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70 Outer Space Tattoos For Men

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70 Outer Space Tattoos For Men
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Brandon Leach (25 days ago)
2:52 is the best tattoo on here!
Phoenix chibi (8 months ago)
I really hate it when people say "for men" or "for women" art is art
sergio parra (11 months ago)
josh hoffer (1 year ago)
I got a cool forest and space sleeve in black and grey
izshot playz (1 year ago)
Getting a small one soon what do you guys think?
Tyson Battles (2 years ago)
Christopher Murillo (2 years ago)
the one at 1:34 is awesome
MeeHeeCanMF (5 months ago)
It looks fake to me
Christopher Murillo (2 years ago)
the artist name under thier work would have been awesome
Christopher Murillo (2 years ago)
who did the one at 52 seconds
Shauna O Brien (2 years ago)
How can you put a gender on tattoo?!
PajamaMan287 (2 months ago)
Shauna O Brien I mean it’s mostly men with the ink but it’s for everyone no need to get triggered
Juliette (7 months ago)
Donald Walker eww no
Foggie ENT (1 year ago)
Shauna O Brien its just to help men find idea's. Don't look for something wrong
Donald Walker (1 year ago)
would you wear a fairy tattoo?
Felicia Hägg (1 year ago)
Shauna O Brien yeah why can't women or non binary people have them?!
ThatArabGuy ! (3 years ago)
i want all of them !!!
MyEu4ia (3 years ago)
"for men" lol... seriously :P ?
Joe V (27 days ago)
Typical feminist comment.
BudLightz09 (1 year ago)
Bob Ross (2 years ago)
wow youre edgyyyy
Jose Medina (3 years ago)
love the video .. amazing !!!!! and what is the song ???
William Toms (1 year ago)
Next luxury-living in paradise
Jetaimeplusquemavie (3 years ago)
+Jose Medina Shazam doesn't find it :(

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