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How to Buy from Alibaba in India | Hindi (Step-by-Step Guidance)

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In this video, I will share my complete experience and knowledge with you as to how to import from Alibaba.
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Danish Chopan (1 day ago)
Need your help!! +919419634543 whatsapp
Swahil Ahmed (1 day ago)
Abe pagal itna lecture marne ka kiya jarurat
Rajesh Shetty (3 days ago)
How much is the custom duty Levied on clothes
imran shaikh (4 days ago)
Md Nizamuddin (5 days ago)
If I order only for Free sample then I should have IEC no.???
the free fire gamers (6 days ago)
Hlo.sir wil you help in buyin a priduct from alibaba
PRAVEEN GAUTAM (7 days ago)
hello my question is if the seller is agreed on sending shipment by DHL or FED ex for samples, which trade term should i choose on alibaba order and in my case they made the order and they chose CPT trade term and agreed to send shipment by DHL.Please help what should i do.
Imran Siddiqui (11 days ago)
Sir plz mujhe ye bataye ki mujhe ek projector lena hai Gp100 woh Alibaba per 8k ka hai aur banggood per 10k hai per maine suna hai banggood per custom nahi lagta toh aapke hisaab se main kaha se lu ki mujhe custom na bharna pade plzz rply
amin rahimoon (13 days ago)
Ring Neck (14 days ago)
I received a projector from shenzen to Mumbai in 4 days via aramex. No customs duty. Declared value on invoice was $35.
amr flk (2 days ago)
+Ring Neck 35$ roughly translates to 2500 rupess, what were the other charges associated with it? What was the actual cost of product?
Ring Neck (2 days ago)
+amr flk I paid around ~6000. The box I received was sealed intact and no sign of customs inspection. By the way, the chinese sellers mention the production cost on the product(by default) in the invoice. It is 50-60% of the amount we paid(retail cost). The sellers undervalue it on buyers request or with prior experience in that route.
amr flk (3 days ago)
What was the total value you paid? Which projector did you bought? Is it the same as mentioned product?
Ring Neck (14 days ago)
I thought about manufacturing some circuits here in India as I have complete knowledge. But after learning more about Indian laws and operating practices, I have abandoned the idea and now think that only importing from China is a viable option. I have gstin and now taking IEC. I wanted to know how to find reliable sellers on alibaba.
Bharat Pawar (14 days ago)
hellow, muzhe alibaba.com se x200 smart watch purchase karni hai...100 $ for personal use kya mai kar sakta hu ? aur custom kitna lagega ?
Gamein Live (17 days ago)
May Amazon Seller banna chatha hu,par import ka process sunkay Kuch soch naie pha ra hu.ps i have all the doc except import doc.
Mudassir Banani (21 days ago)
Kya alibaba pese shopping karni chahiye ya nahi jaldi batana
Jyoti rajput (22 days ago)
nayan kumar maity (23 days ago)
JiLo Ji (25 days ago)
Help me sir--- 7896535815
Rovin Kumar (26 days ago)
Kya 1 product bhi manga sakte hai
Adesh Dhale (26 days ago)
sir I want ur number please sir help me
Anup Verma (30 days ago)
Sir mere par import ke liencec nahi par gst no hai or may online kam kay liye saman magana chata ho kya ye possible hai may mangva sakta hoo
Vijayambike Ks (1 month ago)
Is this app is cheap to by the drone components
Bro please batao trade insurance see order kaise place krete hai
Akash Jadhav (1 month ago)
Nice info.
Parveen Banu (1 month ago)
If i order bulk from alibaba., how much custom i will be charged?
Shooting ball S B F I (1 month ago)
Bhai ik phone h huawei p20 pro is ka price dikha raha h 3,643.12 -7,286.24 ya kya sacha 3 se 7 hazar k andar aa jayga bhai plz bta do
mehuL pateL (1 month ago)
Thank u so much
PREMODINI SINGHA (1 month ago)
how to make a express account
First Step Preschool (1 month ago)
Any ways whre r u from.???
First Step Preschool (1 month ago)
Bro .i salute you .amazing talent you have.........
Tirath Prasad Jaiswal (1 month ago)
bhaiya ji kya is website me cash on delivery available hai kya
Got Interesting (1 month ago)
Very difficult to buy!!
Maanto Chakraborty (1 month ago)
Too good budy
Sir mujhe 500 pic wedding invitation card oder krna h mujhe pura process
sanjay shringi (1 month ago)
Shipping company kese choose krege,Kya order dene se phle FedEx se bat krni hogi ,plz tell me process
Mitul Ali (1 month ago)
Ap mangwa sakte ho
Please tell english
Qasim Shabbir (1 month ago)
Awesome work... You explained very well
rajit choudhary (1 month ago)
Bro order kiasa kiya jata hai Ye btao plz
Sumit Pandey (1 month ago)
Naeem Warsi (1 month ago)
Muge kimat samgh nh ati plz muge kimat samghao exzapl se kimat us dolr me hoti he ya chains dolr me plz rply sir
Varsha Kumari (1 month ago)
1 pice order k liye bhi import export documents lagega kya, shiping method bahut sare h, saji koun sa hoga
Ritik Jain (1 month ago)
thnx bro bohot badiya
Naresh Bawari (1 month ago)
Sir 1st payment online shopping Is securely.
miyanbasit naqashbandi (2 months ago)
thank u brother iss video se bohht help milay gi
Avi Turan (2 months ago)
What if my and my propritership firm names are same..
Real Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
No problem at all.
Thakur Ayushi Singh (2 months ago)
Single product kaise purchase kare........ jisme MQO 1 diya hota hai
Real Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
Use aliexpress for that
Shahmeraz Alam (2 months ago)
today I ask for a sample of mountain bicycle the price around $430 USD and the price is around 3000-4000
Ashish Shivhare (2 months ago)
Alibaba ke mobile apne yaha pr sahi karega na
Rohit Mali (2 months ago)
Is ko manga te wakt koi tax pay karna padta hai kya
Darkness Prince (2 months ago)
hi sir....i am from pakistan..i saw alot of videos but did not get anything...you are the best..... please make more videos and also share your experience ... that will help alot... thanks😄
Geli Ete (2 months ago)
Is Delivery available to Arunachal Pradesh or Assam?
Benudhar kanta (2 months ago)
Thanks but sound quality is not good.
EzziTech Tech (2 months ago)
Will custome charge on on sample order if i got through dhl or fedex?
EzziTech Tech (2 months ago)
Hi if i import than IEC and GSTIN number on package only where my address and shipping detail print on lable...
ammus fishfarm (2 months ago)
any customs duty for person use item under 5000rs?
BiHaRi CoMeDy BoY (2 months ago)
You can help me
Sir can you import pixel led IC no 2811 from China? If yes,then what will be cost? Please reply sir Thanks
akash kar (2 months ago)
I want to buy laptop from alibaba but I want to now that why can't I give our name in our receipt and I don't have my company name. Suggest me some thing
vighnesh shinde (2 months ago)
I want to order a motorcycle so what are the paperworks required and custom duty... Pls reply
Real Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
Very complicated procedure for such big items.
Technical Avishkar (2 months ago)
What is the meaning of 'moq 10'. And is it safe? And they said 100 pieces of otg in just 2 rs is it true?
Real Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
It must be in dollars
Alif sani Khan (2 months ago)
सोंड cam hai ji
PEEYUSH DEVGAN (3 months ago)
Kindly contact me, I need ur help on something. ....9915949975
Siddharth Sarwate (3 months ago)
Sounds Bad...
Satyajit Sarkar (3 months ago)
Sir apke whatsapp number please!!
Manabar Singh Rana (3 months ago)
Thanks so much Custom duty on solar panels?
Virat Negi Negi (3 months ago)
Sir muje 1 cycle chiye or me nahi mnga pa ra hu
pawan kumar (3 months ago)
Apna name q nehi dalna aasa q bolaa
Ovesh Panni (3 months ago)
Offline...I know..now I do countyni
Luhit Mallik (3 months ago)
Cash on delivery hota hain kiya
Ashif Nayak (3 months ago)
One pic ho ga hya sir
yomter ango (3 months ago)
Can't hear you
Vishwas Vishwakarma (3 months ago)
Hi @realentrepreneur, This is my first video of your channel. I see comments as audio quality is not good and don't mix Hindi and English. But what I feel is that the content you shared is very honest and true. It is very detailed and helps a great extent in understanding the nuances of importing from Alibaba.com which hardly other channels share like you did. So comments on audio and language hold a very small weightage compared to your content. However, I would like to add that, improving on audio quality and lighting quality (low light and dark back ground) would add overall value to your channel. And about mixing Hindi and English, it is definitely your personal choice on how you like to run your channel (by the way, I loved and enjoyed your switching languages, you are good at it!) Thank you for sharing and keep going. -Vishwas
Rsh Reycar (3 months ago)
How is payment mode
lisa liu (3 months ago)
Before starting source from Taobao, you have to know this: You can not purchase anything directly, because Taobao is only available the payment by RMB or Alipay. It can not be paid by credit card or PayPal. You can not ask the vendor ship to international, they do not have any experience with international processing. You can not ask them any questions in English, because 99% of the vendors there speak Mandarin. You can only visit the Chinese source and ask an agent to purchase for you By solving the above issue, you should work an agent like CJDropshipping to help you, and CJ is developing CJ Google Chrome Extension like Oberlo to Aliexpress, our CJ Google Chrome Extension is working with Taobao, 1688, and Tmall, you will be able to get this extension by searching CJDROPSHIPPING on Chrome APP Store next month. CJ Google Chrome Extension will help drop shippers to drop ship, source, and purchase directly from Taobao, Tmall, and 1688. You will be able to process everything with paying by PayPal or Credit Card. Learn more here https://cjdropshipping.com/2018/09/26/how-to-source-from-taobao-and-find-the-trending-products/
ptel hindi ni aa kai
Dattatraya Kathare (3 months ago)
Bro I want to buy 130nos. AC will it be cheaper than any other sellers in INDIA after paying costume duties or should I purchase in INDIA by any of the distributor.please guide me because it is my first attempt.. Anyone reply..
Boda Srinu (3 months ago)
Hallo bro all ibaba se 18650 lioin battery parches kar saktha hai
Ring Neck (14 days ago)
Battery import difficult now. Only BIS certified lithium batteries can be imported. Some Chinese battery manufacturers have opened distribution shops in Delhi and noida where they assemble and go for certification. This is why 18650 power banks cells cheap on amazon now.
VEERRAJSONI0 (2 months ago)
Sir told abaut
Alwin Sangral (3 months ago)
Would u tell me a aproximate shipping charge to Delhi of a mountain bike
yojana killekar (3 months ago)
if I want distribution in belgaum
ajay kote (3 months ago)
Awaz ki problem he sir, mic. PH use kijiye sir baki nice information. Good luck
N .K (3 months ago)
good one brother, uh clarified me alot!! i am a merchant exporter but think to import soon.
ajay doot (3 months ago)
Alibaba se singl pair nhi le skte kya
Mind rules (3 months ago)
Sir apka contact details do plz muje kuch query hai..
Mohan Kumar (3 months ago)
Thank you for providing the information in such details. I come across a shipping company who won’t even let us worry about import duty. Once we finalize the vendor considering the steps given in the video, we can directly contact them https://bit.ly/2M7ZHnV and get our estimation to our doorstep.
Subhadip Hens (4 months ago)
If any one have purchase anything from alibaba.com please help me I need your help.
amit roshan (4 months ago)
Expression is awesome and sound is fucked
Sanket Channe (4 months ago)
sandeep676 bind (4 months ago)
Kya mai personal use ke liye alibaba se saaman buy kar sakta hu
Waleed Memon (4 months ago)
Give me your whtsupp number bro
Suman Kumari (4 months ago)
Kya hm koi single chij nhi mangwa sakte Kya for our use
Joydev Kumar (4 months ago)
I am dr.b.k.roy Kindly cl me 8638692971
Aditya Gupta (4 months ago)
I want to know extra thing of alibaba ...please share your contact detail...its too urgent
Musleful Ahmed (4 months ago)
Contact number di jiwe
Enam Zee Assam (4 months ago)
bhaii aour tuda sound lagao bideo mein . aor mea ek sawal hai.! mein wholesaler products lene chahtahu . minimum 20000 hajar . dusre products 10000 . total 30000 . lakin Rs=100.77 -300.66. . aise rahta hai . abhi konsa Kia rate ? wholesale konsa hain , aor Indian rate hai kia yeh? step 2 sawal . payment options mein remarks mein konsa payment choice korna hair? initial payment koncha hai? totally rate kaha hai kitna ? aour Cash on delivery hai ? yeh ? yeh sabke bare me sirf mujhe Jankari nahi chahiye bhaii . all viewers ke liye jeadah help huga Hi huga ,, mujhe aour bhi help huga , bhaii ek video banake dikhao plzz....
Enam Zee Assam (4 months ago)
bhaii aour tuda sound lagao bideo mein . aor mea ek sawal hai.! mein wholesaler products lene chahtahu . minimum 20000 hajar . dusre products 10000 . total 30000 . lakin Rs=100.77 -300.66. . aise rahta hai . abhi konsa Kia rate ? wholesale konsa hain , aor Indian rate hai kia yeh? step 2 sawal . payment options mein remarks mein konsa payment choice korna hair? initial payment koncha hai? totally rate kaha hai kitna ? aour Cash on delivery hai ? yeh ? yeh sabke bare me sirf mujhe Jankari nahi chahiye bhaii . all viewers ke liye jeadah help huga Hi huga ,, mujhe aour bhi help huga , bhaii ek video banake dikhao plzz....
prabin basumatary (4 months ago)
sir mujhe ak milling machine kharidna tha jo china product he. proce india price nahi dikha raha he £233 paound me diya hua he jo india price logvog 22,000 mejhe samas me nahi a raha he ki kaise applay karu
JDP VIBRANT (4 months ago)
Ajit Torvekar (4 months ago)
Sir, will you help me to import from alibaba to india 20 to 50 K product. I am online seller. or ref Importer no. my no 9850999452 (I have gst,IEC also)
Syed Asan Ali (4 months ago)
+1450 639 3735 please please please contact me
Ajit Torvekar (4 months ago)
thanks,very nice knowledgeable, explain sab kiya but sound quality..??
Ashima Hans (4 months ago)
Hi can u please suggest me how to find importers of make up from China to India.

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