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10+ Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of

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Fashion has changed a lot with time. And every year it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with something new that hasn’t been done yet. That’s why designers often go beyond everyday things and sometimes even go too far. music : http://www.bensound.com/ source : https://brightside.me/
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Text Comments (379)
fariha khan (7 months ago)
Really worst dresses
Rathod Bhoomi (7 months ago)
Very bad shoes and clothes because it's not comfortable for all.
Barsha Ahmed (7 months ago)
I will never buy these things.. how they are wearing tish
Rick's World (7 months ago)
Is there some reason why they let mental patients design outfits?
ARUN THULASI (7 months ago)
1:38 super design👏
Halima Rinaz (7 months ago)
Anyone can where anything who the fool are u too judge them
N D/B (7 months ago)
4:23 really it's creepy
Philip George (7 months ago)
0:41 She was not attacked by bear... It was Bear Grills...
Kezia Divina (7 months ago)
I never seen such a worst designs...
ferooz ahmed (7 months ago)
it was soo embarrassing
ferooz ahmed (7 months ago)
hahahahahahahaahah 4 one hahah
ferooz ahmed (7 months ago)
first one I hate that don't wear pant and go without it stupid
Lordjim Balsamo (7 months ago)
This is making me feel uncomfortable
Trudy Dyck (7 months ago)
3:02 thar is what those shoes were made for! I need them!!
Jamira SoriaTV (7 months ago)
Hahahaa 4:35
Roberto Barrera (7 months ago)
What happened to Kim's ass
Shivani Rajput (7 months ago)
i think the people who wear these are fool equally as designer were 😄
olivia tg (7 months ago)
Biggest fashion fail is ugly ov ersized implant boobs. YUK & YIKES. ( like Kardashians )
Sana Ansari (7 months ago)
There cloths are stupid but you are gone fully stupid
J# Row (7 months ago)
Why the they should be ashamed of??
Rachel Rose Rachel (7 months ago)
Flemmy Firefly (7 months ago)
Music in the video 👌 of course the video too😍. Can you just give me the link for the music?
JAS (7 months ago)
The thong was created as a joke by a gay man to see how many women would buy into the trend.
Nilima Saharia (7 months ago)
In one word -awkward 😫😝
Nilima Saharia (7 months ago)
OMG..... like really. .shame shame
Anika Salsabil (7 months ago)
Who wore these?
cooking help (7 months ago)
Very funny video 😂😂
khademul alom (7 months ago)
3:08 lol
Girl dips (7 months ago)
4:28 they should've had another shoe on the smaller leg
Kawsar habib (7 months ago)
wow new style amazing
zoya khan (7 months ago)
high choice (7 months ago)
This trends looks awesome to me!
Sunny_playz (7 months ago)
4:21 when you take Barbie to a whole new level.....
Zeeshan Ata (7 months ago)
o my god it is so much funny
Divya mishra (7 months ago)
2:26 आयुर्वेदिक heels by"पतंजलि "🙇 😂😂
Blossom (7 months ago)
Deepali Chimbalkar (7 months ago)
RITEN KSHETRI (7 months ago)
Really creepy
Tanya Mittal (7 months ago)
😂😂😂Sahi h
Emily Dean (7 months ago)
I’m confused on 2:58. Why are those bad?
Its Riddhi (7 months ago)
Emily Dean (7 months ago)
Riddhi Attarde ohhhhhh ok thanks for telling me😂
Its Riddhi (7 months ago)
They're bent at the back
Durga Joshi (7 months ago)
What is your problem
Natalia Kh (8 months ago)
Lol hahahaha ! The most funny's style
Jutisn Bebber (8 months ago)
I like some of them
Thivisha Thilakar (8 months ago)
4:30 is disgusting if she would wear anything and put it above that it would be better. 😒😒😒😒
tanitya mojumdar (8 months ago)
This is Too much 😂😂
uzair khan (8 months ago)
yahh 😂😂
Crafty Me (8 months ago)
OK the better shoes one question how in the world could u drive in those
fashion tips (8 months ago)
why these idiot people buying these dresses???🤔🤔
Mohan Pujary (8 months ago)
Awesome way to not waste money for new right
Bakhtawar Mehdi (8 months ago)
At 2:20 her feet are bigger then the shoe Me:mom is she wearing the right shoe size Mom:maybe she grew and decided to wear it then
blank tae (8 months ago)
Why should they be ashamed? If they like it and it makes them happy, then why not?
Moumita Jha (8 months ago)
My goodness can people wear such things???
bahi 123 (8 months ago)
0:47 🤣🤣
beautifull life (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LoL today's fashion
ad1TM (8 months ago)
3:27 it's totally fake it's edited
Mehrangiz Bahronova (8 months ago)
PAYAL K (8 months ago)
What kind of Terrible music 😑😑
Miski Ali (8 months ago)
Really delicious hoodies, I'm disgusted
Miski Ali (8 months ago)
That poison ivy's heels where actually cute
Nusrat Jahan Nuri (8 months ago)
Really funny
Afreen Shaikh (8 months ago)
Chandni Kumari (8 months ago)
i like it
Sakina Fatima (8 months ago)
Lol funniest video😂😂
notruha (8 months ago)
Villain uday (8 months ago)
shoes that flip the bird .
Ruth fromplanetfriends (8 months ago)
Lol! Haha noip
Deepthi Andani (8 months ago)
Idk who were those models who agreed to wear these clothes...hat's off to them..😝
Patience Wallace (9 months ago)
2:29 those shoes are actually kinda cute
Missy Doyle (9 months ago)
I absolutely love love the bikini shoes !! Great idea !
Becky Smeilus (9 months ago)
I just realized I can make a lot of money for selling this crap
Sapna Majotra (9 months ago)
This is called fashion disaster.
Laddan Ali (9 months ago)
Huzaifa Chaudhry (9 months ago)
Its a sighn of nonsense on modern world
Shru love (9 months ago)
U got a problem with them, don't wear them. And stop insulting something that you don't understand.
The Hantus (9 months ago)
And they call it high fashion. You know, the clothes that you wear when you are high lol
JGW 54 (9 months ago)
I like 4:50- nice shirt!
Subbarami Reddy (9 months ago)
Niall_Pizza_ (9 months ago)
Niall_Pizza_ (9 months ago)
the ones at 2:56 are actually nice! what are you saying! those are cool shoes! oh wait, i just realized the backs were folded in. nevermind, yeah they should be ashamed of that! if the the back wasnt folded in, they would be nice.
AssassinDeer 258 (9 months ago)
I actually really like the poison ivy ones
Anna Luisa Rossini (9 months ago)
Hilarious! ! 😁
Anime Lover lol (9 months ago)
4:14 haaahhha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Really, I liked the poison ivy shoes.😃
FAZILAH SHIREEN (9 months ago)
Onion sack very funny. Shame to wear this fashion . 😂😂😅😅
Briana Alcoser (9 months ago)
Lamia Islam (9 months ago)
Lol!really funny
Priscilla Joel (9 months ago)
ninja's dress luks like it's made frm black garbage bags
Kutty Maa (9 months ago)
I like the Jean at 1:00
Purple Flower (10 months ago)
Jimin's Property (10 months ago)
1:52 😂😂😂
Sandip Maji (10 months ago)
noothing to be ashamed of
Huz Sidhpurwala (10 months ago)
What on earth is it?
jeon Jessie (10 months ago)
Shibal hahaha
jeevitha gl (10 months ago)
good and a message oriented one..nice👏🏻👏🏻
surujdaye ramoutar (10 months ago)
Love your sense of humour
Uma Pathi (10 months ago)
03:08 for wearing this they can go by wearing nothing
Uma Pathi (10 months ago)
01:50 giant gonzalez costume
light (10 months ago)
Love the fashion description under😆😀
LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
A Erin A (10 months ago)
Honestly how boring if you were to completely disregard unique things like this and wear normal clothes all the time. You should be ashamed, get some fun in your life!

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