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PLO Lumumba Deported From Zambia For Criticizing its Chinese Government

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2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Othello The Moor (4 months ago)
2nacheki Zambians are angry https://youtu.be/Wo2UzK5NrkM
Changeling (4 months ago)
You have not provided any evidence that he was deported. Don't become another lame click bait channel.
Candice Addison (25 days ago)
its so sad because Zambia is so beautiful.. truly beautiful..
JELC (25 days ago)
Ka title sinina ka konde buti
dark window (2 months ago)
Wow 😤😞 what I see coming down the line for Africa is not going to be good for Africa !!! 😢😭😤
Rey Band (3 months ago)
This is absolutely ridiculous and proves his point
ThePoetry God (4 months ago)
Black people in Africa need to kick the chinese and the Americans.
ThePoetry God (4 months ago)
This is sad. Black people need to wake up.
kouakou Samson Kouame (4 months ago)
Great man! He needs to be protected. They keep on killing panafricanist and smart africans.
Lovelybrown (4 months ago)
My God what the hell is going on with my people how can you be deported from a country where black people originate for people who are buying up the place and missing treating the original occupants sad sad sad guess the government won't be happy until every black person on the continent of Africa is gone including yours don't think when they finish off the poor and the downtrodden that you will be safe you won't remember your face is black to and your greed will finish you wake up leaders of Africa or you will parish
the people of zambia are really funny in their thought, its never heard of that an african country deports its fellow brother, thats a shame, big shame on the zambia government and to the presidency in particular.........now my Question is this "what P.L.O is saying about china is it right or wrong ?" even a blind man or a deaf woman can answer that question ................yes we know P.L.O speaks with Anger and Activism always but that should be ignored....the message which he brings is most important ........Wake up zambia Wake up Zambia government and dont be A coward or a racist to your fellow african people ........because with the pace at which China is taking over your land when the heat comes dont call on other african countries to help you guys ...........GOD BLESS as you work hard to have Common sense ............thank you
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Steve Macks (4 months ago)
Trump though arrogant but was right...it's becoming clear day by day.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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khumbo mkandawire (4 months ago)
He was not deported, he was denied entry.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
lol. Okay
Andre (4 months ago)
Hahahaha Black African leaders.
duncan mburu (4 months ago)
The most dangerous animals on earth is us, human beings!! Look at what is happening in this scenario. A fellow African speaking out the truth is deported by a fellow African! Why? Why? Are we that blind? Is this the way we should live? I feel disappointed when I see such things happening! When are we going to stand up against this bullies? We need Africa to unite but before that we must change our ways and our views regarding ourselves plus this leaders who sell us should be removed from power!
Micheal Morris (4 months ago)
all the people have to do are take up arms because if the people are not benefit from that deal
Abibatu Bangura (4 months ago)
Love this man
Nas X (4 months ago)
You think whites are racist? Just you wait. That Chinese will squeeze Africa so bad ...
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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bustcaps3 (4 months ago)
You cant blame this on African leaders when you have a country full of Africans. Alot of yall dont realize the american citizens have more power than its government. So why are the chinese ruling these people? No excuse
Russell Stoffberg (4 months ago)
Africans are waking up.
Shed the shackles of oppression! Even if by death!
Bornface Maphosa (4 months ago)
Wake up Africa
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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kenneth mugendi (4 months ago)
plo is only agitating for Africans to learn from Chinese, stop misusing the word CRITICIZING.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Lady T (4 months ago)
Zambia owned by China and already doing away with free speech
Yasin Jama (4 months ago)
How is next ?
Yasin Jama (4 months ago)
Zambia become slaven for China ,
Harriet Hendrickson (4 months ago)
Shame to this Zambian government what makes u think this Chinese people love or care about u nonsense
Harriet Hendrickson (4 months ago)
What de hell is wrong with some of our so called African leaders? Is this president out of his damn mind to deport his own black man for speaking de truth? Am done
the truth seeker (4 months ago)
Seems China is growing like a weed in sub Saharan Africa gonna be called chifrica soon.
Grantler 17 (4 months ago)
The Zambian president acted premitive & undeplomatic to ban proff". LUMUMBA"because of critisizing Chinas politics towards  Africa.I can just warn him: The greedy chnes have no africans interest at hurt, they are after your raw materials( Gold, cooper, irion ,zinc etc) They invest 10usd, and take away home 30USD!!!!The founding father Dr. KK, left a land full of wealth just to go to the Dogs!!!! Zambians you will regret if you dont stand up against the pawn / sale of your land to this Monsters chinees, who have become a plague world wde,They give you an umbrella when its raining, just to demand it back when its hot.
Ernest mensah kyei (4 months ago)
Africa is dead, we need good leaders
cesse maboule (4 months ago)
Well done Zambia!
gosberth majebelle (4 months ago)
PLO'S LIFE,Should be protected for whatever it leads, and ask all Pan-African leaders to support him,He is prophesing for the African future.
mwaura napoleon (4 months ago)
The fellow with power has no ideas while those with ideas are not in power
I just wish this guy can be a president one day.
Thomas Danladi (4 months ago)
Shame to Zambia government
Teegee David (4 months ago)
African leaders disgust me
Moses Isi (4 months ago)
African leaders are the decimation of morons
Nemesis (4 months ago)
If you are going to Criticize the Leader of the Country you are Visiting why should he be Let in? would you allow some to enter your house who has been criticizing you?
Zambia president who preside over the re enslavement and the dehumanisation of his citizenry now that Zambia has sold everything to the chines land minerals the sovereignty of the Zambia state I have to which mr baboon congratulations for a mission well accomplished. Let’s I forget mr baboon send all the Africans out Zambia and start waging war against those who do not share your vision of self alienation you are curse to your people
Vincent Narteh Sackey (4 months ago)
Did you people say an acclaimed lawyer? Funny journalism.
True Comment (4 months ago)
Good Channel. Keep going. # Africa proud # Love & Respect from the Republic of Somalia.
Follower of David Koresh (4 months ago)
Zambia is now in the hands of general tso chicken and her friend rice citizens. May God help mama Africa eat her captors and kick them out
free dumenergy (4 months ago)
The Mongol's are our children who look like "The Great Mother" Africa, the chinese or Asiatic strain knows exactly were they migrated from and the African People of Ta Seti' , Akebulan, need to stand in front of the Chinese our amalgamated brothers and explained to them! ".....the great, great, great, grand children don't "NAME" the Great Mother of All civilzations, TA SETI 1,Land Of the Ancient Kushite Kings.. Is a baby born into the world giving his Mother and Father names and its Ancestors?? So you have China is still suffering from the Piso Ptolemic diaease of classcism and culture amnesia and historygenocide, research Dr. Runoko Rashidi Ph.D., Ancient Asia.
Dylo Twice (4 months ago)
ChiLungurization of Zambia....Chipolopolo is finished
Once again this is the confirmation that Africans can only be best as slaves.
James Fasae (4 months ago)
WHEN YOU HAVE GIVING THE RIGHT TO YOUR HOUSE TO A VISITOR(S), ONE DAY YOU WILL BECOME A STRANGER. #SLAVERYMUSTNOTREPEAT . He Has The Questions Already. And Why should Africans keep allowing the tools to rot with rut and keep going back to tilling with our bare hands after losing the evidence of our creation....
Johnpaul Oruma (4 months ago)
Son of the soil ,what happened to you in Zambia reminds me when you were Chairman of Ant corruption here in Kenya.The time the country was waiting your speech to mention the Corrupt goons in Kenya that's the time you were removed.When zambia is waiting you to give precious speech about Chinese.Thats the time you are deported back to the country.Prof Mungu akulinde.
king of kings 1 (4 months ago)
They will pay For the selling out an not hearing the words of truth an reason.I am judah lord of the 9 teice great 777=21=3×3=9 the soul in man look to the east for the coming of a black King.All who love vanity a forgot the poor an fartherless will pay none leaves with money.
Mulenga (4 months ago)
Hey up Zambian and fight for your resources. Your govt is selling you to the Chinese.
Mulenga (4 months ago)
What a shame Zambian leaders
Mkenya Daima (4 months ago)
Now we have Lumumba and Malema let's support them for better Africa
E Ceesay (4 months ago)
This guy is a hypocrite defending Kenyatta in the fraudulent election in Kenya. Snake!
Willy Khama (4 months ago)
First it was Mmusi Maimane D.A leader South Africa because he he rally behind Zambia opposition party leader when he was being persecuted then Tendai Biti MDC alliance principal Zimbabwe because he belongs to opposition now PLO a Kenyan Legal practitioner,an academic and pan africanist.Lungu administration is not only suppressive of opposition in africa but an anti africanist.
richie black (4 months ago)
Motherland please wake up for the Chinese are blood suckers
KING RAY-X (4 months ago)
I m African American..forget it and canceled my trip to Zambia next year because of China takeover Zambia as my motherland ..I decided to go west Africa soon...uncomfortable zambian president peroid
Mama Africa (4 months ago)
Africa is the richest continent if we can join together we don't need any support from outsiders Deporting your brother for Chinese very wrong and he is right they know what they are after.
AlexHushMoney. (4 months ago)
African has entered, again, what the British called Indirect Rule with China....All African Leaders Are Completely Incapacitated To Be Leaders.
Black African are slaves to the Chinese. They need a lot of help
Nathaniel Adjabli (4 months ago)
it's so sad how we as Africans can't accept our mistakes and see the way forward from those who are ready to make us see the light.....How can you deport a man like this from getting into your country? this strongly explains what ever he's said so far about your country is true....Shame on Zambian Government
Watcher On The Wall (4 months ago)
AgnesRose Mbembu (4 months ago)
Africans will always remain Zombies because of Wicked and Fearful Leaders! Even a Baby from China can beat and kill you Africans, and YOU ALL will not react. Zambiam Stooges!
AgnesRose Mbembu (4 months ago)
Zambians, send out the Chinese now, before it will be too for Zambia!
Janet Mwangi (4 months ago)
Chinese did not want professor Lumumba in Zambia, because he sees through their lies, and was going to expose them.
Janet Mwangi (4 months ago)
Ropafadzo Chakaodza (4 months ago)
zambia is now good at deporting
Allie Conteh (4 months ago)
I am against the deportation of anyone for what they stand for or their belief. Most or some African leaders might be dictators, but still I do not agree with the professor that our leaders do not know what they want for their people. We now live in exciting times and we do not just have our colonial masters to think of any more. Information or even the world is at our finger tips. People want development as seen on television or mobile phones or the internet; better infrastructire, better housing, quality education as a foundation now to build a modern society. A modern people demand modern living to thrive and build their country and they know a power is there to help us get there. But each African country has to figure out themselves how to get there. And that is why I feel people like, professor, are more relevant today than I am. Sierra Leonean and as a country we made all kinds of mistakes but thank God, we now have a president that is serious and honest about addressing them.
Ismaila Roman (4 months ago)
About Libya news
Emmanuel Agbevey (4 months ago)
Who elect this man us a president....my goodness 😲😲🤣🤣 sorry 👎🏿
brian emboywa (4 months ago)
"Africa kills her son"
Iamtheone (4 months ago)
Some Africans are dumb can't change stupid
Bandile Khoza (4 months ago)
Zambaian government is led by fools
edwin terence wabushi (4 months ago)
Truth hurts African leaders r allergic to the truth and a big chunk of that will go into government official pockets am really ashamed being led by 97% of demagogues called African leaders shame and shame
Shadrack Makokha (4 months ago)
Zambia they were afraid! Greedy leaders they knew that Strong African Man PLO Lumumba will destroy their relationship with Chinese.
Xolani Buthelezi (4 months ago)
Problem of Africa is leadership
printmedia14 (4 months ago)
In Kenya Lumumba failed us by being a court clown When we swore our winner he called it treason Those easily impressed by words fall easy....wait till the Chinese invite him....he will praise them like the court poet he is
MBOYA Ogutu (4 months ago)
We taught all these foreign creatures EVERYTHING. For BLACK AFRICANS to be under the foot of any race can only be because we are TOTALLY OUT OF OUR BLACK MINDS. Deep down, WE KNOW all these idiots exploiting us are just kids. That's how large we are. Still, after 2700 years of fooling around with these wretches, isn't it time to BRING THEM TO A PARALYSIS WITH A BRILLIANT BLACK, SYNCHRONIZED LASER BEAM? BLACK
africa never learns and never knows what it wants for its people: no leadership in africa, no organization. better europe takes over again in africa.
Ahmad Ahmed (4 months ago)
The chinses are a disease.
Andu H Yohannes (4 months ago)
Sad that anybody can bribe an African leader and loot the country.
Zambia is a Chinese colony , low IQ
Felicia E (4 months ago)
Good mind, be strong for your people all the time, stand up L
Nat_ Niy (4 months ago)
They Can’t handle the Truth so They Just Deport the man
J k (4 months ago)
It's surprising ....zambians don't understand English i think . The man didn't criticize racial and shithole china . The man is telling All africans to know What is good for africans .....to know How to Do your own. Don't be dependent on others. Create job for your people simple message ....shame to zambia monkeys ....leave our africa continent ....idiot zambia ...dog pikkins
J k (4 months ago)
When chinese are clubbing zambians to death in china ? When chinese are shooting and stealing your minerals in your stupid zambia .you idiot zambians deporting african in his own land because he criticize the racial demons? You zambians are asshole gorillas
owen rose (4 months ago)
Hams punishment has biggone "???! Edomites & ishmalites etc will come soon "??!
Raja Rajab (4 months ago)
African leaders are the ones who enslave Africa's because of there greed in power
alex mark (4 months ago)
Truth is bitter... Don't mind their stupidity Sir lumumba pls don't stop talking.
Mr. Robot (4 months ago)
Where are our Zimbabwian Brothers and Sisters! Please go out and protest against this bullshit!
Victor Sinyangwe (4 months ago)
He was denied entry not deported wrong misleading media news
Tesloach Nyok Gai (4 months ago)
This is total madness from African brothers
Philemon Elaigwu (4 months ago)
Zambian govt is a disgrace to Africa.
Mustik Styles (4 months ago)
“You wouldn’t know the benefit of the tree 🌳 in your yard until you cut it down”. Africans have never been short of prophets but denied 🙅‍♂️ or killed them. That’s why we’re lead by those who honor there’s.
Cng215 (4 months ago)
Bye bye Zambia enjoy oppression.
Ochieng (4 months ago)
Hes right but hes fake, he sold out and we will forever remember, PLO you have no Legacy, your only legacy is perfect english, We the youth will deliver what you never imagined for our people.
Steve swakei (4 months ago)
he sold what out?
B4BESS (4 months ago)
Where was he deported to?
Richard Jackson (4 months ago)
I think they are right to not allow anyone who is going to spread baseless criticisms about the China Africa relationship that is doing more for Africa in the last ten years than relationships with other nations have produced in 4 decades since independence. When Lumumba criticises this he is doing Africa and it's attempt to break from a stranglehold of former colonial powers that has intentionally kept the continent in poverty a disservice. He fails to understand the big difference in what African nations and leaders have been put through in the past through colonialism, post colonialism and even slavery and what African nations and leaders are experiencing now with China which is respectful with a few expected unintentional hiccups one would expect in any relationship and seems to want to poison young Africans with his misunderstanding which only benefit former colonial powers who to this day have always acted to disrupt African progress to economic growth. When changes his attitude and educates himself with the reality of the China/Africa relationship and how it differs from past colonial relationships with Africa, I am sure he will not be harmful to the work of African nations and leaders to extricate their nations from poverty and he will be welcome in places like Zambia to make speeches that are beneficial to Zambia and the African continent as a whole. He needs to get this part of his speeches right as much else he often says in his speeches is is inspiring. Peace and love
Richard Jackson (4 months ago)
Be critical with substance, I cannot reply to such a baseless comment without evidence to back what you are saying, and that was the reason I raised questions about what Lumumba was saying about the Chinese and Africa relationship. I think most of what Lumumba says is with substance, but on the China ting, he needs to leave his opinion out as there is no evidence to back it. African nations should be careful with whoever they do business with or whoever comes to their house, but this does not mean they should be blind to the difference between a thief coming to your house and a visitor of good will. If they can't do this they will be robbed till their house is bare and Lumumba's comments, extreme advice and opinion on the China/Africa only puts African nations, people and leaders at risk of this occurring to their nations as it continuously has in the past for these very reasons. Peace and love
Steve swakei (4 months ago)
you need to check yourself in the emergency room for the disease called ignorantyphoid
Takamura Mamoru (4 months ago)
when are the Zambians gonna start burning tyres in the streets in protest of the government?
Lewis Mukuka (4 months ago)
i doubt the authenticity of this story.Please help.
malls lores (4 months ago)
Fuck u zambia
Obed Mwakalonge (4 months ago)

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