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Ebay CEO Devin Wenig, Message to Sellers.....

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Jay C (13 days ago)
Thanks Casey, I see and hear your pain and anger, I feel exactly the same! This is about to come into force in the UK in a few weeks and it's not looking good. I have to say that eBay has been a great selling platform and I'm happy to have experienced the mutual benefit with eBay as we've both profited well in partnership and both made good money. I've sold over 20,000 items on eBay in the last few years and currently have 100% feedback and zero neutrals. So to use an eBay term - good customer experiences! I sell around 3000 items of footwear a year and get around 15-18 returns a month, usually for didn't fit reasons, which one would expect. However, the new 'service metric' (which we just have to trust that eBay are being honest about, but could just be a random bingo machine from the 1970's for all we know) puts me in the Very High category for INADs (Items not as described) So for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 I'm a good eBay seller with lots of happy customer experiences and almost always 100% positive feedback, BUT in 2019 with game changing rules, I'm not a very good seller anymore! Der.... No way eBay!!!!! I'm as good as I've been over the previous 7 years. THE TRUTH IS, it's the method in which we're being measured which is completely unfair. The service metrics are clearly unfair, as buyers are misusing the new returns policy as they just have to click a button to condemn a seller and ensure we pay eBay an extra 4%, which is a 40% increase to our current bills. I'm now setting up plans to leave eBay for good and start a new exciting venture, as I can't stand here being overcharged and manipulated by eBay any longer. This new rule changer is the straw that's broken the camels back. eBay treat long standing trusted quality sellers with contempt and are driving us away for good. I wonder if eBay's share price will continue to dive during 2019 like they did in 2018. Devin Wenig, you're going about it the right way! eBay say it's just a few sellers that will fall into the 'Very High INAD group, but I don't buy into that at all. I'd really like to know exactly how many sellers will end up having to pay the extra 4% increase to their current seller fees? I was told by an eBay rep that the 4% charge isn't a cash generator, but it's there to motivate me into upping my game!!! Well, it did motivate me in a way I guess, but only into leaving eBay for good. SO GUYS, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU DO OR DON'T FALL INTO THE 'VERY HIGH' CATEGORY, ON THE SERVICE METRICS AS IT WOULD BE GOOD TO KNOW HOW MANY SELLERS ARE GOING TO BE/OR ARE ALREADY BEING STUNG BY EBAY . If you don't know where it is, it's in performance, then service metric. (I think eBay slipped it into a place that's hard to find on purpose)
writer 12179 (24 days ago)
I hate amazon, they are over-priced scumbies. Dishonest business practices.
TheBkdot (2 months ago)
Ebay has been around for a while, maybe they're just out of ideas and it's time to go.
Angeli Domini (3 months ago)
With all the new apps and Facebook market place EBay is becoming more irrelevant. Sell local and avoid the PayPal mafia as well.
Susy (3 months ago)
Devin Wenig salary $14,509,427, that's $14 million dollars a year. Disgraceful. Boycott Ebay..........
Aaron Kluge (3 months ago)
This is an important video. Please keep pressure on corporate. Sellers unite!
Snakefoot Coins Jeff W (4 months ago)
That weasel will never agree to an interview!!!! Ebay doesn't need to advertise, everyone knows about Ebay already. I have been charged up to 35% for sales and they said that I wasn't charged that much. Easy math, to figure out but they tried to say hidden fees etc. Time to start my own website for selling my stuff. Anyone know how much this POS Devin Wenig makes a year as CEO?
legnA (4 months ago)
ebay bloodsuckers....we sellers do not get paid hourly wage to do all the work of listings...we pay for pkging materials. ??? I'm so OVER eBay...pity...I've been a seller and buyer since the late 90s
Threechlor (4 months ago)
I wish Craigslist would start an auction platform.
Rock & Roll Resale (4 months ago)
If every eBay seller bought 30 shares of stock... we'd own the company outright.
Ben Flippin (4 months ago)
I noticed that at the bottom the listing page has a new promoted listings option you can check before you even have your item listed.
rochelle prather (4 months ago)
Ebay should focus on excellent customer service for the sellers. If I owned Ebay I would reduce fees and reward sellers who sell more and have great ratings. Also if a seller proves that that a buyer commits fraud I would band the buyer and take legal action that would reduce fraud. The wait time and follow up time from Ebay is horrible. Thank u for always giving us update content!!!!!
Forever Jenuwin (5 months ago)
I know that sellers are leaving eBay in droves- (especially small sellers) But Where are the buyers going?? Are buyers looking to make purchases on other sites than eBay & Amazon? I know Posh is another popular platform for buyers & sellers of clothing, but what about the vintage collectible sellers & the buyers of those items? What platforms are the buyers of collectible items going to??
Justintime Flipping (5 months ago)
My local sales are right at eBay prices ...There a price chart at this point
john lewsam (5 months ago)
With every update they pull out the bag they lose more and more sellers it feels like they have an hidden agenda and they don't want the little guys anymore. I really hope their shares plummet and they have to hire someone with a conscience and someone with some common sense. The eBay site is a joke so slow and many things don't work right.
mary walmer (5 months ago)
I am giving ebay until the end of the year, my store subscriptions expires in February...if I don't have a decent Q4, I am done after 10 years with the company. My sales have tanked this year, I am tired of jumping through their hoops. I already moved all of my clothes and shoes off of eBay to Poshmark, I sell on Amazon merchant fulfilled(sales are fine there) and am trying Mercari.
Kreig Houston (5 months ago)
My sales have always been good thru the spring and summer months. Not so much in 2018.
Luis Natal (5 months ago)
Terrible eBay listing prices. Never eBay again. I had to pay 120 dollars to post a car that didn’t sell. :(
Juan Martinez (5 months ago)
I have recently started researching e-commerce after becoming physically impaired and unable to do construction anymore. This is discouraging; I hope a new platform fairly adequate for sellers and buyers comes along.
Storm Walton (5 months ago)
This question is for Casey im sure eBay knows who you are and i would think you have some say from your huge YouTube channel. Just wondering if you can get an audience with the main shareholders or even better become one? @Rockstarflipper
Storm Walton (5 months ago)
I got on eBay in the 90's when it was good back then but ebay is shit now and they don't give a ratsass about sellers so never depend on them.
Buster Messmer (5 months ago)
Ebay forgot to send me my overalls and time clock.
Don C (5 months ago)
Thank you for your honesty in reporting this
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Very welcome.. He said it...Its being reported 1 way or the other
ModelSupplies (5 months ago)
Thank you for pointing this interview out! I heard rumblings of this, but thought it was opinions and hearsay. It's important to know what the CEO is actually saying~!
ModelSupplies (5 months ago)
Hey, i think you also let me know about Mercari - thank you for that, too~!
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Yeah, this 100% happened and was quoted from his interview.. it just took me a couple weeks to find
Haley Watts (5 months ago)
So I think he means everyone needs to use another platform/set up your own website. It's going to be cheaper than selling through eBay and you're more likely to get sales. Honestly, who put this reject in charge?! Won't like to be one of his share holders right now. When I started selling in 2004 eBay awesome... watching it decline the way it is just plain sad.
Lynda Painter (5 months ago)
I really wish that GoFish had made a good inroad into EBays market instead of dying. Time for a new opponent in the market? What a &*%^%$ idiot.
wayne crookes (5 months ago)
used promoted listings no sales at all but at least ive filled the ceo's pocket
LakewayTreasureHunter (5 months ago)
Casey have you started selling on Poshmark yet? I haven't had any sales but my gf is doing well. I'm going to transition over fully by the end of the year.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Yes go back in my videos and you'll see I have a few about my first week, first month and first 60 days on poshmark
Ropin' Reseller (5 months ago)
I have stopped doing promoted listing, it wasn't helping sales anymore, too saturated. Also, like you, when I looked at my promoted listings, top rated seller was more effective than paying (cutting into my profit) for ads. Wrong direction Mr. Wenig, we are wise to you.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Not enough people are wise unfortuantlty
Rita Bradford (5 months ago)
Yes this is the easiest way for them to make more money. Yes for them to advertise would cost a lot of money. I think ebay will survive just like Amazon has survived. Bottom line, the technological Elites are the slave owners and we are the slaves. The key is probably being nimble enough to sell on multiple platforms and being ready to jump ship when a new company gets older and more profit-driven and starts running their business like eBay and Amazon do.
Bua Schmidy (5 months ago)
Very well said! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Very welcome!! thanks for watching and commenting
6668528 (5 months ago)
Please thumb up this comment so that people can read it, I've found these two comments from ex employees, both posted a few days ago: 1) I worked for those gangster 9 years. They have so many slogans, campaigns, give to charity etc blah blah diversity teamwork blah blah blah. They are dishonest nasty thugs, especially upstairs. They tell us to do illegal and immoral stuff to the customers every single time they dream up a new "innovation". It's OK, their spouses can't trust them, why should we? Keep on playing with the system so that we will have more "glitches" which will cost the customer tons of extra money. If they catch us ....well, you know "it was an IT issue, we're working on it". Today we roll out shaft the seller day. Tomorrow it's extra fees for answering a buyers question because "they may have been planning to sell outside our venue". Let's punish employees and customers alike, isn't that what happens with teamwork? We can solve anything with a fee increase, some carefully engineered IT failures and a bunch of lies. The boys flying around in the jet have ruined what was once a very healthy company. Look at the turnover here the last few years. Your employees are bailing at an alarming rate. So are your sellers. Soon you won't have any left from either group. Crash and burn, E Bay. Life IS Greener on the other side of the fence. It's nice to go to work and be around honest happy people again. Why did I wait so long? 2) I quit working for eBay after sitting in long executive meetings, where management basically plotted ways to farm more and more money from Sellers, without any actual knowledge or research to show why they where doing it. They would 'create' market research which they would release to the public, yet it was completely false and made up only to support their hypotheses - which normally included making it more and more difficult for the account holders (sellers) to actually, well, sell. Many of us often were left perplexed by what they were trying to do, none of it made sense - destroy the account holders with ridiculous policies and charge them more for doing so? It literally gobsmacked me. That along with the fraud was the last straw for me, they used to a good, fun business, since the last five years, the new CEO's, havung never sold on eBay have single handedly destroyed it. I fear, that it was intentional, to basically short the stock. Who knows.
Threechlor (5 months ago)
What about the advertisements showing up within listings? Sellers aren't allowed to have links to other websites in our listing, but yet eBay shows ads to other websites inside the listing we paid for.
Lena Kincade (5 months ago)
It is begging of the end of eBay... eBay sales will go down...With new rules, free shipping and free returns, plus promoted listings eBay sellers will raise a price of items and potential customers will go to AMAZON for cheaper prices...Good long time sellers are leaving and looking for another selling platforms...I am a member of eBay c 2000. It is very stressful and not fun anymore...
sandfay1977 (5 months ago)
They are greedy as hell! Damn FeeBay!
Josh Betz (5 months ago)
more eBay Bullshit
Sharon Gariano (5 months ago)
I'm with you Casey, why is eBay biting the hand that feeds it? That's really stupid and is driving sellers to other venues like Posh, Merecari, Grail and Tradesey. I'm moving a lot of my stuff over to them because eBay's prices are too low to make a good profit and their seller costs are too high. Good grief! Wake up and smell the coffee. I've heard that a lot of sellers are just totally leaving. Really stupid to shoot yourself in the foot like that.
Miguel Canada (5 months ago)
gawd I hate eBay = (
Cindy Pittman (5 months ago)
Every big seller and the like should pull out and go sell somewhere else And if eBay continues down this path I will do just that How about someone invent a bigger and better website to sell on
Derrick Lindsey (5 months ago)
I don’t do promoted listings, it is a joke! I saw this as a money grab that doesn’t make sense.
Groovy Design (5 months ago)
Rockstar Next EBAY president!!!. This dude is Just another out of touch CEO.
Kidd Koolade (5 months ago)
Why would the CEO care about sellers as long as he's making millions himself and just needs to show his bosses profits. They know in this economy sellers need money so they can prey on them as much as they want knowing sellers are only going to complain but not actually leave the site. Ebay will continue to raise fees the more small businesses disappear. Why would you raise final value on media where the profit is so low? What a very greedy company, hopefully people start seeing that and leaving before their company goes bankrupt.
Info Polovendite (5 months ago)
At the end wasn't so hard for ebay to stay true to it's nature. Ebay is an auction site. keep the positioning amazon is not a competitor. help seller to sell more that's it. idiots!
Brandon Villa (5 months ago)
This really upsets me. I'm a small seller and this just a kick to the nuts. Join Mercari people!
Clayton Fields (5 months ago)
Amazon is really strict on sellers Ebay is money hungry Mercari has a small audience Facebook marketplace has bad algorithms Cregslist has a lot of no shows and dropped conversations There’s not a single platform that runs a complete business plan geared for sellers. 🤬🤯
Shawn Brewer (5 months ago)
I find this news extremely horrid and appalling... I have been with ebay for over 10 years and have been thru many CEOs but this one is by far the worst. I am having trouble working with a company that doesn't respect or care about the ones who are bringing in the money. If it wasn't for the sellers there would NO Buyers...If ebay keeps this $hit up there not going to have any sellers to make money off of. I am getting disgusted more and more everyday; low sales, extremely insulting offers, now this crap. Its burnt me out. I am definitely looking for much better eggs to put in my basket and putting ebay on vacation until they make it worth my time. ****Rockstar thanks for the heads up keep on Rocking :)
embroideredheart (5 months ago)
From thelayoff.com/ebay an ex Ebay employee wrote: eBay abuses the very people who pay their wages.. I quit working for eBay after sitting in long executive meetings, where management basically plotted ways to farm more and more money from Sellers, without any actual knowledge or research to show why they where doing it. They would 'create' market research which they would release to the public, yet it was completely false and made up only to support their hypotheses - which normally included making it more and more difficult for the account holders (sellers) to actually, well, sell. Many of us often were left perplexed by what they were trying to do, none of it made sense - destroy the account holders with ridiculous policies and charge them more for doing so? It literally gobsmacked me. That along with the fraud was the last straw for me, they used to a good, fun business, since the last five years, the new CEO's, havung never sold on eBay have single handedly destroyed it. I fear, that it was intentional, to basically short the stock. Who knows. 18 days ago by ExEbayEmployee | Post ID: @UfRbblU
embroideredheart (5 months ago)
+RockstarFlipper go to thelayoff.com/ebay
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
The link doesn't work... how do I find it exactly?
Jimmy b747 (5 months ago)
free alex jones because you could be next
Joe Smith (5 months ago)
There is another article on e commerce bytes, where sellers are losing sales because after the buyer purchased an item, they see an ad for the same product at a lower price at the check out page. This month, I had 2 buyers cancel their orders, and when I asked why, they said they found it at a better price. I understand doing your research before buying, but when eBay places an ad from a seller who paid for advertising, it’s basically punishing the other sellers who don’t pay for promoted listings after the sale. Almost racketeering (almost). If you don’t pay the extra fee, ya don’t get protection.
greatwally13 (5 months ago)
People please wake up, ebay does not need any US seller's, ebay is controlled by China, they are the one's providing the CASH, easy way to bypass import taxes and such. I'm totally done with ebay.
John Wolf (5 months ago)
Is it even worth starting up a biz?
Haggis Lover (5 months ago)
Its amazing how he never makes any decisions that benefits his own company, if he wants profits he shouldn't be trying to kill of the vaste amount of small sellers firstly, secondly all he's doing an its been noticed a lot in the UK is pushing all types of sellers to move more listings to Amazon, Ebid and other sites which is only making him a loss. Its almost like his ideal scenario is to be Amazon, which will never happen if he can't even create his own ideas for his company. This idea will do one thing and that is make more money for amazon and other sites
Barbara Purvis Hunter (5 months ago)
Poor management has been the cause of so many large companies foreclosing. CEO Wenig statements are asinine and are not prudent for the future of eBay and its sellers. Positive guidelines are needed and maybe recapping the prosperous years of when sellers sold and buyers bought. Stop trying to be like Amazon--people once love to shop on eBay--it was like visiting a large family store and not having to get dressed and drive there to shop. Where has that eBay gone?
A Blast from the Past (5 months ago)
Monopolies don't think like any other businesses, they don't have to!
Javier Jaime (5 months ago)
What's the goal of with every company making so much money they cant even count it? Is some of it going to charity? Orphans?Hospitals? Disaster zones? Probably not.....
la wilder (5 months ago)
This is why sellers eventually abandon ebay
The Thrifty Christian (5 months ago)
Ebay=MySpace in the near future.
jeanbcook (5 months ago)
The Thrifty Christian that’s totally funny, god one!!!!
Javier Jaime (5 months ago)
Tell the guy we have a friend called "Poshmark" and they treat us good there
Tom Stern (5 months ago)
Drive down the price of items with buy box means less profits for sellers and less for ebay in final value fee. Do they think they will make that up in higher volume of sales? Promoted listing are a joke and doesn't ebay collect that fee only when there is a sale? I have gotten very few sales when I have used them don't use them anymore. Thanks KC for the video Ebay seems NOW to pay attention to social media especially negative stuff about them from sellers.
ebaylistinginfo (5 months ago)
I saw that coming from long ago. Just sad to see I was right though. And I am right there with you too on that. I was feeling really pissed this morning when reading the new fall seller update email from eBay. May be now, because they keep slapping seller in the face like this, they don't have many seller left using eBay compared to before (all the good ones left already), so the only way to get money is to raise their fees. Which will of course make even more seller running away from the site. :(
Timothy Lavoie (5 months ago)
Good video. Ebay is getting very discouraging.
Jane L (5 months ago)
CEO Has always been a greedy asshole, thats why he fired all the employees,and blame them for the glitches, every single glitch is done for a reason, i bet he set those employees all up and then blame them so he has an excuse to fire them,. he fired them bc they are long time workers, and he want to hire more cheaper newbies, and outsource in India and Phillipines..All CS are VAs in Phillipines. Greedy Greedy bastard, i want ebay to go DOWN. Now hes copying Etsy and Amazon. F That CEO.
ask Holly Bailey (5 months ago)
Wake up! ebay is changing their business structure! writing is on the wall guys. I think they are eliminating the smaller sellers with the PLAN of going with BIG BRANDS in the very near future. If you are a small seller you better start looking for a DIFFERENT WAY TO MAKE MONEY! you will be PRICED out very soon, which is their goal.....they are cleaning house for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Platform and buying experience..........and more than likely way more revenue with large brands
flip*this (5 months ago)
Better yet 69K subscribers: Lets all pick a day/week and set all our promos to 3%! Lets find others as well to bring down those averages!
The Thrifty Christian (5 months ago)
The end result is that sellers will run from eBay like a theater on fire. After 2 months on poshmark my sales have surpassed that of eBay and I didn't have to pay for promoted listings. So long EBay R.I.P.
Tom Stern (5 months ago)
For all clothing sellers ebay's new compare with your peers attempt to steal more fee's from us may be worthy of a class action lawsuit by us if the numbers they use to judge us are FALSE. Here is the TRUTH about E-commerce return %'s from a recent 2018 article https://www.invespcro.com/blog/ecommerce-product-return-rate-statistics/ see the facts!
Tom Stern (5 months ago)
I have a very nice antique vase for sale on ebay and cross listed on Bonanza and Truegether when I searched the key words for this vase on Google shopping the listings from Bonanza and Truegether show up the listing from ebay does not Bonanza and Truegether are not charging me listing fees and are giving me exposure on Google. Ebay is not. Type PL Limoges in Google shopping you will see 2 listing for the same vase I am talking about.
C.L. WOLF (5 months ago)
This is just what I expected.This is at least part of if not the whole reason for the change to our Sales Promotions Tool with the 14 day wait ect. The reasons given to change those sales promotions never made sense to me no mater who explained it. I am doing promoted listings now paying about 8%. About 1/4 to 1/2 of my sales are now from promoted listings. I lowered every listing price to be more competitive as ebay suggested and after waiting for the 14 day wait I am also running a % off sale which is only including about half to 2/3 of all my items in the store because of the 14 day wait(good till cancelled seems like too much to do and remember so not using that way around it) Any way 10% Off is all I can handle for my Sales Promotions but buyers respond way better to 15% off or better.In a nut shell.... Now it makes sense as to why Ebay made the change and I absolutely suspected this all along that they thought they had a better way to make money. I guess they are thinking "It's not personal. It's buisness".BTW I have other platforms I sell on.Thanks for letting me know I was right with my suspicions since the first day last Spring when I read about the changes coming for Sales Promotions.
Melvyn Bramwell (5 months ago)
it can only work if fools do it , old saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink , just what can he do say ??? if everybody just refused to do it ?? egg on face springs to mined just list with no frills they cannot afford to block every listing from sight
Astrid Nolen (5 months ago)
With so many platforms to sell on, this is NOT a smart move on eBay's part! Thanks for sharing, Casey!
swizzmis (5 months ago)
Sad info for sure. eBay is probably going after the low hanging fruit first which is probably a quick hit for them. Marketing and drawing buyers happen slowly over time. it almost sounds if like they are going beyond doing things to generate revenue but postioning themselves for a buyout? I don't know just a feeling. The ecosystem is changing, this type of info helps us learn to adapt. Thanks for sharing
Highly Relevant Poster (5 months ago)
This tells me they have all the market share they think they can get - the competition from other sites is hurting them and they don't think they can grow any larger or might even start shrinking - so they have to raise fees. This is a fallback strategy - not a growth mindset.
Kevin Thomas (5 months ago)
Stop crying and be proactive!!! I’m getting tired of hearing people having all this negative energy towards eBay and it’s changes. Ebay is simply evolving with the times. Instead of wasting your energy complaining, brainstorm and be ahead of the curve by evolving with eBay or you and your business will fail...
6668528 (5 months ago)
*its changes
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
Exactly... certain categories work.. and some don't.. right now clothing is failing.. and people need to diversify
Kevin Thomas (5 months ago)
Auto parts, 600+ orders per month and growing, $50 avg selling cost at 22 years old...
RockstarFlipper (5 months ago)
But what are you selling? how many items? price point? MOST of my viewers sell clothing or small electronics... hence the bad news
Kevin Thomas (5 months ago)
IDK man to be honest. So far my sales haven't really been affected by all of these changes throughout the year. And I wanted to bring a little bias to the comments as well...
Chris Gray (5 months ago)
I will say it again, this is the primary reason eBay did away with the markdown manager feature and RSS. Not having the ability to turn on or off the RSS and having the ability to run sales whenever you want steers you toward Promoted Listing feature. In turn putting more money in eBay's shareholder pockets. Shareholders have nothing but money in the game, no product, no time and no effort, so why does eBay cater to them. Without sellers eBay cannot satisfy it's shareholders. There is nothing wrong with pay to play Amazon does it, problem is if everyone does Promoted Listing then what's the advantage. Ebay's biggest problem is the lack of new customers not the lack of new sellers. Why would I want to pay more fees for less customers. Ebay doesn't advertise properly and makes sellers believe it's their fault for lack of sales. Meanwhile, making a 100,000 on eBay will take years but the same on Amazon could take months. It isn't because Amazon has better products or better prices, it's because Amazon has more customers that have money to spend. When you can source from eBay to sell it on Amazon and make a profit that's the first clue eBay should look at.
Donna's Attic (5 months ago)
Is this part of the reason so many are leaving eBay and going to other market places to sell?
R M (5 months ago)
Ebay just cannot compete with Amazon. I see it every day in the people I talk to and the way I myself order things I need. Things I want (one offs, hard to find items) I look on ebay. They have truly messed up their platform. They were never meant to be like Amazon.
Peridotskye (5 months ago)
This eBay CEO is a greedy booha. But YOU are awesome! - I've literally just discovered you within the past few days and have already run the gamut of emotion from A to Z! - Was SO enthusiastic about finding someone who could walk me through the listing process with intelligence and clarity (because I know nothing) ... to feeling apprehensive about having anything to do with a company that thanks its devoted sellers by stealing from them. OY!
Christine (5 months ago)
One word. Uuggghhhhhhh!
Mia Corpuz (5 months ago)
More and more platforms are coming up because eBay is implementing rules that dissapoints sellers.
YHRIM (5 months ago)
It is basically extortion... its not enough to pay for fees, stores, and everything else and have a "level playing field"... ebay has become a "government run" type company like so many others have done. And what I mean by that is the government (no matter what so called 'party' is in "the office" high chair) throws taxpayers money down the toilet as fast as possible, runs everything into the ground, and then turns around and blames it all on the people, all the while they keep jacking up taxes more and more until the people are on the streets. Ebay is getting to be the same. They are running the company into the ground trying to turn ebay into an amazon knockoff that no one wants, including buyers (amazon should sue ebay for copyright or something). All the while ebay blames the sellers for returns, for not doing free shipping, for listing the "wrong item" or using the "wrong words", etc etc, while at the same time raising the sellers rates, banning them, and more When it is the SELLERS, not the buyers, who PAY EBAY and make ebay money. This is WHY ebays revenues are falling. So Why do this? Why destroy a once profitable useful company, like so many others?? Because ebay (like so many others) is now literally run by or connected to the same people who actually run this beast system government. They don't want the "little" guy to succeed, they don't want people to be self employed or to own a small business with employees or be independent in any way. They want people to work for their big conglomerates like walmart, mcdonalds, etc as nothing more than slaves, where a person can not even make enough to get by from paycheck to paycheck. And that is just the plain and simple facts. We've seen company after company do this exact same things over and over again, which is why there is basically NO manufacturing in the US anymore. The US doesn't make anything except "debt" and GMO food to kill people that no other nation wants. People can sugar coat things all they want, and try to hide their head in the sand, but unfortunately, its just going to get much worse. With all that said, we can only push forward and do what ever we're able to in order to keep going... prepare the best we can, until we can't.
Old Town Orchard (5 months ago)
It might be beneficial to all sellers if someone like you were to attend a shareholders meeting. The all have Q&A sessions that let the shareholders ask questions of the board. They are held annually, for all publicly traded companies. Most companies will let you attend via conference call, so travel may not be needed. Generally, they are not open to the public and being a shareholder is a requirement for attendance. It only takes ownership of a single share to gain admittance. It would be great if someone could speak on behalf of all of us, asking the right questions and letting the shareholders know how dissatisfied sellers are with the current direction of eBay. Are any of us sellers shareholders?
Hydroponic food (5 months ago)
This CEO is not for sellers on ebay = out of business soon! They are going to run ebay right in the ground, kind sad it's been around along time and it was good, now ebay is sucking....🇺🇸⚡️
Manda Daroski (5 months ago)
Abundantly Yours (5 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up!
george56 (5 months ago)
Etsy is doing the exact same thing
SONNY & Suzie (5 months ago)
bryan sibille (5 months ago)
The easy answer is that they can squeeze the seller because they are already there. It is more difficult to add customers.
Buy Sell Travel (5 months ago)
Ofcourse !
Jack Schrold (5 months ago)
Sales off a bunch since June and now this information. Frustrated and trying to work through this slow period but info like this is just a complete downer. I don't know what to think moving forward anymore.
Ric Nyc (5 months ago)
Just consider this: what used to be 10% in fees to sell on Ebay is now 20%, 30% if you add the "Promoted Listings" fee. They found a way to raise the fees because they disguised them as promoting a listing. Correct me if I'm wrong!
Shelly N Charlie (5 months ago)
Ebay is losing what made it great in the first place. Sad.
Michael Christenson (5 months ago)
Great video one of the best I've watched so far very truthful..
Jay M (5 months ago)
eBay is kmart-sears. No freaking idea how to run a company.. Just kill it. Wake up sellers. Move on . Flip off eBay.. Fuk them
ArtBeHereNow (5 months ago)
Nothing new here, Capitalism = GREED !  You will see more and more of this from large companies as Trumpism and the tying of government regulations'  hands emboldens more of them. Unregulated capitalism since Regan have pretty much turned America into a Hogs and Paupers state.
Miss Noname (5 months ago)
We need a better way to sell. So far though, nothing else is nearly as huge as eBay as far as viewing is concerned. I don't really care for all of the forced social media interaction required to sell on Poshmark & I've heard about several people getting scammed on Mercari. That narrows it down to Craigslist,Letgo,& local selling pages. What are we supposed to do?
Waldor Sockbat (5 months ago)
People shouldn’t use promoted listings. I have been on eBay for a few years and never used a promoted listing once. I don’t a ton of sales a month without them. The problem is people are easily fooled into things
Frank Meijer (5 months ago)
When do they plan on the catalog listing being in full effect?
e a z y g e e (5 months ago)
Charge the sellers more = less sellers = less products for buyers. Doesn't seem like a good idea.
MyUnique Market (5 months ago)
Great video! Thank you for the information 👍🏻
6668528 (5 months ago)
1) I would rather scoop my eyes out with a spoon than promote my listings and succumb to their blackmailing. 2) All I read around the internet is how promoting listings doesn't change anything, still no sales. 3) Again, all I read around the Internet is people closing their shops. 4) Their website is a joke now, nothing works. Just glitch after glitch.

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