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Mark Henry and Tony Atlas-Funny & Awkward Moments

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Watch until the end, it gets better. No copyright intended. I do not own the rights to the content in this video. They belong to World Wrestling Entertainment.
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Text Comments (34)
Gaurav Kohli (5 months ago)
I wonder how cute mark Henry looked as new born baby LMAO
Almighty One (10 months ago)
Michael Sawyer (1 year ago)
You gay for this video, but it's still funny
Almighty One (10 months ago)
Michael Sawyer You gay for that comment
Lac Jonea (2 years ago)
as I look at Atlas I still can't beleave I workout with this guy
david sanders (3 years ago)
"oh hey look santa"... "MOVE"!!!!!
Jarod Layog (3 years ago)
I love this part XD
Henry Aguilar (4 years ago)
Mark Henry The World's Strongest King Kong!
Henry Aguilar (4 years ago)
Mark Henry's like "Man I'm bored I'm gonna mimic Matt Striker" lol
gabynum1919 (5 years ago)
Lbs. Best Christmas promo. Hands down. I was looking for this for a while. World's Strongest Claus.
Columbus7063 (5 years ago)
Only funny gimmick mark Henry should ever do is sexual chocolate
RatMania7 (5 years ago)
Your NXT rookies. Your NXT rookies. Your NXT rookies. Your NXT rookies.
Jack Cummins (5 years ago)
59 sec he farted
Riddler6000 (5 years ago)
ifavictory (5 years ago)
mark henry is cute
MARK HENRY (6 years ago)
you are the retarded BITCH !
DemonKiller (6 years ago)
Trevor Lawliss (6 years ago)
mark henry can be funny? DANG!
Dustin Liu (6 years ago)
Damn this guy's a great poet.
AllSportsGuy1993 (6 years ago)
KingMattXL (6 years ago)
Mark Henry as King Of The Ring would have been AWESOME
SSJFutureGohan62093 (6 years ago)
tony atlas has the best laugh of all time
joy fonny (6 years ago)
He ment to say bag of toys plus he needed it to rhyme
Omar Hariga (7 years ago)
Mark Henry. Ghost of Christmas past
tatsuhirohitomi (7 years ago)
Why isn't Tony Atlas in the Hall of Pain?
inteshar chowdhury (7 years ago)
practicing lines
1 2 (7 years ago)
1:15 so called santa "move" =very polite
Call Me Gaffer (7 years ago)
"MOVE!!!" "This ain't no santa claus it's a robbery!"
KeepmetalalivE100 (7 years ago)
darkblade8910 (8 years ago)
Tony Atlas. His laugh is only rivaled by the Million Dollar Man.
BrandonxT (8 years ago)
Was he miming! HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY!!!!
homeslice1998 (8 years ago)
And to all a good fucking night!
homeslice1998 (8 years ago)
@jessereed94 Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChesterFreeman (8 years ago)

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