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How to Buy Wholesale Product online In India | Shop from International Sites [Hindi]

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In this video tutorial, i will show you to how to buy the wholesale product online in India from top 5 website from China to India and India to different cities of India for reselling at the store and grow your business. And I will also show you how to import machinery from a foreign country from china at wholesale price online. for your startup business or to resell the product at e-commerce company online from home. TOP 5 WEBSITE NAME AND LINK TO BUY PRODUCT AT WHOLESALE RATE ONLINE 1.indiamart: https://www.indiamart.com/ 2.zeetsale: https://zeetsale.com/ 3.alibaba: http://www.alibaba.com/ 4.inidia Alibaba: https://india.alibaba.com/ 5.wdyr: http://Wdyr.in 6.http://www.shopclues.com/wholesale.html Subscribe, Share, Support!!! PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON; Facebook;https://www.facebook.com/mahendar.sin... twitter;https://twitter.com/Mahenda54351475 Instagram;https://www.instagram.com/mahendarsin... Note- You have to pay tax while you import products from outside India and when your product will to come to India you will receive email and call from custom to pay that tax and you will need importer Registration ID.
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Text Comments (18)
Asrar Lehri (7 months ago)
pakistan ma india mart se kasiay buy kry?
Sanjiv Samal (5 months ago)
Muh me leke
preet Singh (6 months ago)
go to alibaba
preet Singh (6 months ago)
never buy
dudekula javeed (11 months ago)
Bhai kohibi help mrku
online shop (1 year ago)
Ye nepal me bhi bhejenge kya?
SikhoTo (1 year ago)
Bantai Gaming (1 year ago)
Ali baba is best
dudekula javeed (11 months ago)
gamer shukla Bhai PLC help me alibAba see meku
umar saad (1 year ago)
Chayan (1 year ago)
Kay ma 1 unit kharid sakta hu
SikhoTo (1 year ago)
no wholesale ke liye hai srif
Arshad Khan (1 year ago)
long frock wholesale mein kharidna hai toh is number pe WhatsApp kare 9836666333
Susmita Dahal (1 year ago)
ronit singh (1 year ago)
sabhi side ka links sent kare
SikhoTo (1 year ago)
ronit singh sabhi sites ka link discrpetion mai hai check kar lo
karlofactory dotcom (1 year ago)
Ok.bhai ye site kaisa hai.karlofactory.com
SikhoTo (1 year ago)
print003 ok Normal hai but utna trusted nahi hai

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