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Fashion store in Uganda pioneering bold African designs

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Three women in Uganda are hoping to change the fashion industry on the continent by persuading women to wear clothes and accessories customized locally. They have brought together over twenty-five designers from different countries to design various items using traditional African fabric. CCTV's Isabel Nakirya with that report.
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حليمه اليم (1 month ago)
Musagibwawa nd phone number send
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
Judy Johnson (5 months ago)
mwanaisha Mellon (1 year ago)
Good colours
Odaru Knight nice (1 year ago)
yes the have good materials
bwomezi narris (2 years ago)
Mohamed Ahmed Abdi (7 months ago)
Where is this shop in Kampala? I'm extremely keen to visit.
Agness Logo (2 years ago)
love this

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