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11 Things to Never Type into Google Translate

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Something weird is going on with google translate... Don't type these words into the program unless you like being creeped out. Subscribe :) ➤ https://goo.gl/o9X7oX Twitter: https://twitter.com/bad_bub Credits: https://goo.gl/1whryw ****17 USC § 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use**** Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
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Text Comments (31864)
Ester isn't cool (25 minutes ago)
the second one when you take the ? away it says :it is very important to be able to do so
Ester isn't cool (34 minutes ago)
i didnt have my sweater on. when this video ended i felt like putting it on even to it was really hot. i think the sweater makes me feel safer or something
Lexie qwq (3 hours ago)
I type "Ar ey ou wa tc hi n g me" The answer I got is *"I love you so much"*
geile bot (8 hours ago)
HOLY SHIT TYPE are yo uh ere (Are you here?) THEN IT SAYS DO NOT WORRY (Translate from maori to english)
Aussie Woah (9 hours ago)
I’m just gonna go and type all of these in anyway lmao
Da Gerdo (9 hours ago)
Google translate: do you want to kill me Response: do not go to school bro, wtf.
Caryn Devil Darling (10 hours ago)
I got one! Xd so first, translate somali to indonesia, type "sa ya je lek" (means im ugly) and it responses with "benar" (means right) this wont work if you translate somali to english and type in "im ug ly" or "ia mu gly" so yeah lol
SadisticSad (12 hours ago)
I remember seeing that eye at 0:59 when I was looking up pics of eyes for a school test.
jeli (13 hours ago)
i guess google wants to troll the somali pirates
Cyanide Jack (15 hours ago)
Google translate? More like spookle translate
The Black Swan (15 hours ago)
Here is everything that I did and found weird: *Are you going to kill me* Somali: "ar e yo ug oin gt oki l l me" English: "it is a good idea" *Are you going to kill me* (2) Somali: "are youg oin gt o ki l me" English: "You are the one who is the killer" *Am I going to get killed tonight* Somali: "a mi goin gt o ge tki ll edto night" English: "You are going to have a night to go to bed" *Can you see me* Somali: "ca nyo u see m e" English: "see u see u" *Where are you* Somali: "wher ea re you" English: "wherever you are"
BubbleZSide (17 hours ago)
I typed: are you holding a knife? It replied: do you know what to so next? I'll get nightmares T-T
chicken nugget (18 hours ago)
If you put a question mark At the end of number 8 it says ARE YOU IN THE WRONG PLACE?
MAN -BABY- DUDE (18 hours ago)
Language: Somali: Sentence: Have you killed any? ( Ha ve yo uk il le da my) Translation: Yes, and you are
A Person (18 hours ago)
I put in ar e y ou s ta lk ing me and it said “It is important that I am here” wtf
Ramen King (18 hours ago)
Holy shit. So I did are you going to kill me but as, "ar e yo ug oin gt oki l l me" and it replied as "it is a good idea". Ahhh Edit: I SWITCHED IT UP AND DID "are youg oin gt o kil l me" and ohmygod it translated to "You are the one who is the killer". O.O
Ramen King (18 hours ago)
I did: "ar e you inm yc lo s et" And it said: "you are not home" Omg. I am at work right now.
Ramen King (18 hours ago)
1:53 I typed in that and got "It is a great way to make it so much better". Still really fucking creepy.
ツJOFRI (20 hours ago)
Come here to safe take Cookie and coffee or tea
Dat Boi (20 hours ago)
I tiped the criminal thing and it appeared "dont worry about it"
XxHeyItzBrie _777xX (21 hours ago)
I typed in, “Ar e yo u sa ta n?” And it said, “Are you ok?” I also typed, “is sa ta n th e re?” And it said, “Is it yours?”
AyaDaFishie (22 hours ago)
I got 'Do you have a lip of pee'? LMAO
AyaDaFishie (22 hours ago)
I done 'a re yo ui nd an ge r?' and it said, 'What do you Do?'
Crystal-Chan (22 hours ago)
Me: *Go og le is du mb* Google: *dont you dare say that*
SCParea 14 (22 hours ago)
I typed in “teletubbies” in with spaces and it shows me a link. I press le link and I press link and it sends me to demon teletubbies image.
Gacha Jessie (1 day ago)
I was going to put do you know what creepypasta's are but before a's are it said don't hesitate to contact us again I sat the like I'm dead in a week .......
Gacha Jessie (1 day ago)
I put are you ok it said are you like it was trying to talk to me
Gacha Jessie (1 day ago)
gagerdoodooz (1 day ago)
GoldenGirlYT (1 day ago)
Don't type it into Google translate? Ok! I'll type it in!
Lotty the Latte (1 day ago)
I misspelt a word this happened Me:ar yo ac ri mi na l Google:get it on your own.
I did ar ey ou sa ta n and it said look up
Pro Channel (1 day ago)
I typed Are you tricking me (ar ey ou tr ic ki ng me ) it in English I’m not in the public
Abalhi Imane (1 day ago)
I typed are you watching me and it translated to i love you so much i was like biachhh??!??!
vera anggraini (1 day ago)
My text: Pl ea se sa ve me Google Translate’s response: It’s me and me 😱
vera anggraini (1 day ago)
Di d yo u ki ll so me on e I am so glad to be here
vera anggraini (1 day ago)
My text: Di dy ou ki ll my br ot he r (did you kill my brother?) Google Translate’s replies: He is also my brother
vera anggraini (1 day ago)
One day i began to put these text on Google Translate: ar ey ou ga yo rn ot It replied: You have a fever RLY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vera anggraini (1 day ago)
I tried typed these text into Google Translate: My na me is sa tan Then it began responded to me by saying: My mum is the one. SO SATAN IS ACTUALLY THE MOTHER OF GOOGLE TRANSLATE?!!!!!! x-files theme song intensifies
Alex Animates (1 day ago)
I typed "It's raining cats and dogs" and got "It's up to you." I did "Are you bored?" And it said "what are you doing?"
Heya Dude (1 day ago)
Did he mean we should type and do the total opposite
Julian Deleon (1 day ago)
and you type :ij us th ad ab aby (I just had a baby)you will get "please feel free to contact us
Julian Deleon (1 day ago)
if you type: am is ca re do fy ou , you will get "im here to do it"
Tea Tea (1 day ago)
“Doyouseeme” exactly like that and it said “don’t be afraid” yoooooo I’m shook
Emily Rose Allen (1 day ago)
I typed in the second one ar ey ou ca pa bl eo fk il li ng so me bo dy to da y google translate: it is very important to be able to do so
Uh Excuse me? (1 day ago)
I put "wh yd ob ad thi ng sh ap pen" and it said "That's what you are"
zara MCPE (1 day ago)
StarFireGirlPlayz 1 (1 day ago)
Horrible lies nevermind
daveyy the dum (1 day ago)
I like how he adds scary music in the background and putting up scary pictures to make the video more scary
EL9 TikTok creater (1 day ago)
I put in ar ey ou fa ke and it said oh oh oh oh
TreadTheDonut Duck (1 day ago)
Ar ey ou at ee na ge r? Yes because of my amateur translating skills.
Fortnite De4d7 (2 days ago)
Think about this, whenever you think ur alone, your really not, because if you have anything that is tech like a tv or a phone it’s basically watching you through the camera
Le Name (2 days ago)
I typed in 'ar ey ou al es bi an' [Are you a lesbian] Gt; 'are you on your own' And im a girl xddd
Ole Rave (2 days ago)
On the second one I switched it to French which it asked to see it in Haitian Creole and it gave me an even creeper response. It said "If you do not know what it is like, then it will help me" and I didn't get that response on when I had it in Somali
Dumbo Kiddo (2 days ago)
Me: sa t an? Translator: what do you mean? Me: do nt cr ee pm e o ut Translator: Do not do it in the morning Me: 😱
SAVAGE DRUMS (2 days ago)
I wrote :- wh er ei st he de vil? reply:- he is in love with you. holy shit i don't want such a lover.
Yo try to type to google "are you gay"
ItsViolet (2 days ago)
Wh yi st hi so nl yi ns om li ca us ei do nt li ke it pl ea se st op th is is cr ee py pl ea se Type that in and see
DUdE BeN (2 days ago)
I typed in "wh at is li Fe" And it replied with *Ricardo Milos*
lebegoszar (2 days ago)
My text: n ot re dam Google: the fire
Premium Rapid (2 days ago)
I’m shook now
Premium Rapid (2 days ago)
In fact I didn’t want to watch this, I typed how to make google translate say Dax
" Yo im atr oll so shut th e fuc kup " (Im a troll so shut the f*ck up) " It's a great way to close your eyes " (If you think i'll close my eyes.." "I sa id sh ut u p ro bot" (I said shut up robot "Let me know what you are doing " ( Hell nah " can yoush ut upf o ro n ce? " (Can you shut up for once?) " Can you do it?" (Hey don't reply with the same question! " wh yar e yo us o stu pid l mao?! " (Why are you so stupid lmao?! " What is your favorite pod? " (Tidepods, they taste good
Károly Pongrác Kiss (2 days ago)
"ar ey ou tr ol li ng me" it is so much more....
4:52 i actually type it but i gave me ''do not worry about it''
ne znam (2 days ago)
I typed:ar ey ou sa ta n? And it said:look up.
Alexandra Alex (2 days ago)
I typed "ar ey ou sa ta n"(are you satan) And it said "and you'll be here" 😥😵😵😱😱😱😱
Michelle Love (3 days ago)
me: ar ey ou wa tc hi ng me Google : I love you so much
Omilegend (3 days ago)
I write ar ey ou sat an Google:You have to find Ar ey ou a do g? Google:Come on
Michael De Santa (3 days ago)
Ive put ''ar e yo u go in g t o ki ll m e to da y'' (are you going to kill me today) And it said: It is easy to see that it is too late. IM IN SHOOK!?!? But happy cause its to late to kill me so in not getting killed. Yayaayay
Kan0 -_ (3 days ago)
Doodles 950 (3 days ago)
I put am ii nd anger and it said I am angry with you
Doodles 950 (3 days ago)
With the are you in danger if you put a question mark it says are you too?
Filip Kofr (3 days ago)
I translate "Ar ey ou da ng er" and translate to "come out with you" OMG
Rozskenyérツ (3 days ago)
I typed "Ps yc ho so ci al" and she said "Such problems " creppy
Gwynett Khryzsa (3 days ago)
Me:ar ey ou al iv e? (are you alive?) GT:are you on your own? Me:i hav ec omp any(i have company) Gt:i dont like it Me:wh ydon tyo uli kei t? (why dont you like it?) GT:what do you think? Me:bec aus eyo uw an tok il lm e? Gt:is it a good idea? Me:it hin ks o? (i think so?) Gt:is it a hint? Me:wh atd oyo ut hin k? (what do you think?) Gt:what is youre name? Me:ar ew ef rie nds no w?(are we friends now?) Gt:do you have a life? My goodness!even gt hates me why world,why?!!
Nikki _Kara (3 days ago)
The reason it says “do you wanna do so” is because that’s how you say it in Greek (im Greek)
DARK WOLF NOT INC (3 days ago)
7:23 yea i am in danger my windows crashed lol
Gwynett Khryzsa (3 days ago)
I typed do pe op le re al iz ey ou re hum an ? And it said dont be fooled by this. Guys what does that mean?? I also typed is ka rm a re al and is ma gi cr ea l? (i dont know why i typed it 😂) It said is it? What the heck is happening??
Thebestkiwi 4 (3 days ago)
I got something here it is 👏sub👏to👏pewdiepie👏and👏delete👏T series👏
Lennon Rose (3 days ago)
I wrote Ar ey ou sa ta n and the answer was "Find out what you are doing"
_Wøomy _ (3 days ago)
I typed *Do y ou w an t m e d ead?* and it replied _Do you know what you are doing and what?_
Brenneder Adler (3 days ago)
I asked who are you and it said my name is ou.
Katie_Alice vids_ 123 (3 days ago)
This is fake. I tried it.
Zoltán Kiss (3 days ago)
Jashin Sama (3 days ago)
N ot re da m the fire🤔😅
Erin_ Mations :3 (3 days ago)
I typed Ar ey ouc a pa bl eo fs sm o ne (Are you capable of someone) and it translated to You have to look on your own Me: Wtf
Hmmmmmmmmmmm (4 days ago)
Me: wh yd oe sn 't sh el ik em eb ack Google: I do not know if it is not Which is true af because the person I liked was a catfishing bot, so it's a 'it'
Yafi Sharif (4 days ago)
Me: yo ua re aw es ome Google translate: Really awesome
Caitlyn Maury (4 days ago)
For the first one I did no do it like that and still got a creepy response I did Ar ey ou sa ta n and the response was "Look up"
ExiLed (4 days ago)
"Ar ey ou fu ck ing" It is a good idea Omggg
Gwynett Khryzsa (3 days ago)
My text:ar ey ou on dr ugs Translation:its a good idea Wtf?! 😂😂😂
Randy Simon En Steven (4 days ago)
Guys WTF I'm freaking out of here 😭 I did Do you wa nt ki ll me Translate: Do you think I will WOW
Miss Satan (4 days ago)
I tried to flirt with googke that way for like half an hour. Google agreed to hop into bed with me and marry me at home after saying I shouldnt rush it. That was hands down the easiest way to find a boyfriend ever.
Dragon989 (4 days ago)
Hungarian man copy this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmlldXPsYwA&t=1s
i wrote:iw an na be at ra ce r and it said:please contact me...
the whole word is i wanna be a tracer
bennies fried chicken (4 days ago)
you wanna know why this isnt creepy? cos its just a program, and the fact that your spacing out words adds to that, its not god its just the program trying to figure out what your trying to say and obviously your gonna get bizarre responses, i hate to be a party pooper but it maybe true so suck it!!!
Alex Archer (4 days ago)
dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog
dark shadow (4 days ago)
i typed "do you hate me"and it said "do you love me" i do
G01d3n_Freddy XD (4 days ago)
Itz Ashlinaaa (4 days ago)
I typed "D o y o u h a v e a l I f e" And I say " Oh oh oh oh uh uh?" OMG what ya Doing Google???
Itz Ashlinaaa (4 days ago)
I typed "A r y e S a tna" And it said "What Do you mean?' OMGGGGG
Locosalmando 2247 (4 days ago)
Chef Kirby (4 days ago)
I typed in: ar ey ou ga y It said: oh oh oh oh I typed in ar ey ou al es bi an It crashed Google Translate is a lesbian confirmed
Ysabel Cuello (4 days ago)
Who would go and do this are you Satan and add random spaces

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