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Top 10 Youtubers in the World

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Take a look at this video of world's top 10 youtubers who are really famous and so are their channels. please Like and share this video and do subscribe to our channel.
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Text Comments (400)
💪PewDiePie 👍
Technical Yash (7 days ago)
No. 1 channel is music or t-series
Faraz Khan (8 days ago)
janab mjhy too aap boht achi lgee
umer tariq (11 days ago)
sis vs bro?
Under DARK (14 days ago)
Pew di pie 😝😝😝😝😝
Under DARK (14 days ago)
Why you make top 10 cause of their subscribers as talent matter not subs
fk gaming buddy (14 days ago)
Bhadbi tere ko ye bhi zee music company ke 39m subscriber hai
Tanishq Deshmukh (21 days ago)
Where is 5 minute crafts
YOU KNOW ME D dk (22 days ago)
T series ..102 m ...sub.......hy
maan Longri (24 days ago)
No..1 should be bald and bankrupt channel...
Danish Azaan (24 days ago)
Where is t series
Bhavin gr8 (24 days ago)
*T-Series 100M Cross* INDIA I N D I A INDIA no:1 Now it's time for *SET INDIA*
Bhavin gr8 (24 days ago)
*very old list*
Priya Madaan (25 days ago)
I think u have forgot Indian YouTubers like Ashish chanchlani or t series
Seema Godara (28 days ago)
5 minute crafts Kaha hai
Vin Yad (28 days ago)
Dude perfect has 43million subscribers
10000 Tutorials (28 days ago)
Great Job!
anand singh dodiya (1 month ago)
I think u forgot dude perfect
Minhaj Uddin (1 month ago)
T series
Best Songs (1 month ago)
subse se bakwas vedio hai mind mat karna siraf comment me apna gussa batta raha ho like kardiya hai kya karo subscribe bhi kiya hai per app siraf itna hi batarahe hain neha kakar ke 1.5b subscribers hainn ok next time please covermyour mistakes
Best Songs (1 month ago)
advance congratulation 100k subscribers will soon
Nirmalraj Nadar (1 month ago)
Areeeee... Meri Maa woh pew die pie nahi hai... His name should be spelt as pewdi-pie... The e is silent!!!!!
T-series Copy (1 month ago)
T-series kha gya
Somsuvro Chatterjee (1 month ago)
5 minutes crraft has 56 M subscriber
Victor Rivera (1 month ago)
It’s very hard to understand if she is speaking English or other language
subodh saxena (1 month ago)
Where are `5 minute craft
This information is wrong because where is t series and 5minutes craft
Randall Orton (1 month ago)
Where is t-series.. T-series is a no1 youtube channel.. Nehi janti hai tu to thik se scharch kar... Wakwas karti idiot
PUBG Cinema (1 month ago)
Number.1 T-series
Ismail malik (1 month ago)
Abeoo ninja kaha gaya
Young_Tribez Adee (1 month ago)
Please help me to get 4000 watch time , I'm a small YouTuber😭
King Malty Midea (1 month ago)
I Love you
Bro (2 months ago)
Yo where is KSI
Equest PVT LTD (2 months ago)
See dude perfect
ravi tripathi (2 months ago)
Carry minati , bhuvan , amit bhadana are chasing them 👍👍
GAMES WORLD (2 months ago)
Where is 5 minute craft having 54m subscriber
Jenny s (2 months ago)
Jenny s (2 months ago)
Hey where is *DUDE PERFECT*
Saifur Rahman (2 months ago)
5 minute craft and dude perfect
Shubham mishra (2 months ago)
Priti zinta looks like you😊
ASH KING (2 months ago)
Oii u forgot about Eminem ur thinking is low class
Mohd Shakeel (2 months ago)
No 1 t ha
The Nawsad's show (2 months ago)
You pronounced piwdepie wrong
Arshi Khan (2 months ago)
Where is ninja very bad
Szymon Kaimeis (3 months ago)
For dumb kids:5 minute crafts Tseries Dude Perfect arent here becouse they arent Individual creators
Amy is triggered (3 months ago)
Where is marshmelo and tseries
pal sampang (3 months ago)
And i know none of them except pewdiepie
Rahul Technical (3 months ago)
Highest subscriber in the world is tseries
Go and type 5 minutes craft channel 50 millions subscribers are there
m.k menon mkm (3 months ago)
Moti bhais buffalo sauce kuch dimag hai ki nahi
Adarsh Chaturvedi (3 months ago)
Set India has 25 million subscribers..... T Series has 93 million subscribers... I think you forgot them
New hero (3 months ago)
Pew die pie is best Youtuber
lancy sabu (3 months ago)
Where is unboxing dude
Swadhin Sahu (3 months ago)
nick gaming (3 months ago)
Where is Kids diana show she has 23 million subscribers.
Adithya Krishna (3 months ago)
Paresh Patil (3 months ago)
Kuch bhi
Prem Patil (3 months ago)
Abe pagal hai kya ?? T Series, 5 minute craft kaha Gaye ??2018 mai ye shamil thy top ten mai
A&AStars (3 months ago)
Where is pewdipai
Rajeev Sagar (3 months ago)
Aap bahut beautiful ho ek bar apko reality me dekhne ki ichha h
Abinash Nayak (3 months ago)
My Favourite - Ryan Higa
mandal suman Samrat (4 months ago)
Tech series kaha gya ji
grand gamer gamer (4 months ago)
Konzilla 47m
Siraj Uddin (4 months ago)
Unsubscribe your chennal 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 T series ka Subscriber Dakhna Ek Bar 89M+
Tanmoy Ghosh (4 months ago)
Siraj Uddin t series is shit t series ek dhabba hain
Siraj Uddin (4 months ago)
Whare is T series Fake video mat Banaya Karo i Dislike 👎 This video
Science Trek (4 months ago)
5 minute craft is 47 million subcribers
j k tuber (4 months ago)
Where is t series
bhavya thacker (4 months ago)
Dude perfect why not ?
Rajan Gaur (4 months ago)
t series.madam., bewkoof.ho.kya
ZeonIsMyName (4 months ago)
*T-Series has joined the game*
adrashi kibo (4 months ago)
Where is Music channel it have 105 Million subscribers
Under The Sky (4 months ago)
Very nice
jitendra singh (4 months ago)
5 minut craft ka 50 millon sub hai
katil PUBG gamers (5 months ago)
Where is 5 minute craft 49 million subscribers
BATHINDA BRANCH (5 months ago)
t series kider gya
MR JOKER (5 months ago)
hello friendz mari gand la lo
Animation X Imagination (5 months ago)
I love niga higa
Ananya Aggarwal (5 months ago)
2nd per t series hai budhu
the world tour (5 months ago)
T-seris 83 million subscribers
Pritam Technical (5 months ago)
Shantala hegde (5 months ago)
Mahendra Kumar Sahu (5 months ago)
Tumko kuchh pata bhi hai ki khali pili logon ko Bana Rahi ho
Ashish Thakur (5 months ago)
T series kha ha
Shivam Chaudhary (5 months ago)
you are very sexy
Rohit gamers (5 months ago)
Where is 5 min craft
bhavya2007 jain (5 months ago)
I think u forgot superwoman.
Priyank Raj (5 months ago)
Where is the logan paul!?
MR clasher (5 months ago)
T series
Anushri Chandel (6 months ago)
Are you mad? Where is T-series???
DYNO- UTKARSH (6 months ago)
You forgot t series
Tamalika Dey (6 months ago)
Where is 5min crufts?they have 46M
Bikram Shyawa (6 months ago)
STATUS GURU (6 months ago)
Nice video #marvelhollywoodstudio
GRK art and draw (6 months ago)
I think t series is biggest YouTube r hai
Waseem ahmad (6 months ago)
Somender Singh (6 months ago)
Where is Ranz and niana 😍😍😍😍
lord Knows 2 (6 months ago)

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