, I love your videos. Can you make a video about link Pinterest and Instagram to poshmark? Thank you.
Christina Bunch (2 years ago)
I wish I heard this before I spent 7k of stuff lol thank you I like your videos
maamee yaa vondee (2 years ago)
Hello, I am a young African lady studying in Luxembourg. I am starting an online shop for African products with contemporary designs (Beaded necklace, Artwork,Clothing).I want to know how to get started as i am currently surrounded by European. How do i make a concrete argument for the products I am going to sell(such as why am i selling African products, What needs am i solving with such a business model, why should they patronize African products,etc). I would begin with beaded necklace. Most people love to use beaded jewelry to add a touch to their clothing, but what need is it really satisfying supposing I have to answer that to a group of investors. Can you help me know concretely who my consumers are?-everybody is a potential client, but how do i state it well as my target customer segment. I hope to get more information and ideas on these questions and even more on how to get started. thank u.
Riley Kate (2 years ago)
do you have nay suggestions on trying to get a consignment deal?
W.Veronica Aponte (2 years ago)
I want to see the video for the theme of how you can find my inventory.
MonikaRoseSF (2 years ago)
Hello! We have several lesson plans all about how and where to find inventory in our Online Boutique Boss Community. You are welcome to join our list here: join.monikarosesf.com :)
Shawna Ivery (2 years ago)
Were do I look to find a vendor
Clarissa Fednard (2 years ago)
Loved it!
MonikaRoseSF (2 years ago)
Gema campos (2 years ago)
Hello there I love you video very nice. I am a poshmark seller for many year.I sell Victoria's Secret 100% original for many year as my full time job. I would love to know where could I get good wholesale item.I would like to expand my online store.Thank you
love Bowler (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for creating this video!! So helpful I'm looking to to join you entrepreneur community ASAP!
Qourtney Hallmon (2 years ago)
Can you use up cycled clothing and sell them?
Hello Monika I just recently found you and I am learning so much from you. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge to help others. I have a home-based business making Handcrafted Cold Processed and Melt and Pour Soaps along with a variety of other skincare items. My long term goal is to own a store that is either attached to my home or a seperate building on the same property. I have several shorter term goals along the way. One is to start teaching soap in a way that will bring hope to women who fell less than important in life. I love to encourage and I see this as a way to do so. Instagram @sudzylove
bianca johnson (2 years ago)
I'm obsessed with your YouTube channel! You actually liked one of my photos on my business page and that made me check out your Instagram and now I follow you on Poshmark, Instagram, and now YouTube lol. I appreciate the helpful tips on how to start and maintain a successful online store. I am currently in the beginning stages of the process and I will be using your tips to take it to the next level. I can't wait for your boss courses! I'm so excited! You have a loyal subscriber here!
MonikaRoseSF (2 years ago)
Hi Bianca! Thank you so much! You're so sweet! I'm so happy you enjoy my videos . :) I can't wait to have you in the Boutique Boss Community!
ItsMsTiffanyRe G (2 years ago)
Can I go to Ross, goodwill, Burlington coat factory buy their clothes to sale it on poshmark closet
Lillian Karroum (1 year ago)
ItsMsTiffanyRe G that is actually what I do!
thingsilove18 (2 years ago)
Yes you can. You can also sell them on ebay.
Kelly Ann (3 years ago)
Does anyone know where I can buy cheap jewelry/clothes in bulk or where to purchase wholesale?
Jasmin T Beer (7 months ago)
+Rebecca Davis ManifestingMyDestiny awesome thank you so much. I live abroad so it'll be useless for me to send anything back lol but I will try them out, I've been wanting to try out their dresses and rompers
+Jasmin T Beer the only negative thing is that they literally only give you 3 days to return, so not time at all because most places will give at least 30....this way you can list items for sale and if they dont youd return them before the return window closes. These guys don't do that so you sell or you're stuck with them.
+Jasmin T Beer Yes, they are great quality. Similar to what you would find at TJ Maxx like the cute chiffon tanks and such. I cant comment on jeans because they dont command much profit at their current prices, but the shirts and dresses are great.
Jasmin T Beer (7 months ago)
+Rebecca Davis ManifestingMyDestiny were they good quality clothing? I have been meaning to put an order through but I've read so many negative reviews
Christina Stroud (7 months ago)
MusicMichelle Kay (3 years ago)
great video!! thank you for the information. my posh is @kenrefashion
autumn jimenez (3 years ago)
Thanks for your advice!;)
autumn jimenez (3 years ago)
Definitely will look into it! :)
MonikaRoseSF (3 years ago)
+autumn jimenez You're welcome! Feel free to join my community where I share even more tips and one-on-one training to grow your own business! :) -Monika
Soph-obsessed (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this!! Very helpful! Big like and new sub would love if you wanted to sub back and stay in touch xxx
Stephanie Berenice (3 years ago)
this was so helpful can't wait for the next video
MonikaRoseSF (3 years ago)
+yostephy17 So great to hear you found it helpful! The next inventory video will be posted in my Entrepreneur Community. You are welcome to join! Take a peek in the description for more info. :) Thank you for watching! -Monika Rose
MonikaRoseSF (3 years ago)
Hello Everyone! I would love to help you grow your own successful business! Learn where to purchase your inventory in our exclusive Entrepreneur Community! Link in description to join. :) Monika Rose

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