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Original by BluMaan Smooth vs 1st Edition | Quick Comparison

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BluMaan Hair Products -15% Off using Code: Cam - http://bit.ly/2dMffN0 ................................. Hope this quick comparison gives you guys some insight to which one you would like to choose. Although they are very very similar products, there are subtle differences that could reflect your choosing. Stay fresh guys! Always :p Smooth Review: https://youtu.be/1LR41AlbceQ Awesome Discounts: BluMaan Hair Products -10% Off using Code: Cam - http://bit.ly/2dMffN0 Shehvoo Activating Oil Cleanser- 10% Off using Code: Cameron10 - http://bit.ly/2jsrlsJ .......... // Instagram http://instagram.com/camcretney // Facebook Page http://bit.ly/cameroncretney Music: Cypher & Freestyling Old School Boom Bap Hip Hop Rap Beats MIX _ Chuki Beats Business Inquires Only [email protected] Please share this video, drop a like and subscribe if you enjoy my content...if you want to... :)
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Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
Just a quick note: You can now get 15% off! Code: CAM - http://bit.ly/2dMffN0
Ridzwaan Bacchus (2 years ago)
Cameron Cretney Most Consistent Hair Review Channel Ive Come Across. Love Cam and his Videos.
EJC Music (2 years ago)
How long until it goes back to 10%?
Tee Dee (2 years ago)
Cameron Cretney g
Andy (1 year ago)
How do you even get the 1st edition? Not seeing it on Blumaans website.
CelticsBandWagon (1 year ago)
watermelon fruit (1 year ago)
DipityPoep I think Joe thought that the smooth edition was a lot better, so he got rid of the original. what you see on his site is the smooth edition
flyerzski (1 year ago)
what the fuck is styling meraki then. is it all the same?
Gaming Scarecrow (1 year ago)
flyerzski a styling meraki is a meraki that styles.😂
Gã Thợ Hàn (2 years ago)
First Editon.
is the smooth one is a living conditioner
Matías Saez (2 years ago)
When I use original my hair turns sticky, is that normal? (I have very fine straight hair tho)
Matías Saez (2 years ago)
BlaZe yeah I do that but I still feel my hair sticky idk why :(
BlaZe (2 years ago)
Matías Saez don't use too much and use it on damp/wet hair and use a hair dryer on cold setting
I got hair similar to you but my hairs are brownish. If i had Blumaan surely my hairstyle will be damm identical like you.
Justin Morales (2 years ago)
Hanz De Fuko is trash
Add me On Snapchat? (1 year ago)
Justin Morales no the fuck it's not
Bmx Life929 (2 years ago)
Claymation or Original ? Opinions welcome.
Bmx Life929 its indeed Claymation for hold and for pre and pro Blumaan
Setia (2 years ago)
dammn your'e videos are getting better
Joseba Iparraguirre (2 years ago)
If you used both simply as a prestyler are they essentially the same in terms of Volume?
Jnr xdii (2 years ago)
Any other products like this but cheap?
Oscar Villarreal C (1 year ago)
Tom Riddle why do u want products if you're bald voldemort
Jnr xdii (2 years ago)
+Vincent Huang I understand what u r trying to say but my parents wont allow me to buy this due to the price. Thanks for the respond anyway.
Vincent Huang (2 years ago)
Your NAN to keep in mid I wouldn't really get anything under $20 because maybe it can ruin ur hair or u might not like it. I prefer the 1st edition more.
Jakab Mess (2 years ago)
If I would only use both as a prestyler anyway, which one should I buy next? I have the first edition, it works great for me, so would it make any difference if I switched to smooth?
Declan Shaffer (2 years ago)
Hey Cam, can I get your email so I can send you a photo of my face and we can end the search for my face shape once and for all?
BlueNose PUBGM (2 years ago)
"Test, test, test, test, test, woooooo!" 😂😂 love you cam
Cole 0 (2 years ago)
whats the best post styler with strong hold, because ive been using original as a post an pre styler an my hair always fall down. i have thick hair about 3 1/2in in the front any suggested products perferbly with a matt finish?
Used Napkin (2 years ago)
Colemon Donnel have you checked out By Vilain and their Gold Digger or Dynamite Clay products?
LOCO (2 years ago)
Is the smooth edition any greasy?
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
Manolis Loco no it's not greasy at all. Completely matte finish :)
Luca Santangelo (2 years ago)
dang yo, we've almost uploaded the exact same video hahaha. Nice video as always bruddaaaa
Evil Lynx (2 years ago)
Luca Santangelo you guys are the true MVP's
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
Luca Santangelo haha I just saw that! Nice video on your end man :)
Alexander Carlson Lee (2 years ago)
I don't understand... if Smooth is an improvement from the first edition then why buy the first edition?
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
Alexander Carlson Lee I'm not saying it's an improvement. Each just has its own qualities, like I mentioned in the video. Smooth is more applicable to dry hair, but the 1st edition will provide more texture imo.
M R (2 years ago)
Chaptr hair cream review next!
Norman Bates (2 years ago)
my experience with original was that over time it became a lot dryer and it lost it's ability to keep my hair in place I'm now going to try claymation
Muhammad AD (2 years ago)
Sil Boersma they fixed that Problem with Smooth, it's great
Diemera373 (2 years ago)
just a quick question what your hair style name?. I really like you hair style 😊
Atul Gupta (2 years ago)
Fuck Hanz De Fuko _|_
Vilsh792 (2 years ago)
I personally prefer the smooth edition, I like the fact that it's creamier.Can't wait to get my hands on their pomade. Also, I love your videos. Found your channel about a month ago and I absolutely love the content, keep er going man!
Cameron Cretney (2 years ago)
thanks man! Appreciate you watching :)
ospite918277 (2 years ago)
Ali Fakih (2 years ago)
will you plzz do a video about hair line since no one did it yet and you can be the first
William Moelgaard (2 years ago)
can argan oil mixed with a bit of fifth sample work as a good pre-styler? i find that mousse makes my hair all brittle and i want to switch things up thanks!
Brohlan (2 years ago)
William Moelgaard go to target buy ogx mousse it has argan oil in it, makes your hair feel soft and a lot of volume
Kevin Vincent (2 years ago)
You should get original, best pre styler ever. I never could get good volume until original. Pomade can be heavy so that why I wouldn't do that. You can technically use any wax as pre styler but it doesn't work that good in my experience.
William Moelgaard (2 years ago)
i dont have original tho:/ could i just use a wax that i have then to just give some extra hold? and blumaan stated in a video that you could use a little bit of pomade as a pre-styler so that's why i was asking:) thanks for the input
Kevin Vincent (2 years ago)
I wouldn't use a pomade as pre styler. Use original
Ali Fakih (2 years ago)
can you do a video about hairline
Nuzaik Mohamed (2 years ago)
+Rakesh Juanitõ Im not from Arab
Dain Ayesha (2 years ago)
Nuzaik Mohamed all you damn arabs
Nuzaik Mohamed (2 years ago)
I too have the problem
ahmad omar (2 years ago)
1st view

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