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Akon Speech Where He Said Without Charity Africa Will Be in A Better Place

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#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches Senegalese singer, songwriter and businessman Akon speaking at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit about his Akon Lighting Africa project Thank you for watching 2nacheki the best source of African news, lists, entertainment, and pop-culture -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on Youtube for Africans to get the latest #africanews #africadance #africanmusic #africalist #africapolitics #africaentertainment & everything #African Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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sow media (24 days ago)
Happy I was born in kaolack as akon, and am sure my organisation will change a lot in Africa.
The BRIDGE 54 (2 months ago)
This is good for our giving where Akon came from this will serve as an example for our brothers from the entertainment industry that respect Akon all my hood brothers who are hustling can look up to Akon cause he did it and evolve
Mo Malik (4 months ago)
Respect ✌
2nacheki (4 months ago)
quazim harrod (4 months ago)
Next black president
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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Jackninja5 (6 months ago)
I know you don't seem to need it but I'm still urged to pay just some to try and show my support to Africa.
Chakulamba Mboga (7 months ago)
Pamoja tunaweza! Africa unite... Africa without charity is possible, african readers are corrupt this the main problem. Africa without charity
One Journey (7 months ago)
🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🤔 🧐 ❤❤❤❤❤
john freeman (7 months ago)
Are feel like to cry but thank you for this days love big brother
Nathi Mthembu (4 months ago)
john freeman same here.
Hassan Hausawi (7 months ago)
Good man
perfectbeat (7 months ago)
Thumbs up.
Lendzemo Joachimkimeng (7 months ago)
so right
Kiki Kallon (7 months ago)
When I will grow up my goal is it to help africa. What I've learned in Europe I want to give it back to my sweet home mama africa & to build jobs for thousands of Africans ❤
Samantha MacDoo (7 months ago)
Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Displaced and Abused Veteran: https://www.gofundme.com/abused-veteran-movement-from-ptsd?pc=sms_db_co2876_v1&rcid=8bcc350e438a4c13b9a176aef9970303
Welcome's House (7 months ago)
akon I hope u read these comments, brother u need to speak about our dictators those r the men keeping afrika in a begging situation poverty war, they cling in power and destroy our beautiful countries.
Akon is real. If some African Americans will think like Akon about country of their ancestors that will be good.
Jenkyns Robinson (7 months ago)
Thank you Akon
Xiao Liu (7 months ago)
2014? Nothing changed
B.C. Reel (7 months ago)
Awesome. And you don't need the CHINESE !!! Rex Tillerson was trying to warn you Africa. Kick them out and work together !! #WakandaForever
Mariama Camara (7 months ago)
GodsIlluminatedOne (7 months ago)
gabriel ogbodu (7 months ago)
God bless you Akon. We are coming home. I love you brother
reagan simon (7 months ago)
Unless we get rid of corruption and foreign aid, we will never develop.
DL23KMT (7 months ago)
Props Akon!
X Green (7 months ago)
Africa just needs to fix it's high fertility rate. Once this is done, we will go far. You can't be poor and have 6 kids and expect to have enough resources.
Miranda Bella (7 months ago)
Have mercyyy..I'm in love..this man is ABOUT IT FOR REAL..Doing It for NATIONS..pls Father, send me man with this kind of heart..🙏🙏🙏
Archie Borsay (7 months ago)
simon heywood (7 months ago)
Real Talk My Brotha! <3
the breaking news (7 months ago)
Zibo Batoua (7 months ago)
Charities are actually loans with high interest. Nothing is free in this world Africa!
Adnyl O'Connor (7 months ago)
He had me until he said our forefathers here in America your forefathers are not in America stop it. But I will agree that in finding your purpose you are fulfilling a destiny that was unforeseen so you should be proud in that because a lot of people don't know what their purpose is.
chinedu nkwoka (7 months ago)
children of devil never changes,akon knows who are real children of jacob and i know the next white devil will do is to inject him with cancer
chinedu nkwoka (7 months ago)
of course blacks where in america before the white devil came down from mountain and chase them down to africa which they called us according to the book of luck21 vs 20 says
Madwalka (7 months ago)
Adnyl O'Connor I wonder why he said our “forefathers here in America”🤔
Crowned ByHim (7 months ago)
I so felt this! This is my mission as well create jobs and self sustainability
Wayne Wayne (7 months ago)
Big up Akon.....
Muhammed Kijera (7 months ago)
You have spoken well brother.
lt673914 (7 months ago)
Africa is a very rich Country. There’s no reason African People should be poor, but because Africa has been rape of it’s resources, and have no control over their own, many people are struggling. Africans should have the richest People, if they were in charge of their own land and minerals.
Beverley Hohn Chang (7 months ago)
marcel guimgo (7 months ago)
You said it brother bigggggg ups!!! I wish more Africans can follow this golden melanated Brother
Fixthings247 (7 months ago)
AID IS THE CAUSE OF THE POVERTY, AID PUTS AFRICA IN DEBT TO THE WEST. The western bankers WANT Africa to remain dependent, because through economic dependence the west can continue to put Africa in billions of dollars of debt, and drain them of their resources, that is why the CIA has been sent to topple every African leader that tries to make Africa economically independent, all aid transactions to Africa by the west are deceptively and audaciously disguised as generous white savior free charity money to make us look bad and make them look like our adults when really aid is actually what ensures that Africa pays Europe hundreds of billions of dollars a year according to the former French president, aid is not free money aid transactions are loans that are meant to be paid back plus added interest (slavery), there is no such thing as free money, the loan doesn't even go to the countries economy so that African countries can at least boost their economy and eliminate all their poverty zones like the villages and slums outside of rich cities, (which the media hides) the loans are transacted to parasitic multinational western corperations, and the African leaders are COERCED to pay back for that corperations loan, plus ridiculous interest rates that make it impossible for the debt to ever be paid back thus enslaving the country in never ending debt, so Africans are being forced to pay their colonial oppressors who committed genocides on them, to continually rob them of everything and then use the media mind control manipulation to blame it all on Africans. Thus leading to a world where every black person carries the weight of burden of being inferior for something that was caused by evil european criminals.
Miranda Bella (7 months ago)
Fixthings247 Omg..woww
Tee Darif (7 months ago)
Masha'Allah beautiful talk to the people. Melanated celebs in America should ponder on what he says about PURPOSE.Realizing you wasn't put here to have the people shaking their a**** but to contribute and give back.
Sun god Kemistry (7 months ago)
What's the fuck red cross been doing?
DR KHALID REVENGE (7 months ago)
Akon is great brotha nothin but respect for this man may the creator bless him
James Frankson Tettey (7 months ago)
I simply don't understand why Africans can't understand the global system that we are living in. Such talks are too simplistic. It is the Freemason leaders who are put into power by their metropolitan slave masters who are the problem. Africa will never make it in this Age. It is a zero sum game.
Mike Brown (7 months ago)
All African countries need to cut off the west.
Pete Rowlston (7 months ago)
Hi there! Excellent Channel you have got. I am currently trekking across the whole of Spain for charity aand would appreciate you to take a look at my video clips and even subscribe. I dropped you a like on this video also :P
hendersoncnc (7 months ago)
Karim Bagalwa (7 months ago)
Much respect my brother
Niemah Nu-Ra (7 months ago)
So it seems easier to go to Africa and invest in clean energy and actually be able to use your abilities more open and freely to help the environment and people. In this land they call America everything is about big business and government. People have to hide in their homes and do experimental things. Even if they come up with clean energy to help the world if it big businesses or government's profits will be HURT they won't allow your invention to go public or make any head way. They will even go so far as to arrest people for practicing a craft they say they are not "licensed" in. They punish people that disconnect from their power grids and municipal water supplies. They DON'T really care about the environment or the people more than their profits.
Kbrom Gebrehiwet (7 months ago)
Akon we love you
Eva Simpson (7 months ago)
of course it will be ! Mr Akon still waiting to integrated the marketing / sales department !
Antonio Pantophlet (7 months ago)
Akon a great pan african... nou akon build the systems in an african country. Maybe you can partner with ArtSolar an african solar pannel producer to manufacture solar panels in west africa.
EKOID STUDIOS (7 months ago)
The charity doesn't even go to Africa. It goes to rich White men and corrupt Africans.
Kossi EKOUE (7 months ago)
Thank you sir
Ricky Johnson (7 months ago)
This is so true! Good bro peace
Carlos Horton (7 months ago)
Akon you confuse da bruhda
Your Name (7 months ago)
Legend spills the beans thumbs up
VEG At Me Bro (7 months ago)
All of you need to watch the documentary called 'Poverty Inc.'
The One (7 months ago)
How I wish I can steal this Akon guy to be the Nigerian president, he has more love, wisdom and integrity than the last 21 presidents combined together. Much love and respect Akon.
chinedu nkwoka (7 months ago)
funny funny,nigerian problem is westerners and hating the igbos and still killing them till today i wonder how nigeria would work when the people are not one
SANKOFA DODOWA SON (7 months ago)
kwahjuo (7 months ago)
SANKOFA DODOWA SON (At least), some of them.
boobabay e (7 months ago)
What's holding us now( us eu) i dunno
Brian Bayer (7 months ago)
I wish more Africans can listen to this man
INFINITY (7 months ago)
Also they need to kick the devil (AKA as white people) out of Africa. They have done nothing but divide Black people,rape,murder and pillage Africa
iamrose (7 months ago)
If only our leaders knew better.Aid is just a smart way of getting what they want,by the time we come to our senses all the valuable resources we had will be long gone.In most cases people tend to offer help when they are expecting to gain something out of it.
Kaireh Ismail (7 months ago)
foolish leaders come from foolish societies we must be as critical of ourselves as we are of our leaders, and if you live abroad and don't contribute to your mother continent you are a bucket!!! Deserve to be victimized!!!
Taliz Dan (7 months ago)
We shall Be Rasstored when We Renew Hour Loyalty to Royalty of whom We have descended and Rebuild the Great Sovereignty We once Held upon Hour Continent and throughout the World as Hour Blessed Qedamawi Hamashiek Haile Selassie1st Elect of EllaH.I.M of H.I.H Zara Yakob Displayed during H.I.S Exceptional Advent during Hour Dispensation.1st!! Selah!! Heales!! Lives!! Rules!! And Reigns!! Itinually!!
JuliePastry.com Ghana (7 months ago)
Akon you're the greatest.
Henry Fredericks (7 months ago)
Love this brother thru and thru! Akon is a most excellent example of what it means to be a conscious globally involved and evolved African Man! Thank you again 2Nacheki! Peace Maestro T.
First Last (7 months ago)
The type of “charity” that foreign countries want is “democracy” in Africa
Speek No Evil (7 months ago)
Charity? They have more natural resources than most countries on earth. Sell those resources and build a stable economy. But that takes education and leadership... 2 resources they don't have.
Roger didit (7 months ago)
I agree 100% Don't give Africans anything. Even if they have famine, let them starve. If Southern Sudan wants to destroy the North.. Who cares? It's not our business. Look at Mugabe and the misery he's inflicted on his people. It's not the white peoples problem.
Abdirashid Hussein (7 months ago)
This plan was part of some agenda African-Middle East, American,European Union's,African Union's,Isreal,Suadis Arabia Presidents’s of United States of America,European Union's,Isreal,Suadis Arabia,Turkey,Qatar,Ehtopian was supporting Syrian rebels,tribal X Al Nasri,X Alshabab,X ISIS,X ONF,Boka haram,Altahad brotherhood organizations terrorists obsession to stop a replace President Assad in Syrian,stop free slave trade deal human trafficking in the world and laq,Yemen,Somalia,Libiya,Ethiopia,other's African,Middle East worse no better African,Middle East countries other's world wrong track long time respect your neighbors countries they will support supports African,Middle East countries other's world Assad is not too bad it is the ISIS,x Al nasri,X Altahad brotherhood is bad for all world. His long-standing desire for a regime change led him to give the nod to Hillary in regard to the sarin gas.The plan was basically to frame President Assad — by planting gas-based weaponry in his country, knowing he would eventually use it, and break the international ban. Hillary, warmonger that she is, WANTED to start an unending battle between the country and the United States.This, of course, leads back to Hillary’s desire to go to war with Russia, as Russia is currently allied with Syria,Egypt,Libiya,Yemen,Somalia other's world no more world different,technology different,ideas different,people's international situations change complex area unacceptable2018. An attack on Syria would undoubtedly cause President Putin of Russia to retaliate against the United States.Hillary was supporting Syrian,Egypt,Libiya,Yemen,Somalia rebels Altahad brotherhood organizations Mursi former Egypt President in prisons good  a treasonous liar Syrian,Yemen,Libiya,Somalia,Ethiopia and a secret keeper about many things, but, even during her campaign, she couldn’t keep her lust for war with Russia to herself. Becareful Russian,Syrian,Iran,Northern Korea,China isn't our friends. We believe a lot good people's African,China government's is working together China,African build success. In that peace,security,justice,economic freedom,new political solutions we mean everywhere in the world want peace,security challenges brings positive change2018.We the People have known for months now that she was itching to start a fight crime humanity worse no better world, at any cost, and justify it with ANY flimsy excuse. Agenda Russia,lsreal,Iran,Northern Korea,some America violation international law“hacking spy everywhere in the world nothing new Russia,lsreal,Northern Korea,Iran,some America,European stay poor slave trade terrorists human trafficking in African,Middle East countries unacceptable2018” was just Plan B after her&him initial plan of framing Syria’s,Ethiopia,Somalia,America,China,Turkey,Egypt. Security council African Union president seemingly success because protect Muslim suni sufi,Christian,,Jewish,Muslim Shia true himself. He is staying positive security challenges brings change African,Middle East. Egypt,Somalia,America,China,Russian Syria’s president don't trust Syrian rebels X Al nasri,X ISIS,Altahad,Damaljadid,ONF,Xisbu Islam,Raskanboni brotherhood organizations terrorists no more in African,Middle East countries other's world. World leader's is understanding independent investigated in African,Middle East other's world unacceptable2018.Yet, her ultimate goal has always remained the same.Of course, former presidents of United States of America knew this all along way solutions no more. According to Hersh: “There’s no way somebody in that sensitive information of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel.”Naturally, Seymour Hersh had to report these findings via alternative media lie,dishonest,political dangerous more than 20 year's crime humanity well organized who is making money about terrorists never end?. As did Christof Lehmann, who had similar findings. Both had gone directly to the mainstream media political national interest dangerous world different a lot of  informations available never been before when they made their horrific discoveries, but no press would publish what they’d found lSIS different actor's name's terrorists,gags,rebel,tribal switch other's side like two year's old unacceptable2018. We are not a fraid to use our term to save lives. We are not two year's old. We are staying true to ourself. It didn’t fit the liberal narrative.No mainstream media outlet would touch this story best mistake historical. Most people's don't understand what they are fighting for problems an injustice, a lack of economic freedom,insecurity recognize no one fix but you. It would RUIN the some Republicans Democrats for years lie,dishonest,political,self-interest corruption's more than 20 year's no more. If the American public knew that the United States president and his secretary of state were in cahoots to frame a foreign leader stop a agenda Isreal,Suadis Arabia,some America,European wrong track long time long way solutions Middle East,America worse no better other's world want security challenges brings political solutions, positive change. Stop a security threat violation human rights— by giving other's countries dangerous chemical weapons misinformation mistrust NEWS Association's world lie,political dangerous international situations change— then the public would be in an outrage. And rightfully so!https://www.longroom.com/discussion/415593/soros-linked-group-behind-chemical-attack-in-syria
one love (7 months ago)
Charity are bandage and leverage for the West to control our continent. What Akon accomplished in year all those NGO can't for years.
Denise Harris (7 months ago)
I love Akon's mindset!  He is truly giving back and leaving a legacy that he can be proud of in the future.
Last Greatest (7 months ago)
Beautiful. I Love to see Love -in - Action for my People. Peace Love and Unity.
Creole Lady (7 months ago)
Akon, you learned how America operates on capitalism and greed. I’m glad that he is showing Africa the true nature on how America, Europe and Asia works!
Collective Consciousness (4 months ago)
In America and Europe, Jews own it.
Ekon Kndle (7 months ago)
Love you Akon I am inspired by your move God bless you
Obinna Peter (7 months ago)
We don't need anything from white people let them go and never ever return to African...we will be fine
chinedu nkwoka (7 months ago)
barnabas simwanza (7 months ago)
The so called charity enslaves africa. We can do it on our own,great speech akon.
Dark Matter Melanin (7 months ago)
Akon is speaking the truth. Much love to you my brother.
ALEX KUMI (7 months ago)
The borrower is a slave to the lender, so long as Africans go to the imf and the world Bank for loans for developments, prosperity would elude the continent. The way forward is to look into ourselves, there is abundance of talents and creativity within the continent, let's collaborate and utilize this gifts to transform the continent . One can do little but together we can achieve more.
Fisseha Sium (7 months ago)
I Love you too brother💪🏿!!!!!
djholidaytv414 (7 months ago)
Believe it or not the young generation will be the ones to take over Afraka and clean up the mistakes the ones before us did. We don't have to follow any rules from non - Africans. We are in the age of information. INFORMATION IS POWER! POWER RESPECTS POWER! The mother land will be protected and secure.
Robert Stanley (7 months ago)
Dorothy Wren (7 months ago)
Great speak
Enyah yisrael (7 months ago)
Akon is some serious
Don't give me fish always, Teach me how to fish.
The BRIDGE 54 (2 months ago)
Cherif Aidara google how to fish 🐟😁
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
Cherif Aidara Amen bros. We have more than enough people with fish and who know how to fish. No outsiders needed! African solutions for Africans by Africans.
Cherif Aidara (7 months ago)
No teach your self how to fish, we cannot keep relying on others to teach or help us.
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
I love to have famine as a choice, not an IMF imposed dependency OK?
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
Roger didit Exactly! I will ignore your sacarsm
Ibrahima Kamara (7 months ago)
Lets not continue the blame games anymore but take a one combined and unbreakable forward step to unification that is by Africans and for Africans . We don't need charities and not even basic education on "CIVILIZATION" from any OUTSIDE ETHNECITIES coz Africa and Africans are the architects of Civilization. Lets not be fooled anymore that we are "Savages" living in a Dark Continent but a country with which without other countries are even Poorer than Africa yesterday and today. To all The Youths of today's Africa STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS and not be BE DIVIDED AND CONQUERED and become yr own self destructive mechanisms. God bess all the PIONEERS and us all to the path 4 One People One Africa.
Collective Consciousness (4 months ago)
+Lea Topcap Exactly.
Lea Topcap (7 months ago)
Ibrahima Kamara china just built railroad from east to west africa. We all talk.
Bob Holster (7 months ago)
Neg Ste. Lucie (7 months ago)
We need mass, Afrocentric education throughout Africa.
K. C. (7 months ago)
Neg Ste. Lucie Not just on the continent, but throughtout the diaspora. One African family!😊💙
Chop City (7 months ago)
Wherever Nubians reside on earth
Taliz Dan (7 months ago)
sonic hedgehog typical response from a Romanized Arabized Islamized Communist pigs that whose whole purpose is always to detract and distract Hour People from the Real mission of Self Evaluation and Self Improvement in Self Employment. No Caves or Stys in this discussion but still can smell Roman Pigs!! Cursed be Enemies of Ethiopia Hour Emperor and Continent!! Blessed be Qedamawi Hamashiek Haile Selassie1st Elect of EllaH.I.M of H.I.H Zara Yakob!! 1st!! Selah!! Heales!! Rules!! And Reigns!! Itinually!!
ilistor 2298 (7 months ago)
Neg Ste. Lucie hell no most afrocentrist are idiots.
mary means (7 months ago)
THANK YOU, BROTHER! Global people of color need this mindset to bring about the unity of our people where they live! I Love You, living in the USA!
Us FIRST (7 months ago)
I agree. And they need to stop f'ing with China. Once China gets a foothold in Africa, there's no telling what they'll do to Africans. Africa should be for Africa, and ONLY for Africa. Give yourselves time to unite and heal BEFORE f'ing with outsiders. I wish my mother continent the best. I have faith in, and I believe in you. You WILL thrive.
The BRIDGE 54 (2 months ago)
Collective Consciousness just like us
Collective Consciousness (4 months ago)
That is true. China however given their 5k year history isn't really a conqueror nation.
Africa under one umbrella, so much love to care!!!!
Is really for what he said about union in Africa. We're weakness for accepting our selves for union
Amos Oduor (7 months ago)
Charity is a double edged sword with plenty of benefits but encompassed with little-big tragedy . The truth is we are semi-skilled.
Seuna Mbonha (7 months ago)
We can
Akinloye Olaitan (7 months ago)
Who loves and agree with Akon's speech (I do) hell yeah he's right about countries competing with countries in Africa I feel like we don't need that even though I do that sometimes and that's cause ion like my country being talked about poorly I can't just be reading meanful words to my country and just look away I mean that's a tons of folks you're talking to but then I feel like we don't need all that
Cameo Joi83 (7 months ago)
I do too🙋🏾‍♀️
nene nation (7 months ago)
Akinloye Olaitan true
moon energy (7 months ago)
Africa needs to utilize its resources instead of giving them away for scraps like charity. They need to learn how to fish and cut Europe, China, and America off.
Taliz Dan (7 months ago)
sonic hedgehog we don't need no Communist to build nothing in Afrika for We have always built Hour own monuments and structures which are still present with Us today throughout Hour Beloved Continent of Afrika. If you think China is good at building walls we're going to be building Empires fit for Emperors and Kings and Queens whilst Trump and China may continue to construct their walls amongst themselves. Blessed be Qedamawi Hamashiek Haile Selassie1st Elect of EllaH.I.M of H.I.H Zara Yakob!! 1st!! Selah!! Heales!! Lives!! Rules!! And Reigns!! Itinually!!
ilistor 2298 (7 months ago)
blu flame 1 China is helping Africa and they build things for the Africans.
Izibili Sunday (7 months ago)
Nigeria government, have been promising light oooooo
chinedu nkwoka (7 months ago)
nigeria government are controlled by west
richiexp2 (7 months ago)
Eva Simpson Lol...
Izibili Sunday (7 months ago)
Eva Simpson yea
Eva Simpson (7 months ago)
Izibili Sunday hahaha since 400 B.C.
DAN ABBA (7 months ago)
This brother here is a legend.
DAN ABBA (4 months ago)
hahah! yeah he will do good. He understands.
quazim harrod (4 months ago)
He should be president
Fresco Bwoy (7 months ago)
Great man indeed. Thanks brother Akon
TheSarahIR (7 months ago)
Charity is good, but the confidence to create something ourselves is better. Happy he is doing big things over there.
Son of NOK (7 months ago)
TheSarahIR Sorry sis but Charity is no good. How many of the distressed European nations got the IMF loan xuring the 2008 fincial crisis like they are always willing to give Africa? If its not good for them, then it must not be good for us.
Faruq.Black Power (7 months ago)
TheSarahIR Yes charity is is really good. is bad my sister all those charity and vaccine coming from white countries got poison to get rid on us
David Kotei (7 months ago)
Cos of foolish leaders with shallow minds we get ourselves in this mess and yet they don't change but continue to obstruct our development by stealing our resources and money giving it to the oppressors who've been oppressing us for long.... Foolish leaders come back to your fucking minds and we won't need those petty charities they give to ridicule us fools.
Taliz Dan (7 months ago)
Wavis the greatest enemies we face today are the Ideological following of Rome as the two faced coin which when spun lands on either side of Caesar representing Church and State thereby moulding your expectations to the acceptance of either one such as how Hour people have been duped into the belief of choosing between Romanized Christianity or Romanized Arabized Islam which represent their Church Order and Social Liberalism and Marxist Communist which operate the Order of their State. As Afrika Re-emerges in this Dispensation it teaches us to reflect upon Hour Historical pages We have experienced under Roman Occupation of JahruleSalem when Yashua Hamashiek Spoke to the Pharisees when they queried if He felt they should pay taxes and He responded by asking them whose inscription it borne and they response was Caesar's He then instructed them to then render unto Caesar what is his and unto EllaH.I.M what is H.I.S ; it therefore behoves Us to remember it was only 2000 years ago and Roman numerals were still being used to describe State history just two centuries prior to Hour Era such as which the Statue of Lord Nelson possesses. This clearly shows how far down the corridor of Hour History their influence have been loitering in Hour business of Both Church and Estate and When in 1896 Emperor Menelik fought the battle against Rome in Adwoa Ethiopia and decimated their battalions of Afrikans, Arabs and Europeans it heralded the New Frontier of Ethiopia's Self Determination and bore fruit to the teaching of Yahshua in the latter of His response to the Pharisees and Built an Empire that had its Own Ethiopian Church which Established a Government Monarchy which Produced its own Coinage and Currency called the birr (Bahr). Thereby this defeat infuriated Rome because it reminded them of their defeat by the Great Hannibal of Karthage and when the Advent of Rastafari Mekonnen to Regency and then to Emperor Haile Selassie1st Elect of EllaH.I.M in 1930 at Addis Ababa Ethiopia the Government of not Only Ethiopia but the Continent of Afrika became H.I.S Top Priority as if it was upon H.I.S Shoulders and as H.I.M Stood Up against the injustices of the World Order and Built upon the Foundation and Institutions of H.I.S Predecessor Menelik 2nd, Rome led through Papal puppet King Emmanuel of Italy and under the Communist fascist pig Benito Mussolini representing Church and State attacked again seeking to hold suzerainty over Ethiopian territories resulting in the collapse of the then World Governing Body called League of Nations and led to the eventual World War 2 when the Body refused to take the Heed to what the Head of Ethiopia had forewarned them of. When the War halted Ethiopia emerged as the Center for the New World Order of the Institutions of today The United Nations and the Organization of Afrikan Unity of which H.I.M became the Chief Cofounder of. We only have to continue in H.I.S path and Ultimately Afrika and Her Peoples trajectory of Prosperity will take off and increase leaving behind the Isms and schisms of Rome for ever!! Cursed be Enemies of Ethiopia and Her King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Blessed be Qedamawi Hamashiek Haile Selassie1st Elect of EllaH.I.M of H.I.H Zara Yakob!! 1st!! Selah!! Heales!! Lives!! Rules!! And Reigns!! Itinually!!
Wavis (7 months ago)
You must never forget to mention the outside agitators, instigators, antagonists and manipulators of the west. These white demons have and will always be Afrikas number one enemy

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