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What does Crikens Name mean? {Funny!}

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On Crikens Livestream, Criken answers what his name actually means. To go to this live stream channel its : Twitch.tv-Criken (Mine is Twitch.tv-Cpt.FraggerZ)
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Text Comments (27)
Fresherino (5 years ago)
I think Criken accidentally invented LARPing in his early ages
Abyss Watcher (5 years ago)
Cuddly Stalker (6 years ago)
No she knows how to save the world!
thejakeallday (6 years ago)
isn't criken's real name Seth?
Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad (6 years ago)
You know that's possible right?
XxPyr0 (6 years ago)
Don't worry criken I used to roleplay too good times but my imagination sucks now.
Doomjoon (6 years ago)
where did you get this?
Schlifga (6 years ago)
YOur story is interesting... telling something about your childhood makes you more presonal to me as a subscriber of yours...
しろShiro (6 years ago)
Criken, I think we have the same childhood. :D
vegeto247 (6 years ago)
Low and behold Criken leads poor saps in video games to die. XD
Criken2 (6 years ago)
no silly, Criken was the antagonist puppet master that SENT the monsters and undead at the players. Get your facts straight.
huge johnson (1 year ago)
crocker lol
Clammy (6 years ago)
my brother and I would pick warriors from history and dress like them for example he would be a spartan I would be a gladiator. and we'd make weapons out of sticks and rocks and use garbage lids as shields. that was fun
Lauren Jahnke (6 years ago)
is seeth high..?
Meix3 (6 years ago)
Oh. He's still a virgin? Let me fix that for you honey.
Meix3 (6 years ago)
Criken. You're adorable.
Lajikri (6 years ago)
I used to play death match me and my freinds would pretend to have the weapons, powers,and armor of characters from ; video games, movies, (etc .etc) and we fought in a pretend arena . I miss the simple days ( not that anyone else cares :/ )
Troopertroll (7 years ago)
End of the video, "I do not play League of Legends." I knew there was a reason I loved you.
Lexi DLP (7 years ago)
Me and my friends would play Pokemon at recess. I was always Espeon c:
Benjamin Clemente (7 years ago)
Reminds me, my brother gave me the name "Neodemi" at a very young age and I always used that <<' but at recess I played DBZ
heckstersjr (7 years ago)
Don't forget TGS.
The ChronoSim (7 years ago)
Seeth's cracking me up. xD
XTheUltimateChimeraX (7 years ago)
Crikin has story development?! *Le Gasp*
J S (7 years ago)
To be honest I did the same thing,at recess my friends would pretend we were nintendo character and we called it the team. In hindsight it wasn't the best ideas but at least I can fit it and am well liked in high school.
planet earth (7 years ago)
It's cool how he invented the name Criken when he was 6 now he has 1,000,000 channel views and is a Machinima director and still with the same name. :)
Mugen (7 years ago)
criken was the greatest person in kindergarten.
Supercam1001 (7 years ago)
Criken is actually a a good leader I could see him doing what he said he would do at recess and there's nothing wrong with that.

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