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LOOK what we found THRIFTING! #Tommytuesday

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Come thrifting with us as we look for stuff to resell on eBay! • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! Instagram ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots thanks so much for watching! We love you all -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (175)
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
That hilf-iger looks like it says a bad word when you just see the back but the colors are amazing
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
Do you still have those doc Martin's? I love those what size are they?
junk man (2 months ago)
Sweet THREADS !!! I pick up 25cent stuffed animals for my dogs. 2 white German Shepherd girls.. They play with them before they rip them to SHREDS
Monica Deane (2 months ago)
have you ever showed how you take your pictures of a product to help it sell?
MontanaUS (2 months ago)
ꉂꉂ ( ˆᴗˆ ) Great Video Instant Replay 00:00 #PingMyLinks ꉂꉂ ( ˆᴗˆ )
rondi sarkinen (3 months ago)
So fun to watch you guys! Inspiring! Heading to the bins tonight! One question...do you guys wash everything that you pick up thrifting? I always do but it gets really overwhelming since I’m not quite up to hiring it out yet! I can’t WAIT! Thanks!
Donald Grover (3 months ago)
Arcoíris is Spanish for rainbow lol
Erin Adcock (6 months ago)
Southern Marsh is a great brand to buy
nos4atu357 (7 months ago)
What kind of wood is your flooring made out of
RALLI ROOTS (7 months ago)
nos4atu666 bamboo
I'm that good brah (7 months ago)
Prices at my goodwill are ridiculous now. I don't like it when they price certain items higher just because it's a known brand. It should be priced all the same no matter what brand it is. Goodwill is now taking advantage of free donations and over pricing them.
Ashley Wesson (8 months ago)
do you guys ever go to the bins
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
We don't
Dave Howse (8 months ago)
nice tommy tuesday ryan hey IG me
Chris Lee (8 months ago)
have had that mineminemine shirt before...Finding Nemo character...there are several others..sold right away..
Donald Morrison (8 months ago)
You don’t look much like your brother, your lunch looked great 👍
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Donald Morrison thank you! 😊 I’ve got 9 years on him
Valerie McKnight (8 months ago)
Wear it! :)
C Mc (8 months ago)
Thanks for being happy in the videos.
KingRooster 12 (8 months ago)
What are all the items you list on eBay
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
we share one of our stores. you can take a look here https://www.ebay.com/str/thehiplion
SkyofStars (8 months ago)
Great video, you guys! So much energy and love! Some really good finds today! <3
Justin Sterling (8 months ago)
Careful wearing that "IGER" shirt in the wrong neighborhood! You might have to stand your ground.
Where's Waldos Treasures (8 months ago)
I like that Autism Thrift shop. few months back they had like 40 new pair of Doc Martens
Anuel (8 months ago)
Aaron Ryan (8 months ago)
Great video, thanks for taking us along.
N2goods (8 months ago)
As a reseller I would've expected at LEAST bubble wrap around a 600.00 item O.o....but with that being said you should've bought 2, one as deadstock and one to wear :P
Leggs (8 months ago)
That’s the nicest goodwill Intake room I’ve ever seen in my life.
LQD INFO (8 months ago)
Another great video... Thanks to you four I am hunting for men's shirts, polo shirts and other tops now...lol Just trying to add more items to the large list that I am selling already! Now I am close to 400 listings on eBay and sales are slow, but It's my fault that I cancelled a few orders as oos...oops didn't know that would hurt the matrix quite a bit...ouch! As of Oct 20, I will be back to above standard and on track for fourth quarter... so in the mean time I am loading up on the inventory for eBay! Also finally, our Value Village had a 50% off on long sleeve sweaters, shirts and blouses... Picked up 20 pieces... but there is a thrift store smell to them. Should I get fabric softener scented and run them in the dryer? Thanks for the great advice! Joe B from Canada!
butrflysings01 (8 months ago)
Thanks to you guys showing what the lululemon metal tags look like, as I was walking out of the goodwill outlet I spotted a nice lulu sweater! Love your videos 👊🏻❤️
Anthony Samuels (8 months ago)
That orvis vest is so nice. So surprised at Goodwill pricing sometimes.
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
Daniel Blaha (8 months ago)
How do you guys test car radios? I'd be concerned that they don't work. Isn't there a risk of negative feedback? Great Vlog as always!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Daniel Blaha we don’t test them. We sell them as working with a money back guarantee
Scratch Squad (8 months ago)
Tommy stuff without big spell outs or something unusual just sits for me. You guys are able to move that stuff for $17 plus?? Great video as always. No crazy tagging this week on IG. I now understand that 'tagging' is NOT the same as the hash tags. LOL
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
hahaha :) no worries on the instagram stuff man. We didn't buy any of that tommy stuff. Just showing how much of it there was out there. The plan stuff doesn't sell for us either.
Al's Collectibles (8 months ago)
Brenda (8 months ago)
Okay I've been watching a lot of your videos and although I have not been hitting the like button it's only because my TV is not set up yet but I want you to know I was very offended that you guys screws that to restore so bad when it's a charity set up to help benefit autism I don't think that that was fair. I believe that parents of kids who have autism donate real good merchandise and then people unlike yourself go in there to shop and buy that stuff never have any idea that people like you go in there and make money off of it , it was just wrong what you guys did. You took advantage I know you guys are out to make a living but what you did was wrong. You screwed a charity that supports Autism in someway. SO WRONG....
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Btw. I’m offended that you’d think so poorly of us. Not very nice of you.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Brenda Salmon um no we didn’t. We donated to the store AND, we always donate extra cash to charities after the fact. We’ve given literally thousands. If you’ve actually watched our channel you’d know that. We go out and feed the homeless as well. Maybe learn about us before you call us out. Cheers.
Dadecounty Dale (8 months ago)
hey kids..nice video as always..the YSL Mens shirts is like pulling teeth to get 17 dollars for them..perhaps on Etsy or postmark 30 dollars..but no luck on eBay with them..
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Dadecounty Dale hey man. Ahh yeah you have to find the right buyer with those :) we’ll see
Merritt Dotson (8 months ago)
That Southern Marsh Shirt is $35-$40 all day long. It’s comparable to Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide.
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
What size is the orvis fishing vest
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Mike Jones I think it was a medium
Alice Cribbs (8 months ago)
Arcoíris 🌈
Garett Anderson (8 months ago)
Fanny packs are back? That's not good.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Garett Anderson oh it’s sooo good
Joey Bravado (8 months ago)
I sold that exact red wings jersey you passed on for $80 not too long ago.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Joey Bravado (8 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
where'd you sell it? It's hardly a $35 item
Tyler - 180Thrifts (8 months ago)
Southern Marsh is a huge brand in Arkansas.
dragonflygirl (8 months ago)
Love the shirt :)
jj nyc (8 months ago)
Must be a Florida thing..you guys find lots of vineyard vines I haven’t found not one..love that Pixar graphic..just sold some silver Doc Martins through Global shipping 65.00..😎
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Niiiice :) yeah Vineyard seems to be a southern brand for sure.
True Reviews (8 months ago)
lol arco iris means rainbow in Spanish
True Reviews (8 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS it cracks me up how y'all pronounce it 😂 just like Blount County last night on your live video but hey you tried. Great videos, thanks for the tips! I have made over $100 since I started selling on eBay a couple of weeks ago!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
that makes sense lol
JDizzle (8 months ago)
2:55 #howmuchitis is how I'm gonna start asking for prices LOLOL great vid guys! Thanks guys! Much love to you both!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Tahanee (8 months ago)
Have y’all listed the Janet Jackson tour shirt? I would like to purchase it😍
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
:) not yet
Julia RO (8 months ago)
Somebody was happy to splurge on a quality item for himself! You guys make it look so easy, but you were obviously exhausted. How much time did you spend in each store? Also, were those locations all in Brandon and Riverview? Another great video!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Julia RO thank you! 😊 we were super tired yes! Spent about 3 hours out there but we had a bunch of other biz stuff to do as well. We were out in Tampa for this video actually
Ashlie Edge (8 months ago)
Could we get a video on how/where you started and how long it took to get to where you are now? Basically a life story for inspiration on ebay selling. Pretty please with a cherry on top! 😂🤣😍
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
That is so awesome! congrats :)
Ashlie Edge (8 months ago)
Thank you! Brand new to the ebay world and since August 26th I have sold 1,500 bucks worth of items! 90% of it is from our house and we just started yard sales and thrifting. :)
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
:) awe! we sound probably do an updated one. We did do this little about us vid a while back https://youtu.be/sj38MZgRQO4
Noelle Larsen (8 months ago)
That Orvis fishing vest!!! I love selling fishing vests!
bruce weigle (8 months ago)
I know there's a joke to go with the large HILF across the chest of that Tommy shirt I just can't come up with it right now and I dont want to get banned for your channel, this is a family show!! LOL. Love you guys!!! keeping it real and fun!!!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
hahahaha! the best we've heard so far is Hustler id like to ...
Lisa R (8 months ago)
Lol i cant pass up a good galaxy cat shirt. Found one like that with a cat in shades eating a slice of pizza.
Melissa (8 months ago)
Love the attire and accessories both of you used to go thrifting 👍🏻 So fly!!!
Brittney Hunt (8 months ago)
Do they do the fill a bag everyday at the autism one? I haven’t been there in a few months but may take a look if they started doing that
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
I think just Tuesday
Mike Taylor (8 months ago)
The Kith sweater is flames 🔥🔥🔥
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
The Dog House71 (8 months ago)
Great video as normal.just started reselling bot of a struggle at the moment but still trying to work it All out keep up the great work look forward to your next one
Allison Hagan (8 months ago)
Great finds! Ben is a good addition to the thrifting vlogs. More people to find all the things! ☺
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Hes a great dude :)
Michael S (8 months ago)
WTH prices at Goodwill?!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Fo reals tho!
Ethan Hawk (8 months ago)
what app do you use to compare prices?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
usually just the ebay app
LalaCats3 (8 months ago)
This was fun. I love the thrifting ride-alongs . I also like your positivity. There has been so much negativity this summer over eBay glitches and updates, so I really appreciate knowing people can still succeed on eBay. I know you do Amazon as well, but I use eBay and love your persistence and joy.
LalaCats3 (8 months ago)
I am putting this quote from you on my home office wall.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
No worries at all, bumps come and go but if you deal with them in a positive way you cant lose :)
Sean Kitahara (8 months ago)
You guys look so beat by the end of this vlog lol!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
haha we kinda were
Dianne Lilly (8 months ago)
Mine, Mine shirt is from Finding Nemo. Disney
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Yes :)
Iris Suarez (8 months ago)
Arcoiris means rainbow in spanish :)
Jackie Hines (8 months ago)
Southern Marsh is great! Really good quality for the south!!! Picked up a women’s Nike half zip windbreaker with fall colors and color blocking. Already getting likes on it!!!!
Cathy Eller (8 months ago)
I have two pair of Tommy big spell out jeans one pair even has the red down the side. Neither of them have sold. I've gone over and over my listings remeasured, made sure every thing looked right. I've lowered and raised my price. Can't sell them, they've been up for a year. They seem to be in the category with Disney stuff I can't sell that either. Now, I walk past Tommy and Disney. My next move is to sell them to my friend across down for five dollars more than i paid to see if he has any luck selling them. It's worked on stuff before. Thanks for the video's. Oh, by the way I'm still doing the potato diet thing 3 days a week. It's really helped keeping water retention down from high blood pressure. Although i cheat a little and add carrots and onions, still works for me. Going to try to take a short walk everyday. I know it seems silly but, half a block to start with and build up from their. It's hell getting old, take care of yourself.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
:) good job taking care of yourself! That is very important and you should be proud! Have you tried free shipping? Best offer? Promoting the listing? You have to be pretty aggressive to move Tommy stuff sometimes.
Mark Brown (8 months ago)
That kith Hilfiger piece is flames
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Brittany McKeon (8 months ago)
ahh i love southern marsh!!
chris will (8 months ago)
You often call shirts "Button Down". Is that Button Down collar or do you mean Button Front?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
button up, button down lol, we know it's the collar that makes it a "button down" but people use both for dress shirts
Danielle Fry (8 months ago)
A stellar sourcing score Day!
Danny Stark (8 months ago)
I need to find an area by me that is a good idea with the tommys. Find a better area, since I live in the hood Gotta go outward for. Some brands.
Danny Stark (8 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS word, I found some good stuff yesterday, Im gonna go back for. Because I left later than I wanted. Had to walk the dog since she did some sloothing and could tell I was about to leave, so I didn't wanna be mean haha. But once I got to the 2nd store I went too they were bringing in all the stuff they put outside to attract people. I was glad to of gone. They're having a blow out sale all week I found out on Facebook. And I found a lululemon thin track jacket and two 49er shirts and a Tommy Bahama. I dont always go there but I try to keep it in mind. They seem to have better brands donated to them. But I always forget to go in even tho I pass it all the time haha haha. Weds is 50%- day every week. But def think going out your area helps. Esp since yesterday and a few other times, I've seen the same items still on the racks in a few stores after a numerous weeks-months. Def a good practice to go to different places. Since one never knows what one could stumble on too just by going a few miles away from the home turf.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
sometimes you have to travel to find the good stuff yea :)
Doug Delegorburu (8 months ago)
Baseball "warm up" key words
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
YES! :)
dauntie kay (8 months ago)
Love that "Tommy" stuff!!!
Derrin Eckelmann (8 months ago)
I love you guys but “Fanny Packs are NOT COOL” 🤣😂👎🏻
Aqua Junker (8 months ago)
The Pack is Back!! Yea!
pizza cat (8 months ago)
ya, i'm waiting for you guys to have fanny packs! I would pre-order one!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
ohhhhhhh gonna have to disagree strongly with that. Fanny packs are super cool
I get jealous when you guys find good stuff😆
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Fasinshop ebay Los Angeles haha! 😊
Ollie Horne (8 months ago)
Flippin AintEazy (8 months ago)
Keep these Vlogs coming! Appreciate you sharing brands, advice, etc.. What is your minimum profit you set for a single piece of clothing?
Flippin AintEazy (8 months ago)
Thanks for the reply! That's what I shoot for as well. Scored a nice pair of Foot Joy shoes this morning at Salvation Army $4.. I'm just a Part Time ebayer.. but I keep learning more from you guys.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
No worries will do! Usually $15 NET is about the lowest we'll go for.
Cameron Reviews (8 months ago)
Damn passed on the $7 vineyard vines? I would have copped that in a heartbeat.
Cameron Reviews (8 months ago)
That definitely makes sense. I just meant I would have copped it for my own personal use. :)
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
yeah, if it had the logo on the chest we wold have scooped it. That one is only worth around $20 used so about $6 net profit. Doesn't really fit our model.
Carol Baare (8 months ago)
That Tommy SWEATER is awesome...yeah save it ..it would be worth so much more.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
:) thank you!
Sarah V M (8 months ago)
Do you budget a certain amount for sourcing each week?
Sarah V M (8 months ago)
That's great! It probably makes life easier that way too.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
We don't really. We're lucky to have a well funded business so we just source when we have time.
Bin Hawk (8 months ago)
Great video as always. I started listing on Amazon today... Fulfilled By Seller. Something I paid $10.00 for thought I was going to get around $100 on eBay runs over $200 on Amazon used. I was BlOwN AwAy!!!. Other items are crazy prices as well. We will see. Have a Cha-Ching day
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Good to hear! Amazon is great once it get's going.
cole gude (8 months ago)
When a word ends in ILF.........
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
hahahaha shhhh
Drew Conway (8 months ago)
Oh, no need to shave. We ain’t fancy. Can’t believe you let your brother have the pink shorts. I’m gonna have to be on the lookout for running shorts.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
hahaha! I was clearly too lazy to clean up in this video.
Antique Queen (8 months ago)
Wow fill a bag for $10.00 SCORE !
Reseller life (8 months ago)
Am I going crazy Ryan or are you wearing invisaligns??
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Nice! Here's to straight teeth! lol :)
Reseller life (8 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS Very cool, congrats! I wear them and was excited when I finally got them. I actually like wearing them when I workout, oddly they help me focus. You wear them well, I think I only noticed because I wear them
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
You're not going crazy ;) I've had them in for about 3 months now.
Carol Baare (8 months ago)
Goodwill has really been pricey...But I found some Tieks today nwot for $6 bucks looked them up and they're worth $160...yayyyy
Carol Baare (8 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS I've never found them either I was so excited... I was at the check out and a girl decided not to get them and I had my poker face until she walked away then i m like I'll take those please👏👏👏👏👏👏
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
DANNNGGG!!!!! we still haven't ever found Tieks. Great score!
Carol Baare (8 months ago)
Michael Rodieck (8 months ago)
Still organizing the shop but I'm open. 35154 US HWY 19, Palm Harbor (south west corner) Come see me!
Michael Rodieck (8 months ago)
It's called L'Attitude Imports.
818_Sega (8 months ago)
Tuesdays are for tacos, come on now hahha
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
ESPINOZA316 🤣🤣 can’t it be both?
Erati243 (8 months ago)
I have a question and since i got started from watching Ralli Roots I wanted to ask here. I just posted a few shirts for my first time and 12 hours later I had an offer on one of my items. The offer was for over 2x what my buy it now price was and it was a new account just made today. This is certainly a scam, right?
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Erati243 definitely scammy yes. Decline the offer.
London Michel (8 months ago)
I just LOVE this video!
OurTimeIsOut (8 months ago)
Cool fill a bag but if it won't fit in the bag 😨😭
Dayne Upperman (8 months ago)
I want that santa clause shirt!!!!!!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
It's a good one!
Wow Ryan can grow facial hair .... who would have known ... I learn someting new everyday from you guys
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
hahaha! I forgot to shave ;)
Fortunate Adventures (8 months ago)
You know what goes good with Tommy Tuesday? Taco Tuesday 👍🏼Have a great day guys.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Kathleen Hathaway (8 months ago)
Anything that looks that sharp is deserved! But....Allison gets another unicorn OR THREE.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Kathleen Hathaway very true! Lol 🦄
Benjamin Ross (8 months ago)
What u gonna spend that $490 superchat on?? Lol
Benjamin Ross (8 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS lmao. Some Tommy Fanny packs pls
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Benjamin Ross haha some more tommy stuff maybe 🤣
Benjamin Ross (8 months ago)
Daaang fresh 2 dethhhhh
Kathleen Hathaway (8 months ago)
Come on. How much was the shirt? Sharp!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
;) $225
Amber Ann (8 months ago)
I guess I just live in a crappy area to try to be a reseller. The goodwills within a 50+ mile radius have half empty racks and the clothes are torn, stained and faded and mostly Walmart and target brands. I found one Salvation Army about 50 miles away which had about the same kind of stuff as the goodwill. And the locally owned thrift shops are even worse. I tried a goodwill in one of the high income neighborhoods and it was the worst of all of them. I’m so jealous of your thrifting selection!
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
yikes! yea they do vary from place to place. Might be time for a roadtrip :)
R Cooper (8 months ago)
More like Tony Soprano Tuesday with those gold chains Ben has on
Kathryn Kay (8 months ago)
Really nice Tommy Tuesday!
Krysten Moss (8 months ago)
That mine shirt is the best!! Finding Nemo <3
Christine Stevens (8 months ago)
The "Mine" shirt is referring to a scene in the Movie called Finding Dory.
RALLI ROOTS (8 months ago)
Christine Stevens yes :) that’s right. They’re in finding Nemo too

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