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The Real Reason We Never Got To See A Constantine Sequel

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Based on DC's Hellblazer series, the 2005 comic book flick Constantine became an unlikely cult favorite despite changing just about everything from the source material in order to fit star Keanu Reeves. Yet despite its popularity, there's still no sign of a second installment in the franchise. Here's a look at why we never got to see a Constantine sequel... Keanu Reeves wasn't interested | 0:19 It wasn't a hit | 0:52 The pitch got tossed | 1:32 The Constantine TV show flopped | 2:11 It may be rebooted | 2:39 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/29556/never-got-see-constantine-sequel/ Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Vine → https://vine.co/looperhq Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (1759)
željko šimić (5 days ago)
Keanu is not a good pick for a John Constantine character. He does not have an accent or charisma that John Constantine as character has, and it proved to be too challenging for Keanu to blend into the character, and he failed at doing it. But the actor (Matt Ryan) from Constantine TV show. Oh man, that guy literally nailed it, and the Constantine movie needs to be rebooted with actor (Matt Ryan) from TV show as it's main lead. Keanu is great actor, but John Constantine character is above his acting skills and I hope Keanu will not be doing any Constantine movies at all in the future. Matt Ryan is that kind of actor that not that he only looks like Constantine from comics, his movements and accents and way of speech is the same you imagine while reading the comics. He just needs a better actors on the set and better script, but about his acting, Matt Ryan is real John Constantine. Keanu was just trying to be. And that is very big difference.
Isaiah Gilbert (6 days ago)
I like the movie too
bebé chirris (9 days ago)
Malditos keanu nos perdimos la secuelasnppr no querer hacerla .. ya que nos acostumbramos a su actuación
Domingo Garzoria (1 month ago)
we need to spam Keanu Reeves LIFE with this video!!! And demand him to make the sequel and he will ENJOY making it!!
Oliver Hernandez (1 month ago)
To me this movie Keanu Reeves did was like so boring
Last Name Here (1 month ago)
Keanu Reeves should have been Deadpool .. He would have been amazing..I at least would have watched..still havent seen either Deadpools ...Im not rly a Ryan Reynolds fan (at least for this genre) .. Hes much better in indie or existential characters like 'The Nines' or 'Voices'
Fitz Dha (2 months ago)
Move another type...just israel level
Fitz Dha (2 months ago)
When Balthazar meeeettt.............Belphegor mask???
The Real Rainbow (2 months ago)
I loved the movie and also was invested in the series when it was canceled
Sick Cure Music (2 months ago)
i dnt care if it is keanu or matt i need constantine betichod WB make one
Harlow Poppy (2 months ago)
The next Constantine movie will be Keanu kills everyone in hell with a pack of 5 pencils
Adia Nehir (2 months ago)
I honestly didn’t like Keanu Reeves as Constantine. The actor from the 2014-2015 series is completely fitting to the character actually. The series were great and I wish it could continue :/
smith wesson (2 months ago)
Matrix 1, 2 ,3.....wtf you guys talking about sequel....Constantine is a great movie....better than some of the DC crap movies with the same boring ass characters...Get that bitch Keanu Reeves back on the set and start filming!!
Ileana Ferrer (3 months ago)
I love this movie I don't know why you say is bad is incredible this is why I never trust to the reviews. I wish they were a second part with him.
The Comment (3 months ago)
Reeves Constantine isn’t as good as Matt Ryan’s Constantine
Ariel Malsi Real (3 months ago)
Lol. He Is Done On DC. xD He Is JOHN WICK NOW.
M 6 (3 months ago)
It was so damn under rated, I love this movie
szaki (4 months ago)
Movie is not for kids, that's why?
Bryan Heilman (4 months ago)
I loved this movie!
Alexander Alvarez (4 months ago)
I Can't believe they didnt think this movie was great. I loved the movie and they should go deeper into Constantine life and how he became the exorcist of all demons.
Richard Jackson (4 months ago)
He only does sequels if the first movie made enough money or had a big enough fan base perfect examples Bill and Ted franchise and the John Wick franchise
Dante (4 months ago)
I like constantine
Asip (4 months ago)
pity.. we really want sequel..
Anatole J. de Letch (4 months ago)
Have faith, mate) Everything's possible
Hire a god damned scouse actor please Ryan did an admirable attempt at the accent but reeves WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING
Rupa Anup (5 months ago)
This was the best Hollywood movie I ever seen..
vincent vangogh (5 months ago)
Yeah, why THE FUCK did John Wick (a predictable action flick not worth the hour and a half of your time with a boring unstoppable protagonist with superman like qualities lacking the kind of depth only surpassed by Steven Seagal's characters, and an even more mindnumbing bad guy we've seen a thousand times before) get a fucking sequel while such a gem as Constantine didn't? HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE CRAZY? A flawed hero with lungcancer in a race against time trying desperately to get into heaven? So much more fucking awesome, just saying, not even to mention Lucifer's appearance which completely steals the goddamn show!
Harrison McCartney (5 months ago)
The Reeves Constantine was really good up until the end. I never bought the white suit Kentucky Fried Satan look, or the spiel about God indulging his gambling addiction with the Devil, but I thought Reeves did an excellent portrayal and the demons (aside from Balthazar) looked pretty cool. It was a lot better than the material it was sourced from or any other interpretations of the character. I kind of wish they would have scrapped the whole relation to the Constantine comic and made a more original exorcist/detective movie.
Michael (5 months ago)
Let us make a sequel I am sure it be goods John wick was a sequal This would do very well And i am to buy later A [arch] motorcycles Ye did create those ya Because of me surely Arch
Keith K (5 months ago)
Why is nobody paying attention to a shitty show an acceptable scapegoat ? It kills me the way corps blame their fans for everything.
whizgal851 (5 months ago)
Constantine movie was better than both the deadpool movies
Josphine Berwh (5 months ago)
ohh keanuu😍😍😍❤❤❤
Chucky34k (5 months ago)
The real reason was because god won on the first one
Crazy Dude (5 months ago)
But I love this movie 👌 it gives us some knowledge....
Ajax All Purpose Cleaner (5 months ago)
Fuck man
dictated G (6 months ago)
They told the directors of the Matrix they won't get their funding unless they use Keanu Reeves as the star. I think the WB does whatever Keanu likes they look out for him for some reason!
Ricky Whitfield (6 months ago)
They need to go ahead and just do it
Timothy Dalbeck (6 months ago)
Though a completely unfaithful adaptation, it was a fantastic supernatural thriller/Noir. And Reeves nailed it with a subdued performance.
Jarod D T (6 months ago)
I prefer Constantine on his own and not mixed with the dc universe
760 Commando (6 months ago)
Man shut the fuck up I Love this movie 1 of a kind... Where the f is the sequel let's get going God damit
Ryan Elliott (6 months ago)
They actually did come out with that abimated Dark Justice League story. It was awesome.
Thalissa Nivard (6 months ago)
I ve watched this movie so many times in over 10 years , still love it !
WB (6 months ago)
its real DC
Gollammeister (6 months ago)
Constantine was an awesome movie they should make a sequel with Keanu reeves
Athul Miju (6 months ago)
We need a John wick sequel ...erm.. I mean constantine,
Gantinx Gantinx (6 months ago)
whatever movie guy at the studio cancelled Constantine 2 needs to get kicked in the nutz
This movie was fucking awsome
DEFianT Gayming (6 months ago)
Cuz hes not batman
George Agpoon (6 months ago)
The Constantine movie kicks so much ass.
Agent J productions (6 months ago)
into the light I command thy
Zed C (6 months ago)
Been saying this a lot and I'm saying it again! I want a Silent Hill movie with Keanu Reeves as Harry Mason!
Luke Cummins (6 months ago)
Constantine ft dr strange. That would be a movie of an era
dean counts (7 months ago)
Keanu Reeves IS Constantine, I know he neither acts like or looks like the Comic version but he introduced millions to the character and his DARK version became Constantine. I would LOVE to see a sequel with him and him in a DC Dark heroes ensemble
valkyr prime (7 months ago)
Keanu Reeves in justice league dark as Constantine, would be amazing.
C Barrera (7 months ago)
I would love to see Constantine 2 That was a great movie. The show was not good tho
Alexiss Red Ears (7 months ago)
Honestly, I didn't know that Constantine was a comic book film but I loved it
hidayah84 (7 months ago)
Keanu Reeves made a mistake with this one. I watched Constantine more than 10 times and cried a river when the series got cancelled!
1vo6m1t5 (7 months ago)
Hollywood, you are one stupid fucks, this is the same thing that was with Firefly... I dont get it are you really that dumb..or wtf is wrong with you?
Legendofpickle387 (7 months ago)
I loved this movie. I'm 17 and he's old enough to be my father, but I've loved this man ever since I was a little girl lol.
dennis (7 months ago)
Reeves could make even an average Constantine 2 script work. It would be hard to beat the originality and direction of the first, but it needs to happen. No reboot.
Aathan Raan (7 months ago)
This would have been an awesome franchise.
Brian Daniel (7 months ago)
Colin Farrell for Constantine!!!
Vinyl D. (7 months ago)
Say what u will, but nobody played this better than Reeves.
MrsJadeCurtiss (7 months ago)
I wish they hadnt made the ending of the movie to set up a sequel... would have been pretty awesome had it ended on that iconic shot of constantine going to heaven and pulling the middle finger at lucifer And i mean, if they made a sequel, they could have just added a prologue where it shows how lucifer pulls him back etc
Pedro da Silva (7 months ago)
Awesome movie, could have a great sequel..
Vishal Sewratan (7 months ago)
Would love to see a sequel
Epic TCG (8 months ago)
I wish there is a reboot or more sequel ... I love constantine ahah
Tim Rogers (8 months ago)
The only thing I disliked was the focus of just the Judeo/Christian aspect. In the source material all religions/mythologies exist as physicalities and feed of the belief of their followers.
Tsaicat (8 months ago)
All these shows run away from MAGIC! Just use the writer-given powers of characters to the fullest. Look at the pathetic Scarlet and half of MCU, look at others in DCEU. DC series are very good because they go to the fullest of the characters potential.
rosyrose19 (8 months ago)
This movie was great
Diane Giovanniello (9 months ago)
Anything is possible ⭐️👍❤️
Fearless Paladin (9 months ago)
Constantine and Spawn aren't very known or popular franchises. And constantine tv series would had to compete with series as Supernatural, Stranger Things, etc.
Goorpijp Wessel (7 months ago)
Tv series was horrible.
Akhil TT (9 months ago)
We need a sequel please. This movie is so different from overused plot of generic superhero movies as this deals with mythology.
TTgamer OP (9 months ago)
didn't know the Series was a flop... i really enjoyed it... couldn't wait for more (which never came)
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza (9 months ago)
These type of movies (dark dc characters) don’t usually get sequels because they usually have controversial themes...such religious or political undertones, sometimes existential...which we have to admit is not something for everyone...not saying it doesn’t happen (like the Matrix)...but it really is quite rare to reach a box-office status and have enough return to create a sequel...look at V for Vendetta, it gained quite a popularity but subservience isn’t exactly something everyone likes...i’m actually a fan of these types of stories...often morally ambiguous characters with really good stories and character development but the reality is most of the time these movies only getting a cult following and eventual successful dvd releases...hopefully we get to have more favorable fates in the future for these types of stories but for now we can expect less from Hollywood
Mika Sanchez (9 months ago)
Ngl I can only see Keanu Reeves as Constantine. Also I tried to watch the TV show since I loved the movie but I didn't really find it interesting unfortunately
O n c e (10 months ago)
CrusaderGir (10 months ago)
Matt Ryan Constantine Season Four Legends of Tomorrow.
graham nes (10 months ago)
It was a cool movie
GameGatsby (10 months ago)
aaron roby (10 months ago)
I would rather see keanu reeves in constantine 2 than a cheap knock off reboot series its like when they bought out the highlander movie and did a really bad job of the tv series it makes you want to headbutt the wanker directers who dont give a fuck about where the movies going they run out of ideas so they make it a dodgey tv series pure fuckupism so dont fuck this up ya wankers reeves is still the best for his movies you carnt remake a movie with out the main character who played it the best . Fan boy
Tom Ato (10 months ago)
Tavis White (10 months ago)
Tina Bergman (10 months ago)
I love the movie, I hope they do a 2. Love John wick 1,2 .
Veteran Soda (10 months ago)
its 2018 Jesus Christ
kagokadae (10 months ago)
I love Keanu as Constantine. Been hoping for movie 2, same cast, with good plots.
Vikas Bhalla (10 months ago)
Love that movie
Santos Perez (10 months ago)
Constantine is way better then these marvel movies, dark great actors good story way underrated fav comic movie. If they do make a second bring Keanu back
farscape1 (10 months ago)
Constantine is on the next season of Legends of Tomorrow. He has been on a few of the episodes this season.
ramza813 (10 months ago)
its on HBO Go for another few weeks... watch it again! Gone in June!
StoneScorpion197 (10 months ago)
Constantine was a great movie. I would have loved to see more
Stephanie Nicole (10 months ago)
They should've done a sequel
Lorence Gijan (10 months ago)
I love this movie. Keanu is perfect as Constantine. That swag is so sexy.
C Barrera (11 months ago)
Great movie I would love a second part 💘🙏
Thabang Mokoena (11 months ago)
im glad there wasnt a sequel, feel like they would have messed it up
tyler maloney (11 months ago)
Would be hard to get the flow of the movie back into a new movie, would take some effort.
Lorena Morales (11 months ago)
I’m sorry but no! Leave Constantine alone and do not mix him with the Dark league . Jesus Christ 😡
Sher (11 months ago)
I am waiting and waiting for Constantine 2. Sequel and not a reboot.
Sayan Sengupta (11 months ago)
Justice League Dark with Keanu Reeves as Constantine! Fuck yeah. Make it happen.
Jman (11 months ago)
i loved the show. wish it did better numbers. Matt Ryan I liked even more then Keanu.
Bicentennial Nagger (11 months ago)
This film NEEDS a sequel!! It was excellent.

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