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Y E S spells yes. What does E Y E S spell?

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You will laugh until you pee! Best YES-EYES prank ever! * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/964706 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.
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Text Comments (21062)
Jeffry Porkinton (45 minutes ago)
Love this sort stuff
XxKawiiLollypopXx (2 hours ago)
He needs to spell it probably 😂😂😂😂😂
Vinayak mishra (2 hours ago)
Error 404 Windows 98 *Not responding*
Floricel Casaclang (4 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂what are you cryinggg for 😂😂😂😂😂😂lol
"you know why he goes through so much toilet paper? Because he's so full of crap *E-YES*
Phemi (5 hours ago)
Look it’s Pit
Rizzey's Randomness (5 hours ago)
Aratrika Saha (6 hours ago)
True logic☺👍
SkyGliderGamer (6 hours ago)
Girl: What does e-y-e-s spell? guy: Eeyes girl: **Laughs** guy: what? your making me cry girl: try again, what does e-y-e-s spell? guy: E-y-e-s eeyes girl: **Laughs** guy: *Laughs while loosing his sanity* e-y-e-s eyes!
Ashish Lawania (6 hours ago)
Hilarious 🤣
carlsong643 (7 hours ago)
At least he's a good sport
NJP1234567890 (8 hours ago)
Don’t smoke pot
Driver (9 hours ago)
John Michael Logarta (10 hours ago)
Nice one Russell Crowe 😂
Tori Artistic Marine (11 hours ago)
My last two brain cells during an English exam
Pikachow The Amazing (11 hours ago)
*What is happening*
Pikachow The Amazing (11 hours ago)
*What are you crying for??*
Jesse Zukerberg (12 hours ago)
Wow I wonder how long they laughed after the video ended.
DomitoChannel (12 hours ago)
Youtube again
Reverse Squad (2 hours ago)
DeadlyGeniusGuy BOOM (13 hours ago)
Yup, I finally found the real man. He may look like a killer with 5 pistols in his pocket but he's innocent, and laughed at himself instead of getting angry
DynamicDecru (14 hours ago)
I feel stupid for not getting it until jack explained it
V3XX Prophet (14 hours ago)
He’s fucking retarted
Maknaee TV (14 hours ago)
officialblaze (14 hours ago)
Rererere reoooorereo
Genacyde The One (14 hours ago)
Is he retarded?
Hector Ortiz (14 hours ago)
Ok sir, back to searching for Bigfoot ☺
Karl Frost (14 hours ago)
steve pulido (15 hours ago)
Undead Angel (15 hours ago)
The guy is me trying to talk to my crush.
Da Vijos (16 hours ago)
Mitchell Frabotta (16 hours ago)
E Y E S spells ‘oh yeah yeah ‘
Judge Artyom (16 hours ago)
Nnnng Yeassssss
Moist Man (17 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
InkLink (18 hours ago)
This is so pure
\\ (19 hours ago)
Asem Ibrahim (19 hours ago)
Wait is this the same guy that burnt his wife? https://youtu.be/s6WZyUrATi4
KINGBO1666 (19 hours ago)
Russel crow?
JaybeVloggin (20 hours ago)
here because of jacksepticeye.
oh yeah yeah (22 hours ago)
Ii es
Sans The Skeleton (22 hours ago)
I'm so proud!
Malla (22 hours ago)
You can really see the pain in his e-yes
Frazor07 (1 day ago)
xd Majigger (1 day ago)
Homobhoic cunt channel the man is right retarded niggrrs and white. The man is pure art and does not follow the english shetty system. He is right
Yannic Ritterbex (1 day ago)
I have a test tomorrow
Nelson The N (1 day ago)
Veridium TM (1 day ago)
He seems nice but pretty stupid lol
Belowave MKO (1 day ago)
I mean he's not wrong 😁
Hunter Potato Aimer (1 day ago)
Da Vijos (1 day ago)
Fujo Girl (1 day ago)
*He's high*
Lifedestoryer (1 day ago)
*EE Y E S*
First Last (1 day ago)
In russia, E Y E S spells you
i'm fine (1 day ago)
*HAHAHAHA* _what??_
StrayaMan (1 day ago)
Drugs are bad mmkay
MAX Gaming (1 day ago)
-What does E Y E S spell? -Yes Eyes- Am I a joke to you?
SPARKLE DOGE (1 day ago)
This says everything about Google translate
hamim 1061 (1 day ago)
It is that hard??
JuankQuinteroMejia (1 day ago)
-what does R E T A R D E D spell? -me
Mayank Sharma (1 day ago)
What happened to Dumbledore?
Sketchy (1 day ago)
Who thought it was eee yes
Stylin' Sebastian (1 day ago)
I forgot what it spelled for like 40 seconds until he spelled it the first time
Déjà Siku (1 day ago)
And who do you think this guy voted for?
Might King (1 day ago)
he looks so defeated
Steven Haskell (1 day ago)
What a happy couple xD
Ben Marchant (1 day ago)
Speaking of EYES..... dude's pupils looks like he snorted a pill or two. Just saying.
Krexly (1 day ago)
Lmfao her laugh 😂
Gacha Cream (1 day ago)
Ohhhh Eeeyes She's crazy behind the camera tho 😳
Lil Tee (1 day ago)
Why is she laughing so hard like it’s not that funny 😂
Foxias (1 day ago)
1:25 that's the moment he died inside
The_ Sandtrap (1 day ago)
E ess
Potato Khed (1 day ago)
*nyesssss flashbacks*
MAXIMUS (1 day ago)
That laugh in the end freak me out
X (1 day ago)
I had a hard time to understand this, I'm not a native speaker, but when I got it I crack
Ieuan Slocombe (1 day ago)
Poor man😂😂😂
David Anderson (1 day ago)
Stay in school kids... jesus christ...
ShanShanGaming (1 day ago)
The funniest thing is at 0:53 he didn't get the joke poor guy 😂
KidHero (1 day ago)
Poor guy lik if u cri evertim
The Lone Wanderer (1 day ago)
gary mary (1 day ago)
Join the Titty committee before it's too late
benedikt_ (1 day ago)
sondos alhashmy (1 day ago)
Just say *eyes* 😑💔
Jens martijn (1 day ago)
Whos here from jack
JaybeVloggin (20 hours ago)
Jens martijn (1 day ago)
I just watcht the vid of jack and now this is in my reccomended
Jens martijn oh yeah Me too Wtf
VeryBritish Tea (1 day ago)
_Jung POTATO Kook_ (1 day ago)
-What does R -A -I -N spell? -Rain. -What does T- R- A- I- N spell?? -Teeeeerain.
Chayse Buckley (1 day ago)
His laugh 😂
Oreo (2 days ago)
This is so wholesome oh my god
Mu7eD Beatsies (2 days ago)
_What is happening?_
Sophia Miyuki Ho (2 days ago)
Sooooo puree AHHAHAHA
Dr.Magnusson (2 days ago)
... EYES!
Kasper Jensen (2 days ago)
Who Else came from Jacksepticeye
Koirakasvo TM (2 days ago)
What is happening?
annika (2 days ago)
Alexander Benson-Cruz (2 days ago)
Saksham Arora (2 days ago)
My friend just called and asked the same question and saksham the dumbass also said eee yes 😒
Duke Dean 21 (2 days ago)
“What is happening?”
Huma H (2 days ago)
My last brain cells during my math exam.
VertexAman Gaming (2 days ago)
This guy is Shia + Post Malone

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