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7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You Never Knew Existed

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Being a fashion designer is NOT your only job option if you want to work in the industry. In fact, there are a lot of other options out there...that are just as awesome (if not better). ********* Make sure to check out ALL episodes of FASHION INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED ********* ► Fashion Portfolio: 5 Deadly Mistakes That Will Cost You the Job ----https://youtu.be/VRWLjV05PVk ► Want to Be a Fashion Designer? The Untold Truth of What It’s Really Like ----https://youtu.be/8t40G9dvr60 ► Becoming a Fashion Designer: What I Wish I Knew (from 12 industry experts) ----https://youtu.be/STs-62tmlNk ► How to Get a Job in Fashion (2 essential skills you won’t learn at fashion school) ----Coming October 18th ******************************************************************************************************** ing October 11th In this episode, we’ll go through 7 awesome fashion job opportunities. And don’t worry, we’re going to skip all the obvious ones you already know like buyer or retail store manager (which I hardly consider working “in fashion”, no offense). These are super cool, super fun, career path fashion jobs where you work in the industry, inside a fashion brand. I’ll also share a couple *really* good reasons these unknown jobs are *better* than being a designer. Get ready for some good stuff (you know, the stuff no one talks about). It’s why I call it FASHION INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED. Still haven’t subscribed to Sew Heidi on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/SewHeidiYTSubscribe ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONNECT ►► Instagram: https://instagram.com/sewheidi: ►► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sewheidi ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FREE RESOURCES 🎁 Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Fashion Portfolio (in a weekend): http://bit.ly/UGtoFashionPortfolioYT 🎁 Ultimate Guide to Illustrator for Fashion Design (37 step by step tutorials): http://bit.ly/UGtoIllustratorYT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ABOUT SEW HEIDI Heya! Nice to meet you, I’m Heidi. I teach fashion designers like you the real world skills you *actually* need to learn to succeed in this cutthroat industry. (You know, all the stuff you don’t learn at fashion school.) I’ve worked as a contract designer for over a decade and run SuccessfulFashionDesigner.com. I’ve been able to make a healthy living doing work I love in fashion. But I got started just like you, one step at a time. It began with some embarrassing hand sewn dresses and fashion sketches that would make a 3-year-old’s artwork look like a masterpiece. Then, things changed. I learned how design was done on a large scale. I learned how to get things into production. And I learned all the skills I wish I knew when I was first starting out. Now, I dedicate most of my time teaching you all of that. This content is hard to find anywhere else (because in fashion, people keep secrets), so I decided to create it...and give most of it away for free. Want more than what you find on YouTube? Sign up here, it’s free: http://bit.ly/SewHeidiSubscribeYT
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Stephanie Sim (2 days ago)
Hi Sew Heidi, I’m currently studying Fashion Design. I had a whole other career in my twenties but am going back to school in my 30s because I’ve always wanted to do something more creative. I’m taking a Fashion focused Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator class right now and I could see myself doing this as a job. Here are some questions I had for you: to be a CAD designer do I need hand drawing skills? Can I intern for a CAD designer? Are CAD designers freelance or full time jobs? Do I need to learn InDesign? How do I get a CAD designing job (for example, can I just make a portfolio of my work rather than getting a degree in Fashion Design)? Thank you! I appreciate your videos and guidance.
I love watching your fun videos - so helpful. Would love to connect ([email protected])
Sew Heidi (5 days ago)
So glad you enjoy! Best way to keep up is to get on my email list at successfulfashiondesigner.com ;)
Kali Celeste (5 days ago)
I’m here because I was just told that despite having the ability to create, I’m not the best drawer. So that makes it almost impossible to be a fashion designer. Crazy.
Sew Heidi (5 days ago)
Don't listen to this person. I cannot draw and know many others as well who have still had successful fashion careers ;)
nechi acuña (11 days ago)
until now didnt know that i am a cad designer!
nechi acuña (7 days ago)
@Sew Heidi thanks!
Sew Heidi (8 days ago)
Oh the things you learn! ;)
Denise White (23 days ago)
Apparently she doesn't know who you real front person really is. Its us in Production were the ones that actually make sure everything gets done. And us Production Manages deal with all the product development and sourcing. A lot of companies don't use product developers and Sourcing specialists because us production managers do it. Production is the most stressful.
Denise White (8 days ago)
I work for a pretty big company. We do private and licensed brands and my work load is hectic. We use have product developers, product managers and tech designers but some how my production coordinators and assistants ended up with the work load. But production we bring things to live and many don't know.
Sew Heidi (22 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Denise, and while that can be the set up at some places, many companies do use product developers. There are many variables (company size, etc) and there are a hundred ways to organize a team. A title is just a title -- it's really the workload that defines the role 😉
Srijana Thakur (1 month ago)
Is it possible to be a cad designer from 12th commerce??? Please i need answer..
Shoyhet Marina (2 months ago)
Thank you Heidi for this video!! I like the way you explain all those things, clear simple helpful. Good job
Sew Heidi (2 months ago)
You’re so welcome and glad you enjoyed!
jordan redwine (4 months ago)
I have my own company, which is in the startup phase, so naturally I am searching for funding opportunities. This is an amazing video with great insight, one my strong points is CAD design so I will be looking into jobs regarding that!
Sew Heidi (4 months ago)
So awesome to hear!!!
Eileen Vincett (4 months ago)
Hi Heidi. I'm getting ready to shoot a video to give practical advice to people trying to go for the fashion design jobs after 15 years there myself via NYC and London. I'm going to link this video to mine as I think this is an incredible REAL LIFE resource exposing aspiring fashionistas and "os" to what is possible in the industry. Awesome video!
Sew Heidi (4 months ago)
Hi Eileen!!! Sounds like an amazing video and can't wait to check it out, and thanks for linking :)
Allison Jones (5 months ago)
Hi Heidi, I just watched your video and it was really informative. I'm actually an Interior Designer and I'm designing various products for retail. I've been and ID for 25 years (never went to college for it - go figure) and I've been researching everything imaginable to do with my latest venture and I thought your video was not only applicable, but really helpful. I'm at the ugh stage of finding the right manufacturer. I'm creating a tech pack for the latest manufacturer that I hope is the right one and I'll keep following you because I like your low key approach to supporting those of us in the industry. Looking forward to more from you, Allison
Sew Heidi (4 months ago)
So glad you’re finding it all helpful!
Ally J (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for this, I graduated in May and it has been hard finding work.
Sew Heidi (7 months ago)
You're welcome - glad it is helpful!
DEBY LOVE (8 months ago)
thank u heidi. this is awesome knowledge. im a technical designer. i create designs from inspirations in 2D. and then sew them myself into 3D. but its super cool because the 3D design looks exactly like the 2D. its super earning. my customers love me for that. they call being super unique. n to me its fun.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
That is so cool Deby! I am really glad you have found a niche market that works for you AND your customers! Great work :)
Tamika ED (8 months ago)
When I finished fashion school (2016), I looked into the different fashion jobs, simply because EVERYONE wants to do design and I don't want to design for a brand that's not my own. CAD designer, technical designer, product designer are my top options. I used to do CAD for freelance and I'm going back to doing that soon. After business school, I'm MOST likely going back to fashion school, for technical design since I really want to and need to understand the technical aspect of fashion.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Awesome! So glad you have had a good career path with these alternative job routes ;)
Samantha Lim (8 months ago)
in asia..almost 1 person usually does those 6-7 job mention. And it's almost a must requirement for a fashion designer /merchandiser job,that you know from designing the clothes,drawing illustrating, A.I , graphics/ cad,knows about technical pattern making (even you don't know much abt sewing) . Merchandising , budgeting, look for vendor \factory. Negotiate pricing, sourcing ,chasing the shipment date, q.c . Allocation of stock to shops. Visual and some times sales.Only done by 1 person . And if you are a senior designer, you have to forecast the next year trends ,colors and seasons collection directions.And they paid quite low.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Each of the job roles can depend on the size of the company - at smaller companies you will have more responsibilities. And in general, you are worked really hard in the fashion industry since it is so competitive, meaning you will be required to wear a lot of hats! I suggest only going into this career if you *really* love it and want to work hard :)
Talya L (8 months ago)
I’m so nervous about graduating and finding a well paying job but you have really eased my mind. Your podcast and videos are amazing! Thanks Heidi!
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Aw, thanks Talya! Glad you have been enjoying. Make sure your Illustrator skills are top notch! Check out my free Ultimate Guide to Illustrator for help with that ;) http://bit.ly/UGtoIllustratorYT
Rossella Leonardi (8 months ago)
Although merchandising requires analytic skills, proficient use of Excel etc...=(
Rossella Leonardi (8 months ago)
Heidi, I studied your Design to Development course. Which other more useful skills do we need to know in Excel, so I can deep dive into it?
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Yes!! Honestly, ANY job requires the use of Excel - I consider it basic knowledge anymore, like using email :)
Rossella Leonardi (8 months ago)
Yeah, maybe much more satisfying and worth it, considering the competition. Some of them are creative as well, like cad designer (like you said it's between fashion, graphic and technical) and visual merchandiser/stylist or merchandising. Awasome video! ;)
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
So glad you enjoyed and yes, a lot of them you DO still get to be creative :) xx
Miss Q (8 months ago)
Thank you Heidi! I graduated from FIT with Fashion & Graphic Design degrees. I also majored in Surface Design. I didn't want a fashion design job because it started out at $25k & I have children. I became a CAD/Textile Designer & started at $65k. Best decision ever. I still get to draw & design pretty things & go to the shows. I love it!
Tanika Sheree (2 months ago)
@sew Heidi how can I get into this to be a cad designer?
Tanika Sheree (2 months ago)
Miss Q how do I go about go about studying this!
Miss Q (8 months ago)
@Sew Heidi ❤
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
OMG YESSSS!!! THIS is exactly what I am talking about!!!! :) Congrats on your success! xx
Ebuje1 (8 months ago)
Thanks for a great video, I would love to see a dedicated video on fashion buying.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
I will add to the list!
Donna S (8 months ago)
Thank you for the video, I am a designer who just would like to sell my fashion sketches, but don't know how to go about it!
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
What you're referencing could be called a few different things...but the best arrangement I see for you would be freelancing :) Have you checked out my (free) book on that? https://successfulfashiondesigner.com/free-ug-fashion-freelancer/
Donna S (8 months ago)
@Sew Heidi I've looked into manufacturing companies, but I am not positive that is the way to go. I visioned my sketch designs like a songwriter who does not sing, but gives his songs to different artists for them to sing.That is what I see myself doing, I do not sew, I just wolud like to sell my designs to different companies. If that makes sense to you.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
What have you tried to do so far? What research have you done to figure out how to do this?
miri miru (8 months ago)
I am a product developer and I am very boring because I am a more creative type. Although creativity may be applied to problem solving, I prefer using my creativity in choosing or developing artwork, deciding on fabrics or in styles. It is a great responsability and it is way hard work. If you are in the right company and developing the right product, it could be really great fun. Classic and casual menswear developing is such a pain.... oh well maybe it was just a bad day!
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
If you already work at a brand, have you tried asking to help with parts of the design process? I am sure you could create an opportunity for yourself :)
Beth Lucas (8 months ago)
Great job Heidi! You always keep it REAL. Great advice for anyone interested in working in the fashion industry.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Thanks so much Beth :)
Irfan zahid (8 months ago)
loved watching you. exciting information.thanks
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
You're welcome, glad you enjoyed!
Fiona Pedersen (8 months ago)
Thank you for this video! Super useful <3
Fiona Pedersen (8 months ago)
Every second of it! :D
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
You're welcome Fiona! What was your favorite part?!
Claire Fuller (8 months ago)
Love this! And if you are planning on launching your own brand singlehandedly, you will be ALL of these things. Which IS as terrifying as it sounds lol
Claire Fuller (8 months ago)
And I wouldn't change it for the world! x
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
YESSS so true!!! But it can also be an insanely fun journey at the same time :) x
JULIE HSU (8 months ago)
Heidi you are awesome.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Aw, thanks Julie! Hope you enjoyed the video :)
Chand Alam (8 months ago)
Great explanation.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
Thanks - glad you enjoyed :)
DaniSimoneUX (8 months ago)
Hey world! Design is really not sexy or glamorous. It’s a TON of work and pretty thankless. I did CAD for a while and I truly prefer it to bring a designer. I just listen to music, YouTube videos or Netflix shows (either splitting the screen or using two monitors or watching ie. listening to videos) and working, the day flies by and I made a really good salary as a CAD artist.
Miss Q (8 months ago)
Me too! I studied Fashion Design & became a CAD/Textile Designer. It isn't glamorous at all but I prefer to work in Design than any other industry.
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
YES Dezine - so glad you found this niche for yourself and loved it!
Eileen Fleming (8 months ago)
Great information and video Heidi!
Sew Heidi (8 months ago)
You're welcome Eileen - glad you enjoyed!

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