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Buyer FRAUD on eBay - Seller BEWARE!! Scammed out of $164

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This eBay buyer scammed us out of $164. Total fraud on ebay! Mentoring Starts Soon! http://www.ralliroots.com/mentoring.html **** Supplies we use **** BEST LIGHT EVER: http://amzn.to/2tigQRB More lighting for pictures: http://amzn.to/2sOoMbT My Sunglasses: http://amzn.to/2zC8t3n Our coffee machine: http://amzn.to/2tlpjnj PHOTO PAPER FOR WHITE BACKGROUND: http://amzn.to/2xIhD0I Shipping labels: http://amzn.to/2sfmWT3 Poly bags: http://amzn.to/2seYd18 Our vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2sf4M3B Big Studio Camera: http://amzn.to/2xpXBXJ Small Scale: http://amzn.to/2uSIpBO Big Scale: http://amzn.to/2tG6dsC Poly Bags: http://amzn.to/2eKFzYO Tape Gun: http://amzn.to/2eKhPUX HWC Stickers: http://amzn.to/2uTqNpl **** Check out our other videos **** ABOUT US! https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4 Thrift Date Night! https://youtu.be/0kn5Pmq-vzs Massive Vintage Snapback Haul! https://youtu.be/nHtlBuyoqMI 1 Year on YouTube! https://youtu.be/7RDr_notbBg What Items to Sell on eBay? https://youtu.be/o5jYPsFIsUw Cram the Cam! Thrift Road Trip! https://youtu.be/VMy2LzldZGw How to Amazon FBA? https://youtu.be/aRNbMRiw-Rk Hidden Camera GoPRO Garage Sales! https://youtu.be/rFEy93GwE5o We ALMOST went to jail! https://youtu.be/jm2q4b6aCEA **** About this video **** We sold an item on ebay an the buyer sent back a completely different item! Scammed us out of $164 and the item! Pretty disappointing to say the least. Hopefully somebody at ebay will see this video and do something to stop this kind of thing from happening in the future. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Rose Burke (1 hour ago)
Even worse do not buy a vehicle from eBay. My husband found a car on Facebook Marketplace. He proceeded to contact the seller who stated she was a member of the US Air Force and was being transferred to Alaska from Nebraska and did not want to take the car with her. She sent directions from EBay for him to purchase EBay gift cards up to the amount of the car, call them with the numbers on the cards, make a copy of the cards and receipts for cards and email to EBay. He did all he was asked. Then he got an email to send $1000 for insurance to have the car transported to us from Nebraska. My husband did the same with the EBay cards again for $1000 and emailed it all. He then receives an email stating he needs to send $600 to insure the driver that would transport the car. At this point we knew we had been scammed. Further research we found this seller is not in the military, this has happened to many others as shown on the www.ebaymotors.com site. Buyer beware! eBay doesn't seem to be the least bit helpful. It is my understanding the federal officials are investigating EBay. We lost $2300. Do not let this happen to you.
Rumbler tag (2 hours ago)
I always put no returns on
Steve Totten (3 hours ago)
e-bay is nothing but a scam fest for buyers and sellers , I stopped using e-bay over a year ago.
Victoria Eakes (8 hours ago)
EBayand PayPal won't change until resellers contact the local authorities and/or FBI cyber crimes EVERY TIME PayPal or Ebay rules in favor of obvious, provable scamming.
newton dog (10 hours ago)
Happened to me last week. Beware of Ebay buyer "Omosk"
AdirondackNY (16 hours ago)
Good info
Derek Willmott (22 hours ago)
I had a similar situation from that buyer, they scammed me, I called them out on it, got negative feedback from them and eBay took their side. Ironic that the buyers name represent thieves.
k mak (1 day ago)
Ebay and other Companies uses outsource Employees who does not No or understand sellers issues.
RAD (1 day ago)
Sucks it happened, but... you didn't loose $164... you lost $35(ish). Assuming the unit was returned and in fact broken, you'd still be out the $80 you paid for it, out the shipping, and wouldn't have made any profit anyway.
Robert Waterman (1 day ago)
Why would you even use that shit rat company EBAY, they screw you over and report you to the IRS if you make a buck, dont use them they get paid to help the IRS make money.
Robert Waterman (1 day ago)
+RALLI ROOTS only if you believe in supporting millions on welfare and a corrupt goverment.
RALLI ROOTS (1 day ago)
lol, i mean....if you make money, you have to pay tax. That's how life works
Andrew Knight (1 day ago)
If you want to avoid a scam buyer, block: zeblac_3 now. Seriously, just look at the feedback they leave for others: over 30 pages of negative feedback. Block and avoid now.
TONY BARRETT (1 day ago)
Ebay goes out of their way to kiss the buyers butt!!! While in ebay should review the case and find in favor of the seller if they have more proof than the buyer. I had a major argument with a couple of ebay reps, one of which knew nothing accused me of lying and would not transfer me to another agent or supervisor after me asking 5x (by the last time i was screaming). However after the first call I called back, talked with knowledgeable professional agents that reviewed the case, my proof, and reversed their decision!
More c M (1 day ago)
I use to sell on eBay, same thing happened to me with a very expensive designer $400 item, they sent back a diff cheap item. will never sell or buy on eBay again, too many loop holes..
alphagt62 (1 day ago)
Never return the money until the returned item is in your possession. You can’t trust anyone.
J P (1 day ago)
Paypal is a little better about returns.
Alicia Rogers (2 days ago)
Are you able to delay refund until you have received the item?
Benjamin Frank (2 days ago)
There sellers out there .do it to i order an item never got it fought with ebay about it never got the item never got my money back. Ebay is a joke
Bootoyz (2 days ago)
so what was the buyers ebay ID....
dems are dumb (2 days ago)
Thought you were a flat chested girl .lol
RALLI ROOTS (2 days ago)
dems are dumb not surprised, you’re clearly blind AF looking at your avatar
MrBat000 (2 days ago)
I actually got scammed once from by an Asian seller! I purchased a HDD that worked for 3 months and after that it failed. The hdd came with 3 years warranty from the seller but you had to ship it back to china directly to the seller. So i shipped it back to china and the seller stop responding once he received it and i was unable to reach him through ebay as it was over the 3 months period. That sucked! I couldnt even give him a negative ebay feedback as it was over the 3 months period.
MrBat000 (2 days ago)
Sorry to hear that dude! That would suck! I dont agree with ebay a lot of time and im only a buyer. Is there some insurance you can take that could cover this sort of scam?
cuda70gt (2 days ago)
I am an ebay seller as well with powerseller status. This reverse shipping scam has been going on for a while If you were ebay how would you resolve it? Keep in mind they must judge the issue totaly blind and from a third party point of view.
Passionate Picker (2 days ago)
Ebay don't care. They get their fees, all part of their business plan. I can't tell you how frustrating and wrong that is, that they support/endorse crime. I'm wanting to go back to online selling but not at the mercy of feebay
Rocket Hulsey (2 days ago)
An explanation on why in favor of ebay would've been helpful. Thanks
prodigalus (2 days ago)
you're such a woman.
RALLI ROOTS (2 days ago)
prodigalus what does that even mean 🤣 terrible insult. Women are great.
prodigalus (2 days ago)
dude, quit moving your arms like a puppet.
Mike Studmuffin (3 days ago)
Ebay is synonymous with scams and non existent seller protection. You should bad mouth them as this has been going on for ten years. I don't see any policy change in the near future.
Rob Millington (3 days ago)
its pretty sad but ebay is setup in a way to where they dont really care about the sellers, all they care about is making money AKA the buyers. Unless there was video proof ebay doesnt really care and they would rather have a happy customer over a happy seller. Its retarded but they make so much money that they really dont care.
Aundria Martinez (3 days ago)
I did have something very similar to this happen with an item several months after the customer purchased the item (Ebay returns are typically within 30 days last I checked). The buyer claimed to have wrapped the item (an ipod thouch 5th gen) and never tested it. come opening time the item did not work. The item had been tested and check prior to sending and was fully functional. After a brief conversation with the buyer and myself, Ebay decided in favor of the buyer if they shipped the item back. The item was shipped and I received the correct item, but it was damaged and the battery had lost considerable charge. I reported the damage to ebay, and the claim was filed in favor of me, the sellar. However the buyer then went to Paypal to make a claim dispute to recieve their refund for an item they purchased several months before—past the 30 day return period. Paypal found in favor of the buyer and charged me the return fees. I attempted to open a claim against the false refund request and only got results after waiting on hold several days and repeat calls, but was only able to recoup a portion—not all—of what was refunded to the buyer.
Johnny bowman (3 days ago)
This is why I state the exact condition of my item and Have no returns
RALLI ROOTS (3 days ago)
having no returns on eliminates at least 60% of your potential sales, not a good idea
Angela Philbrick (3 days ago)
eBay should have been able to see how much it weighed and that you didn’t get the original item back. I had some do this same thing and they favored with me.
edward guess (4 days ago)
Leo Ix (4 days ago)
This might sound like a pain but here is how I deal with situuations like this. Ebay depends on paperwork just like any organization. This is what you need to use to your advantage. Compare the package weights. The one you shipped was 6 lbs 3 ounces. (for example) the one you received was 3 ounces. Show them the tracking numbers and weights, WALK THE PERSON ON THE PHONE THROUGH YOUR EVIDENCE. Ask a question to end. For instance " I shipped them a speaker weighting 6lbs 3 ounces, they sent me back a package weighting 3 ounces, how can that be the same item when there is such a drastic difference in weight, they should side with you. I know, I had some experiences like this 3 times and won every time. BY THE WAY! If you report this to the police and then show eBay the police report they will probably side with you. Yea, its some extra steps but it's worth the effort. Blast the buyer across all your social media too.
Jason Gonzalez (4 days ago)
they are no longer registered on ebay .
Jody Silvia (4 days ago)
Boycott Ebay they're wrong in every way .
Odalis Inoa (4 days ago)
Can we adjust our return policies? I’m new to drop shipping on eBay & like the rest of us. I don’t want to deal with that kind of headache. Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (4 days ago)
don't drop ship on ebay
tameye77 (4 days ago)
thinking about selling on ebay…………..thanks I will look into other platforms
MyAmysBad (4 days ago)
I think this seller should call up Paypal and pursue a seller protection case, or call up the news and see if they could report on this. This needs to be exposed, and you should not just give up. Fight for your rights. In America there is ALWAYS a way to get justice. I hate dishonest people. If I personally lived in California I would get cameras and a crew and go find and expose these people. I think Ebay has to do better and treat their sellers better. Like he said, what about the people who are poor and are counting on this money to eat and pay for their light, or even medicines, or feeding children. Sellers should reach out to each other from state to state join forces and pursue finding these scammers. There are some computer geeks out here who enjoy finding creeps like that. Eventually they'll scam one of those guys and these scammer are going to regret ever scamming anyone. Karma will take care of these people. I'm so sorry anyone has to go through that.
Poon Tang (5 days ago)
EBay don't care I got ripped of for 479.00 Bay owns PayPal now and is run by the the thieving libtards.
Nikolaos G (5 days ago)
I fell you!!! that happens to my too!!!!! people crazy....!!!!
jessca moate (5 days ago)
I sell on eBay and I made sure to block them!!.. thank you for letting me know.. god bless you and your entire family/wifey.. you two are soo adorable together. I’m soo sorry these scammers took advantage of you. This is why I choose to sell all my highend bags I.e lv,Chanel etc at my gfs highend consignment shops. My gf that got me started selling on eBay sold a authentic Chanel maxi Lambskin for 5grand and the buyer returned a 20$ fake leather china knock off and eBay took the buyers side after arguing with them for months. I quit selling highend bag on there and just sell mk and cheaper brands now..😉😉😉 I’m fortunate to have a good gf that owns a reputable highend consignment shop and only charges me 15% of the selling prices which is basically what eBay/Paypal charge anyways... it’s always great to NETWORK.. networking is everything!!... also karma will get this guy!!! It’s soo disturbing how people just have no conscious and the fact eBay allows it!. I think as buyers we should at the least be able to leave neutral feedback!.. it’s bs cos buyers can leave us terrible feedback after we have them these deals etc.. but as buyers we don’t have the option to leave negative or neutral which infuuuriates me and I tell them this everytime I’m on the fone with them!!😱😱😱 anyways god bless hun
Simon North (6 days ago)
Nope... 9 times out of 10 they rule in favour of the buyer
Mike Martinez (6 days ago)
The Seller probably knows someone working at eBay...For him to send back a small package that's means he was coached on how to get away with the scam sofast..
Cindy Gipson (6 days ago)
I know you made this video to help show eBay their faults, but in doing so you really helped me. A few years back I was selling on eBay and actually had over $500 in PayPal. Then the same type of thing happened to me. I got scammed and eBay took the buyers side. I thought it was personal and I immediately pulled my items and quit selling. I still have the money in my PayPal account and I don't know how to get to it! Since I found out this has happened to you and others, I am now willing to give it another shot, but NOT through eBay. Where should I start? Amazon or where? And. What company makes getting to your money the easiest? Please somebody tell me so I will not get scammed again!
Ron Jeremy (7 days ago)
Should've called & said you had proof, also the weight of the package shouldve been enough proof
MR. OBJECTS (7 days ago)
Your mistake was dealing with ebay and not PayPal. Paypal is a little more intelligent and look at all the facts
Kemstrees Place (7 days ago)
Ebay reps are hired off of the street corners..they never help the seller..i was scammed on a phone and pretzel warmer..they even said i could keep my money as well as them..but 2 days later it was taken out of my account..no one helped after 15 calls...but yeah ebay is a mess the past few years..specially charging shipping fees because people used to sell 100.00 item for 99 cents buy it now with 99.00 dollars shipping..yet when you call and ask one of them street corner reps,they programmingly (not a word i dont think) say..oh were trying to promote free shipping lol...big dummies...but yeah we need a new place to sell until they straighten the B.S out..good luck.
ebay will be history very soon, so many scam artists out there, zero seller protection
Philip Gilmore (7 days ago)
I literally just had this happen. Sold a brand new HP laptop. Buyer said he received just a charger opened a dispute then sent us back a bunch of nasty stained t shirts. Just like you I was absolutely astonished that eBay decided In their favor. Fortunately as a courtesy eBay gave me a $164 credit towards my fees. Which was nice however considering this last months fees were close to $3k it didn’t make much of a dent.
Jon C (8 days ago)
Sorry but I dont feel bad. Way too many scummy sellers out there, know how many times I buy new items that arent new?
RALLI ROOTS (8 days ago)
Jon C lol 👌🏻
tscovel (9 days ago)
you told us the name of the platform (Ebay) tell the name of the scammer so others are warned
victor martins (9 days ago)
you were paid with pay pal, so you should have contacted pay pal , up till 100 days after transaction,
Miss Jenny's Cleaning (9 days ago)
I'm sorry this happened to you. Smart move posting on social media. I hope eventually you get it resolved.
Will Port (9 days ago)
What you should of did was take a picture of the package that came in with the label showing the weight, and the label that you sent with the weight, and common sense the weight doesnt add up so how could he have sent the item back, ebay would of went in your favor but you didnt provide no evidence to support your claim, they where going based on your word and your word aint shit, in their computer they see the tracking number not the weight. Lesson learnt. Contact them back with this info.
Then you send the pictures to ebay.
roxcyn (12 days ago)
They must have been removed or deleted their account as it's not coming up as a username.
Gary G (13 days ago)
i am dealing with a situation on ebay right now. the seller contacted me that the item was damage on shipping (its an expensive amp) so i asked for the picture of the item. he send the picture and yes it has some damage but very minor. he then decided to open the amp and told me that he don't want it anymore since the inside is dusty and the components are old. i told him that its 20 y/o and never been opened. the listing said that due to the age of this amp, i am selling it as is. luckily (maybe) he took the dusty picture and send it to the return complain and asked for a return. i talked to ebay and i told them that the amp has been tampered with by opening it and ebay agree with me and told me that he has no case. then i check and they told the buyer to return and he will get a full refund once i receive the item. i called ebay again and they said that it was a mistake to tell the buyer that. they told me to wait for the item to be returned and call that its been tampered. They game me a case number and told me to give it to costumer service once i get the item. i am waiting for the item right now... we'll see whats the verdict.
Domar95 (13 days ago)
Who’s broke enough to scam you out of a shit Chinese speaker
Domar95 (13 days ago)
Left field but do you have to pay taxes on resale?
RALLI ROOTS (13 days ago)
for sure, there's tax on any income
aces541 (14 days ago)
Do you leave FEEDBACK for buyers UPFRONT????? Probably not... that pisses buyers off...so start leaving feedback upfront or continue to suffer....
RALLI ROOTS (14 days ago)
aces541 yup, our stores are set to leave feedback automatically when they pay. Cheers
hotness overload
Kenneth Dillibe (16 days ago)
Nice video, the usps usually prints the weight and dimensions of packages, if you sent an item that weighs 4lbs with a bigger dimension and they returned to you an envelope that weighs only 8 ounces, why can't eBay see the discrepancy? or you didn't mention it to them, you can even report to your local police.
Lexst1 (16 days ago)
I typed thecristiansellers in Bing and the top results were how to block bidders and bidder/buyer management:)
The Big Kahuna (17 days ago)
What other platforms are out there to sell on? Scammers suck.
cobbler (17 days ago)
The same thing happened to me, though a good thing that there are 90 percent good and honest buyers, though ebay policies suck a big time !!!
Rafael Trickett-Robles (18 days ago)
My war story. A seller purchased a set of 4 heavy highball crystal whiskey glasses from me back in February. Each glass was carefully bubble wrapped, wrapped with packaging paper and then another layer of foam wrap. This three layer protection has worked well on other sales of the same item to other buyers and no others have ever arrived broken. Exactly a 30 days to the delivery date later, they filed a claim in March, claiming that 2 of the 4 glasses arrived broken and they requested a refund on two of the glasses. They provided pictures of the broken glasses in the original retail product box, a box which I don't ship in or with, as it does not provide the necessary protection needed to help prevent breakage while in transit. As these glasses are available at several national chain discount stores, I felt that the buyer was simply trying to get some money back on my sale, claiming that my shipment arrived broken, when in fact they broke a previous set that they had purchased elsewhere. That was their first mistake. I disagreed with the return dispute and in typical auto reply eBay fashion, they asked the buyer to ship back the product for a full refund. The buyer was provided with a label and shipped off the package. The return arrived in my hometown, however, for unknown reasons, the post office returned the parcel back to the buyer. Checking the tracking, it shows as en route back to the buyer, however, within the eBay dispute, it shows as delivered at my address, which of course was not the case. Because it showed as delivered, eBay automatically refunded the original purchase price to the buyer, a small sum of $49.99 + shipping, but a sum which I felt I was taken advantage of, by both eBay and the buyer. Rather than chalking it up as a loss, I called eBay and was told to file a police report. A POLICE REPORT! With the my local police department office just a mile away, I headed down, trying to figure out how not to look like a complete fool while trying to explain to the uniformed officer that a $50 item was being returned in a fraudulent manner. At first, they didn't quite know what to do and called the police chief. He told them to have me give a statement, which would then provide the statement ID number that eBay needed. I live in a large city, one where more pressing issues, like strong arm robberies, car break ins and burglaries take place, I felt like a bit of a dolt asking to file a report on a set of 4 crystal whiskey glasses. About an hour later, with my police report statement ID in hand, I uploaded it on to eBay's document site. To eBay, this was proof that a wrong had taken place and they would cover me by returning back to me the monies for the item which they had refunded back to the buyer. As I was waiting for my written statement to be entered into the police report database, I was thinking about the dispute picture that the buyer had uploaded and aside from the product retail box being in the picture, of which I never mailed the product retail box, I reembered that I had mailed the 4 glasses in a USPS large flat rate box. The product retail box was several inches taller and wider than the measurements of the large flat rate box and would have never have fit in the USPS mailing box ... mistake #2. In the end, I don't know what will become of the buyer. For me, I'll be given back the payment for the item I sold to an unscrupulous buyer and hopefully, not be the laughing stock at my police station. Do your due diligence eBay sellers, don't let eBay bully you with their automated responses. Call them directly and have all of your documentation ready to make rebuttal.
Twin Turbo Rotary (18 days ago)
Same thing happened to me. Ebay does not protect their sellers.
craigr306 (18 days ago)
You need to try again with pictures and proof. If that fails make a complaint to eBay
Geoffrey Johnson (18 days ago)
Geoffrey Johnson (18 days ago)
They must have removed them as i tried to add to list and no seller exsist now.Good job sharing this is a serious common problem and eBay needs to stand with sellers more before they collapse as a platform on to themselves,I pay them 600-800 a month and they never favor me even when it is blatant fraud
Geoffrey Johnson (18 days ago)
been here before bro,sorry, I have been scammed a few time over 10 years as a seller
Henry Checo (18 days ago)
I totally agree with you
Kevin Scott (18 days ago)
eBay are only bothered about their fees.
Blaze Pheonix (18 days ago)
I’ve had something like this but in reverse, I ordered a bunch of nendroids and never got them, we lost 140$ and it’s been 1 to 2 years
Carla Lynne (19 days ago)
Ebay you suck!
Viet Dang (19 days ago)
Wow . This happens to me all the time and Ebay don't care
Natalie Holch (20 days ago)
Edie Lynch (20 days ago)
Have bought and sold on Ebay...am not a fan! You're going to run into low lives like this from time to time...sorry.
Fubar MMA (20 days ago)
this is why i dont sell on ebay anymore...
james sayers (20 days ago)
That's why I go no refunds selling as is on every single listing You by its yours I don't care
james sayers (20 days ago)
They try to open returns but never works most of them are scams I'd rather cut out the 60% and I have to deal with it still do good with every thing but I also list every detail like an wrong or right with the item so they know exactly what they're getting
RALLI ROOTS (20 days ago)
james sayers no refunds makes zero sense. You’re cutting out 60% of the market and buyers can still open returns lol.
John .Saylock (21 days ago)
Is that makeup?
Joezthepro (21 days ago)
Hey im kinda new to ebay So can you help me?
Jason Jacobs (21 days ago)
Ebay is terrible to its sellers
Eric L (21 days ago)
I got a rare 4000 dollar Pokemon card to sell. I'm scared this will happen to me for my first time selling. So I'm thinking of sell it for dirt cheap to a profit site. It sucks it has to be like that :/
Eric L (21 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS 1st Ed Charizard. Sent it to psa. In the mail on the way to them now. To be fair I don't think it will sell past 1.5k cause it's prob psa 7 ish. But still. Getting scammed at all would suck.
RALLI ROOTS (21 days ago)
what card is is?
Carl Wilson (21 days ago)
I have been doing ebay since 2003, 16 years and its worse now because you have to pay the return postage, Ebay don't give a shite
Herbert Chapman AFC (22 days ago)
i got scammed twice even when once the buyer signed for the goods and they said they didnt get them.... I do not sell on ebay any more.
Green Boy1 (22 days ago)
You should automatically refuse the package since the size is different than the original size.
Apollyon (22 days ago)
99% of the time when I sell to someone in CA its a scam.
MattyB (23 days ago)
Seriously, do people really believe that eBay take action over fake items on eBay. I have purchased numerous items on eBay that have turned out to be fake. The last one they told me to return to the seller after I proved it was not genuine. When I provided evidence that the importation of these fake items was also an offence, eBay told me to destroy it. This seller is still listing fake items on eBay and they do nothing. Why, their policies are for show only to appease governments and law enforcement agencies. eBay's legal team also claim they are not responsible for the fake items, as their site is a venue only, similar to a newspaper.
David Hunt (24 days ago)
You can't even leave a buyer negative feedback, at least not here in the UK. EBay has become a joke, there are so many people out there who bid on stuff with no intention of buying, many of them are selling something similar but because you have to relist it makes your item seem defective in someway, or overpriced.
John Sikes (24 days ago)
Really, with a little forethought you could have protected yourself from that. Just video the outgoing stuff, and the incoming thing WITH the ebay label on it before you opened it. IN FACT, WHY THE HELL would you even open that as a return? You KNEW it wasn't the right item, unless the envelope was DR Who technology (bigger on the inside). I would have left the package closed, gone back to the PO, and had an investigation started. Mail fraud (I think) is a felony, and they will take that seriously, as it ups the local police "arrest" records. Surely even where you are at NOW you could make the case (I'll bet my wife could, anyway). ;-) If it were me, Ebay would figure it out. NOTHING ironic about that name, when I rented, if someone started talking "Jesus" or any of that other garbage, it was ALWAYS a disaster. I think people would be a lot more interested in Christianity if Christians weren't so often pretty much scum. Not all of them, or even probably most of them, but a larger percentage, by far, than someone who proscribes to THOSE PARTICULAR teachings, should demonstrate. Just sayin'.
Mishy C (24 days ago)
What a joke! Ebay are scammers themselves!
jetty2yo (25 days ago)
keep ringing and state the weight and size of package i had a different issue and went through 8 reps before i got a positive outcome same with negs i get told it cannot be removed 4th rep later removed please keep trying in any situation i know this is a while back but scammers shall not win !!
Mark Robinson (25 days ago)
go right to ebay, not the online place, the real ebay headquarters and deal with someone there, it might be more time wasted and still they might find in the buyer's favor again or they might actually see what your talking about and decide in your favor.
pf008 (25 days ago)
74 scammers disliked this video. BTW I wonder if those "christian" sellers put the item up for sale on ebay shortly after.
heather harpst (25 days ago)
looks like a few lumps are par for the course
Kimberly Foland (25 days ago)
EBay should have seen what the weight of the return package is. Makes it obvious that the original item was not what was returned. I have seen cases where the weight helped the seller in a case. This is an absolute shame and happens way more than it should.
Strong likeBull (25 days ago)
Ryan you're a fk'n stud and fk those guys! eBay better step it up!
supertouring22 (26 days ago)
Put a fucking shirt on!
RALLI ROOTS (26 days ago)
Joe S (27 days ago)
too bad you live across the country because you could take them to small claims court......

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