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Palm Exotica in Kenya Will be the New Tallest Building in Africa

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Text Comments (273)
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Hilary Ouma (17 days ago)
The developers should make it stand at 400m to beat the proposed South African tower also meant to stand at 370m. This is my advice.
2nacheki (15 days ago)
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Frank Nasieku (2 months ago)
@ brown jobs will be generated inside the buildings ask dubai, and during construction i hope you have invested in Kenya.
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
All those people having grudge....Free up buddies so buildings stop being constructed by private individuals so that they can do government stuff and plus i know Kenya is way better than most of those your countries which seem to 'focus' on poverty than buildings😉😉....Let go and say Well done where it's deserved😅😅
Mike Smith (3 months ago)
It be nice if the building was funded, designed and built by Kenyans. Is it? Be mindful of the global situation. Strengthen your military don’t assume the good times can continue uninterrupted.
Bern Bern (3 months ago)
HairMusic Videos (3 months ago)
What use does Africa have for Tallest buildings? This concept only works in cold small cities without space. We have enough space in Africa and we are tropical... So, I don't get the logic in this. Am willing to bet money on the fact that 60% of the space in that building will not be used.
nomfundo fuma (3 months ago)
👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Beautiful Kenya
Mylissa (3 months ago)
This is an Italian design, being built by South Africans, NY, and Italian Billionaire Franco Rosco, you can’t chant Africa for Africans if your building have an Italian tag, like U.S. Prez Trump say make America great again, but his hats are made in CHINA, defeats the purpose... Right!
I love the ocean (3 months ago)
Wow cool.
OG Maejor (4 months ago)
Why everyone hating?It will boost tourism and help locals in some way 🙇
kevin mande (2 months ago)
Tell these Nigerians and Tanzanians, they are very bitter
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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notfb joke (4 months ago)
So what’s the projected cost and square footage?? I need answers😩
2nacheki (4 months ago)
You'll find out soon enough
No Name (4 months ago)
African countries should just start competing with each other for the best economy and stable country. That’ll help focus their attention on their own countries and the interest of their people first before anything else. Hopefully that’ll get rid of the corruption
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Demettrious Abbott (4 months ago)
Beautiful and it should be built. Using only Africa funds nothing borrowed. From other countries!!!!
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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The World Tv (4 months ago)
Tallest building is for people who don't have enough lands . In Africa there is enough lands, great and simple building would be the best
2nacheki (4 months ago)
lol. Are you sure about that???
Malki Tzedek (4 months ago)
We need to build the tallest building in the world in Africa.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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offreich 1 france (4 months ago)
And? What that gonna bring to the average citizen
2nacheki (4 months ago)
A simple look at other comments should answer that
Peter Mburu (4 months ago)
In kenya its the private sector who buid sky crippers not govt like dubai, the pay taxes like avic africa headquaters world trade centre, the have paid 8 million dollars so far and yet the buiding is under construction when completed direct employment 3000 .what else do you want, kenya was ranked 3rd in the world in real estae, not everbody is happy the want a shit hole ravaged africa and kenya.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Makhehl (4 months ago)
Kenya is American Colony and their government is very corrupt and the lovvvvvve whites
W power (4 months ago)
You are full of shit you know nothing.
Jemma Hoyte (4 months ago)
Vying for the tallest building? Where did that spirit came from? Nimrod!!! Be careful now!
david soul (4 months ago)
Great job Kenya,More grace ..
Oyoyo Kantakatos (4 months ago)
Any thing builds in Kenya, is for Kenyan only
Abuu Dizo (4 months ago)
Another China money Africa and borrowing.
Kevin Ambunya (4 months ago)
Beware comments full of haters and jealousy breeds
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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W power (4 months ago)
Ikr? I have the same view like you it's a pity.
Kevin Ambunya (4 months ago)
Kenya is the beast in making
Hãmïz FØÜ4 (4 months ago)
Masha Allah
Live From Planet Earth (4 months ago)
How much?
Chris Peter (4 months ago)
Ooo Bandebande India nr.1
Ibrahim Ali (4 months ago)
I am very happy to see this beautiful Building in Kenya
Leon Kangogo (4 months ago)
Jealousy, Racism and stupidity all over the comments
dee reed (4 months ago)
Question: Is that waste of money "Tower of Babel" going to; Feed, Clothe, Educate, Provide Medical care and Prosperity for the Kenyan People's? We all know it isn't so instead of building a disguised IDOLATRY TOWER for worship, which is an Egotistical Phallic fertility symbol of worship to ancient pagan and babylonian deviant Nimrod.. Use the money to RAISE THE KENYAN PEOPLE...!!
Lovely Word (4 months ago)
It seems to be different. I'm not really ready to say anything about this. I'd rather watch about real happenings read about real happenings.
Anthony J. Sloan (4 months ago)
When are we ever going to stop trying to out-due the colonizer? This is like trying to say my phallic monument is bigger than my former / current supermacist master's. The statement it makes is: Assume the position as we continue victimizing you!
The truth hurts (4 months ago)
We all know it's never gonna happen na ile kkkorruption iko uko!
Samme Samme-nlar (4 months ago)
Before they go bragging of some tall buildings, let them first deal with that Africa's biggest slump in their capital lol.
Play Kenyan Music (4 months ago)
Sometimes your hands and thoughts may betray your literacy. This is a private investment not a public investment. Let the government deal with slum issues and leave the private sector alone.
thatkenyannigga (4 months ago)
If it’s governmentally funded nobody should care
cobyveron (4 months ago)
cobyveron (4 months ago)
+kenyandamu hell yeah🙏🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾
kenyandamu (4 months ago)
Yeah ... We'll keep on building these tall skyscrapers all over the Country! If the money is there ... BUILD!
kadra djib (4 months ago)
Loool what would be the need for this? They should be paying off their loans from China first
Hãmïz FØÜ4 (4 months ago)
kadra djib hiyo si ya serikali
Play Kenyan Music (4 months ago)
We'll still pay. No hurry. But that is a private investment not a public investment. Otherwise, you can still lend us more dollars, our children will pay..heheee
Pam McKenzie (4 months ago)
The the building is beautiful and I like the pattern design very Africaness
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Steven Ruhunga (4 months ago)
What's wrong with Kenyans? How is it wasting money? If I was able to build a building with 63 store high and give a kobs to more then 200 hundred employees, how's that stupid? Government is not going to bring you a food in the house, get up and work with what you can.
COOLER Man (4 months ago)
Kenya is 100% dependent on foreign aid. This is just silly. Even if they built it, Only rich foreigners and the very exclusive elites in kenya will enjoy It. What's the motto at the Strip Clubs again?? You can look but you can't touch!! 😎😎😎
COOLER Man (1 month ago)
+Coggie Malik I have stated nothing except facts. Africa cannot and will not change if the delusional people are not CHECKED. If you see a doctor, he will tell you what your problem is, so you can get the right treatment to get better. Truth is a very important factor in life.
COOLER Man (1 month ago)
+Menrad Mwaliko Next month when your rent is due, just tell your landlord EXACTLY what you've just said. And see what he/her response is. Or maybe go to your bank or grocery store and tell them that as well. And see the sort of service you get. If you look again to the ORIGINAL STATEMENT that I was RESPONDING to, you would know it was about "CONTRIBUTIONS OF FUNDS".....NOT value for money. Any intelligent person who reads my replies would understand my point. But A delusional person will always be blind to the truth.
Coggie Malik (1 month ago)
Am really offended by your comment cooler man
Menrad Mwaliko (2 months ago)
COOLER Man so according to your ignorant self, goods and services are not valued to cash and can’t be another form of payments?? Ooh lord you are amazing man. Which planet did you just come from?? You literally wanted everything to be in form of cash 💰 real paper haha you need some education my friend. There are many ways to pay though all are valued on money. Bro just go to your school and demand your fees refund
COOLER Man (1 month ago)
The link clearly States the following............ "Use of Goods and Services by the UN" "The goods and services are part of the voluntary contributions made by the member countries to the UN. These are usually NOT USED IN TO FUND CORE UN ACTIVITIES". I guess for some people there is no other choice but to spell it out for them!
Son Hughes (4 months ago)
Why now when there is so much going on in the world?? Tower of Babel??
duanchamp1988 (4 months ago)
Don't tell me this is the crap buying with Chinas loan money....wtf
Goddess ByNature (4 months ago)
I would like to see more scenery and the everyday lives of ppl. What do the food, restaurants, shopping centers look like?
XXXHoodooXXX (4 months ago)
Looks like an air purifier.
Malcolm M (4 months ago)
More money down the drain
Willie Purdom (4 months ago)
Caro khavalagwe (4 months ago)
background187 (4 months ago)
Its not like a Kenyan owns and run it. Either a euro and or a china man does. How is this helping Kenya when Kenya relies on the chinese to build infrastructure that they themselves should've done?
GreaterThanGodLike (4 months ago)
Who is designing are building this?....let me guess the Chinese.
Luck 101 (4 months ago)
Big ups Kenya
Mkenya Mzalendo (4 months ago)
Some people will criticize what the fuck do you want individual private developers do for you, spoon feed you?? It’s a market economy nobody is holding anyone from investing, so people saying why not using resources to help the poor.... get a life that’s an investment that will create jobs
Kibrom Micheal (4 months ago)
Is it going to build by African engineers or Chinese? If it's building by Africans it makes sense and shows the intelligence of our people, but if it is building by chinese I don't give it a dam because it's a shame!!!
African engineers hahhahahahhahahaha that a good one.
Sistahtari Tafari (4 months ago)
That is not a safe idea, nor is it practical. Who is the architect?
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
Sistahtari Tafari What does that have to do with an Italian architect getting hired for a private development?
Sistahtari Tafari (4 months ago)
Blacks vs Everybody remember when the Italians went after Ethiopia Don't repeat the past.
Glenn Llewellyn (4 months ago)
No. Who's on first base.
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
Italian architect Lorenzo Pagnini
Nana Nana (4 months ago)
Own by the Chinese I guess..smh
Salah Noor (4 months ago)
The difference between Dubai and Kenya will be that Kenya not only will it have tallest building but with a beautiful weather unlike Dubai
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
Blacks vs Everybody Yeap but know we got oil which soon will start being sold😉😉
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
Dubai has much taller buildings than this one.
Eddie Granberry (4 months ago)
You black motherfucking Kenyans are a disgrace to the African continent you Africans are so dumb it's not even funny this shit is being built by Italians and fucking new Yorkers and shit you will never progress you are just a disgrace to the world you fucking let foreigners come in your fucking country and build a fucking tower? What the fucking he'll is wrong with you degenerates you will always be dumb you are getting your fucking country colonized again and you will be slaves and you will never have your fucking country back you are a slave and nothing else you are a inferior race you are subhuman and you never will progress you will always fucking remain in a slave master state and you will always be a slave you Kenyans need to be wiped out because you cannot take control of your own country you are letting colonizers come and do shit in your country and that whole continent is about to fall to the colonizers you Africans are useless to the world.
Honest liar (4 months ago)
Tallest building yet people live in shacks 3 kilometers radius. Smh
Topesta Mohammed (3 months ago)
Am Kenyan ,do you want government to build house for you?lazy people you always blame the government for no reason even developed countries like America people work their ass off to live their dream life you are here doing nothing you want government to do it for you nonsense.
Vlad the guru (3 months ago)
Dumbass it's a private investment the government didnt pay for it.
Graham Olando (3 months ago)
Not all of them just shut up
ifeanyi ezunu (4 months ago)
Africans never get things right. Why name it in English? What about at minimum befitting African name?
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
Menrad Mwaliko 😅😉
Menrad Mwaliko (2 months ago)
Franklin Right ooh haha hilarious 😂 you made my day man
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
Lol guy free up let the hatred go and focus on development....Other wise why are you talking in English😐😐...Be sure it can't be called Ezunu😂😂😂😂
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
Team Rakgalakane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Lmao
Team Rakgalakane (3 months ago)
Why responding in English yourself?
Gitau Charles (4 months ago)
Why can't we start with the,, road many ppl are loosing their life on this poor roads...make a two ways all Kenya roads Bana if not possible expand them in proper way.....
Menrad Mwaliko (4 months ago)
How’s that got to do with a private investment??
DEBONAIR M (4 months ago)
Gitau Charles lol its not that hot In mombasa. It rarely gets hotter than 35C
Alfa oh (4 months ago)
Finally The tallest tower will be built outside Nairobi....Progress
Zen Master (4 months ago)
Built by the Chinese 😌
O'Bembe` (4 months ago)
Beautiful buildings.
MattDollars (4 months ago)
Bill Kemawor (4 months ago)
We need to get our priorities in order before we start building tall pretty buildings. And a lot of the comments are saying it looks European or “white” I don’t care at the end of the day their cities look really nice and modern. We shouldn’t stop ourselves doing nice things just because the Europeans are doing it as well. Why do africans like isolation so much?
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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W power (4 months ago)
Good comment I agree. Because these foolish Africans you mentioned still have this mentality of colonial rule, seriously it is time to move on and focus on a better vision.
Aldous Huxley (4 months ago)
This is why poor countries stay poor. Greedy politicians and businessmen that have no real care for the people finance projects like these while their country has issues with poverty, health care, and access to quality education. I hope one day countries like Kenya, Somalia (my homeland), Nigeria, and more can finally rid themselves of corrupt politicians. I have no problem with skyscrapers being built in Africa but the issue comes in when many of your people are extremely poor.
Micheal Ndirie (4 months ago)
Liliane lima (4 months ago)
Why look after people first
Liliane lima (4 months ago)
0Guiltyone0 (4 months ago)
are the Chinese building it for you? anyways putting a damned skyscraper right next to the sea edge is the stupidest thing I have heard in awhile, so thats cool.
Edwin Fanice (3 months ago)
+0Guiltyone0 bitch who said China is building it .And Kenya has 80% literacy rate so don't come with stupid naive statements without evidence .And Africa has funds now how about you worry about where you at without sounding like a jealous redneck
0Guiltyone0 (4 months ago)
+Blacks vs Everybody my point is spending money on a pointless dick waving building that might be underwater faster then its built is an incredibly stupid move, and then letting China build it means after 100 years or so when africa doesnt have the funds to actually pay for it they will come back and claim ownership. africa has been in a bad spot for a while and now its quiet litteraly selling its future just so it can say its got a big dick now. its this lack of forward thinking is why africa has been stagnate for so long.
Neo Kaidu (4 months ago)
+0Guiltyone0 Kenya isn't overbreading or lack of education dumb bitch
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
0Guiltyone0 That wasn't your point. This building is being built by foreign private investors. They aren't responsible for the other problems you stated.
0Guiltyone0 (4 months ago)
+Blacks vs Everybody and how many of those country's have a huge poverty problem, disease, overbreeding, and lack of education?
Foolishness 💯...Fuck tall building
Me & You (4 months ago)
Cool but for what purpose in erecting such a massive building in Watamu? Why not Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret or Nairobi?
xclaim oresnia (4 months ago)
Me & You it's called investor's choice I believe you can as well fund your own private building in those regions if they interest you that much.
S Brown (4 months ago)
Tall building?? How about jobs n educating the people first
munira mahero (25 days ago)
we are dear we are heheheh
Austin Njagi (25 days ago)
Guys guys let's stop everything else and educate people first because nobody is educated in Kenya. Thanks for this insight wanker.
Have you seen nairobi? What about Mombasa and dar es salaam? These regions are thriving.
Franklin Right (2 months ago)
All this are being done... grow up so you want developments first to start what have you done in your country first to show which is much better?😣
Gabriel M (3 months ago)
those are jobs dummy. and more than 5% of the budget goes to education.
Abby94 (4 months ago)
Instead spending money on skyscapers use some of that money to help the poor ppl in Africa
William Hughes (4 months ago)
+Abby94 what colourful language you have...way to win an arguement king of statistics
Neo Kaidu (4 months ago)
We will rise Africa forever the ancestors are calling
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
Abby94 It's being built by private investors.
Abby94 (4 months ago)
+William Hughes bitch I was laughing at ppl that are below the poverty line dumb ass I was laughing at your stupid comment. You can keep commenting but I'm done replying 😂😂😁
William Hughes (4 months ago)
+Abby94 so you are now laughing at people living below the poverty line...i might take a wild guess and say that your country is one of those that have plundered africa to its core and are still doing it...you want Africa to remain as some poor village that you go to on safari.
bigbyn8032 (4 months ago)
I thought Kenya was broke? Who's paying for this? Oh the Chinese is financing it! at what interest rate? A 1000%? Uh... okay🤔.
Charles Emeka (4 months ago)
+S Marko what so ever,
S Marko (4 months ago)
+Charles Emeka Yes there is alot of kenyes in Nigeria but not Kenyans
notfb joke (4 months ago)
bigbyn8032 gotta start somewhere. Maybe change you attitude and maybe you can become more.
chris Shifu (4 months ago)
+Charles Emeka talk about Nigeria's electricity problems, and how your people are dying trying to cross into Europe or how your women are being trafficked for prostitution in Europe. Nigerian drug traffickers are being jailed in Asia😂😂 so leave Kenya alone and let us develop our country in peace😒😒
S Marko (4 months ago)
+Charles Emeka Asshole why don't you use that energy to stop your women from doing prostitution in Europe and men from drug trafficking how many Nigerians dying to crossing Mediterranean sea to Europe. Kenya never asked for your help
shotlee J (4 months ago)
The previous generation chased after white culture, but got nowhere. This generation is at it already, but so far fruitless results. When are we gonna learn and diversify?
joseph mwangi (4 months ago)
The building has nothing to do with white culture..
shotlee J (4 months ago)
Africa! When are we going to do something that isn't money wasting or trying to look like the European???! Gawwwwwd!!!
Menrad Mwaliko (28 days ago)
shotlee J actually you are wrong and ignorant. Europe has very few skyscrapers. Check your facts and stop the hate.
Bern Bern (3 months ago)
+ilistor 2298 LIE!!!! The people who lived in and near those castles were so-called "knights". People who were constantly pillaging everywhere they went....MURDERING, RAPING, STEALING. you know, the only things they did AND STILL DO. And you also stole the materials to build those castles.
Bern Bern (3 months ago)
+white man invented everything u use facts The only thing you did was to STEAL EVERTHING. Without Africa your delusional asses would be in your caves holding your cups asking for spare change. That is why all of your wrinkled ass presidents from England, Germany, America, India, France, and still China are falling over one another to get access to the natural resources that God put in the EARTH OF AFRICA. NOT ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, AMERICA, INDIA, CHINA, SPAIN, OR PORTUGAL. GET IT DUMBSSS!!!
No Name (4 months ago)
white man invented everything u use facts the phone you’re using was made by Chinese 🗿🗿🗿 you should throw it away
Shermi Hyppolite (4 months ago)
white man invented everything u use facts you comments is useless this is 21 century country trade you idiots of Kenyan can give another white country resource and the white country can give them what they need is a economy you ignorant as white country cause you brainwashed there is no white or black people if someone was white then they will be white like a sheet of paper or something else go educated yourself 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😫😫
Prophetic Corner (4 months ago)
Am not for tall buildings. Why not build safer low lying and wider buildings 😕
This is going to be bilt bt white ppl we dont bild thing that fall. Ideiot
Leon Kangogo (4 months ago)
Build your own short and wide with your money
Play Kenyan Music (4 months ago)
Define safer; its minimum and maximum. Are you trying to insinuate that skyscrapers are a disaster in waiting! How now!?
Chattyjay (4 months ago)
Especially in Africa... with the heat 🤒🤒🤒
Gavin Mcinally (4 months ago)
Chinese money. Its not free money.not by a long shot. Your going to pay this back big time.
Blacks vs Everybody (4 months ago)
It isn't the chinese. It's being built by private investors.
Naija fans (4 months ago)
Weldon Kenya one love from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Nkosinathi Bandi (4 months ago)
stop waiting money,we visit Kenya to see animals and people running and also see tall people who look like Somali (mixture of Bantu's,nilotes and,cushites)people,from your biggest fan from South Africa
LOA Studi0 (4 months ago)
Another Chinese money - If Black people we can’t be masons and build our homes - why should we trust them ( building) - our Engineer are from overseas- and build building for us ... come on - no need for a tallest building- Building school or something that will help the citizens-
Play Kenyan Music (4 months ago)
Differentiate between public and private investment
Menrad Mwaliko (4 months ago)
LOA Studi0 and how’s that got to do with a private investor?
WATAMU IS FULL ON ITALIANS .Its called little Italy .
Chris Peter (4 months ago)
Asians are nr.1
NK Eveo (4 months ago)
+Chris Petercriminals are everywhere in the world, because evil hearts are not exclusive to one group of people. Obviously you are evil to think so.
Karim Swainson (4 months ago)
Ewww gross
Chris Peter (4 months ago)
NK Eveo cause u criminals
Silvia Pamba (4 months ago)
They have bought homes there
Moin Patel (4 months ago)
Private developers unfortunately do not worry about poverty. They are there to make money on their investment while the government increases it's income by collecting levies on these new developments.
Play Kenyan Music (4 months ago)
That's it. I wonder why majority are yapping about poverty, education and healthcare as if this is a public investment.
Proudly African (4 months ago)
And you forgot to mention the fact that it's going to be the fast skyscraper in Malindi 😹😹😹
migf27 (4 months ago)
That's it?
landmark22 (4 months ago)
This is not a good sign buildings like that are a sign of greed and White culture.
Philip Paul (2 months ago)
+white man invented everything u use facts You STOOPID You are a disgrace to the white community just typing shit and don't contribute much to this world you racist shit
+Gabriel M thank u. Blacks need us and know it. Tabt why the excuses never stop as to why blacks cant get a head. With out us this modern wprld wprld not exist but with out blacks we would be better off
Gabriel M (3 months ago)
why are you speaking in a white man's language? and using a white man's youtube platform?
+Surprise Awofemi hahhahahahahhaaj u went from nothing to shit we bilt. The phones the TV the sky scrapers hahahah we did that. Ur ppl invent nothing. Everything ur usless ape ppl have we gave to u. We stol nothing. Afirca has never been advanced Ur 20 years behind us and not that u invent u buy or receive this stuff from us. Ur race is usless. All was has been and "chill and give us some time?" U have had 2000 years of recorded historey .....how much time do u need? It's simple ur ppl need mine my ppl do not need urs. Facts
Stick to ur mud huts and 1 lane dirt roads u usless ape
Bitrus Ibrahim Mingyi (4 months ago)
Crazy Palm Tower!!!
kibudome (4 months ago)
I’m Kenyan and this here is bullshit
Red Pill prime (4 months ago)
A waste on money. Tall buildings are all about a man economic ego.
+Me & You I agree let the black community know pls thanks
Me & You (2 months ago)
You are a true living testimony that little knowledge is very dangerous
Ir just jealous u love I a 1 floor mud hut
Red Pill prime (4 months ago)
+Surprise Awofemi I'm aware of that. That why I said those tall buildings we see around the world. Are a extension of my male egos.
Steven Ruhunga (4 months ago)
+muchai Kinuthia even if it was Gornment money, what's wrong with? If I was able to build 63 store building that will hire more then 200 employees, what's wrong with that?
Richard Molaba (4 months ago)
when will they start building it ,
Carol Khisa (4 months ago)
Many youths homeless sleeping on the streets of Nairobi and they are building skyscrapers?! Stupid Government, I wish I could use this building to wipe my ass. Tissue paper is more valuable than this garbage!!!mko na ujinga sana
Masego Bagwasi (4 months ago)
The tallest Chinese skyscraper in Africa
Eddie Granberry (4 months ago)
+kenyandamu I don't think he's being jealous I think he's telling the truth you see more of the businesses are foreign owned than it being owned by blacks and if the Chinese are not building this city the Europeans or Arabs are building it and it's a shame that almost all of the projects are not 100% made by Africans just like that eko Atlantic city in Nigeria that company did not come from the black African mind it came from an Arabs mind and also that city by the name of centenary city project diffenately did not come from the black African mind that hole project is being planned also in Nigeria by the United Arab Emirates which is a damn shame it's ridiculous.
kenyandamu (4 months ago)
Stop being jealous ... Take a trip to Kenya and see how we design beautiful traditional themed buildings. There is something called GOOGLE. It's a very good search Engine. Google some of these beautiful Kenyan buildings and you will notice that they were designed and built by Kenyans because we have a very good Education system.
Chattyjay (4 months ago)
Let's just make sure our OWN are working there as CEO's, business people etc and not relegated to the lower stratum by colonisers. The building looks good
Sistahtari Tafari (4 months ago)
Gavin Mcinally you took that out of context.
Gavin Mcinally (4 months ago)
+Sistahtari Tafari yes you are so right. Lets never build anything big ever again. In fact lets get rid of the houses,return to mud huts or even caves. Kill the farmer's who stole outer lands. Think of all the investment from china ounces we renounce these oppressors. We will be free. Bla,bla,bla..........
Sistahtari Tafari (4 months ago)
Chattyjay The higher the building the greater the target, the more weight density of given area. The longer it takes to get down if something malfunctions. These people only care about building tall buildings to satisfy their own self gratification and ego. Towers of Babylon
XXXHoodooXXX (4 months ago)
WTF, the people responsible for that building, are many colors. All they care about is money not where your poor ass came from or the shade of your skin. They will let the petty pea brained racists kill themselves as they watch from the penthouse. You have a tiny view of the universe where you stand.
Chattyjay (4 months ago)
+Gavin Mcinally shhhhhhhhh you're annoying
gtg2800 (4 months ago)
So! By then Kenya will be CHINA! Why you not reporting on that Subject of Africa being recolonized?
Adam (4 months ago)
What's about Meles Zenawi Centre Tower
AfricaFreeMusic (4 months ago)
Very impressive
Worlds Apart Vlogs (4 months ago)
Looks Dope
Respect Knuckles (4 months ago)
🤣🤣 ok
NewDrew2 (4 months ago)
Funded by King Ta'challa
gtg2800 (4 months ago)
LOL! real mf talk! bunch of retarded fantasy world MORONS in charge!✊🏿👊🏿🤜🏿🤛🏿👍🏿
That Naija girl. (4 months ago)

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