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70 Viking Tattoos For Men

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70 Viking Tattoos For Men
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Muscle Marc (8 days ago)
1:53 are u retard?
Javy The Viking (8 months ago)
njwebber (10 months ago)
I live in western North Carolina and Ive been looking for an Nordic tattoo Artist for a long time i got one in Myrtle Beach but i really don't wanna travel 8 to 10 hours there and back any Suggestions??
American Patriot (21 days ago)
njwebber Don’t be a bitch. The drive isn’t that bad
GELASH (11 months ago)
I Think he is spartan 1:51 ;dddd
Alcya Mimifir (11 months ago)
ULTRA NOOB (1 year ago)
Almost none of these are viking tattoos. Especially not a face of a guy with a beard. Thats just gay. And lesser evenwith a horned helmet. Everyone knows by now vikings didnt wear that
BradLamour (2 years ago)
Poor choice of music
Real Alaska (7 months ago)
That music is the shit.
Alessandro sodre (2 years ago)
music pls ?
erick Kiss. zxda. GO (3 years ago)
erick Kiss. zxda. GO (3 years ago)
músic pls
manuls23 (3 years ago)
God damn it i put Viking tattoos on the search bar not tattoos of Vikings :$
Alex Xositashvili (3 years ago)
If your gonna post my work, and Peters, would you mind mentioning us? :D
Matt Harris (3 years ago)
Since when is King Leonidas from 300 a Viking?
FranZyzz C C (3 years ago)
tengo una pregunta, sorry my english... 1:16 is 'trival' viking or celtic?
ULTRA NOOB (1 year ago)
FranZyzz C C looks like non original celtic. Definately not vikinh.

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