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Roy Keane What Do You Mean Im Funny!!

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Savage eye spoof of the Saipan disaster and the movie Goodfellas mixed starring David Mcsavage as mick and Liam Hourican as Roy keane...Comment And Subscribe
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F7 (1 year ago)
Well this is brilliant.
Darren Mc Grath (2 years ago)
whos the actor that played roy keane?...
SuperAce5150 (2 years ago)
Samuel Coe (2 years ago)
I'd have actually loved to be on Keane's team.
Ad Max (2 years ago)
The irish a great bunch if lads.
Nadeem Hazboun (2 years ago)
what do you mean a great bunch of lads ? eh ?
TheOriginalMoc (2 years ago)
now Mick get your fuckin shinebox!
John Gaynor (2 years ago)
Roy Keane scares the shite out of me.
Paul Noonan (1 year ago)
+mart f explain that one please
Benitez Sucks (2 years ago)
+mart f Who/why was he knocked out in Warrington in 2002?
mart f (2 years ago)
i was lucky enough to see roy knocked out in warrington back in 2002.
Jonathan Po (2 years ago)
many footballers would say the same, that's why they were afraid to go near him on the pitch lol
it is funny mate
iron grip 455 (2 years ago)
Irish Goodfellas 😆
OziGooner (3 years ago)
They copied this sceene from Goodfellas....pathetic !
Charlie Speary (1 year ago)
By jove we've found ourselves a genius
Sean Lynch (2 years ago)
OziGooner Now thats funny ! or is that pathetic ?
dior096 (2 years ago)
it is meant to copy the goodfellas scene, in comedy, it's called parody.. google the word. now go get your shinebox
TheOriginalMoc (2 years ago)
thats the idea
Mick G (2 years ago)
Do NOT tell me that that was not actually Roy Keane either.
Matthew Halliday (3 years ago)
it's scarface not casino
jimipurple123 (7 months ago)
T-Bag (2 years ago)
Look it up type in "funny how" or Goodfellas - "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?" Sooooo.
SuperCheekys (2 years ago)
@T-Bag Who ? Me ?
T-Bag (2 years ago)
You are dumb!
SuperCheekys (2 years ago)
You're all wrong... it's The Long Good Friday.
Doug Doug (3 years ago)
the Sun and the Earth (3 years ago)
that was excellent, Roy Keane was perfect and finished of with the mobile press conference, brilliant.
RandomnessTube (3 years ago)
Morgan MON /VLOG (3 years ago)
Haha LOL
TheShow (4 years ago)
I said "Hey Shearer? What are you doing here? I tort i told you to go fuck yor mudder" haha
Pip Smith (4 years ago)
We need a new parody ASAP! Keano reading Dailymail and seeing all the talk of Bust ups at Villa between him and certain players. And going to Cleverly house.
Darren Walshe (4 years ago)
brilliant but dont really get the end of it
unoriginal username (4 years ago)
Keane was talking to the press as manager of i think it was Ipswich and one of the reporter's phone started to ring and Roy berated him.
allthewine (5 years ago)
Its a comedy sketch for fuck sake
Ethan Ashton (5 years ago)
this is genuinely how he would act hhaha
Adam Watson (5 years ago)
Lol funny stuff
patrick mc cabe (5 years ago)
no chance.
oldfart4751 (5 years ago)
Get a sense of humour!
e Williams (5 years ago)
brilliant.Agree, Art imitating real life here for sure.
kevin gallagher (5 years ago)
brilliant send up of Roy Keane.
Akid Abdullah (5 years ago)
The goodfellas
scooperman (5 years ago)
is he Fick or wot
omario8822 (5 years ago)
Haha The phone bit at the end was actually real as well from a press conference when a reporters phone kept going off.
GoofproofCat (5 years ago)
Why not? Do you not get the reference?
frank white (5 years ago)
i was half expecting someone to come over to him and say you havent payed your tab and then him glassing him haha, goodfellas best movie ever.
Gareth Keenan (6 years ago)
LOL he gained a New York accent midway through.
Sabeel Ali (6 years ago)
Goodfellas inspired
hegstad9 (6 years ago)
Joe Pesci he's not !
cameron30795 (6 years ago)
Could be funny, but the actor doesn't really have the presence of someone like Roy Keane so you believe people are actually scared of him.
tranquility321 (6 years ago)
toxr182 (6 years ago)
Danny Finch (6 years ago)
Had to watch this over and over loved it.
Michael Evans (6 years ago)
haha awesome.
Andy Day (6 years ago)
like Billy Bright and Zebedee in the football factory.
fearfatch (6 years ago)
Good stuff lol, got quite a few of the actual words wrong though.
TheSincera7 (6 years ago)
Hahaha I see what you did there. Classic Keano
Ray Staff (6 years ago)
Mick McCarthy,Niall Quinn,Staunton,Delany 'n' a nudder pair a pricks didn't like this..
oi gunny (7 years ago)
make more there unreal
Billybob1988 (7 years ago)
Whovever disliked this is a complete dry shite
eezysqueezy (7 years ago)
I taught I told you to go fuck your mudder!
Pete Hall (7 years ago)
piss funny
Bradley Tiernan (7 years ago)
Looks more like Shane Long than Keane
FreshChalk (7 years ago)
Could actually see Roy being like this in real life
Ó Braonáin (7 years ago)
lol, Joe Pesci!
Snadaaahhh (7 years ago)
fuckin perfect
Lynnch1 (7 years ago)
sL4sssh (7 years ago)
u fóny
the impressions are dead on!
Donnywholovedbowling (7 years ago)
prettyyy preteyy preteyy good
Kevin (7 years ago)
Hahahaha fucking great
MARKY MDR (7 years ago)
Conor Culkin (7 years ago)
Oh yes

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