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On Dating Apps, What Is A Good Way For A Girl To Talk To You Instead Of Someone Else?

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Text Comments (40)
Josh Siegel (3 months ago)
"Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?" Works almost every time.
E Sean (5 months ago)
You are a boss!
N0 M3RCY. (5 months ago)
I need help with a girl I like her a lot like more than anything the past couple days She has a boyfriend and thats why i havent decided to tell her i like her and it makes me super sad She is the cutest, beautiful girl in school she also called me cute and dont know what she ment by that and i dont know what to do plz help and we know each other from the beginning of this year but these feeling was not like this a couple weeks ago when i started liking her so plz tell me what to do
lesley young (5 months ago)
Hi. I met this guy 2 months ago. He says we are just friends. He treats me like a girlfriend. When I told him I was walking home alone at night. He was like hey be careful please text me when you get home so I know your ok. Is this guy secretly in love with me?
sad girl (5 months ago)
He also keeps saying that I like him, sort of flirting. PLEASE HELP ☹☹
sad girl (5 months ago)
I need help with this boy!!! So he acts like he likes me in class, you know he was calling my name and tryna get my attention but then he tells me he doesnt like me. I need help!! Does he not like me or is he not ready to tell me?!
steve jankiewicz (5 months ago)
My girlfriend is mad and won’t respond and is leaving me on read I let her be for 2 days now nothing has been better please help I really love this girl!
Ella (5 months ago)
*I have a question:* I have a crush on a guy that is 2 years older than me. Our mothers are friends, so we know each other, but we have never talked. I first noticed him at school when I just looked around and happened to catch his eyes. And that was it for me. Boom, I had a crush on him. I'm 99,9% sure that FIRST look from him was just like "hey, I know you". But, after that day, after our classes our eyes met. And he looked at me deeply. Like REALLY deeply. With no expression. One day I just walked to class and looked to the floor, but as he passed me, I felt him looking. It's been two weeks. Everyday, after our classes, if we pass each ather at the hallway, we stare into each other eyes. Last friday after my class, I was laughing with my friend and with a smile still on my face I saw him looking at me with the *no expression* face. So we locked eyes for good 2 seconds, and the second he passed me, he turned around REALLY smoothly and fast to look back at me. I didn't look back, but he turned so fast I could see it. Is that a sign that he might be into me or is he just thinking like "wtf, why is she always staring at me"?? And did he turn around cuz he wanted to check if I'm still looking? I'm really confused and I would appreciate an opinion on this. :/
Ella (5 months ago)
You are the best! I love your advices and humour. You have saved me from so many things and heartbrakes. Thank you. ❤
George Is Straight Elite (5 months ago)
They never respond anyway so why does it matter ?
aa (5 months ago)
Someone is asking me to marry them. And, like, these jokes people play on me is so 😮 😖 🤔 (?). They assume I know what all the details they say are...and, they are partially joking, BUT NOT. So, if I take it as a joke and respond back with a joke (because that's how the approach at me is sort of like, it's like joking) then they get pissed off at me for real in reality. I don't get it. Someone seems to want to talk to me about something....like, for real. But, they won't. 😐 😞 😟 😦 ? 😕 🤔
aa (3 months ago)
Zed I. Well, he (or, whoever that is that wrote that) can't marry me if I'm already married to someone else. 😯 Maybe he (or, whoever wrote that) or someone he knows wants to try to get me to be single because they are offended that they are single(?) and I'm not. 🤔 Or, because there is some other underlying reason behind them saying that. They might know something and so they wrote that as a mock/joke about something...and they wonder how I'll interpret it.
Chat Stories (5 months ago)
What does it mean if a guy constantly stares at you everyday and just smiles from the distance, but never approces? I am creeped the hell out if I am not thinking right.
MikiMaki76 (5 months ago)
the good way is don't use dating apps. every girl gets tons of messages and you will be number 26348 on the waiting list; often they don't even read messages so why bother? approach girls in real life and skip the huge queue. people use dating apps because they are pussies, everyone can do that, but few have the guts to approach girls in real life on the street or in a shop, and you will have almost no competition doing that. dating apps may be useful for unattractive girls with unresolved issues, but are close to useless for 99% of men.
Lydia Rudolph (5 months ago)
(IN NEED OF ADVICE)... Me and my ex boyfriend just started living back together, we lived with each other before but it didn’t work out, we was together for 3 years and now that we’re roommates sometimes we have sex but sometimes we don’t ... funny thing is we’ve never kissed before and he’s never went down on me. Is that a sign that we’re not meant for each other? I still love him but I’m not sexually happy with him. PLEASE HELP... should I move on ? What should I do ?
Pejtu Joker (5 months ago)
never go back on the sametrash= never go back with ur exes u gonna regret it
Jared Arredondo (5 months ago)
Why not go out into the real world and meet someone instead of going online... I swear y’all lazy asf making 0 effort
Horror Dog Horror Dog (5 months ago)
Hi, How can I ask a girl out when I only see her with her mother?
Do it m8 I have also done this it will work trust me
Midget Sloth (5 months ago)
Please I was hoping you could answer me this Is it bad when a 30 year old man wants to engage into sexual activity and have a romantic relationship with a 17 year old girl? And why would he want that?
jade davis (5 months ago)
How do I ask him a question to get a video on advice ?
Ichigo MG (5 months ago)
Dude is still wearing a black shirt.
Ehiz I (5 months ago)
What’s the best dating app out there ?
Humanbynature (5 months ago)
Read profiles guys u might learn something abt that person u can use to your advantage
The watchmans eyes (5 months ago)
Dont put pictures with your ex cut out of them. Girls dont like that. And if you're bald dont wear a cap and hide it. Thats so tacky
mb benz (5 months ago)
True i really need to work on my tinder. I have two selfies and i always say “hey” when i get matched 😂
G Slite (5 months ago)
MBsavage Why use a dating site....go out and meet people with friends..95 % of the time dating sites are for hook up's and is a temporary thing to do. If you are not looking for a relationship then dating sites are available for use. It's just another way to smash.
Google User (5 months ago)
I have feelings for one of my friends
Amanda (5 months ago)
I have feelings for one of my best friends any advice on how I should deal with it do I tell him or just see if things take a natural course
Ndi phonse (4 months ago)
If you feel something you gotta Chase after it. Sure guys are supposed to be the ones to ask, but if you wanna find out then ask him. Tell him hey, could you ever imagine us in a relationship? If he says yes then bingo let him know
rj batz (5 months ago)
K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid just let him know, if he's interested he'll pursue but if you don't tell him he'll only think of you as a friend, nothing wrong with letting him know as long as you let him make the moves, plan, etc, just detach from the fear of losing friends they come and go, ik the whole friendship business the fear of driving a friend away but everybody wants somebody, and believe me most the time when a friend finds a partner their not around nearly as much when they were single and they ain't thinkin about you, you've got nothing to lose.
Kity Kat Kimi (5 months ago)
+Amanda Check out dating coach Greta. She has a ton of videos on here 😊
Amanda (5 months ago)
Kity Kat Kimi thanks girl that sounds like great advice I’ll take it
Kity Kat Kimi (5 months ago)
A guy is the chaser, the alpha male. By telling him, then you are coming off as the chaser and stepping into masculine energy. Lean back into your feminine energy. Remain high value by controlling your emotions. Not being needy, controlling, insecure, possessive with him and focus on your goals and ambitions. This guy will be putty in your hands because he sees you as a woman of high value and you will bring out the best in a guy by being this way. Good luck!
French Vanilla (5 months ago)
I was helping my friend browse thru a dating app. And mostly every guy had pictures of them having caught a fish or next to a fish on a fishing boat 🤭 Some of the men were doing weird faces like silly faces. Some had on wigs as a joke ( ha ha real funny) NOT!! My friend is a tall woman she use to model shes about 5'9 and a lot of guys were tiny 5'6. I will take her speed dating instead she's a young grandmother but still fun and full of life.
sarah_says (5 months ago)
Nick Gurz ?
Feels Logical (5 months ago)
+sarah_says Did you get that second date ?
sarah_says (5 months ago)
French Vanilla lol so true! idk what it is with these fishing photos tho
RVickbmx (5 months ago)
Right on time!
Astro Venus (5 months ago)
U always come thru😊😊

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