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How To Find Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers To Private Label A Product And Sell On Amazon

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FREE AMAZON FBA TRAINING: https://projectlifemastery.com/fba/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=free-amazon-fba-training-promo&utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers&utm_content=lc-youtube-description In this video Stefan shows you step by step how to find wholesale suppliers and manufacturers to private label a product and sell on Amazon. "This is a very important step of this process because once you found a product that you want to sell or a niche or an opportunity that you want to sell on Amazon that you already deemed as profitable that you can make money from then the supplier piece is the next most important part. You want to make sure that you find suppliers that have good prices, that will give you a great quote, that you can negotiate with and build a great relationship with, that you can order a certain number of units from, maybe a product from China or the United States. I will be showing you exactly how to do that." ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★ https://projectlifemastery.com/how-to-find-suppliers/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=blog-post-promo&utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers&utm_content=lc-youtube-description ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ Subscribe ► http://projectlifemastery.com/youtube ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★ Blog ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=homepage-promo&utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers&utm_content=lc-youtube-description Twitter ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/twitter Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/stefanjames23 Facebook ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/facebook Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/stefanjames23 Instagram ► http://projectlifemastery.com/instagram Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/stefanjames23 Snapchat ► http://projectlifemastery.com/snapchat Periscope ► http://projectlifemastery.com/periscope iTunes Podcast ► http://www.projectlifemastery.com/itunes ★☆★ ABOUT PROJECT LIFE MASTERY: ★☆★ The Project Life Mastery YouTube channel is the place to be for motivational, inspiring, educational, and uplifting self improvement videos. You can also follow for videos about online business, Amazon, and making money online! ★☆★ MY PRODUCTS & COURSES: ★☆★ Life Mastery Accelerator ► https://projectlifemastery.com/lifemasteryacceleratorcourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers Online Business Mastery Accelerator ► https://projectlifemastery.com/onlinebusinessmasteryacceleratorcourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers Morning Ritual Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/morningritualmasterycourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers Affiliate Marketing Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/affiliatemarketingmasterycourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers Kindle Money Mastery ► https://projectlifemastery.com/kmoneymasterycourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers 24 Hour Book Program ► https://projectlifemastery.com/24hourbookcourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers Kindle Optimizer ► https://projectlifemastery.com/koptimizercourse/?utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers ★☆★ MERCHANDISE: ★☆★ Mastery Apparel ► http://www.masteryapparel.com ★☆★ RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: ★☆★ https://projectlifemastery.com/resources/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=plm-resources-page-promo&utm_term=how-to-find-wholesale-suppliers-and-manufacturers&utm_content=lc-youtube-description
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Text Comments (156)
isack wiebe (27 days ago)
Awesome video
kristi kristi (1 month ago)
Thank you....a very goooooood information
Ling Chen (1 month ago)
This is very handy, I subscribed. Thanks
Issues Gh (2 months ago)
you are amazing bro..thx and really appreciate
ADARSH SHUKLA (2 months ago)
The last thing I would like to do is sell my product on Amazon.
This is what I call gold knowledge. Thank you.
Devonte Oakley (5 months ago)
Thanks so much👍👍
Darla Beauty (8 months ago)
Amazing video with great information!
Project Life Mastery (8 months ago)
Thank you Darla!
neelam hussain (9 months ago)
Very helpful thanks 👍
Forly Cao (11 months ago)
Project Life Mastery (11 months ago)
Thank you Forly! Here is a video you will love: https://youtu.be/XDkyUZL9aZ0
Gary Miceli (1 year ago)
thanks stef
TheAncientOne (1 year ago)
I never had so much joy from the bliss of 'figuring out'...! Thank you so much! This was the last piece of my puzzle.
Bamberrydude (1 year ago)
New subscriber here! great vid, very informative.
Kwasi&Lex (1 year ago)
Are the manufacturers able to print or engrave my logo ?
jailah porter (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge. you have no idea how much you helped me. you answered so many questions for me that I've been having.
Project Life Mastery (1 year ago)
Hey Jailah, so glad it helped!
Mai Pham (1 year ago)
Amazing video so helpful and practical - I love that you really did what you wrote in the title, thank you so much
Ken Mosley (1 year ago)
great info stefan
Rex Houston (1 year ago)
Thank you for this information. I just needed a way out.
isabel roski (1 year ago)
Which paying is the earn of money? Paying check or bank account ? i must pay tax ?
abhishek rathore (1 year ago)
I am an socks manufacturer how can I find best suppliers and distributor offline
Paige Petkevicius (1 year ago)
?Do you have a video on marketing and promoting your products?
Monroe Morgan (1 year ago)
Hey, thanks a lot Stefan. Can you get items that are already in the US for a decent price or is it hard to compete with Chinese manufacturers?
Reggie Osburn (1 year ago)
WOW! I've been wanting to sell products and Ideas that I've had for along time now. Ten years ago I couldn't connect the dots. It seems now that there is enough information that it really is possible, if you work at it and learn IT is something that can be achieved.Selling on line> I'm really enjoying the learning process and your videos. I've decided on product (s) but I have a QUESTION: I've got a One in Particular very simple idea, It's a little different from all other products that I've found. It's automotive, fills a need and would be a good profit margin. But it has to be made. Is it worth it to have one of these manufactures to make a new product. Should it be patented. I would like to maybe license it to some of the BIG Auto Manufactures; FORD, JEEP etc. By the time you get back to me, I'll probably have already answered my own question. Thank You for the informational videos.
Onii Chan (1 year ago)
are the suppliers able to speak english?
Frauke Hartmann (1 year ago)
great video thank you!
Lady in the Pink (1 year ago)
hi how to find perfume manufacturer and make a deal?
favour channel (1 year ago)
and i want to start this september but amazon is asking me to pay for 2 months how can i get in touch with them and tell that i want to start paying from september and how do i send my goods to them thanks and please do reply
Love (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info
Taynah Walker (1 year ago)
Sneha Diwan (1 year ago)
Stefan...lovely video, v useful, detailed, selfless and honest. Thank you! One of the best i have come across lately. U also got a very nice voice! Many solved, still have many ques in mind regarding registering a company, taxes, paperwork, research... But u helped in a big way..thanks! Much progress to you & your gf in your respective ventures <3
WeSnapple (1 year ago)
Do you ship directly to the warehouse or to yourself? Sorry if i missed it.
Joanna Sz (1 year ago)
Thank you for what you're doing! Greatly put together & extremely helpful information.
Me and me A (1 year ago)
Do I have to private label a product and if I do does label has to be on the case for example or can it just be on the package?
kalialylo (1 year ago)
Amazing information! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
Worth a Watch (2 years ago)
Could you do a video screencasting where you arrange with Amazon to send product to their warehouse and direct them how to break up your package into units, and then from there to sales?
Davaughna Benson (2 years ago)
This video was very helpful. Is there a video on how and where to create my logo? Also is it required for me to get any specific licenses and patents in the United States for the business?
L Ch (2 years ago)
do i have to sign up on alibaba n if so do i need to have a company name and if so how do i get one?
Magdalena Airi (2 years ago)
thank you for all of those videos they are one of the most informative things out there
L Noah (2 years ago)
Sharlene Sookram (2 years ago)
Hi Stefan thanks a million for your very detailed guidance on starting a business and buying products oversees. Both you and your girlfriend have been very helpful with regards to your information and guidance. Thank you.
Nishi Patel (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
The Fitness Channel (2 years ago)
im starting to follow you in your videos. great content and its like entrepreneur for dummies. very easy and basic approach. step by step all i need to know how to start my ecom biz.. i will watch more and hope that i get to start my business asap. thanks bro! my mentor!
David Andre Manuel (2 years ago)
I have access to more than 30 types of supplements. All of them well recognized and high quality. Thanks for the video.
Sidney Decker (2 years ago)
would you recommend sending a product to your house of an American middle man of straight to Amazon?
Michelle Rose (2 years ago)
What about import laws and licensing? Customs clearance etc.
ZARINA BALMILERO (2 years ago)
Hi Stephan kuddos to your videos very informative and interesting...
Ines Draaijer (2 years ago)
You are awesome. I almost feel bad by watching all these videos for free!
Valentine (2 years ago)
Do these suppliers do custom packaging as weak or do you have to take care of that yourself also? and if I'm not mistaken, you ship to amazon - not your own house?
ccellyyy (2 years ago)
Hi I’m trying to start a business and I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. I’m trying to find a china manufacture that does custom orders. I have an idea and I want them to make the product for me.
Lyn (2 years ago)
For dealing with manufacturers overseas, is it okay to pay through PayPal? Or is that an easy way to get scammed/hacked?
Queen Athelene (2 years ago)
This is great information. Thank you.
Steve Ligon (2 years ago)
Thanks Stefan , good info...
Rachelle G (2 years ago)
Before you start do you need to form a corporation, should I place the order as an individual or a company?
Tiffany Amber (2 years ago)
you can be a sole proprietorship :)
Lo Po (2 years ago)
I sincerely appreciate these videos. I'm learning so much to help me start my business. Thank-you so much!!!!
Jack Rodriguez Flores (2 years ago)
Lisa Capri (2 years ago)
Superb video. What else can I say? Thank you!
Ethel Burnett (2 years ago)
Thank you Stefan! Excellent info and I am excited to get started.
Tamara chosen (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for being unselfish ! knowledge is power . thank you for sharing your knowledge and what you have learned with people like me , I'm truly appreciative and I will take what I have learn and pass it on to anyone and everyone who wants to be successful or become the next successful Entrepreneur . I have always wanted my own business or online business and with your help , I'm on the road to a great start .
Huang Yvonne (2 years ago)
thank you for sharing. 😄
paper wings (2 years ago)
Thank you !
Iiakanksha (2 years ago)
Your videos are a great help!! Thankyou
Jessica Leggs (2 years ago)
I appreciate all of the information that you're giving!!!!Thank You!!!!
imcjayt (2 years ago)
is there anything like alibaba for the uk?
Cee kay (2 years ago)
Hey Stefan, is overseas shipping usually ALOT more expensive?
rabbit underpants (2 years ago)
Thanks for your time. I hope to turn it into financial freedom. Not that I'm thinking of going with U.S. suppliers but how would you verify the quality of a consumable product and how do you make sure a supplier is reliable? And yes Stefan we want as much info as your willing to put out and if it all pans out I will definitely give credit where credit's due. Of course, I'm skeptical but I want to believe.
Sharon Jackson (2 years ago)
Great information, Stefan! Thank you.
My-crypto world (2 years ago)
great video. i have a question, lets say i buy 300 wrist bands that comes in a box. alibaba need to put the FNSKU on each wrist band (wrist band maybe is in a bag/or doesnt need to be?) does amazon require each FNSKU on each wrist band bag or only on the cartoon/box that all 300 bands comes in? thanks
R.H. Shinn (2 years ago)
Are u saying the manufacturer will print or engrave my logo on the product? Is this what I should ask the manufacturer if they do?
R.H. Shinn (2 years ago)
Good knowledge truly. Thank you for helping to empower people at the bottom. Bless u my guy
best2juck (2 years ago)
Great video! Anyway, I have a quick question I heard that if you are trying to sell items that are not on the Amazon listing previously, (selling something new.. or my own brand) you need to have somewhat good selling history and review.. is that right? To be competitive, I believe that it is better to sell items that others are not selling yet. but what I said above is true, should I start with selling items that already on amazon, compete with others, then few month later, start to sell items that others might not sell?
Christopher Drenik (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video man, I appreciate it.
Jay Mehta (2 years ago)
Hi Stefan, Greetings from India! Let's say that I order 500 Pieces of a particular product. I don't find the product as expected when it gets delivered. Can I return that product back on Alibaba. What are the challenges that I could face.
Henry Romero (2 months ago)
Ask for a sample first
spywizz dotcom (2 years ago)
Very informative, and thank you very much for a legit video!
Lalie Hopkins (2 years ago)
Hello, thanks for the video. Do you know if it is authorized to sell an accessory that is destined to work only with a specific product of a specific brand? It would look axactly the same but I would put my own brand name on it. Thanks!
Nancy Parsons (2 years ago)
Your videos have changed my life
Kevyn Battle (2 years ago)
So basically ALIBABA does private labeling for you? They will make a name and additional stuff if you just ask them? and would you be able to see it before they shit it off to amazon ?
Big$MoneyBoss (2 years ago)
I swear im in the hardest business Im trying to find hip hop jewelry suppliers
Zachary Voorhees (2 years ago)
Do you need a wholesale license to do this?
Anthony (2 years ago)
How do you make sure the product you choose to private label is not something that has already been patented in the US or another country it may be sold in?
Becky Williams (2 years ago)
Thank you Mr.Stephan.. That helped a lot😁
Kris Bumhead (2 years ago)
I've not watched this video yet but I have a question if anyone can answer please. I have no intention of giving up my day job but would like to sell on Amazon on the side to earn extra income.. I see goods are cheap on Alibaba but I want to know if AliExpress is any good? I read somewhere that Ali Express is full of patented products (can't remember the wording but the gist was that AE is full of dodgy goods). Thanks.
Macky Mode (2 years ago)
Use the sorting feature on the site, prioritize orders and seller rating and you should come up with reliable suppliers. Don't worry about patents, most of the goods are made in China and they don't bother getting patents for USA if you are from there. Being an online seller is not a part-time job easy, unless you are using drop-shipping, it's practically a full time job, if you ship the goods one day late, the customers are going to be pissed and will cancel it. I would just go with Alibaba instead of Aliexpress, Alibaba has better prices. Oh but don't ever use money wire, especially when the supplier insists on it, use a credit card just in case they run with your money.
Dee dee (2 years ago)
great! thanks
Rozli Yusof (2 years ago)
hi stefan do you have videos on shopify
Robert (2 years ago)
Great ;)
Tread Stone (2 years ago)
How much do you guys things Trump will impact imports from China? He has already hinted about adding tariffs (~ 45%) to imports from China.
where can i find an iphone supplier? they are sold cheaper in ebay than in the same apple store?
Code Blue (2 years ago)
Doesn't the cost of shipping from China eat away at the fact that goods are cheaper? Vs. finding a supplier in the US and not paying as much for freight.
DoglinsShadow (2 years ago)
Awesome video! Love your training courses. Quick question, if you don't mind- Will amazon accept a shipment directly from AliBaba? I've heard about them freaking out about retail arbitrage or private labeling and whatnot... so should I have it shippede home then personally deliver to Amazon or just ship directly there? Many thanks!!! Will continue sharing your service :)
Macky Mode (2 years ago)
You could do it if your supplier is willing to help put on Amazon barcode stickers on each item for you.
Clark Moraign (2 years ago)
I am looking for an American supplier to create my private label are there any American suppliers?
Isaias (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. I really learned lots of new information
Jacob Ramsey (2 years ago)
how do you figure out tariffs and landed cost. Also once the product reaches America how do you get it shipped to a destination
Macky Mode (2 years ago)
Air shipping don't go through customs. Small items rarely get checked for parcel post. Sea freight will most definitely cost you customs fees, and you'll have to arrange freight forwarding to get the shipment for you.
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Have to say i found this to be a really good site with cheap products for me to sell in my shop BUT.... Shopping cost to the U.K is unbelievable best quote on 20 RC car was $120 the worst being $690... Well that kinda ruined it for me lol Shame.
Macky Mode (2 years ago)
Why can't they ship it by sea? Sea freight is dirt cheap anywhere.
UNICOMP (2 years ago)
LordShan (2 years ago)
Can we only sale on Amazon?
Bryan Violett (2 years ago)
Hi Stefan. I noticed that you are selling l-carnitine on Amazon. I'm thinking about starting to sell a supplement on Amazon also. I was wondering if you could tell me who your supplement Supplier is or who the best supplier is in your opinion. Also wondering which supplements sell best on Amazon. Would appreciate any insight you can give. Thanks.
Romy T (2 years ago)
Wonderful! Thank you so much!
Raphael Toutant (2 years ago)
When it comes to building your own brand, Do I have to create a full formed company of the brand I want to create. Canada, USA registred etc? Hope I will help some begginers too with this question. Thank you!
Sun Fitness (2 years ago)
Very informative! Thank you
A Hench Baby (2 years ago)
Great video!!
F.E.W.S Fashion (2 years ago)
Are people allowed to sell anything on Amazon when they get started or are restriction ?
David (2 years ago)
+Guardian's Creed Do you know what the age restriction is?
Guardians Creed (2 years ago)
age restriction but I believe thats it

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