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How to Travel & Still Make Money Online! BUY. SELL. TRAVEL.

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How to travel & still make money online! • MAY 15TH MENTORING! ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Video Description: In this live show we talk about different ways to set up your online business so that you can travel and still make money while you're away. From hiring help for ebay to making sure you have products shipped to amazon FBA, there are lots of ways to make money online while traveling. About our channel: This channel is all about reselling stuff online, ebay, amazon poshmark, mercari. You will find thrifting videos, thrift hauls, garage sale videos, ebay wholesale, amazon wholesale buying, how to make money videos. We teach people how to buy items and sell them for a profit online. Subscribe for more! https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo If you’d like to send us mail ☺ Ralli Roots PMB 526, 11705 Boyette Rd. Riverview FL, 33569 thanks so much for watching! We love you all ☺ ^some of the links above are affiliate links^ Video Keywords: ralli roots, ebay,amazon, travel and make money at the same time, how to travel and make money online, make money online 2019, how to make money online, ebay business, amazon fba business, making money on ebay, making money on amazon, how to make money on ebay, how to travel for free, how to travel, make money while you travel, make money online, online money making ideas, how to sell on ebay, travel income, travel and make money, online income, make money, ecommerce
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Text Comments (64)
OU812 Dawg (3 days ago)
Deborah Tschopp (4 days ago)
Very good content I just started selling on eBay and Etsy not really doing much selling it only been a month
Skylar Celestia (4 days ago)
Tipeni Sokimi (4 days ago)
Im a newbie...need more videos plss
Josephine Polo (4 days ago)
need more videos for a newbies like me
Jervin Quisada (5 days ago)
DAMN NICE CONTENT, keep doing it! I do same kind of stuff, support you. ⚡️ CHECK IT OUT NOW!
mari vcf (5 days ago)
Do you still answer emails from previous mentoring students that joined the year program?
Gina Miller (6 days ago)
I always miss the lives.
RU Serious (8 days ago)
Allie for real Girl.... aren't you afraid of going bald in a few years with all that dyeing. Just saying. Love ya dough.
Kayla Austin (9 days ago)
With having another ebay store, you can use it if you get suspended on your other page cant you? That might be an advantage?
Kayla Austin (9 days ago)
What allie said is so true! I never shopped online I couldn't stand it, and since I got amazon prime I've gotten more comfortable and bought on other platforms!
Radsan (10 days ago)
Personally Alli, I really loved that fire red hair, but the black and purple was my fav!
Wolf House (10 days ago)
I dreamed that you got another one of those little bulldogs. It was a white one.
EVERY DAY PICKER (10 days ago)
Have yall done the giveaway on the rollo printer?
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
not yet
WowMarie (10 days ago)
Yass 😁
Whats In My Life 2017 (10 days ago)
MI Gardner is in Michigan. That’s why he calls himself MI Gardner. His channel is awesome!! You guys are amazing!!! Love your energy!!
Hey. Im in Austin
Tanya Johnston (11 days ago)
Hello from Ontario. I hope to begin selling soon.
Brady Bauer (11 days ago)
I only go to the Goodwill bins since finding out about them. All my ebay, mercari and amazon items are from there. Spend $100 a trip and go home knowing you have $1000 at least in potential sales. Every time I walk into a retail store I walk out without buying anything because 1000% return from the bins can't be beaten! If someone isn't enjoying sifting through books, shoes, clothes and hard goods for treasures...why are you in this business? GO TO THE BINS. Don't be lazy :)
T Kav (11 days ago)
Any other resellers out there with a vintage or streetwear shop/feed be sure to message me as I have a big opportunity for you all 😀. Thanks
Jonamo 33 (11 days ago)
Anyone here deal with Gucci long sleeve shirts? I found one at goodwill and cant find any comp prices
Yes please make more bags , I was not able to get one and would love to buy one if you do another !! I am sure a lot of people were not able to get one !! You could always take preorders and you might be able to sell even more because everyone could order one ahead of time that wanted one , if you gave us enough time you might get even more than the orders you had on that one! I would pre-pay to make sure I got one !! 😁💗
Julie K Munden (11 days ago)
Exactly! I enjoy sourcing when I have to travel for my kids' school events. Yay for Colorado!
Let’s Go (11 days ago)
Please do more totes! I’m of the older generation and do t use all these fancy ways to pay so can you suggest to me a way to pay for a tote? I have cash, no checks, bank card.....:I so want one......
Ira Williams (11 days ago)
Why do you end your prices in 97 or 77? Just curious. I apologize if you’ve explained this before as I’m a new subscriber.
Scratch & Thrift (11 days ago)
Where did you buy/design the cards you put in all your poly bags?
jessicarobertson84 (11 days ago)
yesssss to Poshmark!! Sell all the shoes.
jessicarobertson84 (5 days ago)
Chance K. I primarily sell on Poshmark (just random hard goods on eBay every once in awhile). I sell mostly women’s clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, but some men’s and kids, too. Shipping is a flat $6.79 on Posh for up to 5lbs (buyer pays), which makes it great for selling bulkier items like shoes, jackets, coats, etc.
Chance K. (6 days ago)
Do you do Men and Womens shoes on Poshmark? Do you cross list?
Richard Sheffield (11 days ago)
My store has less than 150 items, so for road trips, I've taken my entire inventory, printer, and supplies with me! Five bins fits easily in the back of my Honda Fit. Worked out well as I was able to still have 1-day processing. Only bad part was constantly changing my ship from address so the postage calculation was correct :)
Vincent Jones-Smith (11 days ago)
Skydive Santa Barbara
Tricia Thurman-Beckman (11 days ago)
Why do people even hit the thumbs down? Just don't watch the videos if you don't like them. Is there anyone out there that hits the thumbs down and tell me why you would do that?
Sarah Burchette (11 days ago)
I have a motorcycle helmet sold for$50 last week. About an hour after it sold I got from someone in Malaysia offering to pay $150
Jill Cw (11 days ago)
Pack a smaller suitcase inside a larger one!! Then pack your clothes inside!! 💡
MsEyezopen (11 days ago)
How do you mentally deal with customers who are not honest about the items they receive. I am a happy personality and make sure our products are high end. The fraud and anger without cause from buyers beats me down. How do you not take it personally. Can't wait to watch the Ally Crafty video!, watching next
Nwokocha Mercilina (11 days ago)
Love this channel, thanks for the video, it helps
barbara scott (11 days ago)
i meant french bulldog.
barbara scott (11 days ago)
I love your Boston Terrier. I have one myself that is 12 years old. Thanks for putting your pup in the video.
lilrodd20032003 (11 days ago)
I love Gary V as well..But he speaks to the complainers, if you have no talents, skills or money..you have one thing and that is your time. That's where he says hustle to do what you love fulltime after putting in the work.
Mark M (11 days ago)
We take 3 or 4 day sourcing trips . Check with your CPA were able to deduct mileage and a few other expenses !
Lara Ward (11 days ago)
Are you going to get more tote bags?
2AussieThrifters (12 days ago)
Love vintage tees We got some killer vintage tees last night will shoot you some pics on instagram 👌
Mario Dones (12 days ago)
I'm in the process of going from part time to full time. I started in Feb when I had a full time job that unfortunately I no longer have...so the grind is very real right now! I appreciate yall for pumping out so much informative content!
Mario Dones (11 days ago)
Kyle Luscombe trust me, I FEEL YOU!!! much success to you my man
Kyle Luscombe (11 days ago)
Same here man, glad I'm out that old job though but gotta hustle to get my store up and learn everyday. Rather make 7 dollars a hour for myself then more money for anyone else. Felon anyway so not losing out on to many jobs already 😂😂😂😂 hope you succeed man!
Brundy O (12 days ago)
I just heard selling nikes on ebay can get you account suspended, how does that all work?
The Dude (12 days ago)
yall are expert travelers for sure;}
Amber Nible (12 days ago)
Why don't you like to say bread and butter? Thanks for all the videos and help. Love your channel! TIA
Nic Picker (12 days ago)
Im going on vacation in two weeks can i borrow Cali for a week?
Regi (12 days ago)
Thanks guys.
Josette Tharp (12 days ago)
Thank you / I received my tote bag this week & it is amazing . Great for Groceries and Thrifting ..... Love all your videos and help .
NewEngland BettyBoop (12 days ago)
I was so excited to see the lives then I fell asleep 🤦‍♀️🙄😂😂😂
Ren Pilak (12 days ago)
Callie, has anyone told you .. you look like Arya Stark? And, you have the same vibes!
Kristina Wood (12 days ago)
Really bummed I missed out on the totes, bring more? :)
Thanks for your help. I’m just getting started @68. I’m having fun but terrified. Do you have a video for newbies like me?
Michelle Knighten (12 days ago)
Looking for help?! - I’d love to talk with you guys about it. We are in the same area, and I just moved here from VA. Love your business and plans for the future!
junk man (12 days ago)
Stu Pascoe (12 days ago)
Ebay is trash now the gtc bs they decided to do its making it impossible to do promoted listings theres a glitch believe it i even called ebay and they say nothings wrong but there is ive been selling for months all of a sudden im an idiot? Just a heads up anyone else having issues
Malone Raphael (11 days ago)
I've actually been having more orders recently through promoted listings... Weird
jorejaha (12 days ago)
I searched for an item yesterday there were about 20 results and the last item on the list was sponsored? The original was above it.
O Rgr (12 days ago)
Khali I got a crush on you baby you look so sexy with that bandana
meicy10 (12 days ago)
Can you tell me the best way on how to scale an eBay business? I’m reinvesting 100% of my sales money but I don’t feel like I’m growing.
Wayne Blakely (12 days ago)
It is Lake Travis in the ATX Austin that is... lol

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