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Season 8 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones Episode Reaction - WM Breakdown

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Winter is finally here! The season 8 premiere of GoT was packed with exciting moments, easter eggs, and big reveals. Watch as our panelists break down the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. Spoilers ahead! Check out our other videos: Top 10 Ways Game of Thrones Could End: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH2SCFEfJ8I Top 10 Times Game of Thrones Failed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Y6sjo8pfE Top 10 Hilarious Game of Thrones Memes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjyIVQaF0qY #GameofThrones #GoT8 #GameofThronesFinalSeason Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (842)
Rose Agnew (8 hours ago)
I hated it when people don't get a character. These guys do not get the rules of ruling. You have to be seen as strong at all times or people will think you weak and seek to end you. Daynerys has been through this several times. the people of winterfell did not welcome her and Sansa was rude. I get why after everything she has been through. Of course she's going to be distrusting of anyone, but John told her if you have a better idea on how to deal with knight king I'm listening and she had nothing. John did the right thing for the people. Daynerys isn't obsessed with people knowing she's queen, but she must be seen as such and right now that's not happening in winterfell. So I get why she's like "she doesn't have to like me, but she does has to respect me." In other words stop being a rude bitch Sansa stark. I'm not your enemy. Also I don't see john and daynerys breaking up. In theses times incest marriages happened all the time. So I think they should rule together.
Sayder Music (10 hours ago)
krissa sams (11 hours ago)
Dany has no misgivings in burning all her enemies and my heart went broken to Samwell's pain in losing his beloved brother.The proclaimed queen is a cold blooded bitch whos's utmost priority is to save Westeros from the cold Creeps,restore the kingdom's ruin and be the legit queen.My sentiment went to Sansa.
Famous RedBeard (19 hours ago)
Literally all you hear all video is "I think we we're all waiting for"lmao
Mouyed Hnt (19 hours ago)
What about Theon
Kel Mendes (21 hours ago)
Sara M (22 hours ago)
Really? You LITERALLY jumped out of your skin?😐
Sara M (22 hours ago)
I will not be at all surprised if Jon never reveals his parentage and claim to the throne.
Furkan Bozdag (1 day ago)
you guys really know nothing stop making GOT video,s
Furkan Bozdag (1 day ago)
i hope sansa dies
Erick Okeyo (1 day ago)
Phoebe's exclamation at 0:23... cringeworthy
Thank you! For mentioning the anti-climactic Jon riding Rhaegal scene.
DAYUM Now!!! You are hot AF and this channel really needed someone good looking to offset Rebecca...... girl has an amazing voice but she has a face for radio. You should mime all her videos for her - being the on screen personality for Rebecca’s voice ;) that would be a solid 10 of -10
pgurl1971 (1 day ago)
That child is a bastard ( what I meant to type)
pgurl1971 (1 day ago)
Jon also said he’d never father a bastard- he leaves Danny & that Cail is a bastard - think about it.
june1935 (1 day ago)
i keep wondering whats going to happened when deny finds out about gendry. he is robert son and in someways heir to the throne. so what will happen there. also if gendry did become king what would become of arya. she might not want to be a lady but what about a queen? LOL sansa face would be funny if that happened.
omgthisblowsmuchos (1 day ago)
crapety smackety crap oh yeah!
Haley Reeves (1 day ago)
Dany and Sansa drama giving us life?? More like bugging the crap out of us because it’s stupid and a waste of time and energy!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Santino001 Vileno (1 day ago)
A man is not happy with this review! You both need more training!
lolmarine (2 days ago)
She was really caught up with Dany repeatedly calling herself the queen, and this would have been the perfect time to point out what Tywin told Joffrey about those having to say they are king are not a king.
Jo Jo (2 days ago)
Omfg Omg this girl is an idiot
laine (2 days ago)
Ok she is pretty stupid.
IAM SERIOUS (2 days ago)
i wonder what is in jon head when sam told him about his true parent. i would say probably "OMG I JUST SLEPT WITH MY AUNT"
Adharsh shanmugam (2 days ago)
I think sansa is still married to tyrion
Mars 80 (2 days ago)
Jon and Dany won't stay together. Think about the whole story of GOT from the start... All of the conflict between Lannisters and Starks and most of the wars have basically been because of the incestual relationship between Cersei and Jaime and hence the illegitimacy of their claim to the throne. It wouldn't make sense for Jon to suddenly be ok with incest and completely disregard what Ned essentially died for (knowing the truth).
hosank (2 days ago)
I never knew that there were actually people behind watchmojo.com I thought it was just bots pumping out content
Odin Hel (2 days ago)
The girl in this video shouldn’t be, she’s just genuinely awful. Most of the times she’s talking you can tell the dude is just not enthused. Need more educated people discussing what happened in the show, not just giving their opinion on what happened. Or if that’s the case, call it “opinions on the episode” not inside it.
worldwide top10 (2 days ago)
guys i still haven't watched this episode been busy,how was it?
HHC HHC (22 hours ago)
Reunion episode
brinda nichols (2 days ago)
You need to watch the series. Sansa was never married to Joffrey. Also technically Sansa is still married to Tyrion. They never had the marriage annulled.
Haley Reeves (1 day ago)
brinda nichols they never consummated the marriage and Sansa has since been married to someone else. So therefore, they’re not married.
Susan Ensley (2 days ago)
Dany isn’t going to give up her crown. She’s a conqueror but sucks at actually ruling, just look at what happened in Slaver’s Bay. GRRM took inspiration from Lord of the Rings, Jon is Aragorn. He’s the reluctant hero and king. Aragorn didn’t want to be the King, but only did so reluctantly for the greater good. Jon didn’t want to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, he even shook his head “no” as soon as Sam started to put his name forward. He didn’t fight in the mud and blood at the Battle of the Bastards just so they would name him King in the North, he did it to kick the Bolton’s out and reclaim his rightful home. He will be the King by the end, not because he wants to wear a crown and sit on the Iron Throne above everyone else, but because it’s the right thing to do for the people. Dany is on my death prediction list, so I honestly don’t think the fact that his claim is better than hers will be an issue. It’s called “A Song of Ice and Fire” and that doesn’t mean it’s the coming together of Jon and Dany, it’s the story of Jon becoming the King. He is the song of ice and fire.
artvandelay1108 (2 days ago)
Happy to see you again Stannis
Maria Janine Herrera (2 days ago)
It’s DAEnerys (Deh-neh-ris). Not Daenerys (DAI-nae-ris)
Launa Banauna (2 days ago)
Um...Sansa was never married to Joffrey, she was engaged to Joffrey tho.
Kat Johnson (2 days ago)
;.; im glad i stopped the video before it got too far. it popped up in autoplay and i havent watched the ep yet
Elle Wudds (2 days ago)
Hate to be “that” person, but here goes.... Phoebe, you did not LITERALLY jump out of your skin. If you had, you’d be a bloody mess right now. I’m so sick of people saying the word literally when they’re speaking figuratively. Jeez!
ER'sGrandpa (2 days ago)
RIP Barbecue Boy. ijs
kimmiemay95 (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who saw the screaming kid coming? I didn't jump at all, fully predicted it.... I agree with Phoebe though I do think that Dany is not going to take Jons true parentage news well at all. Should be interesting to watch though.
ChewwwBeccca (2 days ago)
I thought her name was pronounced Sahn-Sah
John has to become the night king to stop the wheel of night kings and long nights. Someone was supposed to take his place, but the north forgot. The night king just wants to die, he's had enough. John in doing this because of the type of honorable person he is, will not be corrupted by his internal evil, as this will bring peace completely back to the realm.
Eli Riddle (2 days ago)
is it just a running joke that they miss pronounce something or a name in every episode
Alex David (2 days ago)
Wow, really digging Phoebe’s look here!
adifferentviewful (2 days ago)
OMG people....It's been said OVER AND OVER that the battle for Winterfell is set to be the WHOLE 3rd episode...from start to finish, the whole episode will be the battle.
adifferentviewful (2 days ago)
Actually the little boy was running around Wintertown, a small town right outside of Winterfell, and the boy is meant to mirror both Bran and Arya's actions in the first episode.
Milton Rokeach (2 days ago)
Daenerys will order the dragons to burn Sam just like his brother and dad. John will step in front of Sam. The dragons will then eat Daenerys....cuz "They eat whatever they want" ;)
emancoy (2 days ago)
Dragons like to watch
DanFarrell98 (2 days ago)
The White Walkers spiral symbol is like their sigil. Tyrion and Davos talked about house sigils in the episode
Rupert Wenn (2 days ago)
These presenters.... They know NOTHING, Mo Jo
jOKE Lamonds (2 days ago)
Sansa: What do dragons even eat? Dany: Anything they want
Rupert Wenn (2 days ago)
Who is 'aria'. Listen to how she says her own name... pronounced 'eye a' !
Amplify_ Nova (2 days ago)
Cersei slept with Euron so it’d look like her child is Eurons, not Jamie’s
Daniel Clark (2 days ago)
This should be called, dude that can’t say Daenerys.
John Tsoutouras (2 days ago)
In the episode also theon frees his sister
Elizabeth Ruiz (2 days ago)
Cannot shake the feeling that Cersei is not pregnant. The reason for saying she is was to keep Jamie close and Tyrion thinking that she wants the kingdom survive. It doesnt fit with Maggy's prophecy either.
E B (2 days ago)
*These two hosts are talking about the kissing of Daenerys and Jon, about the baby in Cersie's belly, that maybe is a son or daughter of Jaimie. I think that looks of Drogon while they're having an intimate moment is him telling "this is awkward and disgusting! Mom... he is your nephew! She is your aunt! I'm glad they finally talked and mentioned about the "double incest" that highlights those relationships!*
Adam Funke (2 days ago)
wow fiby or whatever her name ist is annoying and talking waay too much, let the guy speak more
Martin Mooney (2 days ago)
Bran was waiting for an old friend... Jaime Lannister..
Pasan David (2 days ago)
Cersie has plans for Dragon queen.
Laur Pellett (2 days ago)
Have these 2 people ever watched a previous episode of GOTs??
Britney Grey (2 days ago)
Do you guys even watch this show? Lmao the pronunciation and inaccuracies. Sansa and Joffrey were never married
Michelle Griffin (2 days ago)
I can't lie I do not like Cersei but her and the uncle gave me life
BluesDude (2 days ago)
Please, just call her Danny. You’re triggering me with you mispronunciations.
Michelle Griffin (2 days ago)
Bran and Jaime oh my God like really I couldn't wait for this one
Michelle Griffin (2 days ago)
I don't know about Sansa she still a little brat but if Arya trust her i do but then again is Sansa Arya I don't know is she
Shana Hocker (2 days ago)
When watching a period drama, I am always amazed about modern women's criticism of a female character. The host spoke of Daenyris's habit of reminding people she is queen. Hello? Have you been watching the show. It is very hard for women. Since we saw Daenyris men have been telling her what to do, what they would do with her and what she should do. She has to remind them because women really have a short shelf life on this show. The tables have turned on Sansa who was always fascinated with the royals and being one of them. She found out they are not so great. Also you don't ask people for help and expect that you won't have to give something in return. Daenyris is Queen in return they have a army and use of her dragons. Daenyris may give her power to John if she become pregnant.
Harsh Krishna (2 days ago)
So nobody is bothered that there's no ghost in this episode?
TheLeah2344 (2 days ago)
Wait hold up that wasn’t the final scene. The final scene is when Jaime arrived in Winter fell and he saw Bran and the look of shock and guilt on Jaime’s face as they had a stare down. Did y’all even watch the show ?
Mike Reece (2 days ago)
Anyone else think tyion is a Targaryen, hes had contact with the dragons and they didnt eat him, im thinking he is the true king
TheLeah2344 (2 days ago)
How is Danny any different from her father ? She burns her enemies alive just like her father. Why is Cersei a villain but Danny is the good guy when she isn’t any different from Cersei besides freeing slaves ?
Umbradomo (1 day ago)
Things you guys missed. The rescue of Yara Greyjoy by Theon and the subsequent headbutting.
catcherbloc1 (2 days ago)
Finally, a face to behind the WatchMojo voice.
Edward Walters (2 days ago)
“I definitely think there’s going to be a battle for Winterfell” Well no shit Sherlock
Victor Stewart (2 days ago)
Why isn't anyone talking about Theon and Yara? Ohh yeah..nobody cares :v
Stephen Cooper (2 days ago)
That fucking background music ffs
Sebastian Longoria (2 days ago)
I thought Bran and Jamie seeing each other again was emotional more and not, as they said "awkward".
DAJOKER808 (2 days ago)
What? John breaking promises ? Are you stupid ? Naive ? HE BROUGHT AN ARMY TO FIGHT THE WHITE WALKERS . . Fuck sanza . Sertsy 2.0 lol terrible commentating . Thumbs down
SnappingTurtle801 (3 days ago)
Dany's not giving up her crown. She's worked too hard to get where she is and she loves her title and power way too much.
Kasey Lemasters (3 days ago)
You guys are fucking boring...
Godless Goat (3 days ago)
Watchmojo sucks ass now, just a bunch of geeks trying to circle jerk over anime and comics anymore. Game of thrones is a waste of time. No wonder Trump is potus.
Ajin Titus Kuruvilla (3 days ago)
A crazy GOT theory, Round 1: Battle of Winterfell Jaimie dies in battle and joins the dead. Night King kills Bran. Sansa, Theon killed and joins the dead. Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Varys, Davos, Gendry, Arya flees to Iron Islands. Yara helps them regroup at Dragonstone, joined by Melisandre. Dead marches south to Kings Landing. Round 2: First Battle at Kings Landing Cersei tries to hold off the dead with iron fleet, golden company and wild fire. Euron killed in battle. Cersei makes deal with Night King to defeat Dany. Golden company, Iron Fleet handed over to night king. Round 3: Battle at Dragonstone Cersei provokes Night King to attack Dragonstone. Varys and Melisandre are killed. Dany scarifices herself to give Jon a fighting chance. Night King takes Drogon. Round 4: Second Battle at Kings Landing Jon on Rhaegal vs Night King on Drogon Gendry shoots down Viserion Tyrion shot by Bronn Arya kills Cersei Jon killed by Night King Night King killed by Gendry, becomes ruler of Westeros. Davos becomes king's Hand, Arya returns to Winterfell. End of story.
Francisco Nava (3 days ago)
What the hell you mean?! Daenerys is THE QUEEN so everyone has to respect her period! She shouldn't be in this position in the first place, just for the stupid decision of Tyrion and Jon of going beyond the wall! She should of take the thrones when she arrived at dragonstone!
Sharna Dixon-Scott (3 days ago)
Damn I wanted elephants
ElizabethR1558 (3 days ago)
mritty115 (3 days ago)
"I *literally* jumped out of my skin". No. No you did not.
Larry Yeadeke (3 days ago)
They keep mentioning how bad incest was. But I could swear I read that way back royal families always bred with each other to keep the royal bloodline pure. Or am I wrong?
iheartheenim (3 days ago)
Who is Day ne reese?
Anushyut Jha (3 days ago)
Literally nobody: This lady: it was kind of an awkward conversation
bbsy1 (3 days ago)
The dragon looked at them saying “so that’s why there are so many humans.”
Will Shintani (3 days ago)
this episode was disappointing, the good parts were completely overshadowed by the corny script/scenes and the fact that we waited so long. This was a throw away episode, no new information
Patric Gmuer (3 days ago)
You didn’t literally jump out of your skin, also “I definitely feel like the battle for winter fell will happen in episode 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, for sure.” No shjt Sherlock.
Abdul Quadir (3 days ago)
Bran: Welcome to Winterfell, Ser Jamie. I was waiting for you. Jamie: W...W...Why? Bran: It’s payback time. I will get inside your head, make you walk all those stairs of that f*king tower, and push you off. As soon as you begin to fall, I’ll get out of your head so you will feel how I felt several years ago. Jamie: Looks in horror.
Peepotie (3 days ago)
Sansa was never married to Joffrey...
Kiya (3 days ago)
We (the audience) might know that Jaime has redeemed himself, but Dani doesn’t know.
Charles Obiora (3 days ago)
The best scene of the episode was drogon watching his cousin make out with his mom
Charles Obiora (3 days ago)
You guys are been too hard on dany...of course she would give up her power for her people...plus as for the burning of randall i fully support it...he deserved to be burnt betraying his warden
Ulyana Mironova (3 days ago)
What's wrong with Phoebe's language?KIND OF almost in EVERY SENTENCE.Quite unpleasant to listen.
theguybackstreet (3 days ago)
FarisElraven (3 days ago)
This guy looks like stanis
poorna kumar (3 days ago)
Danny is stupid ...She just wants to be the queen....🤑
Fahd Kabir (3 days ago)
Anyone else bothered by how she says Sansa?

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