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6 Mindsets That Will Make You Magnetic (Animated)

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6 Mindsets That Will Make You Magnetic (Animated) Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: http://bit.ly/2sGNRnQ Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Check out After Skool: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1KmNKYC1l0stjctkGswl6g These are the six mindsets that will make you charismatic and magnetic! We talked about it on the channel about the the eye contact, the body language, and the tonality that conveys charisma but behind all of those things, there are mindsets. And the mindsets are so critical because when you have them in line, all of a sudden, you don't really have to think about the eye contact as much and it just happens and your body flows naturally and your tonality is on point. So in this video, what I want to do is cover these six most important mindsets that will make you magnetic and this is a topic that I've covered before but today, I am very happy because we have the help of After Skool to animate this and make it much more interesting updating it for 2018. And those mindsets are, starting with number one — no matter what, I will be okay. In my opinion, this is the most fundamental mindset to charisma because so many people live their life wrapped in this sort of mental loop of what-if questions. "What if I speak up and my boss doesn't like my idea? What if I asked this girl on a date and she says no? What if I'd leaned in for a kiss and even worse, she ducks away?" "What if I were to ask this person to go just as a friend out to coffee and they said, 'I was busy that day'?" All of these sorts of things stop people from acting, from speaking up, and from expressing who they really are. 0:35 No matter what happens, you will be okay 2:17 Care more about your character than your reputation 3:19 Have impeccable honesty and impeccable integrity 5:28 You don't need to convince anyone of any particular belief 7:39 Start communicating your purpose more proactively 9:00 The last mindset is that you need to start going first Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Guy Goes (10 days ago)
To me it’s interesting how all your videos are intertwined together. It helps everyone get a better sense of the channel and I appreciate that u do that
Anima Red (16 days ago)
Thanks you so much These are really great advices 😇😊
Nick Vu (16 days ago)
God, I wish I had this video 10 years ago
Bryce Does Life (18 days ago)
I'm curious to hear what filtering looks like to Y'all. What is a smooth way to filter a relationship that isn't dramatic I guess?
jean michel poc (26 days ago)
Respect to the guy who draws all this while you speak. He s very fast...
Kristi Pinson (1 month ago)
THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE that I have ever heard as it provides FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE that EVERY human being should have before their seventeenth birthday. I live my life in strict accordance to these principles; but, trying to instill them in my children in a real & meaningful way is another matter entirely. Most of my well-meaning advice-giving endeavors result in my kids tuning me out - not because they are disrespectful but because I tend to ramble. -Anyway, thanks for this video. I've enjoyed all of your videos that I've seen thus far, but this one really stands out. I will be sharing it with everyone.
Hubert Parchomiuk (1 month ago)
10:30 summary
Ame Ra (1 month ago)
Awesome video. Love this. Thank you!
Hien Nguyen (2 months ago)
Are you magnetic? 😄
Meir Unknown (2 months ago)
thank you.
MrCutMeLoose (2 months ago)
I learnt 2, 3, 4 and 5 the hard way. Good advice
kristina l (2 months ago)
Wow... You are genius!!
SpikYe Phoenix (2 months ago)
Nathan for you...
David Davidson (2 months ago)
I strongly agree with #3 but disagree with the reasonings. Lying doesn't get rid of my ability to speak with conviction, and it doesn't effect me in the way he mentions. What it DOES do is it effects how I view myself. It becomes much harder to feel good about myself at the end of the day.
Plastic Forks. (2 months ago)
I like this.
Hunt 92 (2 months ago)
ok i got a question about truth like the concept of truth and lie its just relative that's what i thing like if i say now this moment that this is truth or lie say a lie but tomorrow it turns out to be truth that it change it being troubling me for a while whats your opinion
Alex Force (2 months ago)
Did your chin got bigger? Looking good.
noizoid (3 months ago)
1. No matter what, I will be okay 2. I care more about my character than my reputation 3. Impeccable honesty & integrity 4. You don't need to convince anyone of any particular belief 5. Start communicating your purpose more proactively 6. Start going first
Tino _1025 (3 months ago)
The one thing i am proud of is actually trying and succeeding at being more honest. Glad i started that early in my adult life
How do you tell someone honestly, when it is brought up to a conversation of how they look like. How do you answer honestly without hurting their feelings?
Rafyki (3 months ago)
Awesome, I love the style...
matheus schutz (3 months ago)
Yill Qwill (3 months ago)
That black sharpie....so many colors ou of that one black sharpie
Big Boy (4 months ago)
I mean these all work if people actually like WHO you are
Sato (4 months ago)
this is not animated my dude lol but good advice for people who haven't thought this deep, for sure
Greg Kuchta (5 months ago)
*Strongly* disagree on the lying part. Lies are incredibly important to navigating the world in a socially acceptable way. If I'm at my best friend's wedding and I just found out I'm being evicted from my apartment, if they ask me, "Hey, how's it going?" in no world should I start going on about my problems. In fact I would argue that to not lie in that situation is incredibly selfish. There are a million situations where being honest is a complete dick move. Trying to apply any universal rule 100% of the time is a recipe for disaster. Life isn't black and white. There are many times when the only benefit to telling the truth is that you feel better about yourself, at the cost of dragging the people around you down.
Maureen Crawford (5 months ago)
AWESOME insight. The “No matter what happens I will be Ok” is incredibly powerful. This is my go-to video when I’m wrapped in fear. The relationship between impeccable truth and self conviction and self esteem...oh my goodness! Thanks Charlie.
Charisma on Command (5 months ago)
~ Glad you're getting value from the video Maureen!
oxi (5 months ago)
oxi (5 months ago)
i feel like they all are kind of the same
Uma venugopal (5 months ago)
can you do a video on the types of women? Like alpha beta etc ?I'm pretty sure I am an alpha female but how to be less aggressive while being assertive?
sebastien Lopez Massoni (6 months ago)
Excellent video.Thanks a million.
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Our pleasure! Glad you like it. :-)
Elena Sos (6 months ago)
4:36 heisenberg is fucked lol
sweet nonh (6 months ago)
the i will be ok part, see my brain over exaggerate every action before i do it no matter what the situation is, Like it could be me wanting to ask a worker in supermarket about a certain product right? my brain makes these bad scenarios to the point i'd imagine that person killing or hurting me physically then i'd stop and walk away !!! I REALLY HATE THIS ABOUT MYSELF AND IDK HOW TO CHANGE IT 💔
Frank Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Animation on point 👌🏽
Akbar Naqvi (6 months ago)
The honesty thing is so true. People become liars when they become comfortable with small lies, that becomes a gateway to everything else. Even in situations where I "need" to lie, I phrase things in a way where I'm not actually lying. That helps set the precedence for future interactions.
Francisco Rios (6 months ago)
Thank you for the video this really help me out, I feel is just what i needed to hear. Fist vid i saw was Tywin Lannister but this is a new level keep up the great work
Saikat Dutta (6 months ago)
Great video ..Rule no 1 and last one is the best
Nicole Speaaks (6 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE this channel.. this has helped me immensely in my life!!
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ That's awesome to hear. :-)
Dennis Ni (6 months ago)
Strange, but I just forgot mindset number 1. Thanks for the reminder!
Kristen Isaac (6 months ago)
this is actually really good, simple but implementing in real life is a different story tho , anyway keep making more videos like this
Rodney Hill (7 months ago)
And now I see That one sentence I gave out where I believed in myself completely on the first day of class and said it with no hesitation is the reason that class decided to gravitate towards me In fact it’s why all those people started to gravitate towards me and whenever I struggle to do that or give out that energy in a class that class is always dull
Wendi Watson (7 months ago)
"SPEAK WITH conviction" i LOVE IT! I was raised with the mentality not to lie because then you have to lie to cover up that lie and people end up not believing you.
Wendi Watson (7 months ago)
👏 😀 i LOVE the drawings that go with the empowering mentalities..
Wendi Watson (6 months ago)
+Charisma on Command my gosh, thats cool you actually see my comment out of SO many comments there are. How sweet you take the time to comment.
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Glad you liked it!
Lachy Becke (7 months ago)
thanks so much for this Charlie, I've been pondering lies and honesty a lot this year and you've provided some valuable feedback, cheers!
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Awesome!
Trolltime 454 (7 months ago)
waaaait a minute at 7:18 WHY IS accept the grassy road and filter the dead 1
Samuel Molina (7 months ago)
7:26 is not the other way around?
AmistadChris (7 months ago)
Over the past few months I’ve been giving less and less of a shit about what people think of me and I’ve noticed that 1 and 2 are really connecting with me. I’m a lot more bold socially and with life I’m general and it feels fucking great. On top of that I’m being myself while I’m doing it and realizing that I’ve always been charming just not with people I don’t know. I look forward to applying this more in the upcoming months and seeing what happens!
Lior Smith (7 months ago)
Generally I like this animation, but it annoyed me that I could tell it was being erased in reverse. Sort of a lie in itself lol. If you can do it artfully enough, that kind of 'lie' becomes magic. Either erase it less obviously, and make it magic, or be truthful and film the drawing of it.
بدر السناني (7 months ago)
Fran Mendizabal (7 months ago)
Great drawings
Taking Care (7 months ago)
I watch many of your videos because I like them but I've to dislike every video of yours because you keep smiling and laughing a bit when it's not necessary at all. Come on man
Andy Meissner (7 months ago)
Love the message! But your comment about the men broadcasting their dreams out to the people on the streets not equating to LOA or speaking to the Universe, Was little misguiding. And in this situation the Universe you have to mindful of can be anything! Could be other people. Or it could be a rock. Or a wall. Everything in the Universe is the Universe. And that being said , An extremely important thing people lose sight of is that when you broadcast your passion and your dreams and what it is that you want to do with your life with genuine energy over time, the Universe responds with opportunity. As it did in the case of the men wanting to play ball with Obama. Great video brother!
ZAICLIFF BUTLER (7 months ago)
Learnt that I’m not communicating my purpose enough. I’ve always cared more about character over my reputation though which is something that I feel proud of. I’m still learning to go 1st, going 1st has never gone wrong but it is the fear of unknown that keeps me back
Justin Wilhite (7 months ago)
"putting your purpose out there". I struggle with this one. because I feel like telling people your plans and goals sometimes will set them up to sabotage you. I've found it better to move in silence. I could be wrong but who else feels this way?
kick fire (7 months ago)
i like it
Ramin Azizi (7 months ago)
No matter what, I will be okay, despite that risque joke or controversial opinion. Except with my girlfriend. It will not be okay with her. ha-ha. wubba lubba dub dub.
ccorsen virpirker (7 months ago)
THIS is one of the BEST videos on your Channel, thanks very much
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Cool! Glad you're liking it :-)
stoltobot (7 months ago)
Josephine Law (7 months ago)
Really good channel! Valuable for young folks who want to be their best self. Good job, young man!
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Thanks for the kind words Josephine!
Blazi Ken (7 months ago)
1:45 Draws a man standing on a building, next draws a man leaping off said building.
Chris Ryan (7 months ago)
i'm only half way into the video and already, this is giving me so much convidence to life a much better life! already one of your best videos charlie!
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Glad you're getting value from it Chris!
Blaq Spyda (7 months ago)
Nice work bruh
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Thanks man!
last beidas (7 months ago)
Can you do a tommy shilby video
Ali Ak (7 months ago)
Charlie , you are our new 'SOCRATES ':::
OsO Sanity (8 months ago)
Love this video <3 But as a spelling nerd, I couldn't help but notice at 3:57, you spelled "Devastates" wrong.
StuffyStuffsIt YAS (8 months ago)
Yo the hand’s left handed too!! Teehee don’t know y I pointed that out
im still not magnetic, i still can not attract metal.
Marius Le Roy (8 months ago)
For the first tip, What If i subscribed to Charisma on Command?
Dezriel (8 months ago)
Look bro I'm autistic my problem lays in not reading situations but I suppose people have good opinions of me :/ but I'm a damn weirdo I'm honest as all hell I said the wrong things to this girl I didn't want to see her cry so I told her I was fucking with her :/ I'm not a perfect human being I simply try to be virtueous cause I believe it's right
Dezriel (8 months ago)
I suppose it's more about how I say shit haha
Antweezy (8 months ago)
#6 When we had convocation for incoming freshmen at uni, i was with a small group of people who all wanted to be in STEM-related majors and I told a funny joke but no one laughed at the punchline. Granted, the story was kinda long and silly, but the punchline was *hilarious* (at least i thought so). :(
UncoverYourFullPotential (8 months ago)
This video is so funny and I appreciate the content it's really good stuff. Mindset is such an important part of how we function. If you believe you can do things you will! Keep crushing it!!!
Analytics Andrew (8 months ago)
The best mindset I’ve found was understanding the Hero’s Journey. It’s evident in Star Wars, Harry Potter and how you will battle through adversity but if you keep trying and learning you will end up on top
Noel Olsson (8 months ago)
Frustration profession distinguish contrast hat sure sound terrorism struggle.
Ryan Krugar (8 months ago)
1:49 I wouldn’t say that’s the best thing to draw next to the building the guy who wants to jump off it.
PlayedByViks (8 months ago)
I'd give the video 2 likes if i could
Viking• (8 months ago)
MasterofPlay7 (8 months ago)
what happen if I got rejected and is embarrassed and my reputation is ruined cuz of that?
MasterofPlay7 (8 months ago)
well I feel I'm hypocrite and fake when I force myself to smile even though I'm not happy, just feels like I'm not me.....
PartTime PUBG (8 months ago)
I m magnetic but why i m seeing these videos? I dont know Is there anyone like me?
Dylan Matusek (8 months ago)
Fantastic animation style, love the collaboration!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Glad you're loving it Dylan!
M31an13 (8 months ago)
OmerM92 (9 months ago)
Added to my favorites list!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Awesome!
dead beat (9 months ago)
#2 was exactly what i needed to hear
Alissa Gorbushina (9 months ago)
Thank you, Charlie! Are you going to make some new charisma breakdowns? Vladimir Putin would be very interesting for me))
Tali Travels (9 months ago)
How do you recommend keeping track of tips and mindsets over time? I love watching videos like this, but I always wonder if there’s a better way or system to retain and revisit the information in the future
Blu Rose (9 months ago)
Thank you for this channel. P.S. *devAstates
gordan orangutan (9 months ago)
What if a person doesn't have want, or even believe in "purpose"
Seun Macaulay (9 months ago)
Please can you make a charisma video on Bane, just watched Batman Dark Night Rises and I think he'll be a good character to talk on.
Pixie (9 months ago)
Awesome ❤❤❤❤
Mxxx Ct (9 months ago)
What if there is no one left after I filtered them?
Aman Patel (9 months ago)
I love your channel honestly it is such a help. I grew up mostly with zero charisma but owing to your channel I love testing my charisma and exploiting social situations and being my best. Great work mate what your doing is so unique.
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Love hearing that you're applying the advice from our videos :-)
BlackSmithWolves (9 months ago)
Great animation loved it a lot more than just talking. Pay the man
Tim Eck (9 months ago)
Those are nice mindsets! Some are very close to the principles of stoic philosophy, which I'm a big fan of!
Timothy N (9 months ago)
Good tips
vi ss (9 months ago)
Do a survey of the charisma of Thomas Shelby from "Peaky Blinders"
Vav Vavinski (9 months ago)
The drawing of Obama looks like Guz from Breaking Bad ^^ (not the only thing i took away from the video though:P)
Dhoulmagus Rhapthorne (9 months ago)
Oh, look! Henry's come to see us! Jesus Christ be praised.
Subin Sebastian (9 months ago)
Man you are awesome.. The mindsets that you talked about, few of which I personally have, like the "Care more about your character" and "Be the first one to speak up", used to make me feel different, good and proud about myself, coz I was always able to start a conversation.. I appreciate your work.. All the minsets you listed, says that you are clearly a genuine observer and a practical charismatic guy.. Keep up the good work..
Charisma on Command (9 months ago)
~ Thanks for the kind words Subin!
Emmanuel Najera (9 months ago)
Awesome and helpful lesson! I enjoyed the collaboration in this video ! I would love to see more videos with thos format :)
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Glad you enjoyed it!
NabooTheEnigma (9 months ago)
Well said , Dr Jordan Peterson explains how being authentic not only helps ppl around u trust u but it helps u trust yourself. This is a video steeped in advancement physiology and therefor its the tits!!!!!!!!!!!

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