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"What Does ANAL Mean?" | Yassuo Mental Breakdown | imaqtpie | Tobias Fate | LoL Funny Moments#21

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Text Comments (177)
Taga Bataan (7 months ago)
Omg dude i really love Twitch thots
SR Sebas (1 year ago)
song 9:18 pls
Wells (1 year ago)
stiches-shawn mendes
SR Sebas (1 year ago)
song 9:18?
Inhuman erections (1 year ago)
SR Sebas dude u must be living under a rock bro. Stitches by shawn mendez mate
Mads Jensen (1 year ago)
this is nice
III BAKURYU III (1 year ago)
4.04 when your glasses are foggy
Rares Vlad (1 year ago)
You piece of shit, how cam you promote elo boost ?
hrollo sarkissian (1 year ago)
when they say what anal mean???
Lucas Leme (1 year ago)
Shukada (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful voice. Jesus.
Silviu (1 year ago)
At the start of this video, you can see an example of a mentally retarded kid! (joke)
Yago F. (1 year ago)
sasa ❤
kfc chan (1 year ago)
my nigga Loki has no chill
Hunter FireShield (1 year ago)
whos 9:07
They Call Him Teemo (1 year ago)
What do these stream whores have to do with LoL.
Yasuo the Unforgiven (1 year ago)
T33M0 M41N He needs the clickbait :/
iMDiamondCrafter (1 year ago)
dat singing :O
SpiffyBard (1 year ago)
Religard Intros TM (1 year ago)
BoomBoxEMusic (1 year ago)
Fap in here 7:52
filmingBros (1 year ago)
This channel supports elo boosting :/
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
filmingBros thnx bro i appreciate you :)
filmingBros (1 year ago)
Oh... nice :D I really love your channel tho.
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
filmingBros i stopped bro
Big Poppa Ken (1 year ago)
I didn't get why he was so freaked out during the aram game. was it really just because of the ult?
ZezimDoCapim (1 year ago)
Aleksandar Banov (1 year ago)
i want tytutu tiruru rutitu tatury
The minions weren't even in turret range xD. Poor Moe.
innerbloom (1 year ago)
hate the way dom talks
Jaaapaaa (1 year ago)
Elo boost is not a good thing. Are u really So desperate for money that you advertise it? :/
Jaaapaaa (1 year ago)
Alright. Sorry If i sounded rude and hope your doing better now.
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
Jaaapaaa and yes in the beginning i was desperate for money a video with 100 k views is getting me less then 10$
Jaaapaaa (1 year ago)
Thats a good choice.👍
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
Jaaapaaa i stopped advertising them a week ago :)
J u s t f o r s w e (1 year ago)
Sickest clickbait. Been watching all your vids but you just lost a sub lmao [email protected]
J u s t f o r s w e (1 year ago)
Called it autistic kiddo
Aleksandar Banov (1 year ago)
hah fan boy stfu go away
J u s t f o r s w e (1 year ago)
Sorry gay fanboy but are you autistic?`
Aleksandar Banov (1 year ago)
J u s t f o r s w e its not click bait you you see her in the video ? yes so ? stfu
Logic Duh (1 year ago)
she looks like a he
Alex Bárta (1 year ago)
what is the name of last girl?
Saddy FN (1 year ago)
CoringaPlayer096 (1 year ago)
ADOOOOOOROOOO os BR's começando a aparecer em highlights de gringo.
Benim e driftig (1 year ago)
I watch that yassuo play over and over i cant stop laugh lol 😂😂😂
Delic (1 year ago)
2:03 WTF is this game we are playing...
can you help me guys to grow up my channel thanks <3
encooLOL (1 year ago)
WHAAT IS THE SONG AT 8:35 ?????????
Bonni Nami (1 year ago)
encooLOL Darude Sandstorm
kylen clemmons (1 year ago)
this made me fucking rock hard 9:16
Trollzy (1 year ago)
BunnyFufuus mom is better than him...
Nigel Wong (1 year ago)
elo boost?
cuber.speed (1 year ago)
you forgot to link nightblue3...
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
cuber.speed oh yeah you right thmx man
Minatozaki Sana (1 year ago)
Tenz (1 year ago)
The last girl looks like the girlfriend from Pewdiepie ._.
LokeRanerup (1 year ago)
not really but sure
SSTier Fate GO (1 year ago)
whos the streamer at 9:08
cybra 989 (1 year ago)
https://www.twitch.tv/starswithnames a brazilian streamer
CM Skiddy (1 year ago)
7:57 the click bait, why everbody enter this video , your welcome :v
Niklas rein (1 year ago)
Estevan Romo i
Delic (1 year ago)
It says right there in the mid of the screen...
Alex Wolf (1 year ago)
Estevan Romo biggest problem idk know her twitch channel
birbo (1 year ago)
3:00 I love her voice <3
SnakeSwag xD (1 year ago)
We didn't need that girl with autism singing at the end with no lol game play
Yasuo the Unforgiven (1 year ago)
Without her he would get half the views :/ thirsty 12yr olds need something to fap to cuz mom beats them up if they watch porn :((
Kris Tito (1 year ago)
Mr30friends (1 year ago)
we didnt need your stupid comment either mate.
Maius (1 year ago)
What did the guy at 2:30 throw lol
Nasteey (1 year ago)
actually gonna unsub. you really shouldn't promote elo boosting.
3y3543u H (1 year ago)
Why can't every girl be like the last one -_-
MultiFayzer (1 year ago)
We wouldnt die lmao
Reyxus (1 year ago)
ady gombos i think he mean why are all the female gamers on twitch whores.... he would like to have more female streamers like the last One.
CoringaPlayer096 (1 year ago)
She lives in brazil, but she is Britain.
ady gombos (1 year ago)
3y3543u H Cuz that would mean the gene pool doesn't vary enough and we'd all die.
Tenz (1 year ago)
You want every girl to be a Brazilian streamer? Noice dude :3
Nali Core (1 year ago)
who is that girl in the end of the video?
Nali Core (1 year ago)
Harden tá Open ty=)
Luan Alves (1 year ago)
Nali Core aka sasa
Harden tá Open (1 year ago)
Nali Core Flavia Sayuri a streamer from Brazil!
Mike Joestar (1 year ago)
starswithnames is lilypichu but in spanish wtf
Sir Derpington (1 year ago)
your channel will get deleted, stop advertising elo boosting...
YazZy (1 year ago)
You cant get his channel deleted it's not against youtube's TOS to advertise things like that
Poems (1 year ago)
the last girl sound so cute xD
EVeljko (1 year ago)
She cute as hell, moe, what's her twitch name?
Wes - (1 year ago)
I found it extremely cringeworthy
Ryan (1 year ago)
Feedekaiser _ (1 year ago)
Poems Nightcore her voice is a pedo'S wet dream "fap" "fap" "tap"
Poems Nightcore her voice was higher than mine on helium
Choklad222 (1 year ago)
you guys realise that it wasent bunnyfuffus mom that played right? just look how "she" moves the screen, the player must have done that like 100 times before to do it that smoothly and Clean.
duckesh (1 year ago)
You didn't even watch the original video you cuckhead...
P4N1CZ (1 year ago)
BunnyFufuu is playing with the mouse and his mothers controls the keyboard. Don't try to make someone a liar if you don't know it better
Trevor G. (1 year ago)
There were 10 minions ... behind him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
DX PRODUCTIONS (1 year ago)
2:21 That bunny wasn't ready
CkZ Dibmap (1 year ago)
CkZ Dibmap (1 year ago)
Albert Vinicius (1 year ago)
Sascha Kalupke (1 year ago)
Think of xayah in one for all🤔
Error 404 (1 year ago)
Yasuo the Unforgiven (1 year ago)
That guy was playtesting the champ (before it went out on PBE). He was legit at Riot headquarters next to the servers
Error 404 (1 year ago)
+Cezar Gutu i have a pbe acc and my ms are 150 in eune
Sir Cesaro (1 year ago)
GERASIMOS AVGOUSTATOS he might be very,very close to the PBE servers and also have a badass net connection
Error 404 (1 year ago)
Otavio Ericeira (1 year ago)
You are sponsored by an elojob company ? realy like ur video but.... here is me deslike =/
Ultimate Nightmare (1 year ago)
What is she singing at 9:08 pls say me
Who is He? (1 year ago)
Shawn Mendes - Stitches
Billy Delmon (1 year ago)
Why is he promoting Elo Boosting Accounts?
Snow White (1 year ago)
Billy Delmon cause he's getting Paid for it probably :)
Yahir Hernandez (1 year ago)
Billy Delmon cause he felt like it
Dark Knight Of Ionia (1 year ago)
I was like "Oh what a cute rabbits" and when one rabbit gave BJ I was like "WTF?!?!?"
Benim e driftig (1 year ago)
Luka Miljkovic lol ik right
Thunder Beast (1 year ago)
7:11 song name please ?
mlgrocket (1 year ago)
ayyyyy its me at 2:10 at bottom of the chat
噗噗咪 (1 year ago)
What is last song name?😅😅
噗噗咪 (1 year ago)
Ham der Lige der thx u😅
Ham der Lige der (1 year ago)
The one making a cover? The real song is called Stitches and is made by Shawn Mendes.
Andre Luiz (1 year ago)
Where is Dioud on the description?
Mech0p (1 year ago)
That girls voice at the end is what I imagine heaven sounds like...
Mech0p (1 year ago)
I have but igotta say I like her voice much more is just one of those soothing voices
Yasuo the Unforgiven (1 year ago)
Mech0p Or just listen to the original song that sounds twice as good
Ejoel Molina (1 year ago)
Mech0p No, it's what the ride to heaven sounds like. Once you get there, it's a million more like her singing in harmony ;-;
Frenchie (1 year ago)
this yassuo is trash
Yahir Hernandez (1 year ago)
Frenchie you joking?
WhodlyDudly (1 year ago)
That cover was pretty good
Jopie Games (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the last one who was singing?
Yasuo the Unforgiven (1 year ago)
EvillivE dead meme, you should die too
Rexy (1 year ago)
Jopie Games u mean song name? btw its darude-sandstorm
Mauro Sales (1 year ago)
That i dont know mate, i only know that she lives in brazil
Mauro Sales (1 year ago)
Its Sasa, a brasilian girl. Her instagram is @starswithnames
Necat Süren (1 year ago)
Whose that girl singing stitches?
VkrauRJ (1 year ago)
Stars with names or SASA, she is a brazillian LOL streamer
bob dole (1 year ago)
have to down-vote because of the ad at start, nice video tho. (hint: ad content)
BcuzIGotHigh420 (1 year ago)
you actually for real bro? its fucking 2017
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
most of you guys are saying dont like the ad and stuff but just saying you dont know the backround i actually give all the money i am making to my family cause we are struggling if you are rich good for you but this sponsor helps me a bit cause most of the people wa5ching my videos use adblock you dont realise too that if it wasnt for ads and sponsors youtube and websites wouldnt exist this is how world works when you use adblock all you think about is yourself thats alrght though i apprieciate your kind words besides that
Basuo (1 year ago)
expecting rabbits not to want to fuck every 30 seconds LUL
albur baslar (1 year ago)
Moe is so fucking boosted
Basuo (1 year ago)
best yasuo na = boosted LUL
Luigi Pizzurno (1 year ago)
make more vids, just don't abuse of clickbait. I like this channel
Cenk Henden (1 year ago)
i watch him too
Logic Duh (1 year ago)
watch ifunzio he don't do clickbait and good videos
Krzak (1 year ago)
You did miss the Wingsofdeathx channel there, considering he's in the title you should add him too
Cenk Henden (1 year ago)
even if i like videos i dislike clickbait
Sr Mosca (1 year ago)
2:12 7u7r
Duke S (1 year ago)
1:17 dom been retard getting Qed by nami acting like he did that on purpose. damn he is so punchable.
Duke S (1 year ago)
Yasuo the Unforgiven tell me more about your abusive parents.
Reza Smith (1 year ago)
+glow it up ikr i mean this guy isnt that bad , i actually like him , i cant stand that yasuo otp who fails and rages all the time
Glow it Up (1 year ago)
regardless of whether or not it was intended, he never acted like he meant to step on it, he was just excited that he still got the kill. wtf is your issue lol
Michelle (1 year ago)
lmao they all hating on dom xD
Duke S (1 year ago)
Ferenc Treml6 hours agoHighlighted reply
Joe Lea (1 year ago)
Belisslovely is the girl ❤
CarbonX (1 year ago)
8:04 what's that streamer name
Köylü Çomar (1 year ago)
Iliass Momtaz (1 year ago)
i want to know too :(
Rodney Yang (1 year ago)
GImme dat girls name at the end she is my angel :)
Mauro Sales (1 year ago)
Its Sasa, a brasilian girl. Her instagram is @starswithnames
Malditovsky Plays (1 year ago)
Alex_yolo gaming (1 year ago)
DragoPro MC (1 year ago)
4th nice video gj
DragoPro MC (1 year ago)
OP HighLight ty soo much for resonding to my comment love u much keep going!
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
DragoPro MC thnx :)
Adrian maki (1 year ago)
nice vid men
G-juicy (1 year ago)
OP HighLight intro song dude?
OP HighLight (1 year ago)
Adrian Maksutaj thnx bro
ahmed elsayed (1 year ago)
8:37 what is the song's name ?
Shiinzzz (1 year ago)
Hilight Tribe - Esperanza
Serenity (1 year ago)

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