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How to Tell That a Guy Finds You Attractive

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Text Comments (65)
TAHLIA BLUE (2 months ago)
theres this guy who sits in front of me and he constantly leans back in his chair to the point where his head is touching my desk, he does it all the time and he iS aware of how close he is to me because ill make a noise like tapping my pen or something so he can tell how close he is to me but he stay extremely close, idk now
Luna (2 months ago)
My bus crush always smiles at me and sits next to or around me. But he is also always playing with his phone and we never talked..... is that smile just polite or what
Meggo The Tomato (3 months ago)
*Mental note taken.*
Ismail mail (3 months ago)
I'm a guy and what he said his true it happen to me
christinainthecity (4 months ago)
yay he likes me, lol
Allison Diaz (4 months ago)
My crush did all of these signs but he said he doesn’t want a girlfriend HELP ME😪
Slim (2 months ago)
Hunny you’re like 4 years old
sk8ergangsta2003 (4 months ago)
Allison Diaz If he doesnt want a girlfriend move on. Dont talk to him as much and see if he misses you.
sound wave6 (6 months ago)
He never adjust hes always neat 😋...hmmmm
Nesha Britwood (6 months ago)
Tamyra Kay (8 months ago)
Why does my husbands cousin stare at me when we all together
Ok, my crush is doing all the signs. But I feel like I’m ugly cuz my brother keeps saying I’m ugly and if he wasn’t my brother he wouldn’t date me. Idk
pisceanrat (8 months ago)
Concise! Great video!
Da Spicy Birb (8 months ago)
When I catch him looking at me,he sometimes looks away or still locks the eye contact. I am quite confused wether he likes me or not...
pianoprincess8 (9 months ago)
I thought this guy liked me because he turned around and looked at me once and also seemed to show an interest in me when we were in close proximity with eye contact. However on nights out I noticed him and he never came up to me or initiated a move although I tried to make myself available. I overhead his friends giving him advice and saying something such as "let them come to you" on a night out haha. He did not make a move on me but actually I saw him kiss a random girl but was not with her later that night. Then I thought- Jesus, I've really misread the situation lol. Because I really sensed that he found me attractive, but obviously he didn't.
P (5 months ago)
+pianoprincess8 aww.....some guys are just egoistic even if they like you.....they will only go for women who approach them first....maybe he has women approaching him often so doesn't need to put effort.....
I just like Memes (5 months ago)
That dude is nervous to approach u. I get that alot too maybe u should approach him?
pianoprincess8 (7 months ago)
P no... It’s was at university where I first noticed him and I’ve left that uni now. He still crosses my mind from time to time and I haven’t had someone make my heart flutter like that for a while... I’ll just have to accept it was never meant to be/and/or he didn’t fancy me lol.
P (8 months ago)
I think that's when someone likes you but not enough to come over..... Anything happened yet??
Cheaffs Death (10 months ago)
What if he is like really drunk and stares at u and approaches u ??
Hershey 4Life (11 months ago)
Lizelle Nadiyah (1 year ago)
loving all your videos. its so quick and really useful :)
Alexis Monai (1 year ago)
tea please (1 year ago)
dang I notice guys don't find me attractive. How do you move on if guys don't like you?
tea please (1 year ago)
Cant Think Of A Username yea
Courtney Graham then do.what you gotta do. Lets talk about this later
tea please (1 year ago)
Cant Think Of A Username sometimes I feel so bad when guys in General don't like me. There are times that i feel like that being straight is not for me.
Courtney Graham yes!
Isis Midas Touch (1 year ago)
Funny part is that he moved his self to my seat when were doing work all in class (1st hour) then in 3rd hour he moved where I sit with other people so he's like in a vertical angle. He stares at me constantly(I caught him on the second day when I wore this cute outfit Lol) but I wanted see for myself so asked for his pencil he gave it to me to use for a sec I gave it back then he smelt it like omg😂😂 I tried my best not to say anything like seriously,but its cute that he likes me tho, he's a nerdy senior btw but idk if he knows ima sophmore but, idk should I spark up a convo or what? Idek know what his zodiac sign but Ik for sure he's a Scorpio lol
With Expectancy (1 year ago)
Good video!!
Matilde Pelayo (2 years ago)
I need help? Everyday my crush passes by me before 4 period his class is neighbors to my. During lunch he sits in a group with the popular girls and guys. then his friends and himself walk the cafeteria to buy chips they pass by where at sit during lunch. they see me and they look at me but I  don't know why. I feel likes his shy but at the same time he doesn't know I exist we haven't talked. I follow him on instagram and he requested back but he hasn't liked any of my pictures. I have a feeling he could like me but am not popular and or his type like rich and beautiful.
Nino Nikolaishvili (1 year ago)
maybe he makes fun of you at your back with his popular friends. this popular types of guys are just pain in a**
M. Gibson (2 years ago)
Persistent staring is the only thing I get from the guy I'm wondering about, and I'm talking not even attempting to look away when I catch him doing so. Makes me feel awkward to know he's does this, but never approaches me?
Super Predator (1 year ago)
M. Gibson Not sure if it is too late to answer your question. I do this to any females that I find attractive. Men, depending on age have different taste for women. More mature men will look at you and not look away when you look back at them. In their mind, they want to look at you and don't really care if you are aware. If you have feelings for the guy give him a smile or walk up and talk to him. Most non-player men are afraid to be rejected.
Dashaa F. (2 years ago)
M. Gibson maybe he's waiting for a sign from you. Maybe a smile ?
fla la (2 years ago)
M. Gibson this was my question too! Any guy know the answer to this one? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Made2Express (2 years ago)
Honestly, if he asks for your number he 100% sure likes you.
Troikat (2 years ago)
A line between being very kind and actually being attracted. Could you try and make some points in that?
Elizabeth Ward (3 years ago)
What's it mean if a guy smiles and raises his eye brows at you?
Babyss A (1 month ago)
Question yourself: will you raise your eyebrows and smile to a guy you don’t like? Haha ...noo! So he likes you and he is comfortable in your company
Johana Montano (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Ward that means he definitely likes you because not any other guy would do that to a girl they don’t like.
Shabnam Ray (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Ward he likes you
Elora (3 years ago)
smile? what if he is just being nice? hard to know isnt it.. :/
zein albasam (1 month ago)
I don't smile, Because I'm Batman😠
Queen Directioner (8 months ago)
[diamond] (1 year ago)
Elora Fox OMG YESS!!!
La Papa (3 years ago)
He was lifting up his shirt non stop and telling me to touch his abs, he weird
Satanism is Cancer (2 years ago)
I M A QYN (3 years ago)
I always sliding my hands on my thighs cause when he's around I'm so nervous and my hands get so sweaty haha :D
Anna McDuffie (3 years ago)
I study body language, however I cannot seem to understand this particular gesture. My ex and I broke up. We ran into each other at the supermarket. When he approached me, he puffed his chest out and stood up straight . To me , it seemed slightly aggressive. So (as stupid as this sounds) I held my head up high, flipped my hair and kept going without speaking. I know we looked like idiots lol. A month or so after that he asked a mutual friend about me? What do you think this could have meant based on what have mentioned? @DatingLogic
Sunny D (2 years ago)
He misses you
Lakita Butler (3 years ago)
well I'm black and a Asian guy at my old beauty school showed me all the signs he was flirting and found me attractive and I believe we both was turned on to each other, how ever he also said he had a fiance in his country tiland but he did ask for my business card to keep in touch plus my last day at school he even told me he would miss me, did my nails plus took a few pictures with me too and I felt he did it to show he does have some feelings more than friends because their was girls who graduated before and after me that he never did any of these things with so plebase let me know what this means and does he plan to call me even though he hasn't yet!
yasylis moore (25 days ago)
+I just like Memes because shes a narcist,who dosnt deserve anything more than a trashcan.
I just like Memes (5 months ago)
Y would u want someone that has a fiance? Smh
howcanyoudothistome1 (3 years ago)
You are amazing !
bernice wallace (3 years ago)
I always catch my crush staring at me. And when I look at him he keeps on staring and then smirks. He also relaxes his shoulders and his leg with touch mine and stay there. what does this mean? +DatingLogic
Loucel Candamo (1 month ago)
He likes you dude, make a move.
kayden passant (4 years ago)
i really like that your videos are short and to the point!!
Kristin 12192 (4 years ago)
Is him biting his lips kinda nervously a lot a sign? And if he talks to you and does the things you said in the video, but he doesn't really acknowledge you in school what could that mean? +DatingLogic 
Jennifer Veleta (4 years ago)
Jennifer Veleta (4 years ago)
Omg Everything You've Said Is True As I Was Listening To What You Were Saying It Brought Back Memories Of My Boyfriends (we have 3 years together now) :D And That Is Exactly The Things He Would Do When We Would First Talk.!! He Still Does The Clothe Adjusting And Head Tilt.. Wow(:
Jennifer Veleta (4 years ago)
Melissa Stabler (4 years ago)
Can u plz help me. I was at school today and I walked into the clinic and there was this boy and he immediately started staring and smiling at me. Then he went to lay down and he kept looking up at me and smiling. Does he like me??!😄
KnowPain (3 months ago)
No duh he likes you. What guy just keeps staring at you while laying down? Only a creep does that
JadoreGalore (4 years ago)

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