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@JayKarlPranks @kim_pao_pranks Kim's Channel https://www.youtube.com/KimPao Get Featured http://www.prankarmy.tv Warning: These April Fools Hidden camera Practical jokes are performed by trained idiots. Pranks Channel does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Joke at your own risk.
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Text Comments (11052)
kath albert (4 minutes ago)
first, need to find a husband lol
uncorn sparkles (5 hours ago)
Its realy funny i like the vid
Dawn Martin (6 hours ago)
look, you can’t stop a boy from playing video games
Nikos Nikos (8 hours ago)
Big boobs!!!!!
Bang Cek (10 hours ago)
IONIC G (17 hours ago)
Don’t stop playing fortnite keep playing it!!!
Poola Soo (20 hours ago)
Hahahahah when she said “CARAJO” 😂😂😂
Naythan Andrade (20 hours ago)
Mika30041975 (21 hours ago)
Hot wet in there.
Nam Nguyen (1 day ago)
Did you say Fortnite or for night? 0:15
Tyhler Novac (1 day ago)
If you're still playing video games in your 30s you might be a loser.. most people stop before their 20.. thank odd my 19 stopped playing video games he's working and in our armed forces .. proud moment in life when he signed up for armed forces
Deb BG (1 day ago)
Why do women take phones to the toilet?! Disgusting.
Gean Frantz (1 day ago)
Algum BR? Da like
Alaa Alkaabi (2 days ago)
I love your channel lol make more videos❣
Soul Tribe (2 days ago)
Seriously not fair, he has to sit if he’s gonna poop too. Cut him a break already. At least he didn’t pee on the seat
Greg B (2 days ago)
The rubber snake it the toilet is awesome. My wife would beat me over that one.
Paolo Guglielmelli (2 days ago)
Owen Haight (2 days ago)
Why tf can a man not piss sittin tf
Ray W (2 days ago)
I'm surprised I haven't killed each other
Jacintha Cooman (2 days ago)
Edelberto Maripe (2 days ago)
Yono me habia dado cuenta que estaba en inglés porque lo puse casi no mas pero lo vi igual capas nadie me entienda porque hablo español ajjajjaaka porque todos en este vídeo hablan inglés aljajaja
E V (2 days ago)
7:32 training complete 😁 You know what they say - happy wife, happy getting some later that night in bed.
Airol.k (2 days ago)
Airol.k (2 days ago)
Close that fridge goooooood
barbie doll (3 days ago)
Hahahaha so Good ! 😁😂😂🤣
Raad Kaid (3 days ago)
امك وام امك
weili (3 days ago)
I’d be punching whatever was besides me then run away!
jack mayhoffer (3 days ago)
4:42 strong booty. Thanks God.
Jay Money (3 days ago)
I'm not bout that stand up and pee that's dirty piss drop let's fly everywhere including your clothes use the bathroom in the am jump back into bed with pee on u sit down and pee real men stay fresh and clean not macho and dirty
Jay Money (3 days ago)
That part when she said everything has it lol I was I was dying lol
AnnAlviMel 111660 (4 days ago)
Mois95 (4 days ago)
we all now why we still here😏
Yougant S (4 days ago)
How to prank your Wife/Gf First get yourself a gf/wife
Leonardo Afonso (4 days ago)
Gente esse cara me ajudou a hackear/recuperar senha do Facebook. Manda mensagem pra ele. Whats: 63 99104-3878
Les Hopden (4 days ago)
Did you know if you just had some hot sauce and it is too hot then take a raw egg and swash it in your mouth then spit it out and it helps alot
Crossroads Apizaco (4 days ago)
Con una mujer así, yo no estaría perdiendo el tiempo haciendole bromas 😂😎😎
selwyn Lashley (4 days ago)
My mom name is kim 🤬🤔😭👎😱😥😵
WAX12ZS /wax12zs (4 days ago)
انا مشترك جديد بقناتك
eliah younessian (5 days ago)
The girls get angry at the guys but the guys laugh with the girls
Christopher Torres (5 days ago)
Whys he leaving the toilet seat up if he pees sitting down
shinchan tv (5 days ago)
Liked video
Bang My Eats (5 days ago)
Love your prank....Really enjoyed
Aishwarya Kothari (5 days ago)
Bro the water was getting wasted...
rahma alrammahi (5 days ago)
Wow I wanna do that to my family
Biggoron (5 days ago)
No está preparado para nada
Lost Birds Production (5 days ago)
Brooke Tegan (5 days ago)
He can sit down and pee if he wants to
Dr.Tooba Khan (5 days ago)
That was so annoying for me when man didn’t close the fridge door and let the water waste in that whole time.
Malinois Twitch (6 days ago)
3:44 The Grudge
MR. CATMAN (6 days ago)
1:00 controller is turned off :DDD
shock noise (6 days ago)
相変わらず楽しそうで 何よりです!
Pedro Rodrigues (6 days ago)
Desperdicio de agua da poha, era só desligar a torneira
Poppin Thangs (6 days ago)
LMAO 😂 😂😂 😂 like the vid
Charity Taylor (6 days ago)
Turn the faucet off ur wasting wTers
Vee Delta (6 days ago)
Their relationship are so goals
NyCelebrity Melissa (6 days ago)
The one in the car was dangerous
SpaceGatto (6 days ago)
I want to prank my momma and daddy
ANGIEE editing (6 days ago)
5:08 ESTUPIDO COÑO me mori😹
Jose Sanchez (7 days ago)
Jajajajaja estupido coñooo latinaaa
naghmeh aghazadeh (7 days ago)
Khan is great (7 days ago)
i like the music
Reina Jenkins (7 days ago)
Awesome idea I'm buying POPITS
Cedrick Reyes (7 days ago)
Hey stop your praking
LouAnn Lavigne (7 days ago)
At least the two of you are good sports about it however when it came to the hot sauce on the orange juice bottle I really thought he was going to beat the shit out of her. I would not be a good sport! I would get sooo pissed and, stay that way until he begged me for forgiveness.
Gurjot Singh (7 days ago)
It’s hot sauce Yo it’s hottt No shit sherlock
JaxxRyan (7 days ago)
What’s that song at 6:06? I can’t find it and been trying to for about a year.
Alexey T (8 days ago)
The one who thinks those are the real pranks is just an idiot....
へっちゃん (8 days ago)
yami castaño (8 days ago)
Jajajaja 😹😹😹
LORA SHARPE (8 days ago)
funny, funny...god bless you both!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Harleth Aguilar (8 days ago)
its hot because its *Hot* Sauce xD
Ayman’s Adventures (8 days ago)
Why does she want him to stand up while peeing
Silent Control (5 days ago)
I don't get it as well, looks like some people like Toilet & Walls full of Pee.
Kenna C. (8 days ago)
4:36 scared the crap out of me 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Chris (8 days ago)
Ummm it’s fortnite
Bruh3 (9 days ago)
I really don't get what's so wrong about taking a piss sitting down, seriously. I bet you that if you have a dick and are over the age of 6 years, you've definetely taken a piss sitting down.
Im stupid, but (9 days ago)
I wish I had a girlfriend.
Funny MoreTV (9 days ago)
so diy good
А на видео с феном бабушка по ходу трансулик)
Cadet Pauline (9 days ago)
Thái Nguyễn (10 days ago)
I like videos
Amanda Fugh (10 days ago)
Why can’t he go pee siting down
LadyDi89 (10 days ago)
Man don’t sit! We stand
Letsheia hanson (11 days ago)
Kim???? dwl
Gold Fish (11 days ago)
11 mins DIY?
Zach'sCombat (11 days ago)
The snake one looks venomous, it could give a heart attack.
vídeos top 1 (11 days ago)
Muito bom kkkk
Sharia Neal (11 days ago)
Lol kim got his azz good lol hell yesssss
Rosa Scarlet (12 days ago)
why will anybody have a problem if a guy pees sitting down? wtf? It's his private thing seriously.
Christel Mett (12 days ago)
I want a divorce!
copra dor (12 days ago)
😘😎😘😊😎😘😎😊😘 how fun can I be married to one of you without the sex ? Lol
Where can I find a woman like this who just wants to have a laugh
KingSiah 510 (12 days ago)
3:37 my girl is black if I did that ,shit is a suicide mission brother lol
shashvat thakur (13 days ago)
It's altually better to pee sitting down than standing up
shashvat thakur (10 days ago)
+Xx theredninjacat xX it's really goed when you old cause your urinating spinter stay relaxed and it's better for your body and problem with incontinent peeing that older people have.
Xx theredninjacat xX (10 days ago)
+shashvat thakur oh ok
shashvat thakur (10 days ago)
+Xx theredninjacat xX sorry but i m a guy. Plus it's actually better for both male and female to pee while sitting.
Xx theredninjacat xX (11 days ago)
Maybe becuz u a woman
Dorth Surreal (14 days ago)
Yeah today I'm.hoing to teach him how to Get the ffucck out of My apt. My appartment my name on the list and utilities. Get the fuck out!!!!
Larisa Ciornii (14 days ago)
did he say fortnite or for a night
Anthony Jimenez (13 days ago)
Larisa Ciornii good question
Hector Acuna (14 days ago)
Maybe he should go down on her after she put the hot sauce on the OJ.

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