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Ebays NEW Payment Processing Begins!!!

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Text Comments (144)
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
UPDATE*****. After speaking to Ebay Corporate, the following things should be noted. 1.) No need to sign up with Adyen or anything to make purchases. Customers just input their credit card information like any other website 2.) Money can be sent daily from your account to your bank...so if your selling daily, you will get a deposit every single day directly into your bank account within 1-2 days. Same as PayPal
Universal Fisher (2 months ago)
But it's still a way you can use PayPal and that's if you use the PayPal debit card am I correct or they're not going to allow for debit card to be used either
vincent grizanti (3 months ago)
Why can't I search sold listings on iPhone anymore was the other day wow apple
Sherri Byrd (3 months ago)
Thanks for all the info. My biggest concern is tax time. I’m sure I’m not alone in that I use GoDaddy for my book keeping. They way that it automatically syncs with PayPal and helps me track state taxes as well as other things has been everything. I’m super nervous and dreading the time consumption of having to figure and track some of these things manually. 😬😬😬
GREEN4SQUARE (3 months ago)
So if someone hacks into your eBay accout, it could be a DEVASTATING HORROR. worst scenario
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
This is what I got from them as well. I called multiple times I was waiting for the invite. I still have not received it.
Terry Patierno (1 month ago)
No paypal, I might as well use Amazon.
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
Its coming.. eventually
Nicholas (2 months ago)
I live in the USA and refuse to change and will not give in to try this change. There are US blogs all over the place on the internet by very knowledgeable people that this will be a very inconvenient feature. Not only this but many people do not realize that ebay is not an actual US company. It was at one time available for you to call Customer Service and ask for a US rep to talk to instead of the no knowledge and no help useless senseless other country reps you get now (I am guessing India and not very hard to discern this). Just gone and no connection to any rep in the US whatsoever. For the piddly savings of what 1.5% in a fee that is overcharged already, I am sorry not worth the bother. I also do not want ebay to be able to access any part of my bank account whatsoever nor any other company outside the US for that matter. Why do I want a company in another country full of fraudulent issues all over the place on the internet and other sites to access my bank account?!!! Not only this but you have to use a separate company to manage payments for purchase of postage??? Come on give me a break! There are already options becoming available for people in the USA and using USA companies to be able to sell the same way as ebay and be able to still use paypal. I am NOT talking about high percentage sales fee Amazon either. Ebay is becoming a huge problem for US sellers (as well as I am sure other countries also) and the sooner we leave them, the better things will be.
Big Dreams Now (1 month ago)
You will be forced to use it by 2021, or you can't sell anymore. Plus you must give them your bank details and s.s. number.
LiS Wright (3 months ago)
As a seller, I just saw the payment processing. But I want to know is EVERYBODY being put into this program? Because I didn't sign up, but I haven't had sales in 2 weeks. Across the internet everybody is crying that they don't have sales and they blame managed payments. So I'm wondering is this program effecting low sales?
Thomas Flory (3 months ago)
I assume Ebay/Adyen will not have a debit card so you can use your funds immediately? Also, I currently use my PayPal account as my business account...but if Ayden is dumping the $$ in you checking account daily then will need a business account...more fees! Sounds like Ebay should buy PayPal....haha...(yes, I know they already DID OWN THEM but spun them off as their own company)...Smart!
Jay M (3 months ago)
Finally I real explanation. From a real seller who said No I pass. Most of us will. eBay is dead. This will just make it worse.
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
Thanks so much!! I try to make it short and sweet now.. Thanks for watching and commenting
Hikmat Harb (3 months ago)
This is awesome! I sell on amazon and was about to start selling on ebay, but hesitated because of paypal, I've heard too many horror stories. But I'll wait until paypal is completely replaced and glitches worked out.
E Pac (3 months ago)
They are trying new things but it affects eBay sellers? Il wait until everything is set and ready to go on 2019
Kebmo338 (3 months ago)
Thanx for the heads up!
Marla Barton (3 months ago)
Pronounced: Ay-din FYI 😉
Dirty Cop Registry (3 months ago)
Ebay is trending down, badly. They're arrogant and dgaf. I'm glad I don't depend on them.
Q FromChi (3 months ago)
Good Video! I wait until they got it finalize right.
Adrianne Hall (3 months ago)
Thanks again Casey..I was one of the sellers Ebay contacted to op into this new process. They made it sound great and wonderful and spectacular. However, after the glitcharmageddon that happened between May and September, then learning more about the cons to this new process at ebay open...plus having you highlight those concerns to us again on your platform.. I'm not trying to be a guinea pig for what could be the biggest ebay glitch of the year. And for them to roll out something this major during Q4... well that's crazy. I'll pass for now as well.
John love (3 months ago)
what does the line going tru a completed price item mean
therealnavice (3 months ago)
Hey what’s up raockstarflipper. I came across your video on YouTube and I’ve been a subscriber of yours for about two months now. I myself have an eBay business however I am novice when it come to the mechanics of getting my items to sell. Which is a major issue for me. Can you make a video dedicating or do you already have an existing video(s) that can help me and others that have this issue. Thanks Tone.
Joshua Schmidt (3 months ago)
I switched and noticed a increase in sales right away. Not sure if you get a boost in the algorithm when you opt-in? The one downside is shipping labels are still being billed through PayPal.
Rick K (3 months ago)
Casey, I thought you said in a previous video that you had opted in already without fully knowing the pros and cons? Did you get them to reverse that for you?
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
Yes I did opt in during the first message they sent out... And they said you couldn't opt out...HOWEVER after they provided all the other info they decided to send out a "confirmation" opt in message basically giving us another chance to decide which was the other day... then I did not opt in
dave dimartino (3 months ago)
Pray the internet is restored ! Its out in more than half the country . Sales are slow because they are not being viewed . Google is doing it.
Barbara Pintoro (3 months ago)
The no GSP - not opting ini at this time. Also - Paypal offers loans based on ebay sales and they take their payback through your sales thru Paypal what happens now if you have an outstanding balance on a loan from Paypal. will new method offer small business loans like this also?
Donna Thomas (3 months ago)
Casey. Thanks so much. My question: will we always be able to use PayPal and not the new one if we want to? (I don’t adjust to change very well ha)
Jersey Pickins (3 months ago)
I wonder if they are going to spot shipping money for same day shipping. Newer sellers may not have extra funds to put out. Also hopefully you will be able to transfer into a paypal account because paypal is so versatile as to what you can do and I use it for sooo many different things. The money savings sounds good though. People are are so used to using paypal that I think it is going to take quite awhile to catch hold. They are going to have to dazzle the buyer. And why they didn't from the rip make it so you could use paypal I don't understand. That's going to be a huge problem to push on a buyer. Out of habit and out of convenience that would turn me off buying an item. You can go to an estate sale and use paypal so why you could not on ebays new platform is baffling. Over time I am sure all things will work out. Me I'll stick with paypal until I see reason not to or have to switch.
Whatugh beast (3 months ago)
Pass until I have to. Dont want to find out my money disappeared because of a "glitch"
This wont be in full effect until like 2021. So until then i will stick with paypal and see all the nightmare stories that come out
Reiki Thomas (3 months ago)
Thanks so much, Casey!
Thanks for sharing!!
I had to close a bank account because PayPal wouldn't let me delete it from their system and they kept taking fees from my checking account instead of my PayPal account (I had $$ in my PayPal account). PayPal and Master Card are a bunch of POS. They will kick people off from receiving payments if you're a wrong thinker and openly insult Islam. I cant wait until they go the way of Myspace.
Handpickedpartz (3 months ago)
As usual, this will work against you as a seller and make you do more work. The trend of disposable sellers continues.
BringItBackAgain (3 months ago)
What about shipping labels? How the heck do we print them? My customers pay shipping so on paypal the money is there for me to use. I don't pay out of my pocket. Do I have to set up a new USPS account for labels? Does Ebay have something connected to this Adyen site so that I can access the funds for labels? Am I supposed to have an few hundred or more chilling somewhere for labels per week?
John Sorrell (3 months ago)
eBay with no glitches makes me laugh every time they start something new there are a huge amount of glitches stay away until everything is worked out. This is your money people you work so hard for. They have already ruined a lot of people's sales now your money wait see what happens until 2019 let all the bugs get worked out.
The Easter Bunny (3 months ago)
Ebay is at the 6 count after being knocked out by Amazon, this will be the 10 count for ebay. The constant changes and glitches have driven many buyers away in my categories, most of my old customers buy through my website and other venues and now that I've moved to other platforms my old ebay customers are saying its about time you moved away. Ebay have dogged their old sellers and have tried to embrace the cheap China junk which Amazon owns. Good luck to anyone who sells there. Peace.
Draco Jensei (3 months ago)
Sales slow this month
Mary's Fun Finds (3 months ago)
Thank you for 'bottom line-ing' it for us all. We never get all the negatives until we're committed and get the 'but wait, OH NO!" moment. I'll be waiting too....
Metal Head (3 months ago)
You get discounted shipping with paypal. So my question is: How will the shipping work with the new payment program?
nawluck (3 months ago)
Question, if they release funds so quickly, what will happen if there is a dispute with a buyer? Can they later withdraw out of our account?
Bob Hale (3 months ago)
ebay and paypal were separate. Ebay buys paypal and forces sellers to use paypal. Ebay splits from paypal. Ebay gets in bed with another payment processor and does not want users using paypal (if the opt in with the new scheme) New plan has lower fees (initially) has ebay ever kept fees low? It sure makes one wonder..................
Darth Vader (3 months ago)
I am not signing up until the last minute to make sure maybe the clitches in ebay are corrected.
Nevermore Antiques (3 months ago)
Good video man, thanks for the information.
Joan (3 months ago)
Thank you for the info Casey!
Debbie Porter (3 months ago)
Thank you for the quick heads up.
ryaes92 ryaes92 (3 months ago)
What if a transaction gets “unauthorized”?
Marla Barton (3 months ago)
Hey, Rockstar! I am one of the many who got messed over by Paypal BIG TIME! I got my account “Limited” for reasons they wouldn’t say, I have had to call and ask time and time again. Anyway, they are holing my money for 180 days! I have since found out Paypal has done this to many eBayers, this one guy on YouTube said they are holding like $64K of his own money for 6 months! !! Being a “mom & pop” business I have been so baffled and financially hurt by this and cannot for the life of me understand it! It’s been a month worth of lost sales right now. I have been doing business with them since 2005 without issue 1. I have spoke highly about them and always been quite happy them. Nor did I do one thing different than I have always done as far as my business. Anyway, I just recently found out that eBay does take Authorize.net so I just signed up with them. I haven’t received an email about Ayden (pronounced A-den) yet. Authorize.net charges $25/mo + 2.9% per transaction and .30 for each transaction. I also have to go to USPS to use Click & Ship and so far it seems they don’t offer First Class Shipping only Priority on their website. Authorize.net does accept International payments for International sales. Just gonna be a bit pricey to use them at the monthly fee and ship all thing Priority as well but I’m just happy to be selling again!
Marla Barton (3 months ago)
Alice Cribbs (3 months ago)
Thanks Casey
Donna kendrick (3 months ago)
Thanks for the info.
Crazywaffle5150 (3 months ago)
I will do the same and wait. Also, this is good. PayPal is shady, I have heard horrar stories.
Yvonne Salazar (3 months ago)
Thanks for your video! Great information.
Doug Rambo (3 months ago)
If you have 2 ebay accounts, will you be able to use PayPal on one and the new one on the other?
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (3 months ago)
Ebay has dumped Paypal for good reason they are truly evil to sellers, of coarse buyers are clueless to this reality, so this is good news but no one will dump Paypal while buyers cant pay with paypal. I seriously hope this is the end for Bad actor Paypal!
Thomas Flory (3 months ago)
Sorry...an absolute mistake by eBay...they are going to F-up the whole thing. Why fix what's not broken? They will have to drag me in...kicking and screaming!
The Best Around (6 days ago)
But it is broken, has been for years. Have you never had an issue with buyers where you need to call Ebay and they say they can't help so they send you to PayPal? Then PayPal says they can't help and send you back to Ebay? I have, so have countless others. It was a broken system. I do love my PayPal debit card though and its cashback. Also having instant access to my money after a sale is great. I'm sure Adyen and Ebay hear all the feedback and will make positive changes, but like you and many others I will wait until forced to switched.
Big Dreams Now (1 month ago)
You will be forced to use it by 2021, or you can't sell anymore. Plus you must give them your bank details and s.s. number.
de wm (3 months ago)
Absolutely Horrible!!!!!! EBAY has not notified buyers about the payment changes! Biggest mistake to sign up. Anyone want to sell the tools i make? if you have more than 3k feedback top seller reply below lol Rockstar i have screenshots of times i sold, Processing stage and first payout that is on the way.
LiS Wright (3 months ago)
Hey Rockstar, the next time you talk to the Ebay Execs can you tell them to lift the gate on my store. I didn't open a store to have NOTHING SELL!! :) I DON'T BELIEVE EBAY. Like Trump, I don't believe anything they say....2.7% laughable. Rockstar, do you use DHL to ship overseas? How do you get confirmation that order was received?
Richard Hathaway (3 months ago)
LiS Wright but the Demorats are very trustworthy. GTFOH
Steve jones (3 months ago)
Are buyer's opting in?
Mark Pearson (3 months ago)
Steve jones buyers just use their credit card to make purchases... no need to opt in
Eileen Claussen (3 months ago)
Thanks for the information ~ I must tell you I really appreciate that you announce the date at the beginning of your videos! There are some times when I'm too busy to get to YouTube for a number of days and then I have NO idea when the videos were posted! Appreciate you and your helpful hints!
Steven Bond (3 months ago)
I only have about 5 of my items in GSP out of 1500 listed for international shipping. That's not a deal breaker. I'm more concerned the bugs aren't all worked out yet. Being 4th quarter and PP the dominant player on the platform, I'm passing on this golden opportunity.
Tracy Swearingen (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video!
bearkiti bearkiti (3 months ago)
It not supporting global shipping makes it a firm no right now. ;)
Bobby Johnson (3 months ago)
I will wait Ebay already fucked me with no Vaseline over the summer !
Ian Victorine (3 months ago)
15 cents per transaction is huge for high volume low cost sellers
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
If your invited to managed payments there is a .0 cent transaction fee! 2.7% processing. Ebay did not tell me theres a .15 cent fee.
Keith O (3 months ago)
It's actually zero cents per transaction plus 2.7% (for now at least).
Robert Mitchell (3 months ago)
Not allowing people to use Paypal to do christmas shopping will be killer, definitely not opting in until paypal is an option again, as much as i hate paypal as a company
Illinois Picker (3 months ago)
No GLOBAL shipping or PayPal for buyers - NO THANKS. That is nuts and extremely damaging for 4th quarter sales potential. I won't be going in until they include GSP & PayPal. I'm sure there are not that many out there using something other than PayPal right now. MORE options for buyers are needed (not less).
Ken Ernst (3 months ago)
Been selling on Ebay for over 10 years and have NEVER used the Global Shipping program. In my opinion, it's overrated. I ship many packages per month overseas and just use the regular First class intl shipping through USPS. The key is to insure each package, which only costs me .90 per package through inkfrog. Also, the overall shipping costs is much cheaper for buyers, which translates to more sales. I mostly sell clothing and have never had an international return. Ive had lost packages but the claim process is super easy and refunds the buyer both the item cost and the shipping costs.
madx jac (3 months ago)
I think i will be holding off as I do a lot of GSP Transactions and get better profit margins with products against other sellers that dont offer GSP. and as like many new roll outs of any products or services there are initial issues that happen and as I am new to the reselling game and just starting to build it up nicely I can not afford to be having setbacks
Jason Coomer (3 months ago)
The fee's stated will only be the "introductory" fee to pull us all in ...after that it will be the same as now...or more..
K'nex Master (3 months ago)
I hate how if you pay for labels it still comes out of Paypal
Jason Coomer (3 months ago)
No debit card, no deal...ill wait...
Trishel Melancon (3 months ago)
I have a question I hope you can answer. I’ve been wanting to start thrifting and selling on eBay and everyone is trying to talk me out of it. Is it worth it just to start even if you are just buying a couple hundred dollars of items to start or is that not enough inventory to start with. Thanks.
naturegirl2110 (3 months ago)
Most people don't make a full time income off eBay. Let's say you sell 4 items a week and make $10 profit per item. Is that sustainable for you? EBay isn't a bed of roses. I've lost money on some items. The most profit I ever made on one item is $40. I would say if you're going to do it start small. Sell items you already own but don't need then use that capital to purchase more profitable items then reinvest the profit off those items to scale up. Don't ever invest more than you can afford to lose. Good luck 💪
M Wilson (3 months ago)
PayPal debit card could be used though, right?
Ashley Simms (3 months ago)
Good question!!
fizggig (3 months ago)
I'm a new seller I've been on my ebay account for years mostly buying but I'm now selling about 1-2 items a week. How can I opt into this as both requirements dont bother me.
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
Call ebay and ask to be sent to managed payments. They will put you on a list of sellers who want to be apart of it. Managed payment sellers will have apple pay in there listings!!!! I want that lol.
Paul Torem (3 months ago)
i have not gotten the message as of yet but will be opting out until this is ready to go. but at least i can still use paypal. people can only use debit credit cards to pay so i can still sell but will be a deal breaker as i do some sales overseas. this will be very interesting to see what happens
Vickie Clark (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for addressing this. I knew when I got the message that you would make a video about it. I made sure I didn't opt in. I held on to the message just in case. But I will hold off on going into it as long as I can. I don't do global shipping, so that's not a big deal. But my buyers not being able to pay with paypal during my biggest selling months. No way! I'm not taking that chance.
Son Goku! (3 months ago)
Paypal banned my account perma, so im very happy 🤩
OklahomaBorn1970 (3 months ago)
F**K pp they refunded on a sold item that the customer had for a month and a half that eBay would not refund. I closed the bank account connected to pp and they can eat the refund themselves.
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (3 months ago)
I sued EVIL PP & won to get my $ back so...
Andrea S (3 months ago)
Thank you for your videos! You’re so helpful!
reyramirez24 (3 months ago)
Good info Casey! Just wanted to let you know that you are pronouncing it correctly. I called the San Francisco office and that is what they told me.
April Davis PI (3 months ago)
Why would anyone do this? It will kill sales if a buyer has PayPal.
Ahmad Yassin (3 months ago)
What if you didn't get the invite, can you still sign up? I am obviously not signing up for this now but it's always good to have options.
Connie/my1flippinglife (3 months ago)
I will not opt in until they allow Paypal and global shipping. You can't opt out once in, so don't want to mess with this right now. This change should have waited until the new year.
Keith O (3 months ago)
I'm going to try it. The fixed fee is actually $0.00 (for now at least) and I do a lot of small sales. If it doesn't work or I get complaints about no Paypal I will just double list my items on a second account not in the trial (I sell replenishables so it's not a big deal). Edit: I signed up and sold my first item with the new system without any issues.
Capitalist American (3 months ago)
Meanwhile, Soros funded groups lobbied to take Infowars off of Paypal and other platforms and anti-American Soros is an investor in both eBay and Paypal.
dave dimartino (3 months ago)
no wonder why it sux so bad a jew at the helm
Dee Dee (3 months ago)
I know. It's disgusting. People need to research George Soros and determine for themselves if they can support companies in bed with this demon.
DabKitty sparkle (3 months ago)
I apologize if you covered this in the video, watching it got interrupted by my daughter and her friends playing
heather reynolds (3 months ago)
Will we be able to transfer money from our bank account to PayPal debut card still.
Mary Arwood (3 months ago)
I thought I heard you say when this first started that you opted in, not knowing you couldn’t opt out And wished you hadn’t. Back around June or July.
Mary Arwood (3 months ago)
RockstarFlipper awesome. I was wondering how it was going for you. Glad they let you get out of it.
RockstarFlipper (3 months ago)
I did OPT IN... however ebay realized people didnt have all the info and decided to send out another message (yesterdays) as a second chance to confirm... or get out of jail free card
Mike C. (3 months ago)
Wow! Opt into the new process and drive my sales into the ground? Yeee haaa, where do I sign!?
Aaron W (3 months ago)
I’m assuming that he’s talking about the amount of people who only pay with PayPal. Before I started using PayPal that was the majority of buyers statement
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
Why do you think your sales would be into the ground? How would ebay make money then?
DabKitty sparkle (3 months ago)
I found this posted, is this true? And if so do you have more information on it? *just read that even though adyen advertises that they do not charge fees, there is a monthly $120 USD minimum invoice attached to their service. They do not make it clear whether the seller has to sell merchandise with that minimum value per month or if adyen invoices the seller for that amount. *
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
Where did you see 120.00 invoice fee?
Kellie Mahon (3 months ago)
Adyen does not invoice the seller. The seller pays fvf and processing fee. 2.7% compared to paypal 2.9%
Keith O (3 months ago)
I think that is the minimum for the contractee, which in this case is Ebay not individual sellers.
sboutlaw2007 (3 months ago)
Good video, most should wait until everything is finalized.
Jimmy Gallop (3 months ago)
I'M with you hope no one opts in and looses all there sells for the time.
Glynis84 (3 months ago)
No Global Shipping is a dealbreaker for me... won’t be opting in until that issue is resolved
Sonya Echerd (3 months ago)
My biggest concern would definitely be the "glitch" factor. I mean, they have a track record...Lol I think I'll definitely hold off til its been tested and fully implemented.
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (3 months ago)
sellers who have been with ebay since the beginning are absolutely nodding in agreement there!
Thanks so much for doing this video. I got this message from Ebay and I was watching your other videos and was trying to get more clarification... and here you are :) I was hesitant about signing on now and you confirmed my decision. Thanks for all you do.
Create And Adorn (3 months ago)
Casey - thank you for doing these videos explaining the “instant updates” - plz know how much it’s appreciated. I literally just just this email & there you were w/ answers! Thanks again! Viki
Mary Wehmeier (3 months ago)
Especially Q4??? Who’s going to be will to screw with the customer experience this time of year.
Kathryn Kay (3 months ago)
Why is it that everything has to be so confusing when changes come about? At least we know you'll be there to help us understand it all a little better and how to deal with the changes. Thank you!
insomthegreat (3 months ago)
I'll pass until forced. Off topic...have you ever had a global shipping return?
Glynis84 (3 months ago)
I have NEVER had a Global Shipping return in the 5+ years I have used the program.. always wondered myself.. EBay must eat that cost because there is no way I have been that lucky
Mark Pearson (3 months ago)
insomthegreat that’s a great question! I’ve wondered if these transactions were even eligible for return since I’ve never had it come up!
Paul DeLeo (3 months ago)
No opting out once you opt in 😱 No cash back from use of PayPal Business Debit Card
Miranda Ortiz (3 months ago)
Hi there, I’m a new seller on ebay. I have sold a total if items, but paypall keeps my money on hold for a few days per ebay rules. Do you know how many more items I have to sell so that ebay takes this hold off my account. Do you think I qualify for this new program? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Monica Litman (3 months ago)
You have limits as a new seller. Stay with Paypal for now since buyers are not allowed to use paypal with the new program.
Re seller guy (3 months ago)
I saw that option, I'm going to wait and see how it goes for now.
If I have the ebay email I have to do it or is optional ? thanks for the info man
James Pace (3 months ago)
Doing this around 4th quarter is suicide right now
Beach Town Reseller (3 months ago)
De Witt (3 months ago)
True. This is terrible timing
Rock & Roll Resale (3 months ago)
Certainly Russian roulette.
Nevermore Antiques (3 months ago)
You would be cutting out so many sellers because of the ease of using paypal. This is a dumb move by eBay...
Create And Adorn (3 months ago)
James Pace I never even thought about that - OMG

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