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Alec Baldwin introduces Al Pacino, recipient of the Lee Strasberg Artistic Achievement Award

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Alec Baldwin, 2008 Actors Fund Nedda Harrigan Logan Award recipient, shares his experience in the industry. Al Pacino gives a heartfelt speech.
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Text Comments (194)
Jack MeHoff (10 days ago)
Haahahahahahahaha…. you'd think with all his money he could buy a better wig. Silly court jesters!
Jenny Johnson (12 days ago)
You were mine and Robert De Niro was my sisters. We have loved you both since The Godfather. Great men, you both are.
Ummati 93 (30 days ago)
He almost sounds like Mr. Pacino with his natural voice.
Pearl Barkley (1 month ago)
I have always loved the work of Al Pacino!!! He is incredible.....
godmac28 (1 month ago)
Dheeraj Rayamajhi (1 month ago)
I simply love this guy. Amazing actor!!! A whole acting school in one! And I finally got the joke 😂😂
Megan Jordan (1 month ago)
He is one of the greatest actors . Alec Baldwin is awesome too
m. mck (2 months ago)
THE GREATEST; & a really nice human being. God Bless You Mr. Pacino. Feb. 2nd 2019
michael glucksman (2 months ago)
Alec Baldwin ..classy speech and very candid. That's the reason, despite his anger issues, he is so loved in Hollywood. He is real.
michael glucksman (2 months ago)
This is very difficult to watch. Michael Corleone is actually a complete whack job. Put on a suit and tie, comb your hair, and read from a script. You are being disrespectful to the honor you are given. What a jerk.
Son Tung Nguyen (2 months ago)
Long time no see!
Br Greg (2 months ago)
You can make your arguments for other actors and actresses but Pacino is it for me! For me he does it the best! Total genius at his craft I watch movies with my kids and say ‘Just watch him’!
Anmol Bhatnagar (3 months ago)
Capo dei Capi Al pacino❤️❤️ Salute!
Mo Johal (3 months ago)
Al pacino best actor in the world.
john lawrence (4 months ago)
What a gift of a man to the world of acting, and connection to the craft
Nitin Kataria (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice the similarities between Alec Baldwin and Javed Jaffery of India....both were deadly talents but could not make it large
David Schmidt (4 months ago)
I used to sort-of like this Baldwin asshole...no more...
Den Harrow (5 months ago)
Is it just me or Pacino starts to losing it?
Son Tung Nguyen (5 months ago)
He is bigger!
Abdullah haris (5 months ago)
He is a true genius.....this guy has a career people dreamt of...but no one is able to achieve that heights... He is the best of all time
albert19ful (5 months ago)
What the fuck is Alec talking about ,no charisma whatsoever. Drags it on ,
steve sweet (5 months ago)
Sorry people Alex is a scumbag sorry you don’t realize it
Popeye The Sailor man (5 months ago)
You can’t rule out Robert Dinero ! He’s up there with Al for sure! both legends .
Trumpmake Americangreater
人參剩粒祖 (5 months ago)
Alec Baldwin was so funny in friends.
Gilbert Thomas (6 months ago)
God Bless President Donald Trump. Every Americans President.
Gilbert Thomas (4 months ago)
Puerto Vallarta ; : All to do with President Donald Trump .Trust your happy with that .
Puerto Vallarta (5 months ago)
Gilbert Thomas What does that statement have to do wit Al Pacino? Oh vey.
Robert Cavalier (6 months ago)
Consistency!  Alec shows that this word projects folks into the stratosphere of greatness!  * Cav *
Awesome Albert (6 months ago)
Who dresses Pacino?
Den Harrow (5 months ago)
Them personnel from zee looney hospital, duh!!
The Person (6 months ago)
"Hes an asshole"
Sasan Sasani (6 months ago)
Al Pacino's face keeps getting darker as he gets older. Sane tjing is happening to Sylvester Stallone. It must be the Italian gene.
Chip Hargis (6 months ago)
That wig....
Erik Dahl (6 months ago)
Al was great in Scarface. I liked the scene where he takes a stand and starts shooting at everybody and says, "Say hello to my little friend". I'm not ashamed to say, I use to use that line on my girlfriends. Hahaha.
tasos tasoss (6 months ago)
he forgot to take the award:)
ronnie solo (6 months ago)
when my late husband died, the actor's fund helped us pay to have him cremated. i have never thanked you before. thank you for helping performers in need. thank you for helping our family. Frank Malabe, was a congero who played with the best of the best. his ashes are at the jazz church in manhattan.
The Actors Fund (5 months ago)
You're welcome, Ronnie. We are indeed here for everyone in performing arts and entertainment!
Erik Dahl (6 months ago)
Pacino is great, no doubt. He was great in Scarface, in Serpico, in The Godfather etc. so many films. I cannot be the only one who thinks he now reminds them of Keith Richards of the Stones. lol.
T R (6 months ago)
I like Al ... always have .. I'm not crazy about the wig ...
Michelle Kosik (6 months ago)
ronnie solo (6 months ago)
when my late husband died, the actor's fund helped us pay to have him cremated. i have never thanked you before. thank you for helping performers in need. thank you for helping our family. Frank Malabe, congero who played with the best of the best. his ashes are at the jazz church in manhattan.
Inglorious Basterd (7 months ago)
Celebrated circus performers is all they are..."bread and circuses" the main distraction used by corrupt and failing governments of a dying empire...the "U.S.A".Enjoy it while you get raped by the Trump crime syndicate.Real people doing real things that have immediate results get nothing at all but we all love to see an "actor" get another FUCKING AWARD?!!!
Ron Wylie (7 months ago)
Alex is such a funny man {but not IF your a photographer} Al deserves it
Den Harrow (5 months ago)
It's "Alec", you cocksucking illiterate imbecile
Linda Licata (7 months ago)
Al Pacino is a fantastic actor. So is Leonardo DiCaprio.
Den Harrow (5 months ago)
So is that Jew dude... you know... whatzisname... Seth Röentgwen. Fuck you.
anastasia pezzuoli (7 months ago)
Who is this B.B. both Alec and Al are acknowledging!?
THE DUKE. (7 months ago)
a wig >>> what a asshole
Christina Bogues (7 months ago)
I know some people fear him becuase he loud and passinate.. Don't be afriad, his just an old fart. And his unbelievable. We love Alpincino.
anastasia pezzuoli (8 months ago)
I can’t believe how approachable he is , nothing like his characters he truly gracious and humble too.
Beethovenini (8 months ago)
Baciamo le mani!
Steve Villa (8 months ago)
The goat
TZY TZY (8 months ago)
I heard Alec Baldwin speak a few times. You can tell that he is well read and well spoken. Nice speech for one of the greatest!
Richard Gagliano (8 months ago)
And a nice guy that stayed pure, in Hollywood.
vikas malik (8 months ago)
Didn't get the joke in last
S2daUZ (4 months ago)
vikas malik, it was dumb. A mop like the beer would go right they him?!!
vikas malik (8 months ago)
At 6:05 the godfather tune and he enters
Burton Amos (8 months ago)
Bad wig moment...just own your receding hairline Al. I love this guy's work though, one of the hardest working men in the business.
Bill Clinzel (12 days ago)
how do u know he wears a wig?
garry guardion (9 months ago)
#1on my list,Al Pacino
PatrickMCcolley (9 months ago)
Who's bibi?
Kevin Napier (9 months ago)
Carol Liubicich (9 months ago)
love you Al Pacino
JCASHES1 (9 months ago)
This is a great introduction,not embarrassing in any way. https://open.spotify.com/track/018b0oBMd3ec2KTz8CKUHz?si=IY91sxICSnGwk11amW9b-w
Mark Evich (9 months ago)
I'm gonna go have a smoke right now, you want a smoke? You don't smoke, do you? What are you, one of those fitness freaks, huh? Go fuck yourself
A P (9 months ago)
Only pathetic useless repulsive scumbags put celebrities on pedestals , their fucking actors that live in fantasy world , how stupid are liberals anyway , who cares about acting , its fucking entertainment that it no real benefit to society at all
anastasia pezzuoli (9 months ago)
I don’t think he realizes how excellent he his a true genius ♥️
Leanne Voysey (9 months ago)
Classy and so genuinely interesting,this speech.
StraightGate Jones (9 months ago)
Baldwin, the guy who publicly cursed out his juvenile daughter with gross profanity, PROMISED that if Bush were elected, he would leave the country. Of course, HE LIED; he's still here with all of the other USA haters in Hollywood!
Esther Guisao (9 months ago)
I love Al Pacino loved all his movies God Bless him always ❤️😍
Mozart1220 (10 months ago)
One of my favorite actors of  all time, but what's with the Keith Richards headband all the time?
Luke Vaughan (10 months ago)
Gotta love Al. He talks normal.
A MLK (10 months ago)
Get that stupid wig off your skull you clown it kills the legend in you
Andrew Gardner (11 months ago)
I'll tell you, even though I don't like Alec Baldwin being political lately, I will say I think what he says about Al Pacino being the world's greatest actor is spot-on.
R Madsen (11 months ago)
Very impressive Alec gave his assistant credit. Maybe a first in Hollywood.
AHMAD AMAN (11 months ago)
the more i watch al pacino, the more i love him...
Maxie Grobner (11 months ago)
From, Panic in needle park to his last role he puts it down. The roles he takes on are like the range of a a great singer, it just seems like he can go any wear. Some guys are just touched by God and can do anything, if he sold cars for a living he'd be the best salesman of all time. Jeez, he's Al Pacino!!!
Abdul Rehman (1 year ago)
he is the best actor in the world after brando period.
Abdul Rehman (1 year ago)
i wouldnt call a human... god . thats just stupid!!
Herman Helmich (1 year ago)
Keith inspired Or just a new wig
C.E Nour mohamed (1 year ago)
When you dress simple and weird you feel a bit released in your mind so that you focus on what you are doing better ... this Al .. this isn't michael Corleone .
dan m (1 year ago)
Humbling and inspiring
Randy Grant (1 year ago)
Al uses the few minutes he's given to speak to praise lee strasberg and the actor's studio and the good work they do helping young actors. Classy guy.
Johnny Ghorbani (1 year ago)
CosmicRuna (1 year ago)
jaja..for a minute there I saw Keith Richads walking to the stage !! classic ..
Dj Rickey Ricardo (1 year ago)
yo this inspires me so much i think Al Pacino is the greatest! he did Carlito's way , Scarface, Stand Up Guys!, The Godfather plus many more !
davetubervid (1 year ago)
He's always so interesting.
SECRET SPY (1 year ago)
Incredible how humble this guy is.
M.N. D (1 year ago)
Alec well said. The best actor of all time . Timeless man.
David Halder (1 year ago)
Al Pacino = MAGIC
soodi k (1 year ago)
The Actor ....Al you are something else, simply great
Steve Deniro (1 year ago)
Steve Deniro (1 year ago)
Steve Deniro (1 year ago)
The taking of Pelham 123
mudgebauer (1 year ago)
that wig he is wearing looks terrible. Better to wear a hat.
Benjamin Hab (1 year ago)
stubones (1 year ago)
I'd call Baldwin a cunt, but cunts have a use unlike this overrated fucktard.
Gee Kay (1 year ago)
a Prince among men
Ronan Dee (1 year ago)
His Pacino impersonation sucked. Pacino has sharp pronunciation.
G M (5 months ago)
@Ronan Dee...I enjoyed it. I thought it was immediately recognisable even if not spot-on perfection. Not sure what you mean by "sharp".
Paulette Iwayczko (1 year ago)
dule savic (1 year ago)
He look´s like he´s doing dishes with Many
PrZemek44 (1 year ago)
In 70s Al Pacino was my god....
Aulia Ali (1 year ago)
anyone get the joke?
Telma Elma (2 years ago)
He forgot to take his price, like trump rushed out without signing :)
Rob Jackson (2 years ago)
You deserve it AL Pacino
Richard W (2 years ago)
Great beard.
Copacetic (2 years ago)
Alec Baldwin looks like Artie Lange these days.
Manny P (4 months ago)
I love Artie!!!! He’s an original, too bad about the coke thing!!!

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