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23 Story Electronics Market in China 😱 Better than Alibaba?? Guangzhou wholesale mall sourcing

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Update 2019: Announcing my NEW Digital Nomad Masterclass https://academy.livinthatlife.com Click the red subscribe button if you like this video – follow for a new travel video every week. MORE IN THE DESCRIPTION ⬇️ Visiting China? I wrote up some things you should know before going -- http://livinthatlife.com/china-travel-guide/ Chinese wholesale market/mall w 23 Floors. Yes. It's real. It felt like walking thru Alibaba .com lol... I think a lot of the sellers in here are just wholesalers who take orders from sites like Aliexpress.com, alibaba.com, globalsources.com and other wholesale sites around the world.. bc they are always packing up boxes ...... well everywhere around the outskirts of the city of Guangzhou all you see are people moving boxes around haha..... was this better than just scouting for new product ideas on Alibaba.com? Not sure.. sometimes you can get lucky and find that amazingly cool thing.. but that can happen online too.... nonetheless it was a good experience to try out and see what the wholesale scene it all about. ...then we get a bite of some Chinese food, and end it with a preview of the next video, nightlife at O2 club at Party Pier.. click to watch next! WATCH NEXT: http://bit.ly/CHINAvids All the China Travel Videos! (10+ vids: nightlife, food, sourcing & more) - http://bit.ly/CHINAvids Edited by: https://instagram.com/asishvasa/ Music: What you should do: Hit me up & follow for daily stories: 1️⃣ https://snapchat.com/add/pliez1000 2️⃣ https://instagram.com/rileypliez/ 3️⃣ Current & future nomads: Join the LivinThatLife FB group – connect & meet likeminded people, share your stories, tips & projects. 👉 https://fb.com/groups/livinthatlife/ welcome to the channel - Here’s where I’ve been in the past 2 years: asia: http://bit.ly/CHINAvids http://bit.ly/HONGKONGvids http://bit.ly/BANGKOKvids http://bit.ly/CHIANGMAIvids http://bit.ly/SAIGONvivds http://bit.ly/PHILIPPINESvids http://bit.ly/KUALALUMPURvids http://bit.ly/SINGAPOREvids around the world: http://bit.ly/INDIAvids http://bit.ly/DUBAIvids http://bit.ly/COLOMBIAvids http://bit.ly/AMSTERDAMvids http://bit.ly/KENYAvids http://bit.ly/SPAINvids http://bit.ly/PUERTORICOvids http://bit.ly/SEATTLEvids best of: http://bit.ly/AMAZONvids http://bit.ly/STREETFOODvids http://bit.ly/NIGHTLIFEvids #digitalnomad #livinthatlife #travelvlog #onlinebusiness #locationindependent #entrepreneur #4hourworkweek #travelvlog #remotework #traveltheworld #youtubers #travel #vlog tags: guangzhou what to know,guangzhou tourism,guangshou trip,guangzhou travel,guangzhou layover,guangzhou attractions 📝 About this channel: http://livinthatlife.com/about/ 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️   ★ FAQ ★ 1️⃣ ➜ How do you guys afford to travel? We work remotely running our e-commerce business, selling physical products via Amazon FBA. My 'Amazon 101' video is here ➜https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIsHX7vpse9nOq9QnxAqnHvcmsafqK-_2 My Full Amazon Course is at ➜https://theamazonmethod.teachable.com/ 2️⃣ ➜ What camera do you use? Canon Powershot G7X & iPhone 7 Plus. http://amzn.to/2xeRSBB 3️⃣ ➜ What is a Digital Nomad? Someone who works from their laptop and chooses to travel for fun, and/or because the cost of living is much less in other countries, in order to invest more money into their online business, while having an exotic lifestyle. 4️⃣ ➜ "How do I start? I'm looking to start working remotely." (We started from watching youtube too) Join our Facebook Community ➜ https://facebook.com/groups/livinthatife/ ➜ If you've been looking to do Amazon / physical product selling specifically, I get asked questions every day, that's why I recorded step-by-step videos on how we do private-labeling: ➜ https://theamazonmethod.teachable.com/ ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ ➜ 2nd Channel – https://youtube.com/RileyBennett1 – my best daily snapchat stories - expat life, food, fun, photos ➜ AMAZON MARKETING CHANNEL http://bit.ly/LivinThatLifeMarketing Weekly Tips, Tricks & Strategies to make more money online. Find this video valuable? 👍 Click thumbs up & share it on Reddit it helps the channel 🚀❤️🌎
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Livin That Life (1 year ago)
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Sampath Gamage (3 months ago)
You enjoyed along.... nice.!! see you next videos.. t'c. buy!
Nozrul Khan (5 months ago)
Wicked Gamer (20 days ago)
Alibaba is SHIT
Live Chan Jatt (2 months ago)
Nice job
Jiexi Liu (2 months ago)
Not tea party but a habit to have tea for people from chaoshan(East Guangdong)... Some even have tea set in their car😂. Additionally the tea can be used to entertain some guests(relative or long-time customer).
shazzdila 95 (2 months ago)
they use dollar or yuan?
Sameer Jung Thapa (2 months ago)
can you tell me the wholesale market name or mall name?
Prince Umar (2 months ago)
Hii..Am an Indian and I would like to start a Business in INDIA. Before that I would like to visit China inorder to import the goods that helps me to start the BUSINESS.. Could you please provide me the details of documents required and necessary steps to do so.. Thank You MS SHAREEF +919618972849. Whatsap No.
Jhom Pafect (2 months ago)
Brother, whats the name of this place?
Livin That Life (2 months ago)
i wish i remembered sry haha
FIRTINA 01 (2 months ago)
Probably everything you ate were fake😂..eggs,meet...
Naser khan (3 months ago)
Bhai apna bmbr do y mera number 9689281787
Bob S. (3 months ago)
Where is this
suresh maravi (4 months ago)
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Morufu Tunde (5 months ago)
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king khan (5 months ago)
Any wholesaler from Guangzhou watching this video then please contact me i need electronic stuff in bulk. Send me link or contact no so i can contact u . I live in uk. Thanks
Yiwu Market Agent (5 months ago)
1000 photos of the China Yiwu wholesale Market, https://youtu.be/98oomF9Kkwc
Satish Arora (5 months ago)
Do they sell power tools
illuminatioracle (5 months ago)
1:40 looks like mr robot
Rakesh Athotra (5 months ago)
This is New Asia Market near Nan fang Dasha........they all are wholesaler..not retailers
Kaleem Farh (5 months ago)
Kindly post the location or address please
ming zhang (5 months ago)
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Wen Liang Tsang (6 months ago)
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Robin Sattahip (6 months ago)
You stupid idiot, what's the name of the place and where the hell is it so I can find it on a map? You look like a clown with the sunglasses and backwards hats, China has obviously lowered their standards for visas.
M D (6 months ago)
so I learned nothing, not a subscriber here...
Livin That Life (6 months ago)
That’s fine
Bingo. (7 months ago)
LMAO that vape she tried to sell to you for 100 costs like 45
Livin That Life (7 months ago)
Jahh typical haha
Sreerenj K (7 months ago)
Nice ..
Shopholic Bazar (7 months ago)
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Money Online (7 months ago)
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Ghost (7 months ago)
Chinese , i love them
Innovent Impex (7 months ago)
What's the name of that market
open channel (8 months ago)
Hi friend s
CM (8 months ago)
You should try some traditional Cantonese food tho...
Livin That Life (8 months ago)
look forward to my other vlogs:) see the STREET FOOD SCENE one:)
Saweicheng weicheng (8 months ago)
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ThäSwissKunt (9 months ago)
haha 1:35
Rohaifah Imam (9 months ago)
I want to come there but i dont know where the exactly adress.or location
olivia lee (9 months ago)
Rohaifah Imam welcome to Guangzhou ,cultural park the address
Rohaifah Imam (9 months ago)
What is the adress in china
Man Main Man (9 months ago)
So the cheapest place is??
Peterson Zheng (3 months ago)
the cheapeast plaec is in shenzhen city
Bush MasterKush 619 (9 months ago)
alibaba is china
mohd hafiz (9 months ago)
Seronok dpat pergi di sini
Gear JiuWei (10 months ago)
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Ghanshyam Padliya (10 months ago)
very nice
ChinaDirect Marketing (10 months ago)
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koper 26 (10 months ago)
Why people wear a hat on their head in that style like dude...do i realy need to tell u its ugly just slide it al over ur head
FabulousQueer (9 months ago)
Livin That Life (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
Livin That Life (10 months ago)
Saweicheng weicheng (10 months ago)
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Zeeshan Ahmad (10 months ago)
what is the name of this electronic wholesale market?
Wael Samir (10 months ago)
what the name of mall which find a vape store? please
Livin That Life (10 months ago)
There are many
Nigga with attitude (10 months ago)
Place name?
lee jack (8 months ago)
Zhang Ting new asia
Priyankar Barua (10 months ago)
Address to this location
Martin (10 months ago)
hey is it true that mobile phones in china costs more than in taiwan and that they actually smuggle that from taiwan to china. just heard that somewhere
Rudy Alfonsus (5 months ago)
Martin never heard about taiwan is cheaper. but i know when it comes to any branded stuffs, hongkong must be cheaper. tax free policy there
Phantom Assasin (5 months ago)
Martin yeah it is true. Because Chinese government has applied taxes on all foreign brands like apple and Samsung Even though they are manufactured in China
JW (10 months ago)
The dancing Russian girls at the end were a nice touch :)
Livin That Life (10 months ago)
+JW heheh 🤗 nice touch my Ashi the editor eh. Gotta hook em for the nxt video 😎🤙
Paltibenlaish (10 months ago)
where in guanzhou is this ???
Livin That Life (10 months ago)
+Paltibenlaish forget the name , maybe it’s in the description .. or check out my China Guide on LivinThatLife.com
JW (10 months ago)
O2 Club Guangzhou at Party Pier
Vincent Rogiest (10 months ago)
That was a funny russian accent.
jedi492 (11 months ago)
You will not take God's name in vain, one of God's commandments
HICHAM MOUCHRIK (11 months ago)
Amazing how this people make living. You see them littely selling identical items, than you see thousands shop in the same building, you definutely will become dizzy after 20 -30 shop and become deja-vu ... However, specially electronic or battery, is really low quality made, even i know apple made in china... But those street sellers are selling fake items even by chinesses standard
Livin That Life (11 months ago)
+HICHAM MOUCHRIK I sometimes wonder the same
Nadal Adams (11 months ago)
ahah lol I have a company a trading company in china we always do that , its common here bro, if u guys needs help contact me 0086 130 6090 8719
Bro call me i Need Product Alot Of It For My Store
Nikhil Jagtap (11 months ago)
Average white guy ever...
Naahdude (11 months ago)
I would walk around there for days...
Yevin conjamalay (11 months ago)
can i have the address please
JW (10 months ago)
O2 Club Guangzhou at Party Pier
EVELYN LEADER (11 months ago)
how much is the phones like samsung7&8 there in hongkong bro im also from seattle its nice to see people in different country enjoying & share the exoerience
boodhoo zeehan (4 months ago)
Am in china now and don't think that it's cheap. Almost the same around the world for branded mobiles.
Livin That Life (11 months ago)
+evelyn m leader nice! Ya there’s unlimited phones .. pretty much same price for the real ones I’d guess
Peter Trần (1 year ago)
i must say wholly sh*t i havent been there for quite sometime now...hihi!
Omran Javan (1 year ago)
Is this gouangzhu?
Mohammed Patel (1 year ago)
I am going shenzen and ghounzhou next week. Could u please tell me where is this market Please??
imran khan (8 months ago)
Mohammed Patel did u manage to find it if yes pls give me the details I will be there in 3 weeks
bhgg yuuv (1 year ago)
Love you pak china
uK8cvPAq (1 year ago)
I'd love to go there, I know most of it is fake and should be avoided but its still eye candy for people like me.
Kiki Zhou (5 months ago)
actually it is not fake.
Richard Wang (6 months ago)
It is not fake.. go there you ll know why...
Liang Allen (1 year ago)
I will love to give you good suggest,i am going this yeah , I will love to go back with you guys
he & she Tips (1 year ago)
Sir I'm Indian Nice product contact no. Please
008618676754184whats app
Killmonger elbert (1 year ago)
Do you remember the address
eko pradana (10 months ago)
This one in. Culture park. By metro line 6 untile culture park. And take exit A.
JW (10 months ago)
O2 Club Guangzhou at Party Pier
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+Livin That Life LivinThatLife.com/China-travel-guide it might be in there
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+daniel elbert hmmm check my China grave Guide on LivinThatLife.com
Mohamed Adel (1 year ago)
This video in new asia market because i am going in china after 4 days please answer I need store buy vape in guangzhou
Kiyan Riahi (1 year ago)
new asia in guangzhou
Dale Messina (1 year ago)
Where in Guangzhou is this?
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+Dale Messina search Nanfang Electronics City
Eric Cy (1 year ago)
Shopping in china, you must bargain like this dude ~ https://youtu.be/pk8HzIO_j3w
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+Eric Cy okok. Tks
mcg160270 (1 year ago)
Excuse me, what place is that where the blonde girls dancing?
JW (10 months ago)
O2 Club Guangzhou at Party Pier
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+mcg160270 watch the next video 😎🤙
Joshua Chad (1 year ago)
You guys are such a riot to watch! Boom! Lol
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+Joshua Chad 🇹🇩🙏🤙🤙🤙
Jan Eskil Flåm (1 year ago)
Amazing video! Great shots! Makes me want to travel again : ) I also made a video of my around the world travels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc_vKfCTcOc&t=1s
jjkfunda (1 year ago)
The Chinese are so neat. Do some food stuff as to what they really eat,like the exotic foods we hear so much about, snakes, crocodiles. The video simple but nice. Enjoyed it. Thanks!
NEELAM NEGI (11 months ago)
How to purchase them
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+jjkfunda well Tks for watchin 😎🤙🙏🙏
9 NAGA UTAMA SAKTI (1 year ago)
Damn..........that russian dancers a nice touch
Qwer Ty (1 year ago)
李潇宇 because of Putin son of the bitch with his friends
李潇宇 (1 year ago)
so many russians and eastern Europe girl in China club dancing every city
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
+Ade ade full video coming soon next 🤙
Livin That Life (1 year ago)
Francesco Brownlee (1 year ago)
Keep going Riley. Im watching you. Im Sreekanta...lol...just do it....im with you electronically....
ShafeenTV (1 year ago)
Omg! 😀😀I need to be there!
Mel Yuen (1 year ago)
Very welcome to China😘

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