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Can a Person Who Rejected You Want You Later On

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Text Comments (75)
DeanRendar84 (3 days ago)
This was such an abstract idea in my head about identity and form I just had to ask it and this was result number one. Yet the message is obvious I know nowthat I am not the exception.
IheartMariah (1 month ago)
When they come back and act like they did nothing wrong, show him the door or just ignore them.
IheartMariah (1 month ago)
So true 💋
megha verma (2 months ago)
I also got rejected today. According to him I'm not the one he wants for himself. I want him to realize my importance.
Paul George (3 months ago)
I ask a lady co worker at my job for her number and she said "my boyfriend wouldn't like that" but 2 months later she's now liking my pictures on Instagram, and sitting at my table in the break room at work. I found this weird. Come to find out her and her boyfriend broke up. Should I ask her out again? I don't want to get rejected twice. Or should I wait until she steps up and ask for my number?
Ben Lacson (2 months ago)
I say get to know her first and start from bottom to top. Becareful she might use you as rebound. But it’s up to you your choice.
That Girl (3 months ago)
The only man I watch for advice. No nonsense advice
Samira Yusif (3 months ago)
IF the person is indecisive
Faeries_Xylia 923 (3 months ago)
Not in my book! Once I give a guy a chance with my love and he treats me like a buffet and passes me up bc he wanted something/ someone else over me then fuck that! I had a guy who pulled that shit with me 5 years ago! I really liked him, he led me on so hard and then ups and tells me that I needed better then him and that he can’t see it going anywhere. I begged for his attention and all he did was ignore me after that! And when he would respond to me he’d tell me “I really like you but have been so hurt in the past that I can’t be in a relationship right now”. He had no problem hanging out with other girls but made every excuse in the world why he couldn’t see me. Once I got over it and moved on and gotten into a relationship he tried reeling me back in again with the same bullshit “I miss you and have such strong feelings for you” I immediately rejected him. He tried a few more times and I still rejected him. It’s been 5 years later and he’s trying again but I still rejected him lol. They want you once they see they can’t have you anymore. They don’t want you, they just love the chase.. you become a challenge for them again and they just want that satisfaction to see if they can still have you and once they see they can they break your heart again. I’d say move on! No matter how much time has passed you’re still the same person that he/she rejected.. what changed now for them? You’re just a game for them again bc they lost that control they had over you and want it back! Sorry for my novel lol.😂😂
Mia (4 months ago)
What if we talked online for weeks
Mia (4 months ago)
But I don't like anyone else
Oliver S (4 months ago)
This is the very first video that given hope. Even if there’s a small chance
scorpio rising (4 months ago)
Just move on beleive me
Chiyoka Sakura (5 months ago)
Welp I feel happy when he is around tho lol he does look at me a lot but I try not to make eye contact cuz I’m the most shy and anti social chald everr
Arthur Janssens (7 months ago)
Just got rejected today 😧😭
Mandel Durant (18 days ago)
Same here
Chibi_moon_9834 (2 months ago)
Same here your not alone 😭😭😭💔
Free yourself (7 months ago)
It can totally happened. But i suggest you move on for a bit and date some other girls. And if you still like her after that and some time passes by see if you still want her and reinitiate. See how she responds and then go from there.
Mia (4 months ago)
What about men
Lady Aie (7 months ago)
I can't move on until he actually rejected me, I gave my crush my phone number, and he hasn't text or call me its almost 2 week, I actually start to ignore his present, we don't work at the same outlet...
Grand Old Soul (7 months ago)
the more i learn about the female brain the more i am fascinated
chiki briki (8 months ago)
Shes is my coworker and i see her everyday. Looking for another job now
Asoola Asees (3 months ago)
chiki briki I guess I should find another apartment😢
panicatthehoe town (10 months ago)
Would of he regected you and he starts to like you and want something more.
Alexandria Acevedo Aragon (10 months ago)
What does it mean when a guy friendzones you and continues to call you up all the time and asks if you're dating anyone?!
Samira Yusif (3 months ago)
He wants u as friend with benefits
Silent Lamont (5 months ago)
He knows since you are interested maybe he can just have sex with you
Sunethra (7 months ago)
He's interested maybe
raheem camal (10 months ago)
Alexandria Acevedo Aragon are you sure he friend zoned you
aa (10 months ago)
🤔 So, is he's saying to the guy to hang out with more women, and to make sure that she notices that? Then, if she comes around tell her you're not interested in her anymore because you have built yourself a harem of multiple women instead of having just one of her?
Denzel (5 months ago)
Nah most of the time when y'all reject us it's for multiple reasons, let's say we do the same sport and train in the same gym even at that point it's for multiple reasons, but let's say the other females from the gym and from the sport are openly talking to the guy. I can tell you that the girl who rejected him will hate that deep down inside and will always try to talk again with him or try to interrupt all of the conversations he has like nothing happened, i'm totally against doing things on purpose to get back to a person. But if it happens like i was saying there is not much you can do about that.
Renee B. (1 year ago)
Please keep doing these videos. You dont blabber on about nonsense. Straight to the point. Love it!
Ben Silveston (1 year ago)
Sums up my situation almost perfectly. There's a girl that I like at my workplace and when I got rejected by her, most of me has moved on. But at the same time, a part of me still likes her. While it's hard to fully move on, one has to. Like the guy said, there is a chance that your crush will come back to you. But that is not guaranteed. And in my situation, I think there would be too many factors that would prevent us from dating anyway. It's a shame in some ways but some things in life do not work out as you hoped that they would. 😳
Kristen (4 months ago)
Same. Any updates on your situation? I'm planning to switch to another department at my job to avoid my crush (it's not the only reason but definitely a major factor).
daco (1 year ago)
It's happening to me, sort of. We belong to t same social circle (church. ) she turned me down. But now, after i have been ignoring her for some time, and after me being friendlier w other ladies, she is always (many times) looking at me when I am not looking at her, and then when i have noticed her looking at me, she turns her head quickly and looks away. It has been happening many, many times What does it mean??? Help me, please! 🤔😥
Forevershanaa Ruffin (2 months ago)
daco people want what they can’t have
daco (6 months ago)
Darien Salter 👍 has it been hard or not that hard for you?
daco (6 months ago)
Free yourself sometimes. But just the normal pattern. ?????
Darien Salter (6 months ago)
daco same
Free yourself (7 months ago)
daco Have you guys been talking?
daco (1 year ago)
Excellent advise, sir. 👍
Ryan Yu (1 year ago)
I’m like sure she likes me, but her friends don’t like me. She’s rather shy, so she might not want to talk about it with me. Ps sry for the late comment
gabez8 (1 year ago)
so basically i need to make a girl jealous to want me back after rejecting me?
aa (10 months ago)
😮 wow
Klay Klaus (11 months ago)
gabez8 lmaooo bro trust me ik how you feel but....just move on...and yea you can’t cause you just can’t that’s how I felt man...and I ended up getting more hurt dude, just move on
notorioustia (1 year ago)
What if you work together?
Deviant Hamburgler (1 year ago)
You're her last chance, don't give in.
J H (1 year ago)
I love that you go straight to the point. Not having a 5 minute long intro.
D Mora (1 year ago)
Ha! Makes sense! It's called Social Proof. When I'm alone, I get no attention. But in groups, even if I'm not the center of it, because I'm being social, I get more attention than anyone else.
Tech Geek (1 year ago)
You need to move on with your life 😂😂😂🤣🤣 just found this channel, and I'm dying here. You are funny 😂
Bryce Carr (8 months ago)
Tech Geek:don't move on resign, moveing on is giving up and showing the person you never wanted them in the first place.
Maritza Diaz (1 year ago)
you are sooo kool
Pandora Ngwa (1 year ago)
Hey @datinglogic I bumped into a guy who outta a sudden started ignoring me because of something I did... he did not reply my text and all... but I met him in a hookah lounge. We were there for about five hours and we did not talk. Is there any reason why he did not walk up to me?? 😩
daco (1 year ago)
Sabrina Sainte i agree w you. But the problem is that we don't know exactly what she did to him. Or what happened between them. ???
daco (1 year ago)
D'Real Pandora something like that happened to me with a girl i liked a lot! She hurt me very deeply. Now, after some time-- a year-- we're in good terms again. Therefore, check in -- honestly -- in your conscience and ask yourself if you ever offended or hurt him. GBY.
Sabrina Sainte (1 year ago)
Pandora,s BOX Because of what you did.
react prestigious (1 year ago)
This sure can happen, but only if you started making money after they rejected you, and be successful ( this applies if woman rejected you ). Happened to me... all the girls that rejected me years ago now are suddenly interested. Dont give them the time of the day.
Mia (4 months ago)
Can men change their mind?
New _ (6 months ago)
react prestigious unfortunately it’s true 😂😂
6980MulhollandDrive (1 year ago)
JOvan Milic I heard about things like these, but I wasn't sure they actually happened ;) Anyway, you probably made the right decision. I'm a girl and this happened to me when : 1) (Ok, here *I* rejected them but *they* came back) They just couldn't take no for an answer or simply *wouldn't* acnowledge I was *not* interested, like, at all (they act like they're sooo irresistible and charming you just can't say no, God it's so annoying); 2) *They have nothing "better" available* (or nothing *at all*). They think they can just pop up out of nowhere after *years* and you'll throw yourself at their feet even when you didn't like them / politely rejected them in the first place, then they mocked you, you calmly put them back in their place, they just vanished and years later they come back out of the blue expecting... what, exactly? 3) (This is the *most common case* I think) They didn't really rejected you or something, but they start acting like the worst jerks and as*holes, mainly because there's someone more "available" around, you get the message and you distance yourself from them, until one day they come back out of the blue acting all considerate and affectionate again like nothing happened... probably because those other "great" people weren't that great to begin with and they were disappointed by them, so they suddenly want you back. Geez 😒...
Tamia Pinkston (2 years ago)
I like your video's quick and short and gets straight to the point ! lol thankyou.
daco (1 year ago)
Tamia Pinkston i agree
6980MulhollandDrive (1 year ago)
Tamia Pinkston Agreed! The king of "straight to the point" 😁👍😘
Rosalind Gray (2 years ago)
Makes sense
Abe Linkin (2 years ago)
I want to move on.. but I got the "want to still hangout with you and like your company"... but when I reach out.. all I get is.. "I'm busy, I have plans tonight, etc.." and doesn't seem to give me an alternative option.. I'm seriously getting fed up with all this! I'm 99.9% sure that I wanna just call it quits and move on..
daco (1 year ago)
Abe Linkin if she told you that she likes your company she was just trying to be polite, (because her actions don't match her words.)
Michael Caldwell (1 year ago)
Abe Linkin just remember if someone wants to be with you, they will make it easy. You keep asking shoes you not only like her but you have no life BUT her. Not good for her and esp not good for your life. Women are like.protein shakes, a supplement, not the meal
Abe Linkin (2 years ago)
DreamBeatsBakery thanks you. I needed to hear that.. 😊
DreamBeatsBakery (2 years ago)
Abe Linkin My suggestion would be move on and never contact her again. Let her do all the initiating and focus on other girls. That profile pic tho 😂😂😂
Zion (2 years ago)
The tEoh
Rahul G (2 years ago)
Great advice, friend!

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