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6 Phrases That Instantly Persuade People

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Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: https://bit.ly/2xFhSaZ Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Persuasion. When someone is persuaded, it's amazing how positive things turn out. Some psychology on how to persuade someone, empathy, and your personal development off of it will be talked about. You probably like to think of yourself as a rational human being like when you have a decision to make, you take all the information you make a pros and cons list and you add that up to make the best decision possible. But you're a human being and the truth of human beings is we are far more irrational than we'd like to admit. Oftentimes, our decisions come down to the smallest irrational things and oftentimes, that can be just a few words which is why in this video, I want to give you 6 phrases that you can use to turn the tide in your favor when you're trying to persuade someone to do something that you might like. Now, this is not going to be a substitute for really developing a true persuasive strategy, it's not a substitute for empathy but start adding these phrases into your vocabulary and I think you will be shocked with how quickly and how effective they are. So, the first one is when you're coming up against a gatekeeper and the phrase is simply going to be — "Have you ever made an exception?" Now, I used to use this all the time when I would try to get into bars and clubs after it was technically at capacity and it worked pretty well. 0:44 First persuasion phrase is to let them think it won't be a big deal 1:38 A person will more likely be persuaded if you bring empathy to the table 2:58 Make them see you in a positive light and work on your psychology prowess 4:19 Call them by their name 5:14 Another persuasion tactic is the use of the Yes Ladder 6:45 Use the power of "because" More on persuasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMliNd2b2K0 Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (1354)
Graciela Silva (13 minutes ago)
Lol, "if you're already subscribed, you might wanna hit the notification bell BECAUSE youtube doesn't always..." haha, slick, and sure I'll follow ur advice
Krystal Sadashiva (8 hours ago)
Yay I used 4 already today by myself.
Leif Erikson (11 hours ago)
I feel like saying their name like that just makes you sound like you're going to kill them if they don't
Retro Electro (14 hours ago)
First rule is to sound believable regardless, the best way to do this is to just spit out random fun facts to make people believe you. It is a bit “boy who cried wolf” but it’s good practise.
Kittysuit (1 day ago)
you've never met a stubborn person, have you
kavishka Dharmasena (1 day ago)
You would make a great joker
Another Gamer (1 day ago)
A cool phrase that instantly persuades people is Subscribe to PewDiePie
Gabriel Martinez (2 days ago)
No. 2 is also called the feel felt found technique. Old sales trick that works in many places.
Mackenzie LaBar (2 days ago)
you sneaky little bastard
A fancy bird Noah (2 days ago)
He has the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen
Nova Sky (3 days ago)
Would you kindly like this comment. Because do you really have a choice?
Anton Van Geffen (4 days ago)
Charlie why are you this cute :O
ola ug (6 days ago)
Owen Shao (6 days ago)
No, because I just watched 'because' trick in <i>Charisma on Command</i>, I know your trick, next time maybe try 'would you kindly'
SmileLotte (7 days ago)
this dudes special be like S: 999 P: 999 E: 999 C: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 I: 9999 A: 999 L: 999
Ahmed Agar Pro (7 days ago)
Thabang Magafela (8 days ago)
I know many construction works, no one believes that I can do what I can. This kept me poor. What can i do so that my knowledge can work for me?
King Mauris (9 days ago)
I clicked on this video because you look like Marcos Alonso
brody lockwood (9 days ago)
Last one don't won't... I asked a girl to have sex with me, she said lol why would I... I said "because"
Pinocchio the real boy (10 days ago)
This is called an overly positive attitude wich is quite annoying to the average human being.
Beverly Bond (12 days ago)
He just used the BECAUSE METHOD at the end of the video!!! Haaaaaaa ❤️
Glenn Jakobsen (19 days ago)
Be unstoppable. Create possibilities. Start enrollment conversations. I see some of us have drunk from the same well. ;)
Probability of success 100%
Jade Alexander (20 days ago)
Heard of the yes ladder before
Wendy Chavarria (21 days ago)
you the best tbh
Delta Fox (21 days ago)
Just wanted to say that I found this in my history section: I got 3:36 into your video. Not exactly compelling given what you're selling.
Project Zorgo Member (22 days ago)
I'm trying to get a vape from my cuz he wants 85 dollars for it it's gonna come with new coils every thing ima us the acception thing iF that don't work I will be in his perspective
Lennon Richardson (23 days ago)
What workshop did Henry go to?
Onnethox (24 days ago)
I think the interview tip is patched. fk
Zilkiffal Ali (2 days ago)
They're onto us
Micah Tokayer (24 days ago)
Vid starts at 8:30
Super_pooper_loser (25 days ago)
I love this man. I've been using all the tips I've seen on this channel and it has made my life so much better. People treat me with more respect, I've been getting better grades, I've been more confident, and I got my first girlfriend since using these tips. I love making people feel better about themselves, but it was hard before I knew how to reach them on a more personal level.
Charisma on Command (19 days ago)
~ It's awesome to know that the channel's making such a positive impact!
Mumachan (26 days ago)
V-neck? Symmetrical face? Little hair flip? Straight blinding teeth? Full, falling off the sides eyebrows? :0 <3 Nice video
Dee Smith (26 days ago)
Great tips bro !! I appreciate the 5th tip the most 😂😂😅🎯
Charisma on Command (20 days ago)
~ Awesome!
Can you give me you give me a thumbs up? Because I wanna know what it feels to receive 1000 likes !
Pascal Rossignol Merat (28 days ago)
Speaking of the use of the word "Because", I can help but put it in total opposition of the use of the word "but", because if the word "because" validates everything before (see what I did there), the word "but" does the exact opposite. Like say you want to steer someone away from a bad habit; people often do it like this : your my friend/brother/mother/lover and you mean the world to me BUT you are goind the wrong direction. Perhaps this video means you should instead say :" I personally believe you're going in the wrong direction and it is bad for you and I say because your my friend/brother/mother/lover and you mean the world to me. Am I understand the principle right or no?
Dark Puzzle (28 days ago)
Who else disliked just so it doesn't go viral...
datsunmadman (29 days ago)
Landmark forum?
Joan Hoffmann (29 days ago)
At 2:30, are you talking about the Landmark forum?
Rachel Karr (1 month ago)
ViralNekoVic (1 month ago)
ooooooooooh these are dangerous XD
Scarlet (1 month ago)
He so good at this he still dating
فِكر تاني (1 month ago)
you such a genus
TheWiseSophist (1 month ago)
I'm glad I gave your channel a chance bro, great work!
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ Glad you did! Appreciate it. :-)
Fromeo (1 month ago)
Who else noticed charlie used tip "BECAUSE" in the end of the video when he asked us to Subscribe.
Apollomuscles (1 month ago)
you can spend all your time learning hacks to get your way or you can just make a few million dollars.
Apollomuscles (1 month ago)
your channel is just teaching copywriting
Rocco Antonelli (1 month ago)
Damn, he just got me with the 'Because' at the very end when he asks to click Subscribe and Notifications. I did BOTH and then actually went back and heard the 'because'. Start watching at 8:00, because he drops it in around 8:17 - :)
Rogo Rega (1 month ago)
HOES English Center Mty
OLD REB (1 month ago)
It is a cult.
Tobi Falekulo (1 month ago)
How open minded would you be in liking this comment?
Truth seeker (1 month ago)
Awesome work
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ Thanks!
alexdog1 (1 month ago)
knowledge is power and with is you can rule the world.
Mikaila Horan (1 month ago)
ohh I really love that employee question!! great idea!
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ Hope you find it effective. :-)
Dat Boi (1 month ago)
We get it, you have arms
greglgro (1 month ago)
Good Job man. Thank's for sharing !!
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ Happy to share!
Jack Anctil (1 month ago)
him saying “i almost didn’t include this” is another phrase
LilLPSKween (1 month ago)
I am going to use the second one to convince my parents to buy this townhouse that is super cute, wish me luck!! Edit: They said they will think about it... 😟
Josh Watkins (1 month ago)
8:17 he just used the "because" technique on us
AlexWoodenEye (1 month ago)
One thing. Your damn wide-ass mouth. Why it's so big. ._.
PaTrick's Hub (1 month ago)
smart guy !! Can you help me with a " Subscribe to my channel!! " phrase !! :-)
TicTacTaco (1 month ago)
His mouth is fucking huge
Jair Kappel (1 month ago)
Blimey cow?
Sophie M (1 month ago)
If I don’t want to do something I never change my mind.
tokyoghoulsucks (1 month ago)
wow you could probably make people do whatever you want in like 5 min that's scary man XDDDDDDDD that's like out of a comic or something jesus !!! XDDDD
Unfortunately, English is my second language and I don’t have to persuade people using English words which means I can’t use these phrases
Nicholas Lane (1 month ago)
One of my favorites is asking “what can you do for me?” rather than asking an open ended yes or no question. This works great for things like trying to get compensation for a service you weren’t happy with, or getting your bank to override a draft fee, etc. This works because there’s only two answers you can get with a yes or no question. But when you ask “what can you do for me” it majorly increases chances for a result in your favor.
some random person (1 month ago)
diamonddgaming1 d (1 month ago)
Wowser Brindow (1 month ago)
does this work as well in emails because that would be super helpful at work?
louitheking LP (1 month ago)
He has very long eyebrows
Detective Bohobe (1 month ago)
Wonderful video!
Denialz (1 month ago)
Hey so someone told me that when asking someone for information or to do something you add, "but you don't have to if you don't want" at the end... Does that really work?
Lăguitoru (1 month ago)
You should make a Charisma on Command video about Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid game franchise.
Anna Mazereeuw (1 month ago)
The big one I don't agree with here is saying the person's name from a nametag. When I worked in customer service, it straight up creeped me out if you focused in on my name tag and then said "How's it going, [name]? I didn't wonder where you knew me from, I could TELL that you had just read my nametag, and my feeling would be, "You DON'T know me, so stop trying to act like you do." Maybe if you can find a more natural way to work it in, it could be effective, but reading someone's name tag and then using their name is way more creepy, and way less friendly, than you realize.
Entropy3ko (1 month ago)
LOL nr.3 at my place (research center) would NOT get you hired. They would reply: "you should know what your responsibilities are as a (senior) researcher"
Ducky Momo (1 month ago)
Yes ladder for cosmetic sales - How are you doing today, may I assist you with anything in store?/ Would you be interested in a (insert brand name) consultation today? Or, "Good afternoon, would you have a moment to spare we have x amount of cruelty free/oil reducing or 'vibrant,' organic hypoallergenic samples today." - What are your skincare goals and some trouble you might have with maintainence or makeup applications? - This product meets your standards/needs its application process is under x amount of time/simplified by applicator design and/or is specifically made with ingredients to combat issue i.e. mineral bases for moisture control, hyaluronic acid for skin elasticity or base/main ingredients water, glycerin and other safe/easily removable products. - point of sale - offer another product to complement. Example, foundation and cleanser. Mascara and eyelash extension cream/eye makeup remover or an eyeliner in a specific shade for eye color. - complement the customer on their current style/appearance and finish application or sale. Show customer how to recreate applications in a timely manner, and thank you for their time
Fergus Mallon (1 month ago)
I like this stuff but sometimes I think you,re giving lessons on how to become a con-man
It’s me honey (1 month ago)
Dick Dragon (1 month ago)
Future pacing works.
finnduino (2 months ago)
You have a wide mouth
Littleredbull 127 (2 months ago)
I'm watching this for fries
Adam Howell (2 months ago)
Ok, I tried the job interview questing today. Hadn't planned to but my mind blanked so I mumbled my way through it. I'm not happy with my performance in that interview. It was the second interview for the job and the first went so well I was filled with confidence going in but the interview was a little off the wall and it through me and much of it was a haze where I didn't answer questions well, so I doubt I got through. Anyway, to there response to my jittery and amateurish attempt at the question. The first interviewer gave a lengthy response and gave a good effort... Then the second interviewer looked down her glasses at me and said, "It basically answers that question in the job profile if you bothered to read it", :P To be fair she did go on to answer it properly.
Bison Days (2 months ago)
PiggySandwich 21 (2 months ago)
Or you can just T pose
Dave Fischer (2 months ago)
Calm and relaxed approach with a serious undertone. I’m not sure why people can’t follow this model it’s so simple lol
Johnny Cash (2 months ago)
I appreciate the wisdim info man
John Palmer (2 months ago)
"You might want to hit that notification bell - BECAUSE" 8:17 HAHA!! Very good LOL!! I'm going to do it because you were so cheeky to include it and I liked your content, not BECAUSE of your silly explanation LOL!!!
Thank you. That was a great video! Very useful tips.
+Charisma on Command When are you going to do a video speaking Brazilian Portuguese? 😀
Charisma on Command (2 months ago)
~ Glad you're liking it!
Sean McKinney (2 months ago)
the landmark forum was so badass. I knew there was a reason you are so awesome.
Banting Gamer (2 months ago)
bro can you just make us one long video and have everything you know in it :P thanks a million for this awesome information! rock on!
Read more (2 months ago)
I've been freelancing since 2011 and #3 is fantastic. #4 is a given. #5 asking so many questions does not seem natural. I'd just wait for the right opportunity and mention "I love salsa" and "do you want to go out dancing one night?" instead.
Lauren Johnson (2 months ago)
Dries Heirman (2 months ago)
He persuaded me to hit the notification bell
Aiven (2 months ago)
Exactly what we need, a world run by manipulative 20-somethings. Thanks for letting me know your tricks scumbag.
BlueFilmsBT (2 months ago)
No offense but you seem kind of fake and manipulative. Manipulation Is something I really don’t like, It’s hurtful, and just bad I don’t think anyone In the entire world likes being manipulated. I’ve seen your other videos and seeing you now makes you kind of fake. Though I am gonna use this for small favors so thanks haha
Tony Tan (2 months ago)
I haven't heard about salsa dancing.
Peter Brown (2 months ago)
Ok this is one of the best ones in a while
BUILDING BRIDGES (2 months ago)
By trying to plan out what you are going to say and having a script ready or questions and answers thought out, you are not being yourself but a carbon copy of what someone else thinks what you ought to be and how to live your life, to me, is false. I do understand the young man thinks he knows best as he must of read it somewhere but instead of being told how to be may have good intentions but the best thing to say and do is to BE YOURSELF.
Marlon Arancibia (2 months ago)
Everyone: *Malicious purpose* Me: *Convincing friend to join club*
BEN DOVER (2 months ago)
good video but your mouth is really big, i cant help but notice that

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