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Shot Show 2019 - Best of Show Highlights

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Shot Show 2019 - Best of Show Highlights. Las Vegas, Nevada Sands Expo Convention Center. Note: All firearms have been disabled with firing pins removed. All are non-operation and for display only.
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QuebecoisSti (10 days ago)
Please anyone knows the company name at 13:58-14:01 ?? Great editing btw, no blabla or shitty talking.
QuebecoisSti (9 days ago)
+Next Luxury thank you!!!
Next Luxury (9 days ago)
KF Armory, Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barrier System (MIB²S). They can stop 20mm rounds, 50 cal, etc. They run $4,000 per block though (for the military versions)
C M (10 days ago)
Thanks for working hard to edit this and uploading it. Most shot show videos are just a tiny selection of what’s there. I had no idea how many different products (besides guns) were at a shot show. Wow.
Next Luxury (10 days ago)
Thanks for watching and the comment! I try my best to capture it all. Cheers, Brian

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