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Brooklyn's Finest- "Snitch" Scene

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Clip from 2009 Brooklyn's Finest. Good part from a great movie. I do not own the copyright to this film or any clips from it. They belong to Overture Films. Actors-Don Cheadle & Wesley Snipes.
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Leon Kennedy (4 days ago)
The greatest swordsman is the one who never has to draw his blade. Red was probably more of a reason the cops raided them. Not to mention, much like tango says you kill a kid and it's on the news.... it's talked about everywhere. It brings trouble to the neighbor and it freezes up the money.
Techeina Thomas (1 month ago)
Don Cheadle looking like sum chocolate baybee🍫👅👄
Shantorey Wilkins (1 month ago)
gonxkilua naruto (8 months ago)
I like how the camera work was terrible but the movie was ok
Brandon McDuffie (1 year ago)
It's been 3 years since we got raped?
DSCGODFLOW (10 months ago)
Brandon McDuffie raided not raped
Bobby (1 year ago)
The Wire reunion with my homies Hassan Johnson and Michael Kenneth Williams.
pontiacGXPfan (2 years ago)
He killed Omar from "The WIre"
Luis A (2 years ago)
damn tango just dodged a bullet right there. that's why he had his finger on the trigger ready to Throwdown
D D (2 years ago)
not a single line delivered by Don Cheadle seemed genuine for one reason, He a bitch ass nigga lmaoooo
TwitchtvTrigun52 (3 years ago)
wesleys character signed his death cert by letting the snitch live, weakness= death and after letting ol boy live, his team viewed him as week..respect and fear is all that matters when you at the top of the G- food chain, this why the moth ruthless gangsta's last the longest..
Brandon Daniels (1 month ago)
@Sir Sumumabitch Yeah, I think the street brilliance Wesley's character showed here was that knowing the kid really wasn't the snitch... he used this opportunity to show off his hardness to his crew (by acting as if the kid might be the snitch and threatening him). Wesley's character is trying to scare the real snitch here by using the kid as an example (otherwise he could look really weak).
RB2331 (2 years ago)
I agree and Don Cheadle is a cornball mfker ...so unbelievable as a dealer .....lol
Romeo Juliet (2 years ago)
No they dont always fall or get caught. I forgot whicch mobster it was but he was a don and lived til like late 70s or 80s and never spent a single day in jail, died of natural causes
Sir Sumumabitch (2 years ago)
  You called youngblood a snitch,then u say it doesn´t matter if he was a a snitch or not. No wonder the streets are filled with retarded,simpleminded machopunks killing eachother over bullshit n rumors,you´re like those henchmen hyenas it sounds....if Caz knew the truth,that his best friend was the snitch,would he take him out? Who knows...but he wasn´t gonna kill a kid based on exactly nothin´ but what looked like a bunch of snitches trying to pin it on someone weaker.   Prison changed him and he found his humanity n made him use logic. Kill a child to make a point when his accusers are more likely to be snitching simply by the way they handle this shit...i dont doubt he would kill in a heartbeat for the right reason though he should´ve seen some drama coming his way.if u clip people who are undeserving,not too many will wanna do serious business with you or even  work for you,safer to take you out. So Cazanova starting to kill dudes in his inner circle wouldnt work either since they know they innocent. n would have to respond..so the point is Caz was always gonna get blasted,ambitious bottomfeeders have no loyalty. A COP was more loyal,u know you´re screwed then!!   He was the black Don Corleone, levelheaded, humble and fair...and naive...but the Omar character saying before he dies that Caz had gone soft cause he wouldnt kill the kid when the real snitch is standing over him after shootin him,spelling it out for him,that says it all,alotta people dead over skewed perception and stereotype notions....u haven´t seen the film so debate is a moot point.
TwitchtvTrigun52 (2 years ago)
Sir Sumumabitch bruh what you have to understand is it doesnt matter if hes was the snitch or not, what matters is his soldiers thought he was the snitch..this aint aboit right or wrong, its about perception and in order to stay at the top you gotta be a monster and that sometimes means going off a lie to save face. its called street politics.
DORUK CELAL ÖKTEM (3 years ago)
Wesley, he is the finest :))
RB2331 (3 years ago)
That dude had that brother spot on ! He knew he was a cop !
robert cummings (4 years ago)
man! i just love that part when k-pebbles was like " i can't believe we didn't murder this nigga!" funny as hell!!!!!! he wanted to toss that dude off the building for REAL!!!!
Saitama (4 years ago)
Bulletz Gotti (5 years ago)
Baltimorehop (6 years ago)
If a undercover is working a crazy good case, people like that dude they were gonna toss off that roof are collateral damage. Shit happens. Guys like him die everyday on undercover missions. They just charge the homocide to the investigation. The bottom line is to get the Big Fish. At the end of the day, that's all that matters. Making the case. - Peace
Devan Simmons (6 months ago)
@valdie91285 😂😂😂
Nate Haji (1 year ago)
Nope homeboy's right, people dying everyday over dope money & how many do you think are under the umbrella of an investigation? Even somewhat? Yeah Tango is a top stick being put out to take down a top stick, collateral damage is the word
valdie91285 (2 years ago)
Baltimorehop not sure how many deep cover Ops you've been involved in Jason Bourne, but undercover or not he's still a cop. It's one thing to learn of a murder and then add it on to the case, but to actually be apart of one and let it happen? The DA would have that cops balls for dinner.
Alex Diego (6 years ago)
but if this cop made some action againist them to save the boy they will know who is he and under cover operation failed..no logic
valdie91285 (2 years ago)
Alex Diego because he's a cop and at the end of the day he's supposed to protect life rather than be accessory to murder.
tswagg504 (6 years ago)
Now what the fuck are Wee-Bey and Omar doing in New York!? oh, this isn't the Wire?....so confused :I
Ayy Lmao (7 years ago)
@iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa thats what she said
Terribad (7 years ago)
@KillerBod101 You took what I was going to say :(
KillerBod101 (8 years ago)
Wee-bay and Omar together, hell yea thats whats up
MARK M (8 years ago)
snipes smacked that nigga like a little ho.LOL
TheSuirad (8 years ago)
it sounds like he said Katey Perry when i first heard it.
MrManRap (8 years ago)
at 2:09 what is he holding behind his back? a recorded? please reply!
Nate Haji (1 year ago)
MrManRap his pistol so if Caz decided to kill that boy Tango would intervene on his uniform shit
L1F3 1NVAD3R (8 years ago)
One of the best scenes from the movie. Antoine Fuqua's best work since "Training Day".
SASJKL (8 years ago)
i thought your name was k pebbles or somethin'? lmfao
halotango3 (8 years ago)
The mothafuckin boss right there

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