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Genevieve Nnaji's 'Lionheart' Becomes 1st African Netflix Original Series

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2nacheki (7 months ago)
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2nacheki why is it not on Netflix yet? Not even the trailer?
Honest liar (7 months ago)
Begging for donation as usual
Lungani Magubane (7 months ago)
But it not the FIRST, there is already original African content on Netflix.
zml29 (7 months ago)
Is it airing yet? I can't find it.
Kakyo Lillian (1 month ago)
Am failing to access the original movie ( Lion's heart) someone help
Oluwatofunmi Eludipo (2 months ago)
Up Nigeria, up Africa's
Hawlet Ali (2 months ago)
The movie please
This is just the beginning one day Africa will go higher good job genny
Lalie KL (3 months ago)
hi i want know who is thé name of soundtrack thank you
Osas Ewere (3 months ago)
Some one help me ooo
Miracle Ogah (3 months ago)
Yes I have an entertainment
Cheryl Sterrenburg (4 months ago)
Available on NetFlix Jan 4th 2019
Bezo 64 (6 months ago)
This will be very good if the Europeans don't corrupted it with homosexuality murder deceit rape gun violence drugs and all of the crap that the Europeans love to promote
TAMON PRIDNiCE (6 months ago)
Ill be watching this beautiful show and the women 😘
Omphile Obakeng (6 months ago)
Crush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.. Lol but it's funny I say that because I was in primary from South Africa watching Africa magic 🤣🤣 she is way way much older
vale (6 months ago)
Looks very interesting - I'm looking forward to watching lt.
Andre Azemar (6 months ago)
Hail to the Queen ! Genevieve Nnaji you are the best ever .
67DrWatson (6 months ago)
This is actually one of her WORST films! She's had better roles and in the trailer she seems like she's dialed her lines in; although that could be due to a very poor scriot. Not the Genevieve Nnaji we've become used to. I get that she wants to get her work on the international stage but this is not the one.
Cloud Nine (6 months ago)
Can a real nigerian recommend a real tradtional good nigerian movie not some american copy of silly boyfriend and girlfriend stuff
Cloud Nine (6 months ago)
Cute african movies are cute
Joshua Holbert (6 months ago)
When is the show going to premiere on Netflix?
Miss Telly (6 months ago)
How about we make our own Netflix instead? 🤔😎
67DrWatson (6 months ago)
Exactly. Where is the African Tyler Perry?! He didn't listen to mainstream Hollywood he went out and bought his OWN studio and out out his own product. I don't agree with everything he has produced on celluloid but I definitely respect his work ethic, determination and refusal to be pigeon-holed. Africa is a vast Continent surely there are enough producers and directors who can come together to build a studio?
bonga langa (7 months ago)
Bid ups my Nigeria. We international baby🇳🇬
sheddz1 (7 months ago)
Uuuh-damn!! I am definitely looking out for this. Much love from KE!
masterquismoney (7 months ago)
Naija fans (7 months ago)
Proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel. You can also support us here https://goo.gl/AeR6Dt
As we celebrate Africans that are doing great thing in the world let celebrate Ezeanyika Anthony Chibuzor a Nigerian pencil artist based in the United Kingdom! Anthony unique artworks include drawing of currency notes and producing the same look and feel in magnified details but perfectly done! Anthony discovered his gift in 2012 when his cousin challenged him to draw a cartoon character surprisely he got a replication of what they challenged him to draw, Anthony has been drawing for over five years and making some spell binding artworks and making quite a stir in the community. So far he has drawn (197) all the country currencies note around the world. Global Currency Project is designed to acknowledge all the currency notes in the world through pencil drawing, this means through exhibitions different people can identify with their currency to bring unity of different culture and their history. The project can only grow with support. Support to bring awareness of history and different cultures.
2nacheki (7 months ago)
We are soon doing a list of artists doing amazing things across the continent and abroad. We will check him out. Thank you for the information.
Chelsie Starkgernyen (7 months ago)
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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s isaiha (7 months ago)
Looks like african Americans their futeres
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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Mauro DOMINGOS (7 months ago)
Congratulations Africa💪💪💪
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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DAN ABBA (7 months ago)
Wow! Beautiful, I heard a Hausa traditional song in the background. Thank God they didn't use english songs 😳
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel. You can also support us here https://goo.gl/AeR6Dt
VLorenzoStone (7 months ago)
Netflix isn't old enough to celebrate breaking down barriers. I look forward to the show however.
Janet Cousins (7 months ago)
Genevieve is beautiful and talented. Wish the series much success.
Lelo Gowana (7 months ago)
Well done🇳🇬
Felix Khale (7 months ago)
More Greatness.
Mossein Nchite (7 months ago)
2nakechi, your caption is misleading, this is not the first African film Netflix has acquired, Catching Feelings by Pearl Thusi was the first African movie to be purchased by Netflix. Please be factual
7Sehven Author (7 months ago)
man i miss Africa.
Darlene X (7 months ago)
Looks good!
chimy Young Doc (7 months ago)
This one will seriously pain some people,these people who don't want to see anything good come out from igbo land , but who God bless, if it was anything bad from some of our igbo brother's, you would have seen how they will line up their hateful comments ,bashing innocent people , but jealousy and hate no go gree them near this one
jamal brooks (7 months ago)
This seems refreshing
d campbell (7 months ago)
Nigeria rocks.
Carl Jules (7 months ago)
Why celebrate being noticed by a white owned company. We need to stop consolidating our accomplishments when they are noticed by Europeans.
Carl Jules (6 months ago)
Who owns the gate to that mainstream market my G??? In the words of John Henrik Clarke " It ain't ours until we produce it, direct it, and distribute it"
tyra cole (6 months ago)
We celebrating an African man movie going mainstream not it being on Netflix.
Clyde Louis (7 months ago)
Cant wait to see this. I support africans acting in african movies and black americans acting in black american movies.
Junior Siccey (7 months ago)
Happy for you my sis
Yessss! Prayers are unfolding!! Africa needs it's OWN "WOODS" or "STUDIO". All the land in the continent....put it to use for this!!! Bravo!!!!
Pa Lonka (7 months ago)
Lol I saw P Square @ 1:50 good job Genevieve Nnaji
Honest liar (7 months ago)
About time you posted something meaningful. I'm proud of you 2nachiki. Lol
Pesi Belau (7 months ago)
pls how do I watch Disney movie
Fredo Fredo (7 months ago)
She is a great legend of Nigerian female actors as a Cameroonian I must say I pray for her to continue her great job and impact her great experience to many of our young girls. When ever I look at my daughter I see Genevieve in her I know one day she be just like her God bless you my sister chosa chosa
RBGLove (7 months ago)
Get it Geni!!! We see you💋
chosen generation (7 months ago)
Wow....love you Genevieve Nnanji, all the way from uganda.
This woman has sold out and not one of Africa’s own any longer, as there’s no way one can achieve this level of fame, (especially being African) without selling their soul, and this behaviour is rampant in the entertainment industry ie Hollywood is full of them folks! She’s now a weaponised-mole to infiltrate & promote their hidden agenda of distraction-illusion via indoctrination, brainwashing & manipulation of any unsuspecting naive, gullible and ignorant Africans! Netflix = white supremacy & global imperialism! Wake up!
kate nanyongo (6 months ago)
kate nanyongo, truth hurts...
kate nanyongo (7 months ago)
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Sweety Richard (7 months ago)
I can’t find it on Netflix has anyone seen it on Netflix
Mugikuyu Wanyokabi (7 months ago)
Go girl
the last Moba king (7 months ago)
This should be the best YouTube channel in Africa
Geo Moore (7 months ago)
Im sold, will be in watching!!!
Davido Nkem (7 months ago)
Yes this movie is wonderful
Brandon Frazier (7 months ago)
0:54 <3
Gwendolyn Victorian (7 months ago)
Finally! I watch On my Roku here in America. Now I can do one on Netflix.... I love Nigerian movies.
Hotrod ES (7 months ago)
When is this series coming out?
LORDGIVEME ASIGN (7 months ago)
Wow how can I get this Housa music 1:16? We are proud of you Genevieve on how far your career has gone. Congratulations.
Albertha Gibson (7 months ago)
Yeah so now foreigners i.e white people can make even more money off of our own products smh. Black panther made white people billions now they're even more confident in making money off of us yippee, hurray, huzzah.
alansjf33 (7 months ago)
I have to check this out.
Choma Picha (7 months ago)
Wow!!! This is awesome. African pride
Eddy Gaffney (7 months ago)
I can not wait to see this.
Joel Duncan (7 months ago)
Looks great, I will check it out.
GraceTruthTeacher (7 months ago)
Congratulations to Genevieve and her winning cast!
KVS (7 months ago)
I will definitely watch #Lionheart
luise-lotte Fidan (7 months ago)
Osofia Kenyan Ojwang + Genevive sugar for my heart...love it...go Africa
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
So sad we Africans don't have Vision. Wasn't Iroko TV, founded by Jason Njoku and partner sold to Netflix? Iroko was gonna be a giant of online streaming (Netflix of Africa), in Africa, but they sold the company to Netflix. It was not like the company was under distress. Mentally we never believe in ourselves unless we involve outsiders. Think "Black First", yee Africans.
James (7 months ago)
Genevieve, Nollywood's rose. Got to be honest, not happy it was picked up by Netflix with their agendas but still...nice one. It's funny, I'm trying to get a film production startup that lends equipment and personnel for cinema standard films in Africa since it is ridiculously unaffordable on the continent. At least it allows us tell our own stories. I think John Boyega is trying to do something similar...
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
That will be a major business brother! Locate your company either in Lagos, Abuja or in Enugu State which are production hubs for their movies. And if you are American, they will adore you. They lack capital and expertise that's all. I wonder what black people in Hollywood are wauting for. Lack of vision kills our people
Lyon Dynasty (7 months ago)
Nigerians has already set the Pace, we don't need to prove anything again, we world wide!
The BRIDGE 54 (7 months ago)
She's beautiful! Keep up queen and hopefully millions more across the globe join her, love to see our women shine!
The BRIDGE 54 (7 months ago)
It's good but would be happier if Netflix was not own by white people cause in the end we just contributing to whites pocket...we need our own, because there will be more lions heart and the future and we can't let white capitalize on our art!✊🏿
The BRIDGE 54 (7 months ago)
Victoria Adeyemi okay I will did not know.
Lena Maruke (7 months ago)
We also have ebonytv
Lena Maruke (7 months ago)
We already have our own called irokotv
Victoria Adeyemi (7 months ago)
Check out iroko tv. it's like netflix and black owned
Benson Wisdom (7 months ago)
Wonderful im amazed accolades to Nigerians and Africa doing the mother land proud
Proud African American (7 months ago)
Wow..This is great. I have been wanting to check this out for some time now..
Ra (7 months ago)
Will definitely be checking this out
Jet Blac (7 months ago)
Netflix bet not give her a white love interest lol
People's SKY (7 months ago)
We Nigerians respect everyone but can never be afraid of anyone
Chidera Nduka (6 months ago)
+My Name Is Daniel nop its Zambia
My Name Is Daniel (7 months ago)
Lol China is taking over your ass land lol
The BRIDGE 54 (7 months ago)
People's SKY as it should be!
People's SKY (7 months ago)
Nigeria always taking Africa to the world, but it pain's me when ever i see some African countries talking rubbish about Nigeria, Ghanaians respect Nigeria because you are not in the same level with us
Esperanza lol (3 months ago)
+Blessing Ashanti and not all Nigerian people are scammers. What do you expect from the overpopulated nation in d whole continent. Where we have people who are hardworking and intelligent, we also have people that are scammers. I won't say we don't have our bad behaviours but u can't overlook the great things about Nigeria.
Esperanza lol (3 months ago)
+Blessing Ashanti Like wise Nigeria, If u don't know something then don't say it. U probably haven't been to Nigeria or u have been to one place in Nigeria and u are judging them. Nigeria woman are not fake.
Blessing Ashanti (3 months ago)
+Esperanza lol if you walk around Ghana you will mostly see natural hair or very short natural hair. It is a fact that most women in Ghana are indeed natural and embracing their natural hair. That's the way they prefer it so FOH lol.
Esperanza lol (3 months ago)
+Blessing Ashanti Ghana woman also use fake things like hair so shut up. Most black women that have kinky hair uses weave
Victoria Adeyemi (6 months ago)
Like Geneviee?
6KILLER (7 months ago)
Shiro Bu (7 months ago)
I love her she's amazing actress, am happy for her n will be definitely tuning in to see it👏👏👏
Nkosinathi Bandi (7 months ago)
2nacheki why??
John Gibeon (7 months ago)
Creole Lady (7 months ago)
I’m glad that Lionheart is going to be on Netflix, so that I can watch it with my family.
hanad gigis (7 months ago)
One day my continent and my people will be the best of of the best greet dont dream just do it my people greet from your brother from Somaliland
hanad gigis (6 months ago)
+Rhonda Clark I are idiot go hell son of bitch
Goddess ByNature (7 months ago)
Is it on Netflix now?
Steven Chukwu (3 months ago)
Yeah it's really Good match it
Queen The Browns (7 months ago)
I like 👍
Harambee Gardens (7 months ago)
Congrats! This is awesome! Bout time!! Prosperity to Afrika!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Osazee Edokpolo (7 months ago)
The thing is that nigerians don't get tired of repping the good of the continent😂😂
Axmed Adam (7 months ago)
I normally don't watch Nigerian movies, but this looks professionally done. I'll give it a shot.
Manblue Nnana (6 months ago)
90% of nollywood movie is reality of people daily live and hardships. If you looking for Hollywood pictures of male transgender Nollywood is not a good place for you...Poor quality or good nollywood make impact on people. Hollywood is 98% fictional, emotional with no salt.
okuomose okuns (7 months ago)
+greg brian You don't watch nollywood for that stupid comment...Thus movie is one of numerous nollywood movies of high budget & not because its on Netflix
greg brian (7 months ago)
shir b you guys compromise on quality alooot!!!!..i have to tell you,you create so many low budget movies with the poorest quality i have ever seen except for this one big up Genevieve
okuomose okuns (7 months ago)
U have missed a lot
Comffy Comfort (7 months ago)
Axmed Adam you should also. check out ‘The CEO’ it’s a Kunle Afolayan film and well written, produced and directed
Osazee Edokpolo (7 months ago)
You can't say you don't fall in love with that skin😍😍
Harambee Gardens (7 months ago)
Osazee Edokpolo 😆👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👊✊
Mr. Platinumz Vevo (7 months ago)
This movie is ready to hit the box office
Willie Purdom (7 months ago)
I like this already!!!
BlackEmpress (7 months ago)
I will be watching 🙌🏽🇳🇬
Kairaba Musa Sukai (7 months ago)
I’m curious, how many of our people would love for African history to be told through a western? Basically an African Western based on a true story?
Kairaba Musa Sukai (6 months ago)
Tu51ndBl4d3 Lol the fool shows himself again, didn’t you say you were done? Lol I say tu’bab because it’s what you are, you’re doing exactly what they do, going around pretending to be black or know about black culture while making a complete ass of themselves. Take your ignorance somewhere else your comment wasn’t asked for, but you felt the need to tell black people “their stories couldn’t be told western type format” like Westerns are solely Americans you’re the fucking retard bro, don’t get mad at me. Also how the fuck do you pop in someones thread will bullshit, and tell them to google it? Bitch it’s on you to provide evidence to support you stupid ass outburst, not me. So try again! Maybe before you call someone white you should look at the fact that only one of us has a profile picture or videos, and only one of us is playing the ‘anonymous troll’ game 😂 how pathetic. You’re the only white one here, tu’bab!
Tu51ndBl4d3 (7 months ago)
Are you a pokemon? Stop saying tubab you demonic white creature. You argue like a little wench, CAN YOU NOT READ? me: "an epic about nigerian orishas" you: "you not know the kingdom of ile-ife was in nigeria?" No I had no idea, that's why I said nigerian in my post you retard. Did I say don't tell african stories, what everyone is trying to get your dense block of stupidity to understand is we can tell stories, we don't need to tell "westerns" GO AND LEARN WHAT THAT IS YOU FLAMING RETARD. That is why I said an epic. go, learn, stop being stupid, google is free.
Dawn Morris (7 months ago)
+Kairaba Musa Sukai We have SOOOO MANY great stories from The Continent throughout the Diaspora. I love the genre of Folk Tales/Fantasy and just in this category it is overflowing! I am a reader, so I don't need movies. But for those that love movies, we have the stories. Take care & keep the facts coming 🙌💪
Kairaba Musa Sukai (7 months ago)
Tu51ndBl4d3 Did you not know the kingdom of Ile-ife was in Nigeria tu’bab? You were just saying those type of stories didn’t need to be made... what happened 😂
Kairaba Musa Sukai (7 months ago)
Dawn Morris The story of Bass Reeves is a great idea for a western. His story has been hidden for far too long.
nita bineta (7 months ago)
Very nice. We need more African contents.
Dizzi (7 months ago)
Chidera Nduka (6 months ago)
tyra cole (6 months ago)
+Dizzi why watch then
Dizzi (7 months ago)
+Sarah Smith get da fuck outta here!
Sarah Smith (7 months ago)
Dizzi Zoon kill urself
Shaun (7 months ago)
The Cinema is doing well, it is time for our leader to do the right things.
DJ Afrique (7 months ago)
As a Cameroonian child i grew up watching her and all the other actors. So its good to see Nigeria doing goid for themselves. Keep going higher ✌🏿✌🏿🇳🇬
precious savage (7 months ago)
Enjema Ann Amen thanks my love
Harambee Gardens (7 months ago)
Enjema Ann 👍👏👏👏👏👏
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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Richard Copeland (7 months ago)
I'll be watching this. Thanks 2nacheki.
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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outherewildin' b (7 months ago)
Netflix is good for diversity in Western media, I hope they'll pick up more African-centric series so I can justify a subscription.
Iffeyn (7 months ago)
Netflix has always had Nigerian movies. The wedding party, Fifty, Falling, when love comes around, The visit, Road to yesterday, The Duplex, Mummy dearest. There are a lot.
outherewildin' b (7 months ago)
Indeed, I recommend Kweli TV: https://www.kweli.tv/
The BRIDGE 54 (7 months ago)
outherewildin' b true, but I think we should create our own nextflix
2nacheki (7 months ago)
Lol...We hope so too
Ethic Ethnic (7 months ago)
Bootylicious - natural hair lovin - darker skin promoting African descent cast with African language actually being used! The USA & the world needs more shows like this! YAS! I'll definitely be tuning in!
Ethic Ethnic (7 months ago)
MotherEarth OrganicNature I'm really curious, what do you mean by trojan horse? African descendants created big booty culture world wide. Hell, the word "bootylicious" & "booty" are ebonics words. Or are you talking about something else.
Ethic Ethnic...more like a “Trojan horse” being use to infiltrate the minds of Africans of their illusionary world - wake up from your long slumber!
2nacheki (7 months ago)
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