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6 Signs A Girl Gives When SHE Wants YOU To Talk To Her!

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Text Comments (3086)
Adam Zahafi (14 hours ago)
where have you been all my life bro like seriously
pstcontrl (2 days ago)
I’m just here to witness Alpha m skillz of shamelessly dropping adds. It’s a quite fun game trying to predict actually. The more abstract the title the more fun the guessing.
dakota toth (4 days ago)
He should do how to flirt in the gym or know when a girl wants you to talk to her in the gym
dakota toth (4 days ago)
What if it’s in a gym? How do you know they aren’t just looking at what you are doing or looking at you like why is he looking at me or something?
Alex Sustaita (4 days ago)
Thank you allot I need it
Levi Morris (6 days ago)
I feel like instead of bueno hair it should be called pete and pedro bueno pello
Ahmed khamis (7 days ago)
i dont care what u talking about man , but your face is wasted here , go act in movies or somthing
I always get in an ordeal similar to every situation he talked!
jbam14 (8 days ago)
huj ci w cvip[e
Amit Nambiar (9 days ago)
"In that case she's crazy"
Alex G (9 days ago)
Why is he screaming
sheik dawood (11 days ago)
All these 6 things will never gonna happen in my life😥
Michaël Trossard (11 days ago)
6 signs or do you mean 60.000 signs.??
Junior (12 days ago)
Is it product placement if its ur own product?
Arhon Egan (13 days ago)
What’s that dot doing in your left eye next to your pupil
Malik Khataybeh (13 days ago)
look bro girls are Moody you will not predict what shes want
Saurabh Shirsode (13 days ago)
Mama means business 😂😂
uducful (13 days ago)
Sign #1 should be... She pays for things!
Augie Roncaglia (14 days ago)
I was walking down the school hallway and all of a sudden a big group of girls keeped looking back at me
Cool Pup Gaming (14 days ago)
sign 7: when she sends you memes
There You are, minding Your own business. Period. End of the story. And I walk of in peace and living my happy single MGTOW life. Sorry. Alpha, still love Your videos and they helped me in many ways. Keep going!
Mask guner (15 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ViHvDbZHn0&feature=share SUBSCRIBE AND WRITE IN COMMENTS TO GET SUB BACK 😉
Madhu Shree (16 days ago)
I like ur presentation & sense of humor 🙂🙂
Respawnite Lord (17 days ago)
Damn my crush does all the above. But I don't know how to approach her. Any help!. Any help could set my life.
Frank J (18 days ago)
She smiles, people don't walk around smiling to people Oh wait I smile at people . So funny
Comment Raja 👑 (19 days ago)
You look like James Dean with a beard.
John Eaves (19 days ago)
I got a couple of these signs from big booty senorita, then she told me she was married. Small town bs!
Chrissy Mataira (22 days ago)
dude change your tone you sound manic asf.
Tater Cake (24 days ago)
Yep, never had any of these signs done to me.
TheChosenOne (26 days ago)
why do u have a dark spot next to ur eye ?
Fir3Kr3w L1tt3r (26 days ago)
If your a girl comment down below and ill do 👉👌 with you
Cat Noir girl (26 days ago)
I bet that at least 10% of girls\women whatch this video...
Christopher Fischetti (28 days ago)
Oh those melons are ripe ;)
fizo 45 (28 days ago)
Alpha I swear you changed my life I had that situation and I did what you said and it really worked and she is my girlfriend now after three weeks thank you very much 😀
Jason H (30 days ago)
Eye contact Posse looks @ you Adjusting Moves closer to you Tried to make conversation Smiles
MalaCryy (30 days ago)
"if a girl talks to herself regularly then she's crazy" what are you doing you fucking stupid grape you yell at a camera for 3 hours a day by yourself about having a micropenis and trying to sell mens hygiene wash - you obviously got cucked by your sister and now you release all your inner frustration through a camera and upload it for all the incels to see as if your opinions even matter
MindSpark09 (30 days ago)
I want your jacket lol
dave 2400 (1 month ago)
I'm Scott
yasuo sama (1 month ago)
I think the smile one is a bit wrong cause there is lot of girls who smile when they get an eye contact.
Diallo Abdoul (1 month ago)
How much do you bought your leather jacket?
Jo Shmo (1 month ago)
I came to this guy when I needs help...fashion, women, cologne just about anything...this guy is that good..
Sauron Ikov (1 month ago)
6 days before the end of 1st semester, i have to act quick, there's this girl that smiles at me everytime she sees me, hell even across the classroom -.- but she makes it suttle so i can't tell, oh hell, i can hehehe
small fry (1 month ago)
small fry (1 month ago)
And english
Q Balls Adventures (1 month ago)
Everyone is a bad ass lady killer. Lol. You probly a virgin. I just ask random girls to do shots on my yacht works everytime
Pablo Chacon (1 month ago)
hey idol .. what is your height? #PinoyFuccboi
charles Lawson (1 month ago)
How do you not confuse kindness for flirtation??
Eric Lindegard (1 month ago)
I was at the coffee shop in the mall today and super hottie gave me none of these signs but kept fixing her hair over and over. I was the only guy in the room. Was I in or out?
Kevin Yang (1 month ago)
After watching this video, I walked into a bar/club this past weekend. Saw this cute chick so I walked up to her and asked if those melons were ripped. She deployed her taser and the cops were called.
AYOUB Laamiri (1 month ago)
please can help 0659444135 I need to help
Kin (1 month ago)
I've always struggled with this because I think I look like a creep. I can't tell if some women are nice to me because they like me, or nice to me because they are intimidated by me (irrational fear, but still).
Curtis Wallen (1 month ago)
bro the way you slide those advertisements in every video cracks me up
Man In The Middle (1 month ago)
So this advice validated everything I always suspected...eye contact, hair touching.....I was correct in my assessment that no girl is every interested in me!
Aubrey McNeil (1 month ago)
Am I the only girl that watched this just to find out how to get him to notice me? Yeah? Ok.
Fernando Chavez (1 month ago)
Shut up!! (kidding) But what color — exactly preferably — is your leather jacket? Thanks, 😉 😎
Dylan Johnson (1 month ago)
Wtf Is that on your eye wht happended to it
Dark Star (1 month ago)
Me: Are these mellons really ripe?
Jobe Thomas (1 month ago)
The only thing better than this video was that segway lmao
Max Sarkodie (1 month ago)
"Sheila,stallion...3 o'clock"
Merc Solo (1 month ago)
#5 confirmed that I’m the “untrained dude” lol
Raging Fury (1 month ago)
Nothing against gay people, but I seem to always have gay men looking at me instead of women.
Eddie Tavares Jr. (1 month ago)
any girls that would like to talk me please email me
Saperek 1877 (1 month ago)
Do you have an eye tatoo?
Diy Jeep Guy Thompson (1 month ago)
this girl I know did the multiple eye lock thing, so when I asked her out she said 'no, ill pass' and proceeded to ignore me for a full year, then this last year kinda started talking to me more and more, but would always put distance and objects or people between us and then she would just walk away, recently when she found out I have depression and anxiety she wanted to talk/listen to me, but I really don't want to talk to her after all the earlier bull crap and some other stuff that happened between us, so whatever, maybe she is playing hard to get? I don't know but Im done going out of my way for women like that,
Fortnite Ye_The_God (1 month ago)
To late
TrashBasket TV (1 month ago)
He has personalities I hate, but for some reason I make an acception with him because he's so funny. 😂
brownpunk (1 month ago)
So when she screams at the bouncer and points at me thats not a good sign? Damn..and here i thought i was a charmer😔
brownpunk (1 month ago)
Any married dudes here?🤣
Neelzen (1 month ago)
Damnit. I knew she was into me.
Zaman (1 month ago)
are you related to logan..
Sandeep Songs. (1 month ago)
But why boys only have to purpose?If they want then why they can't {comment}👍
The Jovial Brit (1 month ago)
If you're me.. She ALWAYS wants ya to come here, and ALWAYS wants a piece of this! Being 6ft4, strong and slender built, blue eyes, and considered rather handsome by most women.. Best advice? Be me!
Hudhaif Hamad (1 month ago)
Dangggggg that brown leather jacket!!!!!!
loki (1 month ago)
I went to some place and a girl was like constantly looking at me and smiling I was thinking to talk to her but then I didn't talked to her and I left the place , I'm an asshole I couldn't talk to her 😂
Subhradip Das (1 month ago)
Really it's all happened to me thanks alpha m and i am also alpha m.......
Zaki Akbari (1 month ago)
One thing remember if you have money no need for all this She will run behind you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Itis hack method 😜 I prefer to find money
H0LL0WHearteD (1 month ago)
I feel dumb that a few weeks ago i missed all those signs after watching this video i just now realized it god damit
genericname38 (1 month ago)
Hey hey 101
high roller (1 month ago)
I was at a bar with one of my friends and there was gorgeous looking girl with 2 guys both of them were well dressed wearing nice blazzers and she kept looking at me all night long i didnt know what to do cause i think it would be rude to talk to her if thoes guys were with her
Emma Krause (2 months ago)
"Sheela, stalian 3 o'clock" hahah Aaron's too funny!
Thousand Nations 1 Soul (2 months ago)
Worst product who else didn't get a refund
Hydra (2 months ago)
Lol, this guy is funny as hell
MIDNIMO TUBE (2 months ago)
3:05 add started😂
Stockton Fixie Goons 209 (2 months ago)
Number 3, 4 and 5 it happened to me
Cody Bogard (2 months ago)
Don't fall for it bros....All they're doing is hoping for you to buy them a drink
Randy C (2 months ago)
Is the audience in this video intended for freshman’s in high school?
marianopie98 (2 months ago)
My question is: once I've noticed she wants me to talk to her, what do I say? I mean, do I have a speech or something? Lmao you know what I mean just tell me some things I can say haha
Nehemiah Marcus (2 months ago)
It is an ego boost when a woman approaches me or offers to buy me a drink, but I am not really interested in pursuing a relationship with anyone. Of course I feel bad because I may have hurt her feelings but honestly I don't know how else to handle this situation. Maybe this is a common feeling with most guys.
Samual Watson (2 months ago)
What if she sticks her ass way tf out and bends down and ""fixes"" her boots that didn't need fixing? Lmao
Samual Watson (2 months ago)
Whenever you're confused about things papa never told you, alpha has got your back
Cesar Bernal Arevalo (2 months ago)
When they do all this and they end up playing you. Fuck them thots swear to...
Mark Llywelyn (2 months ago)
Im 29 and bald.
The True DarkJedi23 (2 months ago)
You should do a vid about how to know if you’re getting checked out at the gym. Or how to approach women at the gym
Music! (2 months ago)
I thought women were the ones that choose ... Thats all bullshit alpha Males are the ones that choose ! The cucks and simps are the ones that approach Them.
Kbr99 Kingkoby99 (2 months ago)
Hey there’s this a girl at my school named Casey and she walks with me and talk to me and randomly take Snapchat pictures of me with her and sometimes if she dod not all like the first picture she will delete it and take an new with me but she doesn’t post them at all and she really not actually deleted the first picture at all and her friends and my friends to me there you girlfriend and to her there your boyfriend what doses this mean
victor xyz123_xyz456 (2 months ago)
Damn.This very cute girl lives directly opposite my house.We see each other like 4 times in a week .And she always tells me hi with a huge sneaky smile.And all i do is reply "hi" also and smile back.And this has lasted for 1 month now.Everytime i memorize her smile.What should i do????...Does she like me??? Should i walk up to her?
Albert Rosario (2 months ago)
Yow alpha can i get a heart😅
ZBROSREACT (2 months ago)
Great for the 90s or early 2000s.. I wish I could go back in time... nowadays they all got their face buried in the phone and have headphones in at least in Canada -_- sooo hard for men here tbh
Michael Richard (2 months ago)
@alpha M. Where did you get that leather jacket?
kevinl lee (2 months ago)
Where you got that bad ass jacket from?
Noob Saibot (3 months ago)
I got all these signs but she had a boyfriend so I was confused. Like is she trying to cheat on her boyfriend?

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