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Where Instagram Boutiques Buy Wholesale | EXPOSING wholesale prices

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Hey GLAMS' in Todays Video Tay is going to Take you to the La Fashion District to see how to buy wholesale clothing , jewelry and other items ! I hope you enjoy and comment below some more places y'all want me to go behind scenes ! TRESSER 800 e. 12th st. Suite#143 Los Angeles, CA 90021 P 213 441 7053 | F 213 441 7046 Giveaway Details : - So I purchased some really cool dope items from the district and wanted to share them with y'all so enter the giveaway :-) -Comment your Favorite Part -follow me on 1st IG @Glamazontay , 2nd IG @Glamazontay_ -Come back here Feb 24,2018 in Comments I will put winner !! 🎀 OTHER EPIC VIDEOS 🎀 ▶︎MY BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT SURGERY| DR FISHER | ACTUAL FOOTAGE| THE REAL TRUTH!!! https://youtu.be/edo1XHcW7MQ ▶︎COME WITH ME TO GET MY SHORT NEON NAILS DONE https://youtu.be/rIhjp0NBQ-4 ▶︎ I TRIED FASHION NOVA JEANS | PERFECT JEANS FOR SLIM THICK GIRLS OR FAIL? https://youtu.be/je8okZsDUzs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you can purchase my lippie : http://bit.ly/glamazontay SHOP MY WEBSITE: @SHOPGLAMAZONTAY www.Shopglamazontay.com SHOP MY STORE https://shopglamazontay.com @SHOPGLAMAZONTAY [email protected] FOLLOW MY VLOG CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn01... ▷SEND ME STUFF TO MY P.O BOX OCTAVIA OUTLAW 819 West Washington Blvd #151922 Los Angeles , CA 90015 ▷FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM ‣ https://instagram.com/Glamazontay_ SNAPCHAT ‣ @Glamazon_Outlaw TWITTER ‣ http://www.twitter.com/Glamazontay For Advice EMAIL : [email protected] For business inquires ONLY Email [email protected]
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Text Comments (5426)
dannella thomas (1 day ago)
I love love your channel and content...know that you are appreciated🙌👏☺
Vashti Williams (1 day ago)
you are so kind for uploading this. there are fake gurus selling fake old information online. and you gave legit names and information., thanks again..
Rebecca C (1 day ago)
This girl, wow. So much class and absolutely beautiful plus that ENERGY!
sonerscorner (1 day ago)
Always wanted to start my own store or boutique and had no idea how to even go about it. I think this is such an amazing selfless thing for you to do. You are amazing 😙💟💖 the only people disliking this video are the ones that don't want other people knowing where they get their shit 😂
Lisa Alexandra (2 days ago)
Love this girl ! She’s so friendly ❤️ going to buy from her boutique now
Katelyn Rose (2 days ago)
what is the background music called around 11:00?
Veronica Luna (2 days ago)
Very interesting, may God bless you and your business,...it's very nice how the merchants helped you and have you info and how you approached them very respectful , love, God bless
Gabbi Durham (2 days ago)
Guess I know where to my shit
Graceful Rae (2 days ago)
So none of the stuff you sell is original?
Auds (2 days ago)
lets talk about girly’s hair i literally couldn’t take my eyes off it the whole video 🥺
Kelly C (2 days ago)
So informative! Love this. Thank you for sharing your secrets with all of us!
Carina Santiago (3 days ago)
Love the transparency and positivity. You are super motivating and honest. Subscribed. Keep it up! I love getting the details no one else talks about 🤫
Chanel Starr (3 days ago)
I don't know how I found you sis this the second video I watched i love them both thank you for helping a sistah out with this info 😍
Mitzi Torres (3 days ago)
For a first time boutique owner or start up, how much much money would you say we have to have on hand to go there and start buying?
TONIQUE ELLISON (3 days ago)
Thank you for the information and helping ❤️ new subscriber
SovietComrade (3 days ago)
Your hair is bomb!
valerie salas (3 days ago)
Appreciate you for doing this
SovietComrade (3 days ago)
This reminded of that scene where Andy (in the Devil wears Prada) is about to get a makeover and goes to that Designer Clothing Department 😍😍😍😭😭😭 Takeeee me thereee, Bali WHO???
Kiki La'Saine (3 days ago)
I would like to say that this helped me. I am in NC and trying to start an online business with shoes and accessories. Thanks for sharing their website bc it is too many ppl selling vendors that be from aliexpress. Nothing against aliepxress but it makes no sense to me to sell their info..anyywho if you are in NC there is no longer a need of a reseller's permit HOWEVER, you do need a business
Ms ray (3 days ago)
So, do you need a membership with these businesses or do they charge a fee for purchasing wholesale ?
Katie Miel (3 days ago)
10:24 that colorful dress is so freaking cute omg edit: AND THE YELLOW 10:54
ep (3 days ago)
Thank you soo much for sharing. Dear what’s the website the girl mention that we can register since I live in another state?
dnwalkingoneggshells (3 days ago)
i would love to see a documentary on forever 21 wholesale. i remember me and my sister wondered into a wholeseller in los angeles and they said one of their biggest buyers was forever 21.
Matka Plio (3 days ago)
First off she’s stunning
Alli Guz (3 days ago)
For a while I kind of wanted to start my own store but I didn’t know how to but like after this video now I have a starting point and I really really appreciate you sharing this info
Melody Santana (3 days ago)
I love you forever for doing this! Subscribed! Wishing you and your business so many blessings. Btw is a wholesale permit the same as a seller's permit?
Why is it cheap?
マリぴ (3 days ago)
I think some of you dont understand that stores need to sell them more expensive in order to actually have a winning......... ofc it shouldn't be overpriced
celestialvelvets (4 days ago)
"hey julian" "how are you? "can't wait!"
MarquezChristina (4 days ago)
If you wanted to buy just one pair of shoes or one item of clothing are you able to do that?
vanessa garcia (4 days ago)
Omg yoy look like tiffany haddish
vanessa garcia (4 days ago)
Nora was just not into it in the beginning lol
Florida Fine (4 days ago)
The first store looks really cheap :/ you can buy fake logo stuff for the same price
Carolyn R (4 days ago)
What's the name of the last store you were in that was selling jewelry? This is a very helpful video, thanks for sharing ❤
Sadia Ali (4 days ago)
This information is great. I can't wait to see more fashion boutiques use fair trade supplies too!
brittani grahan (4 days ago)
Do these places have websites for out of state sellers ??
Just Kayla (4 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this information. ❤️ This is the type of intel people would pay for and you were gracious enough to help us out ! ❤️❤️
Polina Braun (4 days ago)
Can i Shop there😭 so much good stuff
Dahlia Demyan (4 days ago)
Girls don’t even be saying where they got their clothes from when u ask them and she’s spilling all business details. I STAN
TONIQUE ELLISON (3 days ago)
Dahlia Demyan yes like I wanna start my own business I do a lot of research I sometimes type wholesale lips gloss it makeup etc and that helps to
Alisha Polanco (4 days ago)
Gimme that Fordham Road bag!! Thank you 😍😘💰💰
Sirama (5 days ago)
I'm curious how this is all made in the US, most fair trade and non sweat shop items are initially $75.
Sadia Ali (4 days ago)
Inmates. Prison labor is cheap and is the most common for made in the US sales. https://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/labor/294524-the-darker-side-of-made-in-usa
Lik Wid Spice (5 days ago)
Thank you so much for this info. I am so tired of working under someone elses leadership and dealing with managers that hate their jobs and take it out on you. You are such an inspiration to me. I wanted to do this for so long but had no clue how to start, but thanks to you now I know. May the Universe reward you with many blessings.
PurnaaHaldaar (5 days ago)
A store like this in Montreal? :O
Michel Be (5 days ago)
You did not say where
faye at ease. (5 days ago)
Here in Philippines, we have *Divisoria* 6 dollars (PHP 300) might be the priciest, cents (in dollars but tens in pesos) is the cheapest.
S H O O K (5 days ago)
Wait so can I walk in there and buy stuff?
Florida Fine (4 days ago)
S H O O K for a more expensive price
Katie Edwards (6 days ago)
Anyone know where you could buy online ? I live in South Dakota so we don’t have many places like this in my city.
August Tanyelle Maier (6 days ago)
Thank you so much for this information.
Jessica Willis (7 days ago)
If I had my own logo can I add there stuff without being sued ?
Mayra Franco (7 days ago)
Damnnn I wanna open up my own business now lol. Thanks so much girl!!
Evelything (7 days ago)
do they have website if they have pleas someone link it to me bc I don't live in USA I live in europe ?
Nene King (7 days ago)
How do u get a sales permit ? What if u have a store overseas and u reside in the US?
JIMKOR (7 days ago)
So do they have website for those of us who are not local
Zay Jay (8 days ago)
How do you prevent customers from scamming you? Pretending they didn’t receive their orders etc?
Faith Moon (7 days ago)
It cost more but they usually have customers sign before they can receive their package.
Zay Jay (8 days ago)
Doing my part and not skipping these ads. You didn’t have to share this which us and I thank you so much.
Christina C (8 days ago)
Thanks for being humble and sharing some people are hating as bitches and don't ever share these kinds of things
Kithri Melonfear (8 days ago)
The process makes a lot more sense now that I'm seeing it. But still, after seeing The True Story, I'm just sad. No shade on the vlogger though. I like that she's sharing this information and her generosity. I'm just sad about the world.
Frances fitness (8 days ago)
You are a angel 👼 thanks sis🎈
Izzy Catcrazy (8 days ago)
I never use fake sun glasses coz the lenses don't really have proper UV protection which would damage your eyes if you intend to use them as sunglasses. Everything else, wowww
Dawn Hunt (8 days ago)
Hi there! Does the business license or wholesale permit have to be registered in California?
AshaRanae (8 days ago)
I like you
Deepika Bharti (8 days ago)
Iam not into any retail or online business but i really respect your efforts of selflessly helping others with all secrects.
sav uwu (9 days ago)
did she say fox mink
fashion domino (9 days ago)
ARE YOU A RETAIL/BOUTIQUE BUSINESS OWNER? If you are and are looking for affordable, efficient, and consistent manufacturers to buy from, please check out Fashion Domino, the fastest growing online wholesale fashion marketplace! You really will not find anywhere else that has lower prices but the consistent quality of products that we do! You can reach us at: Website: @t​ Instagram: @fashiondominomarketplace Email: [email protected]@t​ Hope you have a nice day! :)
Beautiful Inside&Out (9 days ago)
Cool I'm trying to teach my daughter were things come from
Flora Vail-Lopez (9 days ago)
I love you for this!! So helpful! I plan on opening my online business soon!
Flora Vail-Lopez (9 days ago)
May your business prosper!!!
Marylunaglamour (9 days ago)
I love your video!!! I want to start a boutique in Mexico. How can I do to get a permit to buy clothes and sell them in mexico. Thank you
Carmelita Carter (9 days ago)
Do l have to purchase a business license to shop here?
Chocolate Diamond (9 days ago)
I defiantly appreciate you for sharing this. I don’t know if you or anyone remember the video Jess Hilarious just did about how people act when your trying to get information on how to start a business. If not go look up the video. Well needless to say this was a very selfless thing to do. May God bless you more than your cup can hold my sister.
Winsant Store (9 days ago)
This place is like really really cool......
usehername (10 days ago)
So much plastic/polyester
Starlight Serenity (10 days ago)
I wish there was a legit online wholesaler where you didn't need a business license
Malcilra Eure (10 days ago)
DOLLAR CLAIRE (10 days ago)
I am wondering if this will be good for your business may God overflow your business
Ifeoma Okeke (10 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. It's such a wonderful video. Please can I have the site of that Lizabel shop?
Chasity Spurlock (10 days ago)
I’m curious to know if LA District offers children’s clothing?
Luz Perez (11 days ago)
I like how she says “me gusts” to an asian guy. Lol but I’m guessing he speaks Spanish or something.
Guadalupe Velásquez (2 days ago)
Luz Perez The zone in there is full of mexican people, so the asians speaks spanish all the time there
Danna Welch (11 days ago)
Love the fashion district
I subscribed I'm geeking right now I can't wait to get my tax money to start my business.
When u try to ask people how they did this n how they did that or where they get this n where they get that they want to sell u advice n u still run into a dead end instead of just simply puttin u on so we all can win. They see u as competition instead of as a partner. So thank u my Sister.
I love u but I know u got some sellers mad with u. Bc u puttin us all on. U makin sure errbody win. Yaaaassss
linda luyah (11 days ago)
Will they ship outside the usa, am in Germany
Msvonree jackson (11 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video I’ve been trying to get my boutique started and didn’t know where to start now I do
Jamie Yayme (12 days ago)
This was really nice of you to share thanks. I just don't know what KIND of business I want to do! I am just a little knowledgeable on a lot of things. Animals, clothes, baby/kids stuff, even thought about cars. How on Earth do I decide what's my calling? It all seems so risky and scary I don't wanna screw up.
Mabel A (12 days ago)
You are good..sharing this secret damn..love u girl..thanks.i watched ur ads cos i deserve it
Carla Aguilar (13 days ago)
excellent video :) but where are the online pages to be able to buy ?
Veronica McCoy (13 days ago)
Your awesome! My daughter just launched her online boutique and she had a heck of a time learning the ropes. Thanks hun Goshopjade.com is her site :-)
Chelsea Gair (13 days ago)
You are absolutely incredible for posting this. You’re a blessing girl. ❤️
Keirra (13 days ago)
Ive been watching you for years and you always inspired me to invest in myself and go get the $$$. I love your description for this video you love to see another black women eat as well as yourself. I showed so many people you and your channel over the years just to show off how poppin you are now im inspired off this video to go get it. Black girls rock. Thank you for this video.
Shana Tucker (14 days ago)
Thank you! Many blessings to you
Eri Long vlogs (14 days ago)
Oh my gosh thank you for this video it was everything truly inspiring I just got my Business License and Sellers Permit and I’m originally from Los Angeles but I stay in the bay area but you just put me up on so much game thanks again love! Subscribed ‼️‼️
Kevin Ortega-Rojas (14 days ago)
Not only is this video idea a good one but it didn’t fall flat at all. It’s super informative. She asked all the right questions. I love this.
Kevin Ortega-Rojas (14 days ago)
This was fascinating. Fine. I’ll subscribe. Ugh.
Miranda Covington (14 days ago)
I have to give it to you! Most people wouldn't share the information you have with others. Empowering others that's what it's all about!
Darlene O'Hara (14 days ago)
This is fine if you’re selling lower end or cheap items. However, after you get your EIN/Tax ID you want to find out about the different markets in major cities like NYC, CA, TX, Paris, etc. You want to check and make sure when you open packages you don’t smell any odors. Walk into some Walmart’s or boutiques and you can smell the formaldehyde before you get thru the door. I deal with designers directly. I buy 2/2/2/2. Most high end designers want to know if you own a brick and mortar or doing internet or both. I think it’s great she is doing this video and educating those who want to open a store but be careful of your ROI’s and buybacks. You don’t want to get stuck with inventory and most importantly, know your market. Good video. Keep up the good work.
addy (15 days ago)
Can someone plz tell me what store this?
Zoe Ng (16 days ago)
Taobao for most retail clothing stores in asia lol
Yesi & Shantal (16 days ago)
This is raw, undeserved material. ♥️
sprixpurl30 (16 days ago)
Thank you for this gem. You give me so much inspiration!
Jessica H (16 days ago)
Girl you boutta make fashion nova mad lmfao

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