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How to Get Men Addicted to You

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Lynda Peoples (3 months ago)
@Dating Logic. .I didn't know you existed before tonight but I love your videos. They are short, informative and insightful; however, I see addicted as being synonymous with obsessed. Whatever it means, I have too much of that in my life now with men chasing me! There was a time when I wanted that and men didn't pursue me with a passion. Now that I could care less, they are after me like there's no tomorrow. You right...they do say I am different.
asia (5 months ago)
Im too lazy to do that guess im gonna stay single forever
Lily ferreira (6 months ago)
Problem is. Funny woman talk too much
STEEZIN HARDASF (7 months ago)
Why upload this video😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️
Vule (8 months ago)
give him all the sex he wants
That Girl (8 months ago)
Honestly, this Tindr generation is only looking for instant gratification. It is not always on the woman to run a relationship. I am so done with these manbabies that have a roster of women that they circulate throughout the week. Who wants a man like that anyway? A quality man knows what he wants and goes after it instead of juggling flavors of the week.
gmaer3500 (8 months ago)
In other words talk without wanting to get the bucket.
Pete Hall (9 months ago)
Yes I'm doing it..that's,how I found my new boo..💕💕
spaciousgalaqxy (9 months ago)
I agree with most of your videos but not this one. I do not have a risque sense of humor nor do I ever want to. That's not me as a person. I won't change myself for anyone unless it's basics that everyone should follow...being cleaner, being more organized, being more on time, etc.
Be yourself. Guys don't do this for us. We ALWAYS gotta go out of our way. Get outta here. I want a guy to stand out from the crowd. Level up. Be funny. Amuse me. Come on.
Bison News (6 months ago)
You sound lazy and thats why no guy wants you only for pump and dump
cowm11 (1 year ago)
Well..I'd say to get guys addicted to you, just be yourself, keep growing keep learning and keep adding value to yourself. What is "different" for one guy or a grp of guys may not be different for another guy. What makes one guy attracted/addicted to a woman is different from what attracts the next guy to a woman. 😊
barbara wright (1 year ago)
That Girl (1 year ago)
Marry me. I want a man that thinks like you lol
Father (1 year ago)
change the title of the vid to how to say nothing for a minute and a half.
Michelle Chelepyan (1 year ago)
I tried to used really Risk-ay humor but i ended up looking like a moron lmao
[diamond] (1 year ago)
The dislikes 😂😂😂
Pui Lau (1 year ago)
focus about career
Courtney Sandy (2 years ago)
thanks for the vids buuuuttt i a pretty funny person i have had guys I've talked to in tears laughing at my jokes or what not they call me goofy crazy and a good women but unfortunately im not what they want. they show me that with their actions so im happily single😄😄😄😄 cause im past tired of the games and bs.
Danielle2285 (2 years ago)
I'm a complete and total love failure. I don't know what it is, but I can't please any guy. I'm not fake, I'm always myself, and most importantly, I don't lead anyone on, or send the signal that I want to sleep with anyone. If you don't sleep with the guy, they disappear and they stop talking to you. And if you like the guy enough to want to be intimate, they still disappear, and hardly talk to you, or just take off. Who the hell does that? That's just bullshit. Does this crap happen to anyone else??
bawain (2 years ago)
i'm pretty funny and witty, yet I just don't like going risqué with guys, i'm old fashioned like tht, keeping it PG13 only
bawain (2 years ago)
why did u stop making videos man??? :(
MrsLizard King (2 years ago)
I love your vids btw we need more vids that are short and informative like this
MrsLizard King (2 years ago)
I'm different and weird to most girls I know in the sense that I don't go out at all nor am I on Facebook , instagram. But I'm still a loner. No surprises I guess :-)
Kat Kat (2 years ago)
You're awesome, just thought I'd tell you that :D Have a good day!
Therese Meggitt (2 years ago)
I love listening to your video's! Your very good at speaking to us in a kind & caring way.
Inriyouth (2 years ago)
being unique in this crazy ass world is A1
T-Mal Relax (2 years ago)
3 things to show us men that you are different and we will marry you quickly. 1 is to be educated, 2 show your cooking skills, 3 don't be a slob because hygiene is very important.
Black Rose (2 years ago)
T-Mal Rilaks If only it was that easy. lol
Tiberiu Bogdan Kiss (2 years ago)
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Nycki B (2 years ago)
You are a very intelligent guy, I wish you offered a q&a that you actually answered 😊. Anyway, thanks for the info very insightful!
Mrs. KN (2 years ago)
I once told a guy that I was crazy and I stalk men, to get rid of him. He told me that he liked crazy women. Maybe this is why he is always chasing me all the time😀
Lynda Peoples (3 months ago)
LOL I love your comments!
The Goodman Way (8 months ago)
Mrs. KN lol probably when u told him u were crazy he was thinking me too well that makes two of us 😂😂
Ann Scantlebury (1 year ago)
Mrs. KN 😂
ajith kumar (2 years ago)
+Mrs. KN I'm investigating how to get any guy you want and discovered a fantastic resource at Maras Magic Words (google it if you are interested)
gänsefüßchen thai (2 years ago)
Mrs. KN lollll
AMIN MIDO (2 years ago)
Hajar Wine (2 months ago)
What are you doing here Amin ?
Inriyouth (2 years ago)
same here
Jess .Jacobi (3 years ago)
I wholeheartedly believe this!! I'm an American girl and whilst traveling I met an Irish guy who went gaga over me because I was completely different than the Irish women he dated before me. He finds my accent beautiful & velvety and the fact that I don't have a filter (yes, I tell the dirty jokes or make quick witted sexual innuendos and it keeps him laughing.) we have the same humor and love of life. Having a good, tear jerking laugh and then locking eye contact is the warmest feeling in the world. His gazes can be so intense- I can feel his vibes and get the sense he's peering INTO my soul and it makes me feel so vulnerable, yet I feel comfortable in my vulnerablity- feels like home... You'll know deep in your bones when it's true love by the way he can see straight through your masks, but is appreciative, encouraging and supportive of the letting the real you shine.
Gabriel Guzman (4 months ago)
I always wonder when it was a good time as a guy to say sexual innuendos to a girl during a conversation? That's good you use them though
Britanie Williams (9 months ago)
Jess I love your comment!!
VenusianTruths (3 years ago)
Thank you for your videos!
lorina lancaster (3 years ago)
ha...ha..ha..I'm so addicted to your videos. .Its very helpful. .Thanks!
Mariam Omar (3 years ago)
lol walk on air or something...i dont think so...no games or whitchraft i am who i am ..if i doesnt like who i am...he can go jump...ocean full of fish!
Mariam Omar Amen
Rochelle G (3 years ago)
hell lol
Rochelle G (3 years ago)
Norah if he can't see your worth then to he'll with him
Tessamira (3 years ago)
I think even if you try your best, if he doesnt have the eyes to see it, its not your fault if it doesnt work out. But maybe other notice. ;)
nofy bn (1 year ago)
So true!
Tessamira I definitely agree. We women work too damn hard for men. And they don't have to work at all for anything.
Tessamira (3 years ago)
Armin Mesic (3 years ago)
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Norah Davex (3 years ago)
how do you stick above the other women? I tried everything but my boyfriend never gets impressed or addicted :(
spaciousgalaqxy (3 years ago)
That means he isn't the one for you. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but the guy who is right for you will see the special parts of you without you trying hard. Care about being unique but don't stress yourself out about it to the point that it's obvious you are trying if that makes sense. And yeah, this guy sounds wrong.
abianah howell (3 years ago)
Pancakes 200 (3 years ago)
Ambrosia Devyani (3 years ago)
not my style at all..
[diamond] (1 year ago)
Ambrosia Devyani Same
Jesus4ever (3 years ago)
I love your videos ... they are short and to the point ... Thanks ...
Erin Lapierre (1 year ago)
Jesus4ever , ikr I love his videos , the rest of the videos on YouTube make you wait for the answer , I hate that . Edit :and for that reason , I shall subscribe ☺
Chisom Ikwuwunna (1 year ago)
Jesus4ever ikr
Trisha Britannia (3 years ago)
No depth.
GlitterStar Beats (4 years ago)
Haaaaa! No wonder all eyes were on me when out jokin round with friends!!!!
beyedb 4 (3 years ago)
Lol bigheaded bastard
Tacara Guice (4 years ago)
I take risks everytime i open my mouth 😂😂😂 nice video thanks
[diamond] (1 year ago)
Tacara Guice How big are those “risks?” 😂😂😂
silvia leee (4 years ago)
U are smart guy .. Thanks for advice
i love this guy! terrific logic!
yvonnia123 (4 years ago)
Jesus! Is this the Miss America Pageant???!! I'm so done with men. Who has time for song and dance? I am who I am... nothing more, nothing less. Btw, this is no way a knock to the video creator. IJS.
tj Tanner (2 months ago)
Right I'm not going to compete with these mfs, he can have em. I want a guy with eyes for me and only me.
Asha Fierce (1 year ago)
+Kathryn Rhodes I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated 🎶
Kathryn Rhodes (1 year ago)
D Alexandria IKR? Cue Complicated by Avril Lavigne! 😛
Alexandria (1 year ago)
I agree why does everything gotta be so complicated
Summer Castillo (1 year ago)
yvonnia123 i agree single life whooo
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
Look up ads by people who are requesting help with livestock or their ranch. Yes, they exist, even in the city. Contact these people. If they like you, you will be able to get back into some country life by taking care of their ranch, livestock etc. That will start bringing back your toughness. It is still in you. You just have to reignite it.
maree notaras (5 years ago)
i used to stand out to by boyfriend. i used to be the girl of his dreams. i was never like any other girl until i moved to the city. my boyfriend loved me because i was a country girl who was tuff at heart and fisicly! since i have moved from the country i have become a girly girl which my boyfriend doesnt like i dont like it either! what do i do how do i change back to my old self? please help me
Humeyra Cali (2 years ago)
maree notaras stay yourself.

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