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Mugabe Candidly Warning Africans About US President Donald Trump

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2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Winston Smith (5 months ago)
Mugabe needs to repent for his own sins. *He is a monster.*
Peaches Kong (5 months ago)
Hi, is it possible to get sone material on the state visit of Mark Rutte Dutch PM when he was in Africa last time? I've been trying to find some actual footage but aoe far nothing could be found..
Abdirashid Hussein (5 months ago)
We love you, President Trump. All U.S Presidents no one perfect.Countries want to clone you.You belong to the USA our partner's country our world leaders and Egypt President Farmajo Somalia President are understand what they are fighting a global problems an insecurity injustice a lack of opportunity recognize no one fix but we will fix it long way political solutions positive change Somalia to many flags horrible idea's some rebels tribal African,Middle East,American Muslim Muslim Altahad, Damaljadid,Raskanboni,ONF,Xisbu lslam,ISIS,Boka haram,Alshabab , Alshabab Nasri,PKK tribal kurdish,tTaliban tribal Afghan,Pakistan from some American,Russian,European terrorist people well organized brotherhoods organizations terrorist different actors name's terrorist switch others parties unacceptable Somalia isn't the for sale.So many are praying for you & V.P.Pence.<3 <3 <3 YOU.I want him to succeed so bad.But I know deep down that he is not willing to change some Democratic,Republican crony capitalism behaviors for the betterment of society.Its about thriving and surviving together American,Middle East,European,Turkey,UK.With our partner's country other world leaders brings Unity, I love my country and all the people in it even if, I disagree with other opinions personally lslam is not the terrorist. It is the a global problems an insecurity injustice a lack of opportunity recognize no one fix but President Trump will fix it.We the American,Middle East,Africa our partner's country other world people People.One nation.Apologize to all women's,kid's for false statements,misinformation,mistrust,propagada all news association's selfinterst corrupt information systems all news bad guy's lie about accountterrrorist,terrorist,human trafficking,smuggle drugs,street women's kid's selling sexual slavery new project colonies past in African others Middle East country others world similarly struggle continues unacceptable wellcome new world. Black people isn't the for sale and black people no more deaths all time. Black people die 2.1 milion each year's unacceptable. We can't celebrate he can return 500 women's children's their parents separate violations U.S Constitutions violations human rights violations international law unacceptable.Hey world people, it’s a African personality. While European slavery brutalized and dehumanized African people, slavery within Africa allowed room for dignity take a way our values. But still, those African people who sold out their own got something out of it. Slave trade in Libiya,America to learn what happens when Black people care more about themselves than each other nothing new racists hater everywhere in the American others world.Rabih az-Zubayr and Al-Zubayr Rahma Mansur were two slave traders from Sudanese. Both were perceived as greedy men, selling legions of their own to gain profit in trade deal business well organized.Mansur was even nicknamed the “Slaver King” who chained lions as part of his escort.William Ansah Sessarakoo was a Ghanaian nobel who himself was wrongfully sold into slavery. Though he was extremely traumatized by the event, he traded slaves after he was freed. Women were in on it, too. Efunroye Tinubu was a powerful female aristocrat and slave trader in pre-colonial and second slavery new project colonial Nigeria others Middle East,America country our world similarly struggle continues unacceptable2018. When slavery was abolished, she secretly continued the trade with Brazil and Portugal for guns.Rumaliza was a Swahili ivory and slave trader in East Africa during the late 1800s. A most depraved man, he was known for kidnapping women, chopping off men’s genitals, cutting off legs, arms and hands, and burning entire villages.Just as it existed in days past, today, there are Black folks like the ones above who are quick to sell out other Black people to make a quick buck. when in America court systems was not working for us it will never work for us because some police their name's Blue live matters gangs others gangs inside Police Department's their name's blue live matters,White supremacists terrorist politics correctness corrupt inside government everywhere in the world nothing new.Black people die 2.1 milion each year's unacceptable.We love America we love our president we're happy and we want vote for him in 2020 we need to prove we're supporting our president we need to prove we're one hand we're so strong together none can stop America,no one control our destiny no one take a way our values.We are practicing truth fear nothing.Some American,European lied on acounterorist,second slavery new project colonies past in African others Middle East,American country others world Russian,lran,Turkey,Northern Korea,Isreal,Some Hillary some Democratic,Republican political correctness hacker,spy,high profile traffic tegets track device information systems this everywhere everyone in the world nothing new and attempted to undermine United States policy by funneling billions through the Euro, American others world. Now, Congress may be coming after him&her... Where is the media on this?Any amount that you can give to support PushBlack's work to fight for criminal justice reform and raise up black voices would make a big difference.Hey fam, it’s Darrell. When an officer fired shots into the skull of Jordan Edwards, an unarmed Black teenager, we all expected the cop to get away with murder. But we were in for quite a surprise. Click “Start” to learn more.It’s sadly a classic example of Blue on Black crime in America. White officer Roy Oliver assumed a group of Black kids were guilty because they were driving from the sound of gunshots. To “stop them from getting away,” Oliver fired five shots into the car. Jordan Edwards was shot in the back of the head.Oliver was indicted by a grand jury and charged with four counts of aggravated assault for each of the teens in the car.This is not right in American well organized who is making money for war terrorist,crime humanity City of Chicago cross country and others world black people 2.1 million each year's everywhere in the world genocide in never end. It is making major moves outside of the real people is understanding violations U.S Constitutions violations human rights violations international law unacceptable of lack of opportunity,insecurity,injustice recognize no one fix but we will fix it. Of course the legendary rapper,human trafficking street women's kid's selling sexual slavery new project colonies past in African others Middle East country others world hailing from some European,American,Middle East,Africa our world similarly struggle continues has his&her foot in the game ever we have had three choice hide run fight save ourselves unacceptable2018 with independent investigated label Grand Truth about Records we will never forget our black people die all time unacceptable well organized. But keep an eye on his&her business moves will come crime humanity never end in Somalia European,American others world insecurity never end unacceptable stop a waste your time some Democratic,Russian,Iran,Northern Korea,Israel,Some American people political correctness hacker spy everywhere everyone in the world nothing new. 📖🧠💭💪🗽🇺🇸
Ian Tapia (1 day ago)
except this guy robbed Zimbabwe blind.
Robert Wussah (3 months ago)
The United States representatives looking furious
2nacheki (3 months ago)
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Voice of knowledge (4 months ago)
You must be joking. Mugabe was the worst thing to EVER happen to Zimbabwe! He is as evil as they come. You have to be genuinely stupid to believe anything that this child of Satan has to say! A very, very warm welcome is awaiting his dumb ass in hell. Have fun burning, Mugabe!!
Luujalanee Kimathi (4 months ago)
the trump from a trump that can not blow an african trumpett ; is no trumpet, just a tramp as in his name
David Wiita (4 months ago)
Mugabe destroyed his own country! Listen to him? What folly! https://youtu.be/1P43_ao0Q58
abel nickson (4 months ago)
Mugabe is good but I hate him because he over stayed in power and he is showing bad example to the new generation coming to to take over from him, that is why Africa is static indynanic because of such President's
africa congo (5 months ago)
Bring us another monster, he will suffer the same consequences😂😂😂
Mannie Zeigler (5 months ago)
I love 💕my righteous malenated 👥all around the 🌍 we are all we have let us start embracing one another.it is so much worth it one 💝😁🔙lets do it.
Beverley Williams (5 months ago)
The trumpet of unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness and dialogue has to be blown in his country (USA) first.
Beacon TV (5 months ago)
The greatness in the US comes from Africa, imagine that.
Lwazi Radebe (5 months ago)
This is last true African leader, unlike the rest that jumps to taking a loan from China or world bank. Our current leaders is selling Africa right in front of our eyes. I am still saying that the problem is that we are lead by old and tired men in Africa
Broken Bassman (5 months ago)
When all is said and done, our old man will be on the right side of history! The poetry in “Trump blow your own trumpet“ gave me goosebumps :)
Emmanuel64 Ezekiek (5 months ago)
We need 11 bold president like Mugabe in African. Fearless man.
Sun Kem (5 months ago)
Mugabe forever! If Mugabe does not live in the minds of present African leaders then forget it and say good bye to africa as the continent of black people. Africa is under threat from Asian and european domination that must be stopped. Malema!
Steven Dluli (5 months ago)
Dr RG is way better than those idiots in America and U.K.
IAMCorung (5 months ago)
I think Africa is trying to run before she can walk. You have no military to speak of and dare to thumb your nose at the only nation that can help you when the China Debt trap begins to take hold. America never forgets. Ask Sadam or Gaddafi. Look at Haiti. The first freed slave state. Look at Cuba. Look at Venezuela. America can help you or hurt you in huge ways. Do you really think it's wise to talk this way?
Aa1 Bb2 (5 months ago)
Thas good he not blinded by the cracker rhetrioc
Latrise B (5 months ago)
Screw africa
Sagren Govender (5 months ago)
After this guy totally destroys a prosperous country, he then speaks negatively of the President of a rapidly growing economy. Trump is not perfect, but the results show hes doing fantastic job.
Ntokozo Mbhele (5 months ago)
The only leader that stood for Africa after brother leader,
Emmanuel64 Ezekiek (5 months ago)
Great Mugabe, thank you. More Long life sir. Our black Yah is with you.
TheWolfsan (5 months ago)
Mugabe is a great leader and a great economist and a great musician , all Africans are like that.
Assata Wells (5 months ago)
Fond memories of ROBERT MUGABE and Somora Maciel walking hand in hand together. ONE LOVE.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Those were good days
Olumuyiwa Asunmo (5 months ago)
African leaders, including Mugabe, and most notably him, make Independent African nations a laughing stock in the comity of nations. In spite of the freedom and huge resources they are not ashamed to end up as beggars in China. He was one of the first so to do.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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BLACK DEATH (5 months ago)
BLACK DEATH (5 months ago)
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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T. Shrine (5 months ago)
Ezeahia (5 months ago)
The speech that got him impeached.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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real_abiola (5 months ago)
Mr mugabe could you please warn the people about the Chinese invasion as well. Please!!! I’ve see videos on how they treat local workers but the government is allowing chins to come in and rob the resources just like the Europeans did.
lasting peace (5 months ago)
Donald Trump is not going to give unnecessary charity for ppl. that kill eachother, always excuse ,I should know , I am African.
The Ronnie Tree (5 months ago)
Power to the people ⚡⚡
This is old news
J B (5 months ago)
Beautiful choice of words. Death to the Colonialism idea and mindset. Birth of Unity and Direction
No sugar No cream (5 months ago)
And Africa is not free, he's talking pure kakary
No sugar No cream (5 months ago)
You mean those treasonous useless sellouts like mugabe they are the reason Africa is a backwater, disrespected, disregarded, looked down upon and purged everywhere
Safi&Pascal Mushayuma (5 months ago)
Mugabe should be the heroe of afrika
The Only Truth (5 months ago)
Sadly the world has accepted the European ways and love their finer things in life, Africa believes its vast amount of resources will last forever, while outsiders cant wait to advance their nation with the remaining resources. The people daydream of migrating, and shuffles around idle believing the grass is greener in Europe/ Canada/ America. No significant development are being done in Africa. America and its white corporation are stealing and selling Indigenous land to all their wealthy friends, from their motherland Europe to other developed nations such as Chinese and Arabs. How dare they speak of a future for the children, when so much resources has been stolen and the remainder is being negotiated. African have forgotten Leopold and what he did in the Congo, well sadly they are doing business with the same devils. Don't let those fine suits and shine shoes fool you, those pale faces and their friends are great actor/actress who are convincing as that deceitful Hollywood, pulling all to the American way. India put its people in the rice fields and came out a super power, while Africa star gaze. Recently some brilliant minds studying science in Africa, ran off on their trip to America. All that brain drain benefits other nations and never their own. China became a super power, by putting its people in the fields and higher institution building their own and strengthen their military. African leader waits on America and Europe to tell them what's good for them. You will never be the great people that you once were, and those that took counsel against you are putting the final nails in your coffin as they now say that you are neither here or there. White Supremacy is covertly being promoted along with all its pollutions, China may well be the one building museum to house your remains, reminding their future generations that you were once here.
Nikki Burris (5 months ago)
Must Read investigate! The identity of the indigenous native American Grandson & Greatgrandson Heir to Billionaire J.P Morgan family estate. He is also Heir to the Dupont family estate. Acknowledged by officials in North Carolina. The 2014/15 Inheritance Trust celebration event near Charlotte NC. SHELBY GASTONIA CHARLOTTE NC police Sheriff's Dept acknowledge identity & provide security details. Annie Ruth HUNT (browner)11-9-1942 & James Sherwood Burris Sr. 8-22-1918
B 2 (5 months ago)
One idiot whining about another idiot. LOL
La La (5 months ago)
Mugabe is a great man... Take it or Leave it..
Qadira Yakub (5 months ago)
printmedia14 (5 months ago)
Africa never defeated imperialism it got fooled into believing Today it's 53 countries are africom members mean ng millitsry comand of africa is undet american domain Any war started by America will be an.African war.. Somalia is a good example We will be called allies like our forefather in colonial era as the 1st and 2nd world killed many Africans in vain NOT YET FREE NOW WE ARE SCRAMBLED EGGS FOR EAST AND WEST CONSUMPTION
Isaac Owusu (5 months ago)
More life father , very wise man
GGGF GGGH (5 months ago)
Respect father Mugabe
BIGGZONDECK (5 months ago)
I Love this brother‼️💯💯💯✊🏿💪🏿❤️
Winston Smith (5 months ago)
Mugabe is *infinitely more monstrous* than Trump. *Hypocrite.*
olnappy (5 months ago)
Anyone who has an, "eyes wide open mindset", a researched existence based on unbiased knowledge of realism, and thinking not controlled by european media propaganda, seriously knows better than that.
Yon Flowers (5 months ago)
💯 king yon lion life forever Young yon lion of judah last king rising in the west
Petrus Shilunga (5 months ago)
The monster of imperialism was deafited by us . Bring us another monster by what ever name,shape or form we will crush them . China b carefull
Petrus Shilunga (5 months ago)
+olnappy well i hope u live a long life so you wintess whats coming .?
olnappy (5 months ago)
.....doubt that.
s isaiha (5 months ago)
We have all in our hand to to be a great continent on this earth let this ws president not try to dominate us.that time is finish,,,,,,,,
nal Ann (5 months ago)
You Mugabe you had to go the way you left the power, your duplicate dictator museveni will go the same way.
Namasta Man (5 months ago)
Awesome! speach.
Mogabwe and Julia's Malema kings of Africa
Bojack Horseman (5 months ago)
How are people still listening to this guy? He raped Zimbabwe destroyed its currency. Caused complete starvation. And now you are still listening to his shit. All he does is use biblical metaphors and says nothing. He stole all your money for himself. And still you praise him as a god.
Grace Njeru (5 months ago)
Immédiate l'y after this speech he was removed
ToFester (5 months ago)
White supremacists have no values. They are and will always be a cancer to our planet.
patrella bell (5 months ago)
Wishful Thinking...Goliath and his cronies Israelis are Destroying others countries right now. Never stop since they came out of the caves.
GoodCopBadCop (5 months ago)
The Chinese are coming and that's going to be the comic shit show of the century! You confuse them with whites. They don't care about anything other than other Chinese and they kill before breakfast. They will take everything from Africa, all because your only expectation of a leader is stupid ass rhetoric, which you're obviously too stupid to reject.
GoodCopBadCop (5 months ago)
This idiot dictator caused a large portion of Zimbabwe's population to flee the famine and humanitarian crisis he caused whilst lining his own pockets. They fled to South Africa, where there still was a means of survival, which will soon come to an end as well. Where will they go next? When all the whites have been neutralized in some form or another. You're an idiot with a full belly, living in a world brought to you by the West, which you hate so much. Your brothers and sisters are risking their lives to cross in to Europe. Fleeing a world of your own making? Jesus man. Have you no sense or aren't you capable of anything more than juvenile hatred?
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Anthony I (5 months ago)
Mugabe and Trump are the same breed. This speech is a manipulation if you fall for it you’ve learnt nothing. Out with the old in with the new.
2nacheki (5 months ago)
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Idorenyin Udo (5 months ago)
Tanks for the warning, when Trump got elected I liked him after seeing him insult world leaders including the past president Obama I hate ever earing his name. Great video.
Dolla Go (5 months ago)
Hero o f our continent
Abdallah Haji (5 months ago)
mugabe zilipendwa
D'African 256 (5 months ago)
Great statesman of Africa
4ABLACKAFRICA (5 months ago)
America is not a great nation! It was built by escaped slaves and indentured servants from Europe and African slaves to whom it has yet to give reparations! Crackers took this land form natives by force, rape and murder and crackers just go on with there lives like nothing happened and tell you "fuh getta bout it"! In 1906 the African American community in Oklahoma called Black Wall St. was bombed and Africans were killed by crackers because it was a thriving community ,doing better than whites! So no. America is not a great nation!
Touch Not (5 months ago)
Yep! Why we still talk about America and Europe, China is slimming in for a take over..... when will Africa ever learn? When will Africa get it right?
radar boy (5 months ago)
Now everyone loves him b4 he was not a good man
T T (5 months ago)
Old crooks, Africa's greatest enemy are its corrupt politicians. Mugabe is not hero, he is a fucking greedy old man who enjoyed power more than any other presidents.
dawid beukes (5 months ago)
hahaha hy kan skaars praat
Knowledge & Black Power (5 months ago)
A man of class
Fred Thomas (5 months ago)
I know that’s Right stand up EARTH for peace
Winkwink boe (5 months ago)
To the people of Africa Donald Trump is the least of your worries. China is far more dangerous to the continent.
Tim van Dijk (5 months ago)
He will suffer the same consequences like my own people under my reign in the past ten years. That's how he should have ended his speech, then people would really get scared.
J Kay (5 months ago)
I know this man will still get some ignorant supporters clapping. 32 years of leadership, your country is the poorest. What a shame that this the lecturer Africa have. It a disgrace!
gene7arttech (5 months ago)
At the end of his speech, he is also talking to china. ☺
Gerhard Pelser (5 months ago)
The monster who rob zimbabwe dry
Vish Vpl (5 months ago)
Trump is a racist ..hitler blood and natzi blood ..
Love what im hearing im from US African
Gwendolyn Victorian (5 months ago)
Well.. China and the French has plans so be very careful. So don't let it happen again and you want have to do it again....
nickdeestrong nick (5 months ago)
The son of solomon the clan of leaders that God had chosen
ben robinson (5 months ago)
A low IQ individual
GrumpyTinashe (5 months ago)
My former president. The indefatigable Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Salute comrade. Malema you pick up the baton and carry on Bob's work we southern Africans are behind you
Varfee Kanneh (5 months ago)
Hitler conquer the entire Europe but unity and togetherness brought his empire down
tpasi2020UG (5 months ago)
WTF was he saying?
David Dothager (5 months ago)
Soon he will stand before God, How will God judge him?Fear God, not men.
John Quinn (5 months ago)
That's why two thirds of the Zim population is in South Africa sucking it dry. So go home already , all your farms are productive, businesses are operating , no housing shortages , hospital s . And down with imperialism, and steal the "donation" from China your new masters
Feinstein Kushner (5 months ago)
Baba ,Africa will surely miss you..... long live the African icon.....
Ms. Harper (5 months ago)
Yes Sir speak! We the real Americans don’t like Trump, we will gladly let you have him for free! Come get him. You will be doing us a favor. We don’t want Trump he is a danger to us we are in fear whenever he open his mouth. Where are your VUDU workers? Tell them Trump ancestors are to blame for the mistreatment of black and brown people
wedi Mussa (5 months ago)
African lidars thay don't have choice only the good papit..
Afternoon Delight (5 months ago)
Wasn't Mugabe dethroned? Is this a current video?
tshwarelo lubisi (5 months ago)
He was the last LEADER who can tell the ENEMY painful TRUTH, face 2 face
John mondesir (5 months ago)
🌍🌍🌍The living Ancestor Mugabe Salute to you but this is old tho
Alex Anderson (5 months ago)
Wow that was a powerful message.. Salute Mugabe💯💯
Nathan Mgumba (5 months ago)
Ah so now we're celebrating Mugabe as well as the communists in SA? Lol this channel has turned into one political embarrassment I've got to unfollow this channel is not serious anymore it's just propaganda at this point. What a shame.
Ken Ford (5 months ago)
Nathan Mgumba. Hurry up and do it!!
Oyoyo Kantakatos (5 months ago)
We need more leaders like this man
Mugabe is still a strong spirit
Semmie Elston (5 months ago)
Now this man is casket ready you need Young fresh leaders this is sad
Semmie Elston (5 months ago)
You have these old African leaders that needs to be in a retirement home. It's embarrassing. They can talk about president of United States. Bottom line is these old ass African leader is not protecting their people or their resources. This leader or whoever he is is too old to even speak. African people are dying they are poor on the richest continent in the world. African people have been given to Other Nation Arabs the white man now China. You need to get these old ass African black leaders from Leading the People you are dying. I am from the US and every time I hear something about African or leaders and how they disrespect and their land it makes me more proud to be a black American. Because we fought we died for others to come over just to enjoy what we have the African American died. You can come over to our school eating our restaurant let's go wherever you want to go because the black African American fought and died. We are still dying for Justice. I rather stick with the Devil I already know.
Ninna Asher (5 months ago)
dont be furious
Ninna Asher (5 months ago)
it just a single person

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